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Post by Superevil225 (6,742 posts) See mini bio Level 17
 Name: Sakir Frose
Age: 25
Appearance Age:  20 (when dressed like man)
Faction: Villian
Group Affiliation: Gekido
Original Name: Sabine Frose
Known Aliases: Sakir, Sabine, Knightmare 
Avatar Appearance: Prussia from Hetalia
Origin of Power: Second personality   
Signature Moves: None (likes the whip though)
Grid points: (First # is without second persona's help)
  • Ag: 2-6
  • Du: 1-4
  • EP: 0
  • FS: 7
  • In: 3.5
  • MS: 1-6
  • Sp: 2-2.5
  • St: 3-5.5
  • Sr: 1.5-5
Mini Bio: Renegade Prussian knight with 2 personalities. One female (Sabine) one male (Sakir). Male personality uses an extra 10% of her brain giving her enchanced powers, if he wants to. Her second personality is a messed up version of her dead fiancé.  
Bio Link: Mah Bio!
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
 Name: Fatalis ( Sanctioned King version)
Age: 0 ( once a Deus got promoted , his or her previous age is considered to be void, although there's no societal implication about on age on Deus-es"
Faction: His Own, Uncaring Neutral
Group Affiliation: (Nope, nothing, has to be impartial), still considers his friends as friends
Original Name: Retrias Deus Nix-----> Retrias Emprus Rex
Known Aliases: Sanctioned King, The King of the Outer Court
Avatar Appearance: The Knights
Origin of Power: Inheritance, Born power
Signature Moves: ?
Grid points:  Allowed power
  • Ag: 9
  • Du: 9
  • EP: 9
  • FS: 9
  • In: 9
  • MS: 9
  • Sp: 9
  • St: 9
  • Sr: 9
Mini Bio: Fatalis after his father death, and his rise as the Sanctioned KIng, the current Fatalis cannot actually interfere directly , unless he is in a way involved in a conflict
Post by Sikorski_Vladimir (100 posts) See mini bio Level 6

Name:  Sikorski Vladimir
Age: 4.5 billion 
Appearance Age:  42 
Faction: Neutral
Group Affiliation: Orfeo
Known Aliases: That man, Bloodsucker,Old man
Avatar Appearance: Slayer (Guilty Gear X2)
Origin of Power: Vampire elder   
Signature Moves:  Bat-trap, galaxy punch, portal snatch
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 8
  • Du: 6
  • EP: 6
  • FS: 8
  • In: 7
  • MS: 6
  • Sp: 5 (9 with teleportation)
  • St: 0
  • Sr: 7
Mini Bio:  A vampire lord from the underworld, home was destroyed along with more than half of his race due to the great war against the werewolves, now is on earth in order to seek a evolution of man. 

Bio Link:  http://www.animevice.com/forums/rpg/34/sikorski_vladimirs-bio/314089/
Post by Miyamoto_Kojiro (51 posts) See mini bio Level 7

Name:  Miyamoto Kojiro (Inspired by the two great samurai Sasaki Kojiro and Miyamoto Musashi)
Age: 29
Appearance Age: 29
Faction: Hero
Group Affiliation: none
Known Aliases:  Monster, servant, fang
Avatar Appearance:  Sajin Komamura
Origin of Power:  Inner spirit and chi
Signature Moves: None as most if not all of his moves are simply overpowering the opponent with raw strength.
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 5
  • Du: 6
  • EP: 6
  • FS: 6
  • In: 4
  • MS: 7
  • Sp: 5
  • St: 4
  • Sr: 8 (9 with spirit armor)
Mini Bio: An outcast from a dying village, only chi weilder in the village left to restore piece to the world, master swordsman and ultimate defence with a passion for justice 

Bio Link: Coming soon.
Post by Manami (1,487 posts) See mini bio Level 14
Remastered Version 
 Parenthesis = Unlocking her Kaizerin Suit's current Potential
  Name:  Sultana Swanson
Age: 50
Appearance Age:  28
Faction:  Neutral
Group Affiliation: None currently
Original Name: Manami Saito
Known Aliases:   Lady Tikki Tavi, The Dragon Lady, Widow of Steel
Avatar Appearance: Bayonetta, and a few others.
Origin of Power: Mutation and Super advanced Tech she created    
Signature Moves: Cerebral Overload
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 7
  • Du: 7 (8)
  • EP: 6 (9)
  • FS: 9
  • In: 8
  • MS: 9
  • Sp: 7 (9) Can also move Instantaneously without using the full power of the suit.
  • St: 7 (9)
  • Sr: 7 (9)
Mini Bio:   Manami Saito, a high level Super genius and Imaginative inventor. With her unique forge ability she is able to create any kind of machine she see fit. Creating pocket time machines and matter transporters before she entered College. She is also a former High-level terrorist and expert bomb maker. Her Cybernetic brain she built also works as a highly advanced Computer able to do billions of tasks.
Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19
Name: Ray Tsukasa
Age: 28 (Physical Age) 4.54 billion (Chronological Age)
Faction: Villain 
Group Affiliation: Gekido 
Avatar Appearance: Kenneth Irons
Origin of Powers: Superhuman Race 
Aliases: ND, The Emperor
Signature Moves: Hechizo Spheres, Space-Breakers, ND Copies
Grid Points
  • Ag: 7+
  • Du: 7++ (8 with his inventions)
  • EP: 7++ (8+ with his inventions)
  • FS: 8
  • In: 8
  • MS: 8 (9 with his inventions)
  • SP: 9
  • St: 7 (9 with his inventions)
  • Sr: 8 (9 when in Kami No Modo)
Mini Bio: Newdeath is a cunning super-genius and ruthless emperor. Armed with a vast array of unique and deadly inventions he is a highly formidable foe. Along with his immense knowledge, intellect and high power he is a force to be reckoned with. With his unique set of inventions Newdeath can achieve what is thought to be "impossible" and can travel anywhere in space-time (including locations without reason). His power makes him a galactic threat however it is high super-genius intellect that makes him a universal threat.
Post by Shitsumon (132 posts) See mini bio Level 10

Name:  Shitsumon (To lie he says it's Kotae)
Age:  4.54 billion
Appearance Age:  27
Faction: Villian
Group Affiliation: The Company
Original Name: Shitsumon 
Known Aliases: Masked one, The fake Tsukasa, Pumpkin head 
Avatar Appearance:  Tobi/Madara Uchiha
Origin of Power: Monks
Signature Moves: Absorbtion, Kame no mi, True form
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 9
  • Du: 4+
  • EP: 5+
  • FS: 9 (Can copy any style with the fake Tsukasa eyes)
  • In: 7
  • MS: 7
  • Sp: 5 (9 with teleporting)
  • St: 6
  • Sr: 5 (9 when he copies with the fake Tsukasa eyes.)
Mini Bio: Having a deep hate for the Tsukasa's clan's wealth, Shitsumon attempted to forcefuly gain this power himself however he was banished to the core of Austrailia, however after Keith's action in the Sunrise even Shitsumon was able to be free again and now sets out to finde Newdeath.
Bio Link:     http://www.animevice.com/forums/rpg/34/shitsumons-bio/320743/    
Post by abysofpride (1,275 posts) See mini bio Level 11


Age: 7 you can consider my character but, actually 3 centuries old
Appearance Age:  As a normal & young toddler
Faction: Evil Of Course
Group Affiliation: Gekido & Homunculi ( Leader Of The Homunculi)
Original Name: Selim Bradley
Known Aliases: Pride The Arrogant, Father, or The Little Prodigy
Avatar Appearance: Jellal Fernandes 
Origin of Power:  Homunculus, Alchemist, & Mage
 Grid points: 
  • Ag: 4
  • Du: 5
  • EP: 6-7
  • FS: 6
  • In: 6
  • MS: 5
  • Sp: 6
  • St: 9
  • Sr: 5
Mini Bio:  Pride born as the very first & original Homunculi is now leader of Amestris Military force & Controller of Europe. He is also affiliated with Gekido in which he serves well as a member of Gekido. He is seeing as the youngest villain & has now involve into a much more stronger form of his original form, He can taken control of the Mage Maevolore with his  Father's Alchemical Abilities oh most making him unstoppable. 

Post by Mesamia (5,109 posts) See mini bio Level 14
 Name:  Mesamia
Age: ????
Appearance Age:  Varies, but most of the time is seen as a girl in her 20's
Faction: Hero
Group Affiliation: Soon The Company
Original Name: To be revealed soon
Known Aliases: Mother Mesa, First Genie, The Jinn Goddess
Avatar Appearance: A multitude of looks, but the main 3 used currently are Miku Hatsune, Sheryl Nome, Nia Teppelin
Origin of Power: Natural Powers
Signature Moves: Imagination
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 9
  • Du: 9
  • EP: 9
  • FS: 9
  • In:  9
  • MS: 9
  • Sp: 9
  • St: 9
  • Sr: 9
Mini Bio: Mesamia is an all-powerful champion of peace, and love. She currently wants to spread the message of love and peace to all that listen to her words. Though it is a tough task here in the Vice Universe as it seems to be nothing but violence and hate around her. Mesa continues to keep up the fight, knowing that if there is a glimmer of  hope Love and peace has a chance in this world. 
Bio Link: Mesa's bio 
Post by Superevil225 (6,742 posts) See mini bio Level 17
Name:  Sabine Frose
Age: 23
Faction: neutral
Group Affiliation: The Company
Known Aliases: Sakir Frose, Knightmare
Avatar Appearance: Macciah, Fire Emblem, Saber Fate/stay Night
Origin of Power: Mind~   
Signature Moves: N/A   
Power Grid: 
  • Ag: 7
  • Du: 3
  • EP: 1
  • FS: 7
  • In: 4
  • MS: 5
  • Sp: 8
  • St: 5
  • Sr: 5
Mini Bio: Sabine is a renegade of the Prussia army. She used to have a second personality, Sakir, who not only was a boy but mentally scared her. Eventually she got rid of this personality and lives as the girl she really is: Nice, kind, but brutal to her enemies.
Bio Link: 
Post by Maximus (2,394 posts) See mini bio Level 11
Complete Name: Maximus Van Halum 
Age: 18
Gender: Male 
Faction: Hero (for now) 
Group Afiliation: The Company (Rank: Shadow worker)
Aliases: The Demon of the Northland (self proclaimed) - Nekki-Kun 
Origin of Power: 
Power grid:  
  • Ag: 6*
  • Du:5*
  • Ep: 4*
  • Fs: 7
  • In: 7
  • Ms: 7+
  • Sp: 5-8*
  • St: 5
  • Sr:4*
The numbers that have * can by modified because of  Maximus unique Prima Magus Ability of abosrbing thunder and power uping himself with it. His limits were never set. 
The number with + can also by modified. Maximus will depends of how is his mental estate. E.g: His mental strength in Dead's Poet Society isnt the same than in Ultimus Portus. Think that Maximus is like a Gurren Laggan character. His will is almost infinte.          
Signature Moves: Prima Magus: Sagitta Fulminis 
Mini bio: Maximus is an exile from his land, Terra Magus. His family was killed in that continent and he escaped after he accidently killed his beloved when he used for the first time the Ultima Magus, that is now sealed. Powerful, and irritating to the bone, Maximus now travel around the world in order to grow stronger and battle all the evil that hides on this world.       
Bio Link:   http://www.animevice.com/forums/rpg/34/maximus/318516/
Post by Apollo (341 posts) See mini bio Level 8
Name: Apollo
Age: Unknon
Appearance Age: 20+
Faction: Evil
Group Affiliation: Greek Pantheon
Known Aliases: The Sun God
Avatar Appearance: Apollo, Gilgamesh etc...
Origin of Power: Cosmic
Signature Moves: Wrath of the Sun, Astral in Hand, Karmic Judgment
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 9
  • Du: 7
  • EP: 8
  • FS: 5
  • In: 7
  • MS: 8
  • Sp: 8(9)
  • St: 9
  • Sr: 9
Mini Bio: 
Mysterious and powerful deity who have returned just recently. Apollo claims himself to be the same as the ancient God of the Sun from the Greek Mythology. Whoever he is, his pride and arrogance indeed matches a god. He's merciless entity who crushes anyone dare to stand in his way. He claims to control all the stars in the galaxy and even beyond. His power seems inexhaustible and infinite as well his hordes of minions. Despite his initial appearance though Apollo is a very cunning man with incredible wisdom. When his judgment isn't clouded by his insane pride or greed, he shows extremely remarkable intelligence as well.
Bio Link: Apollo's Fabulous Bio
Post by OmegaMekix (3,847 posts) See mini bio Level 16

Name: OmegaMekix
Age: 19
Appearance Age: 19
Faction: Chaotic Good
Group Affiliation: the Company
Original Name: Victor Young
Known Aliases: The Nanobot Warrior, The Rebellious One
Avatar Appearance: Minato Arisato, Sa Ghang Gwon, Kakeru Satsuki, Ryuuji Takasu
Origin of Power: Nanobots 
Signature Moves: Formation, Detonations, Absolute Defense
Grid points: Ag: 4, Du: 3(7), EP: 3, FS: 4, In: 3, MS: 3, Sp: 2 (4), St: 4, Sr: 2(4) 
Mini Bio: After being implanted with hundreds of microscopic machines, Victor Young has learned how to use the nanobots living inside him to preform amazing feats. With his newfound powers he set off to prevent any disasters from occurring. Compared to his foes, Mekix usually lack power but he easily compensates with superior preparations and his quick wits.  
Bio Link: OmegaMekix's Bio
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,291 posts) See mini bio Level 14
Name:  Batsu
Age: 28
Faction: Hero
Group Affiliation: The Company
Original Name: Batsu Kumashi
Known Aliases: Gale Sword, Tenkaidan Tiger, Owner of Jishou
Avatar Appearance: Any black long haired swordsman with some bulk and half-beard gets in the spot
Origin of Power: Training+Ki
Signature Moves: Fuushinkui, Shin Kamikaze Ryu, Konranryu Kenjutsu, Ginryuken
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 5 (8)
  • Du: 5 
  • EP: 4-5 (11)
  • FS: 8 (11)
  • In: 3
  • MS:  6-9 (11)
  • Sp: 4-5 (8)
  • St: 6 (4)
  • Sr: 6-9 (8)
Mini Bio: Warrior from the far east, in the quest to become the best swordsman ever and to pay his debt to Ryuugin the Silver Dragon Lord, that is captive inside the essence of the demon Akkigan. Batsu is brash and easily angered, but as a comrade at arms he will give his life to protect the ones he care about, he likes a good fight and a good meal. Master of the sword and martial arts he also uses a power known as Fuushinkui (Wind essence) that let's him control the wind and even shape it.
Bio Link: in mi Mini-bio   
Any value that can change depend on Batsu's will and burning heart, it means his need to win against evil.
Any Value in Brackets is the diference between normal Batsu and Jishou wielding Batsu, even the up to eleven ones, the sword is declared to be the sharpest sword ever made, and it lives to his name, filling the mind of the user with desire to win and retain that fame, and also gives some fighting knowledge, also is sharp as hell
Post by Dr_Paradox (382 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Name: Unknown (Is called Paradox)
Age: Eternal (Apparently)
Faction: Hero
Group Affiliation: The Order
Avatar Appearance: Phantom Stranger
Origin of Powers: Unknown (Possibly his natural powers)
Aliases: Mr. Enigma, The Master Of Mysteries, The Wanderer, Doctor Paradox, Walker Of The Cosmos, Guardian Of Realities
Signature Moves: Creativity, Cunningness
Grid Points
  • Ag: 9
  • Du: 1 (9 with force fields)
  • EP: 9
  • FS: 9
  • In: 9
  • MS: 9
  • SP: 9
  • St:9
  • Sr: 9
Mini Bio: Paradox is a mysterious, wise and highly knowledgeable entity of unknown origins. Not much is known about the enigma except for the fact that he is a Guardian Of Realities, is quite old (not physically) and is a member of the powerful Order. A free-going and shadowy being who's objectives are the pursuit of knowledge, protecting and watching over the Omniverse.  
Bio Link: Paradox's Bio
Post by Query (212 posts) See mini bio Level 11
Name: Gerard Hamilton
Age: 32
Faction: Hero
Group Affiliation: NYPD
Avatar Appearance: Rorschach
Origin of Powers: Experimental Serum
Aliases: Detective Query, Query, Mystery Man
Signature Moves: Toxic Smileys, Adamantium Guns
Grid Points:
  • Ag: 4
  • Du: 3++
  • EP: 0
  • FS: 7
  • In: 5
  • MS: 6 (Not a telepath)
  • SP: 3
  • St: 4
  • Sr: 2++
Mini Bio: Query is a violent but brilliant detective possessing the unique power of super-sanity along with peak-human physicality and superhuman reflexes. With a versatile array of deadly and toxic equipment, and mastery over all martial arts, Query is a dangerous foe in combat.  
Bio Link: Query's Bio
Post by DreamWeaver (782 posts) See mini bio Level 12
Name:  Caius Weaver
Age: 12
Appearance Age: 12
Faction: Villian
Group Affiliation: N/A
Original Name: Caius Weaver
Known Aliases: DreamWeaver 
Avatar Appearance: Ciel Phatomhive from Black Butler
Origin of Power: Inherited
Signature Moves: Mind control, memory manipulation, telekinesis 
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 1
  • Du: 1
  • EP: 5.5 (+)
  • FS: 0.5
  • In: 6
  • MS: 8.5
  • Sp: 0.5
  • St: for use of powers: 6 for running/fighting: 0
  • Sr: 0
Mini Bio: Caius is an inbred, insane, bi-sexual 12 year old boy, with amazing telekinetic powers.  
Bio Link: 
Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20
Name: (SamJaz)
Gender: (Male)
Age: (19)
Faction: (True Neutral)
Group Affiliation: (The Company)  
Origin of Power: (Psyche)
Known Aliases: (Calm Storm, Aaron Hotchner (Interpol))
Classification: (Human, Persona User.)
Power Grid: 
  • Ag: (2)
  • Du: (3)
  • EP: (4)
  • FS: (5)
  • In: (5)
  • MS: (7)
  • Sp: (2)
  • St: (4)
  • Sr: (2)
Signature Moves: (Imagine Breaker, Summon Persona, Spiral Power)
Description: (SamJaz is a nearly max-level Wild Card Persona user.  Carries an Axe with a sword hidden in the shaft. Also carries a Spiral Core that allows him to use Spiral Power. Bears the Imagine Breaker in both hands, which can completely nullify any supernatural ability, be in magic, god's power, super powers, or anything that should not be in real life.  He has training in Profiling and psychology, as well as Jeet Kune Do based martial arts. Personality wise, he is cold, analytical, but also headstrong and curious to a fault. Unfettered and willing to abandon his morals when needed)
Avatar Picture:  

Bio Link: http://www.animevice.com/forums/rpg/34/samjazs-bio/321269/ 
Post by Sonata (36,372 posts) See mini bio Level 20
Updated stats
 Name:  Sonata Tsukasa
Age: 26
Appearance Age: 
Faction: Chaotic Villain/Neutral
Group Affiliation: Currently no longer with Gekido, though still communicates with then through Chi bodies
Original Name: Sonata Hinamura
Known Aliases: Yin Sonata, Empress Son, The Death of Dreams
Avatar Appearance: Lady Shiva, Selene, Devi ( In terms of humanoid form)
Origin of Power: Shadow/Darkness, Chaos/Cosmic, Chi   
Signature Moves:  Big Bang Diamond Driver, Trinity Dragon Cannon, Sub-Atomic Chaos Rush
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 9
  • Du: 9
  • EP: 9
  • FS: 9
  • In: 8
  • MS: 8
  • Sp: 9
  • St: 8
  • Sr: 9
Mini Bio: After the Gekido Sunrise Event, Sonata merged with the powerful Supreme shadow Razar. By doing this she has saved her son Damien from the wrath of the Chaos gene in the future by keeping it inside her. Due to Sonata being immortal the Chaos Gene itself with continue to stay inside her for all eternity, forever being branded the physical embodiment of  Fear, Hatred, Sadness, and Death throughout existence.
Bio Link:
Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
Some update on our friendly neighborhood sorcerer, Keith MacKenzie! 
Name:  Keith MacKenzie
Age: 101
Appearance Age: 20-30
Faction: Neutral
Group Affiliation: Company
Known Aliases: Azure Warlock, Infinite Sorcerer, That Man
Avatar Appearance: Ushiromiya Battler, Claire Stanfield (MB's in general)
Origin of Power: Magic /Science  
Signature Moves: Arcana Infinitas, The Seven Radiances, TDCSTLS
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 7
  • Du: 5 (7)
  • EP: 5
  • FS: 6
  • In: 8
  • MS: 8
  • Sp: 5(9)
  • St: 9
  • Sr: 6
Mini Bio: Keith MacKenzie is mysterious and secretive sorcerer from a different dimension. He's an excellent manipulator who love to control everything behind the scenes. He has a huge personal army of artificial soldiers, trans-dimensional business company and insane influence to constantly rely on. Presently one of the deven Archons of the enigmatic Company.
Bio Link: Here~ 
I am thinking about Cards right now, like the ones in Comic Vine. How does it sound?
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