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With a bit of delay I start Vice's official Information sheet database.
This is a thread for cannon RP characters to post their brief character status. Nothing else. In short no OOC or any kind of off-topic posts are allowed. Just the stats. Here's the sample:
Name:  (your character's publicly used name)
Age: (your character's age in years.)
Appearance Age:  (Only if your character looks younger/older than really is)
Faction: (hero, villain or neutral)
Group Affiliation: (Which team you're in.)
Original Name: (Only if your character uses a different name than the public.)
Known Aliases: (max 3) 
Avatar Appearance: (If your character looks like a certain fictionous person. It applies to non-specific terms as well like 'great mechas' etc...)
Origin of Power: (Vampire, Demonic, Magic, Chi, Mutation, Cosmic or whatever. Be specific and brief. Preferably in one or two words)    
Signature Moves: (name a few attacks/powers you often use. Max 3)
Grid points:  (special parameters showing your character's status of power.)
  • Ag: (Agility)
  • Du: (Durability)
  • EP: (Energy Projection)
  • FS: (Fighting Skill)
  • In: (Intelligence)
  • MS: (Mental Strength)
  • Sp: (Speed)
  • St: (Stamina)
  • Sr: (Strength)
Mini Bio: (brief introduction of your character. Max 5 sentences or 3 lines of length) 
Bio Link: (give a link to your  full character bio for easier access.)

Grind Point System:

Grind Points are 9 numerical values ranging from 0 to 9. 0 indicates below average or nonexistent attributes while 9 is the level of gods. Like Comic Vine we may introduce the character cards but not for now. To help determine which value you should associate with your abilities here's the following guideline:
0. Below average agility/clumsy
1. Average human agility 
2. Athletic human agility
3. Circus-like human agility
4. Peak human agility
5. Above human agility
6. Cat-like agility
7. Superhuman agility (freely movable bones etc, mildly impossible)
8. Metahuman agility (extendable/ transforming body parts etc, Incredible mobility)
9. Impossible agility (can change form instantly etc...totally out of the chart movements)
0. Below average human level
1. Average human level
2. Peak human/determinator level
3. Enhanced level (can survive extreme falls etc...)
4. Bulletproof
5. Building level
6. City level
7. Planet level
8. Galaxy level
9.  Universe level or more
Energy Projection:
0. No such powers
1. Weak and unreliable. Barely enough to kill a human.
2. Weak but under control. Can be used more often.
3. Powerful enough to kill groups with ease.
4. Building level
5. City level
6. Country or Continent level
7. Planet or small Star System level
8. Galaxy level
9. Universe level or more
Fighting Skill:
0. Wimp/no fighting ability whatsoever
1. Average human
2. Casual fighting skill
3. Street fighter/thug skill
4.Has military training/ martial artist
5. Veteran/elite fighter.
6. Master at one or two martial arts or perfect marksman.
7.Master of all martial arts.
8. Owner of  "supernatural martial arts" (like Hokuto Shinken, Panzer Kunst)
9."Omae wa shinderu". The ultimate lord and demon of fighting.
0. Plant/animalistic level of intelligence.
1. Below average intelligence (dumb)
2. Average intelligence
3. Above average/well educated
4. Gifted at smarts
5. Genius
6. Super Genius
7. All-knowing(the kind of which knows almost everything a human can ever learn)
8. Meta-intelligent / Super Computer( better in calculations and knowledge than any computer)
9. Night-Omniscient 
Mental Power:
0.Weak-willed, gullible
1. Average will
2. Strong will, above average but far from uncommon.
3. Focused will, has an unusual mental strength and focus.
4. Reinforced will, may have trained to resist mind control. Alternatively a good telepath.
5. Will of steel, has an uncommon and great resolve. Incredible fighting spirit.
6. Determinator level. Someone who gets his/her will through regardless the circumstances.
7. Indominatable will, his/her mind barely if ever gives in. Incredibly powerful telepaths
8. Amongst the top mental powers in the universe. Almost no one can match his/her will.
9. Absolute will. No one can really access his/her mind or resist his commands. 
0.Below human average 
1. Average human speed
2. Athletic/peak human stats
3. Enhanced speed( max 100 mph)
4. Subsonic speed( max 760 mph)
5. Supersonic speed( about  Mach 1-20)
6.Space-faring speed( more than 17000 mph for orbital escape)
7. Lightning speed (130000 mph or more)
8. Lightspeed or near lightspeed ( 186000 miles per second)
9. FTL(by warp travel and else) 
If your character has teleport or other similar techniques then you must indicate the teleportation's speed next to your regular speed in brackets.(See my example on the first post)
0. Below average/wimp stamina
1. Average human stamina
2. Athletic human stamina
3. Peak human stamina
4. Above human stamina (can fight for multiple hours straight)
5. Superhuman stamina (can fight for days)
6. Superhuman stamina (can fight for  weeks)
7. Metahuman (Can fight for months or even years without exhaustion)
8. Nearly tireless (can fight for months at peak exertion)
9. Virtually tireless (has no known limit)
0. Below average human strength
1. Average human strength
2. Athletic or peak human level strength ( can lift max 600 pounds of weight)
3. Improved strength level (max 1 ton)
4. Enhanced strength level (max 5 tons)
5. Superhuman level (max 25 tons)
6. Superhuman level (max 100 tons)
7. Metahuman level (can lift a whole battleship)
8. Metahuman level (can lift whole cities or islands)
9. Immeasurable level (can lift almost any weight)
Have a good time!
Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
 Here's mine: 

Name:  Keith MacKenzie
Age: 75(+25)
Appearance Age: usually 30
Faction: Neutral
Group Affiliation: Gekido (for now. then who knows.^^)
Known Aliases: Azure Warlock, Puppet Master, the Necromancer
Avatar Appearance: Ushiromiya Battler, Claire Stanfield (MB's in general)
Origin of Power: Magic /Science  
Signature Moves: Homunculi, SLP, Heaven's Feel
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 7
  • Du: 5
  • EP: 5
  • FS: 5
  • In: 8
  • MS: 8
  • Sp: 5(9)
  • St: 6
  • Sr: 5
Mini Bio: Keith MacKenzie is a mysterious dimension-traveling mage with immense knowledge. He's a manipulator who likes to move everything behind the scenes. He has a huge personal army, transdimensional company and influence to rely on. He rarely fights and prefers to take the passive role.
Bio Link: Here~
Post by OmegaMekix (3,847 posts) See mini bio Level 16
Name: Victor Young
Age: 19
Faction: Hero
Group Affiliation: None
Avatar Appearance: Sasori and Gaara
Origin of Powers: Nanobots that exist inside his body. 
Aliases: The Nanobot Warrior, The Rebellious One
Signature Moves: Mass Production, Homeostasis Regulation, Last Resort  
Grid Points
  • Agility: 4
  • Durability: 4
  • Energy Projection: 3
  • Fighting Skill: 4
  • Intelligence: 3
  • Mental Power: 3
  • Speed: 2
  • Stamina: 3
  • Strength: 2
Mini Bio: A human who has nanobots living inside of him. While he offers protection and supplies to help them reproduce they offer him their services.
Full Bio: May be location at OmegaMekix's Bio
Post by Kurohige (3,857 posts) See mini bio Level 19
 Name:  Kurohige (No last name.)
Age: 42
Appearance Age: 45
Faction: Evil (Good?)
Group Affiliation: Gekido (for now)
Known Aliases: Fat man, the greedy one. Darkness, demon
Avatar Appearance: Blackbeard/ Kakuzu
Origin of Power: Hell (Contract with a demon of darkness.)  
Signature Moves: Black hole, Vortex, Liberation, Reverse black hole, Gravity whips, Demon summonings, Worldly crush.
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 2
  • Du: 6
  • EP: 8 ( Possibly seven depending on weather.)
  • FS: 5
  • In: 4
  • MS: 3
  • Sp: 5(9 when in his demon form.)
  • St: 2
  • Sr: 6 (7 when in demon form and 9 when amplified by infinite force via gravity/ darkness.)
Mini Bio: TBA 
Post by Sonata (36,386 posts) See mini bio Level 20
Note: These are Sonatas final stats as i am going to retire her Character from RPing.  These are before she enters The Shadow Nexus.
 Name:  Sonata Tsukasa
Age: 25
Faction: Neutral
Group Affiliation: None
Known Aliases: Mother of Darkness, Yin Sonata 
Avatar Appearance: TBA add later
Origin of Power: Chi/Cosmic we learn later that Chaos gene is a Universal Anomaly   
Signature Moves: Omega Diamond Driver, Angel Rush, Universal Overdrive
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 7
  • Du: 9
  • EP: 9
  • FS: 8
  • In: 7
  • MS: 8
  • Sp: 9
  • St: 8
  • Sr: 9
Mini Bio:   TBA
Bio Link: TBA and soon to be completed
PM me if you have any questions:)
Post by Gouki_Shibukawa (70 posts) See mini bio Level 6
Name:  Gouki Shibukawa
Age: 160
Appearance Age: 60
Faction: Whatever he wants whenever he wants
Group Affiliation: None
Known Aliases: Grand master, Old one, Crazy
Avatar Appearance: Goki Shibukawa
Origin of Power: Late master and Angel fortune teller.  
Signature Moves: Ouroboros spin, Ouroboros pressure point stab, Sakurambo Kick, Knock out head slam, Poison touch
Grid points:  
  • Ag: 6
  • Du: 3
  • EP: 4
  • FS: 9
  • In: 7
  • MS: 7
  • Sp: 7
  • St: 1
  • Sr: 9+ (Can use the force of whatever it is against itself.
Mini Bio: TBA     
Post by Boxer_Joe (308 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Name:  Joe Boxer
Age: 82
Appearance Age: 30
Faction: Good (Dark hero)
Group Affiliation: None (Wants to be Teku)
Known Aliases: Boxer Joe, Number one, the best around
Avatar Appearance: Wildcat
Origin of Power: Spell 
Signature Moves: A good old fashion punch to the face
Grid points:  
  • Ag: 6
  • Du: 4
  • EP: 0
  • FS: 6
  • In: 3
  • MS: 5
  • Sp: 2 1/2
  • St: 3 1/2
  • Sr: 2
Mini Bio: TBA         
Post by Cogito (478 posts) See mini bio Level 14
 Name:  Cogito (C.G.)
Age: 21
Appearance Age:  19
Sexuality: Pan-sexual
Faction: Hero
Group Affiliation: Teku
Original Name: Cogito Geros
Known Aliases: Archaeologist/Arky, Legacy of the Starforger, Golem
Avatar Appearance: Young Adult with black hair. Battle-form: Varies but over all has brick-textured skin, with one black colored fist and one white colored fist.
Origin of Power: Cosmic
Signature Moves: Form Change, Mountain Crusher, 
Grid points:  (Varies based on form, Average points:)
  • Ag: 8
  • Du: 6 (0, can drop to this if power is over-exerted before he masters it)
  • EP: 6
  • FS: 6
  • In: 7
  • MS: 6
  • Sp: 6
  • St: 5
  • Sr: 6
 Mini Bio: He was once a human mage who lived on the planet Aterr, where mages fought to buy, sell, and use ancient artifacts left on the lush and ruin filled planet. Now he is part human, and part titan-golem after having found and absorbed the arms of the titan that created the universe. Being originally human, he struggles with the abilities and costs of his new powers, as well as the villains his power attracts.
Bio Link: TBA
Post by Justice (782 posts) See mini bio Level 11
Name:  Justice
Age: 25
Appearance Age: 25
Faction: Good
Group Affiliation: Teku
Known Aliases: Loud ninja, The heart of Justice, hero, bafoon
Avatar Appearance: Bang Shishigami
Origin of Power: Dead grandmasters.  
Signature Moves: Star bangled knuckle, Reverse world, Chi sphere
Grid points:  
  • Ag: 8
  • Du: 7
  • EP: 7
  • FS: 7
  • In: 7
  • MS: 7
  • Sp: 8
  • St: 6
  • Sr: 8
Mini Bio: TBA         
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
Name:  Fatalis/Retrias deus nix
Age: -7200( he existed  7200 before time)
Appearance Age: Armored no one knows
Faction: EVULZ
Group Affiliation: Gekido (current)
Known Aliases: God of emptyness, the void
Avatar Appearance: nearly every armored knights with helmet
Origin of Power: Magic , Deus Power, Psionic projection, in total born and learned
Signature Moves: ARAS (All Range All Assault),Nicht( changing something to "unexisting"), Sein(changing something to existing)
Grid points:  (at 30% of power)|(at 40% of power)
  • Ag: 9|9++
  • Du: 9|9++
  • EP: 9|9++
  • FS: 9|9++
  • In: 6+|6
  • MS:9|9+
  • Sp: 9 (9++ when using his Compressed field)| potentially infinite, paradoxical speed
  • St: 9+ (theoretically unlimited )|9+
  • Sr: 9 |9++
Mini Bio: the first betrayer, risen from the breath of the Will itself
Bio Link:
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@Sikorski_Vladimir: i don't think you could do a 9 ++
Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19
Name: Ray Tsukasa
Age: 27
Faction: Villain (For now)
Group Affiliation: Gekido 
Avatar Appearance: Kakashi 
Origin of Powers: Chi (Born with it but learned to increase it)
Aliases: ND, The Emperor
Signature Moves: Kagutsuchi Flames, Seishin Shuyo
Grid Points
  • Ag: 7
  • Du: 7
  • EP: 7
  • FS: 8
  • In: 7
  • MS: 8
  • SP: 9
  • St: 7
  • Sr: 8 (9 when in Kami No Modo)
Mini Bio: TBA 
Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Name:  Paladin
Age: 43
Faction: Hero
Group Affiliation: None
Original Name: Gottfried Marx
Known Aliases: Dog of the Inquisition, Null-knight, PALADIN
Avatar Appearance: No serious preference.
Origin of Power: Magic
Signature Moves: Algiz, AMP field, Uruz
Grid points:
  • Ag: 5(7)
  • Du: 5(7)
  • EP: 6
  • FS: 7
  • In: 5
  • MS: 7
  • Sp: 4(5)
  • St: 5
  • Sr: 3(6)
Mini Bio: TBA
Bio Link: Paladin's Bio
Post by Manami (1,487 posts) See mini bio Level 14
 Name:  Sultana Swanson
Age: 50
Appearance Age:  28
Faction:  Neutral
Group Affiliation: None currently
Original Name: Manami Saito
Known Aliases:   Lady Tikki Tavi, The Dragon Lady, Widow of Steel
Avatar Appearance: Currently Adiane, although it could change
Origin of Power: Mutation and Super advanced Tech she created    
Signature Moves: None so far
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 7
  • Du: 7
  • EP: 6
  • FS: 9
  • In: 8
  • MS: 9
  • Sp: 7 (9)
  • St: 7
  • Sr: 7
Mini Bio:   Manami Saito, a high level Super genius and Imaginative inventor. With her unique forge ability she is able to create any kind of machine she see fit. Creating pocket time machines and matter transporters before she entered College. She is also a former High-level terrorist and expert bomb maker. Her Cybernetic brain she built also works as a highly advanced Computer able to do billions of tasks.
Bio Link:
Post by Siadaus_Shade (100 posts) See mini bio Level 9
name:  Siadaus Shade 
Age: 35
Faction: Evil (Sorta)
Group Affiliation: None 
Known Aliases: Wisp, Darkness  
Avatar Appearance: Noir
Origin of Pow e: Ultimate god science   
Signature Moves: Widow maker, Willow drop, Perfect shot, death sting
Grid points:  
  • Ag: 7
  • Du: 6
  • EP: 5
  • FS: 8
  • In: 8
  • MS: 3
  • Sp: 6 (9 with teleportation)
  • St: 5
  • Sr: 7
Mini Bio:   TBA Not done
Bio Link: TBA and soon to be completed     
Post by Acer (5,676 posts) See mini bio Level 11
@willyvereb:  It's best to ignore my stats and info at the moment, i'll be cropping and changing it as I write out my full bio, but i'll tell you once its fully completed
Post by Samael (123 posts) See mini bio Level 3
Name:  Samael
Age: 900+
Appearance Age: 30's
Faction: Neutral
Group Affiliation: None
Known Aliases: Balance Keeper, Child Of Death
Avatar Appearance: Alucard, Man Of Miracles, Angel
Origin of Power: Human/Death
Signature Moves: None
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 4
  • Du: 6
  • EP: 6
  • FS: 7
  • In: 4
  • MS: 8
  • Sp: 7 (9 with dimension warping)
  • St: 9
  • Sr: 8
Mini Bio: Samael is the son of Death, one of the most powerful beings in existance, and the human girl Angelina Baptiste. Samael is a kepper of the balance. He is on no side. His goal is to reap his own father.
Bio Link: 
Post by BattleHeiz (5,769 posts) See mini bio Level 15
Name:  Battleheiz
Age: 18
Appearance Age: 18
Faction: Good
Group Affiliation: Kazi (current)
Known Aliases: Zaza, Kasifer, Zenith, Kaizen.
Avatar Appearance: Grendel
Origin of Power: Unknown
Signature Moves: ZENITH
Grid points:  (at 40% of power)(at 70% of power)
  • Ag: 1
  • Du: 9|9++
  • EP: 8|9++
  • FS:9
  • In: 9
  • MS:9|9+
  • Sp: 9(also teleporting)| potentially infinite, paradoxical speed
  • St: 9+ (theoretically unlimited )|9+
  • Sr: 9 |9++
Mini Bio: The exact details of Zaza's early life cannot be ascertained. However it is known that Battleheiz is human who came from paralel earth, with the purpose of seeking the ultimate power in multiverse.
Bio Link: Battleheiz's Bio
Post by Nerx (13,853 posts) See mini bio Level 12
 Name:  Nerx
Age: 3
Appearance Age: Inconsistent
Faction: Chaotic Evil
Group Affiliation: Gekido
Known Aliases: Devourer
Avatar Appearance: Anthing with big teeth
Origin of Power: Existential Anomaly
Signature Moves: Pan Chomp, Grand Exit, Stingy Claw, Super Awesome Monsterbomb,
Grid points:  (at 30% of power)|(at 40% of power)
  • Ag: 9|9++
  • Du: 9|9++
  • EP: 9|9++
  • FS: 9|9++
  • In: 4 (he just lives to eat and fight stuff)
  • MS:7 (does not use mental tech much)
  • Sp: 9 (9++ when he sees his food)| potentially infinite, paradoxical speed
  • St: 9+ (theoretically unlimited )|9+
  • Sr: 9 |9++ (Ate a megaverse like how a toddler ate their biscuit)
Mini Bio: A prophesied eater of all
Bio Link:
Post by haseo_yashimora (5,507 posts) See mini bio Level 14


  haseo yashimora
Age: 7 billion years ago
Appearance Age: white hair, red or purple eye's, god like, allways with a sword
Faction: Alliance Federation of Planets (AFOP)
Group Affiliation: Kazi/ leader 
Known Aliases: angel of death
Avatar Appearance: winged angel-like kid form
Origin of Power: all mighty god powers have no names
Signature Moves: Sheira Tenshi, a thousand blades, etc...
Grid points:  (at 10% of power)|(at 5% of power)
  • Ag: xx
  • Du: 8
  • EP: xx
  • FS: 9
  • In: 6
  • MS:7
  • Sp: xx, potentially infinite, paradoxical speed
  • St: 9+ (theoretically unlimited )|9+
  • Sr: xx

  • Bio Link:     haseo's bio (Blog post) » 

( xx means- unlimited)

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