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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Nop, Callis is from Centris, that is another dimension (Callis will do a cameo or two)

Aestus Aquilus was from Terra Magus, so was pre-time skip Maximus. A floating island hidden near the artic Circle that is cloaked and shielded by magic and is an "utopic" paradise inside

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@Kuro_San: That's right. I'm looking forward to it I'm curious to see how you will differ him from Gen who is a hand to hand fighter granted Gen is more brutish and street fighter.

What has Callis been doing? Doesn't he see the problems Crow is having why doesn't he help him lol Or better yet one of Callis's kids make an appearance to take on the legendary Crow XD

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Callis is the emperor of his world, but with time and good friends his demeanor changed from timid knight into Boisterous EMPEROR! Viking style king, with a voice that can be heard from 2 km away. His son Raseri and his daughter Harumi are the co-rulers. He haves more kids, like Korvis or Jak (Korvis is crow in Latin)

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@Kuro_San: Aww I shouldn't have asked now I won't stop thinking about how and what will happen when Callis let alone his kids meets Crow. lol He names everyone after his friends in our dimension.

So in other words Callis has become a bad ass :)

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: He was already a badass, but he was timid and humble, then he turned into Fate/Zero Rider-Class Badass after a couple of wars like king and then he got to be emperor and fought some more, got married, got kids and grandkids and grandgrandkind and he still kicks ass with more than 200 years on his back

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@Kuro_San: Hmmm makes me wonder what he looks like now?

I got a scene in my head of Crow getting beat bad by somebody then all of sudden there is a thunderous roar shaking the entire area, a claw foot stomps into the ground cracking it leaving large claw marks as the presence of the figure creates such a pressure that those who are not strong enough almost suffocate. The voice of a familiar friend not old and roughed reaches Crow ears as the Emperor of Centris, the Mataues Ruler has returned. :)

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Gonna make my third character now.

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Ok... know done this a while back and in the end i went for something completely different, TWICE!

But seeing as i really don't know and can't decide, it might be helpful to do this. At first i actually thought that a 4th character would be too much anyway, but meh i have time.

So my ideas are:

1. Based on Roland or rather Master Roland from Luminous Arc 2

A Hero. He would be the Master of the Magic Association. Main objective would be finding witches, preventing war between the factions and stopping one of the factions, Gonna use most concepts form Luminous Arc 1 and 2 but probably modify them and include some more stuff. He would get contracts with witches and use magic through that, also has some exstensive knight training and experience. He would allow me to introduce 3 to 4 factions to the RP depending on how it goes. Mostly NPCs but if anyone felt like it would be good for him to join the factions he could do it. This one would have the most NPCs and Roland would also be my most heroic character so far.

2. Based on Tasha Godspell from Witch Hunter

Hero leaning to Neutral. A marksman, mercenary and primary a WH. I still have to come up with an defined goal for him. He would fight with all types of guns mostly. I might end up fusing him and Roland into one character but not sure how it would go. He would be greedy and trigger happy when annoyed making him less heroic than Roland and more into the Phantom and Frantz range.

3. Based on Gilgamesh from the Nasuverse.

Completely a villain with some shades of neutral in him. Like my first creation just nerfed as that one had a couple of ways to bring forth the doomsday. Powers would be centered around the dimensional portal Gate of Babylon summoning legendary weapons and artefacts from myths. He's number one trait would be arrogance, ego and arrogance (yes twice). As a goal he would just try to entertain himself and watch over his "subjects" (which he considers to be everyone and everything). He would also try to find someone he sees as an interesting person.

4. Based on Claire Stanfield from Baccano.

Jumps around on the villain, neutral, hero scale. He would be an assassin and crime boss. Mostly insane with his goal being completely hidden. He would fight with martial arts and general hand to hand combat alone as well as some weapons. He would have many underling as a mafia boss with some NPCs being stronger than him. Might make him get some powers later on but have to see about that.

I would rather take 3 and 4 because i would like the magnificent bastard villain feel to a character and i'm lacking one like that. Though i like 1 and 2 as well, so any ideas?

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Hm, I wanna make a Mirai-Nikki style precog. But how would that work on an RP front?

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@SamJaz: Not at all i guess, unless people play along with your predictions lol.

I'm in a pinch right now, my fifth character is gonna be one of these (will take a long ass time to make tho as four are enough for now):

1. Saint Seiya character, son of Hades really overpowered but heroic i guess (would like to avoid as Minos already covers the absurdly overpowered over the top beyond anything category).

2. Emiya Shirou based character. Street level, a true hero of justice.

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@ReliusClover: hm. We need more in the med-high tier. SamJaz is at a pretty lonely power level. Too weak to hang with HE IS and Stasis, but is himself higher that everyone else it seems, though Phantom may be catching up with his Mk III's

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@SamJaz: There's still Mk IV (and damn i'll be using roman from now on for them now that you used it) and later will gain a rather hefty power up that will also introduce a lot of hax and Mk V and Mk Infinity, by that time he should be above Sam and base Stasis unless he gets some new Persona.

I'll probably make Shirou and power him up bit by bit real slow.

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Honestly I think we need more villains I am considering making Absolute Justice more anti hero and creating a new villain account. (it's not like I tried this before) :P

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@ReliusClover: SJ's always making new Persona. Pretty soon he might make a Phantom Persona.

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Seriously. While a lot of people had problems with ND, he was someone to fight against/for. Also, I miss Nerx.

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@SamJaz: I'm looking forward to that one

@SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: I wanted a villain for some time now but other characters always took priority. Minos is the closes thing i have but he's not actively evil. My fifth character (if i go for the Saint Seiya variant) could be the definition of evil but not sure if i'm gonna make him.

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@ReliusClover: fair enough. Anyone can become a villain if pushed, to be honest. Have even considered an arc where SJ himself becomes evil.

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@SamJaz: Could make it after the Phantom incident and Crown would go after you as a kind of payback for what you did to his and because you are friends.

Though i think we need someone who's evil all along not pushed into it or someone who looks like an anti-villain, but someone of the Evil Overlord kind. As said i might make someone like that if SS wins over Shirou in my character choice.

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@SamJaz: Never. Sam can't turn evil. He just doesn't seem the type. He can't be worse then a rank 3 Anti-hero.

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@ReliusClover: HE IS would fit the bill very well with his space marines, only he's lawful good. But He could easily become a new newdeath in terms of threat.

@ChronoWolf: He just needs to fuse the wrong Personas, or spill his drink on him.

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