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Name: Geordioso Savarese 
Aliases: G.S., Validimus, Angel of Violence, The Wingless One, Master of Thousand Techniques
Sex: Male
Age: 66 (doesn't look any older than 25) 
Race: Angelic Species
Alignment: Lawful Evil (by angelic standards)
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Aqua 
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 199 lbs









  • Angelic Physique: Validimus isn't any mortal but the member of the Angels. His body made far tougher than humans, easily capable of taking a point-blank nuclear explosion without as much as a scratch. He's naturally immune to all regular diseases and poisons. He can survive without food, water or any oxygen. Validimus can also live without any of his (supposedly) vital organs. Piercing his heart or abdomen would only make Validimus more angry. Although beheading him or destroying his head could kill him for good. Validimus also have accelerated healing, able to regenerate from even the most intense injuries in a few days.

  • Super Strength: Even amongst his angel peers Validimus possess unparalleled strength. This is the result of his dedication and intense daily training. Validimus can easily lift up entire battleships with nothing but his pinkie and his punches could make the entire Mount Everest crumble from its very base. At peak exertion Validimus is strong enough to move entire tectonic plates. Thanks to his devotion to be the strongest, Validimus has complete control over the contraction of his muscles. He can regulate his strength perfectly and concentrate the power of his punches on a small surface, thus preventing collateral damage.

  • Super Speed: Validus can move at insane reactions and speeds. For him high-speed bullets are like still objects. He can casually jump out of the Earth's atmosphere or travel from one continent to another in an instant. By reducing his mass and amping himself with the Holy Energy Validimus can reach speeds only a hairline bellow the speed of light.

  • Levitation: Validimus can freely control his mass, increasing and decreasing it as his needs dictate. For him the force of gravity is a may and not a must. He can effortlessly suspend himself above the ground or just casually take walks on the thin air. Validimus can also fly in space at incredible speeds, reaching a faraway planet like Pluto in just 1-2 hours.

  • Holy Energy:  The Angels' sole livelihood and source of powers. The divine energy granted by God. Holy Energy can be described as the 'Qi' of the Angelic Species. Validimus uses Holy Energy to enhance his abilities, shoot blasts of energy and perform his wide variety of techniques. Validimus has exceeding amount of Holy Energy. Even a casual blast of his possess enough power to vaporize an entire mountain. Being of divine origin, the holy energy is extremely potent against evil and the servants of darkness.

  • Martial Arts Master: In his pursuit to become strong Validimus studied all forms of martial arts. From Akido to the countless schools of Kung Fu or even Capoeira, Validimus knows them all. He mastered every school of martial arts on Earth and even beyond. His life could be the best described as constant training to be the ultimate fighter. Based on his intense experiences and skill he developed a new and unique fighting style dubbed as the "Form Without a Form". It's an extremely versatile stance which immediately adapts to the opponent's style and even able to reproduce the enemy's attacks after usually just experiencing them a few times.

  • Elemental Manipulation: With Holy Energy as the power source Validimus can manipulate any of the elemental forces. He can summon fires, call forth lightning, generate earthquakes or cause extreme colds with ease. Instead of relying on spells or other rituals, he controls the elements casually by just performing one of his many martial arts techniques. Validimus prefers dynamic attacks with a good flow so he generally use the element of wind, sound, lightning, fire or light in combat. His skill at elemental manipulation is so intense Validimus even learned how to transform an opposing enemy elemental attack into his own. Furthermore he's able to combine elements or change the elemental attribute of an attack to a different one in an instant.



 Validimus is an extremely versatile fighter with trendemous skill. His peers often call him the "Man of Thousand Techniques". It's a little misleading since Validimus has many tens of thousands of fighting techniques, the majority of those have yet to given a proper name.

  • Air Bullets: By just flicking his thumb Validimus can shoot bullets of compressed air, strong enough to tear both concrete and steel apart. This ability relies purely on physical strength and skill, based on the Japanese iadō sword technique. Using the rest of his fingers as a scabbard, Validimus builds up tremendous potential energy which he explosively releases as projectile of compressed air pressure. Validimus' acquaintances like to call this move as "Fingerbang".

  • Air Fist: Thrusting punch that delivers a fist-sized invisible block of devastating air pressure. Like Air Bullets, this is a technique of pure physical ability and skill. Validimus throws a punch but he withdraws his fist in the very last second. Without an instant of delay he punches again but retracts his arm. Validimus repeats this process for at least hundred times in just a split second. Like a super-fast pump Validimus concentrates insane air pressure before his fist then releases it all with the last punch. The power of Air Fist depends on how many times Validimus "punches the air" but generally far more destructive than his Air Bullet. Validimus' acquaintances often call this the "Fist Pump" technique.

  • Thunder Stomp: Validimus can easily make the ground and his surroundings explode by just a stomp. This is a technique based on the same pumping mechanics as the Air Fist. By stomping the air repeatedly Validimus forms a ball of concentrated pressure which he violently pushes into the ground. Few meters bellow the ground the ball detonates and the pressure escapes upward like a geyser. Validimus can also concentrate explosion into a narrow arc, releasing a weave of explosion coming from the ground.

  • Hurricane Kick: Large circular kick that unleashes a wave of destructive wind. In comparison to Air Fist, the Hurricane Kick has less power but far wider attack range, making it the ideal move for defeating multiple opponents at once. Validimus can also infuse the winds with his Holy Energy to drastically increase its attack power.

  • Orbital Uppercut: Technique without the technique. Validimus sends a giant uppercut against his opponent's chin which propels them into the far reaches of outer space. There's no trick, neither any sort of strange ability. Just Validimus' raw physical power. People punched by Validimus are sent flying out of the Earth's atmosphere as an orange streak of light. This phenomenon is caused by the massive friction as his opponent is getting immediately accelerated to escape velocity speeds. Sometimes when Validimus is in the mood he can also punch people onto the Moon, leaving a new and visible craters on its surface.

  • Lightning Gun: Validimus points with his finger and releases a charged beam of electricity in an instant. The attack is extremely hot, hotter than a natural lightning bolt, and possess remarkable penetrative power. It being a pure elemental manipulation technique it's enhanced by his powerful Holy Energy for greater effect.

  • Plasma Flurry: Validimus charges his arms with electricity to unleash immeasurable number of blows at lightning speed. Each punch is coated in superheated plasma, enhanced by Validimus' Holy Energy.The technique has overbearing power designed for the complete annihilation of a single target by the sheer volume of attacks.

  • Destructo Disc: Validimus concentrates massive lightning energy into the shape of a large disc above his palm. The disc has the intense heat above the temperature of a small star (15 million degrees Celsius) carefully contained inside. Validimus throws the disc which mercilessly cuts through everything, not leaving a single atom intact on its devastating path. The later effect is caused by the constant phase transitions of energy dominating inside Destructo Disc. This is an extremely dangerous technique. Not for Validimus but potentially to his surroundings. If he were ever lose control of the disc's shape the escaping heat is capable of instantly evaporating a city with the size of entire Manhattan.
  • Aura of Destruction: Advanced lightning technique, one of the most deadly forms Valdiimus ever made. Developed from the Destructo Disc, Valdimus covers himself in lightning arcs with the paradoxical heat of above 15,000,000 K and exchanging phases over 3 billion times a second. As a result, he's surrounded by a lightning aura which demolishes all matter on atomic level or even bellow. Although using this technique posses the same dangers on Validimus' body. In case of the slightest loss of control the lightning aura may attack Validimus and disintegrate him in an instant. Perhaps him being the Angel of Violence, Validimus generally doesn't care about that.
  • Crystal Slashers: Using the nitrogen combined with the natural vapor in the air Validimus can form a pair of blades shaped like scythes on his elbows. These blades are frozzen at temperatures infinitely close to absolute zero degrees and reinforced by Validimus's Holy Energy, giving them hardness totally unheard off. In addition the scythes usually possess an edge barely thicker than a single atom, making them insanely sharp. Validimus use the Crystal Slashers to give him an additional ways to inflict pain on his opponent. Combined with his powerful punches and kicks Validimus also delivers deadly slashes and cuts with the Crystal Slashers. There's also a leg variation where the crystal blades appear on the sides of Validimus' shins called Crystal Guillotines.

  • Blades of Conviction: Alternatives of the Crystal Slashers, a pair of energy like scythes appear on either Validimus' elbows, shins or both. Unlike the crystal blades, the Blades of Conviction is formed of raw energy that enforces phase transition in anything it touches. The Blades of Conviction turn everything in their vicinity from solid or liquid state into pure gas, making its cutting power almost absolute. In addition this forceful phase transition draws all heat away from the vicinity thus causing rapid freeze. As such the remainder of the body rapidly loses its heat in a way it almost appears to be burning instead. Blades of Conviction is a very lethal technique and Validimus uses them sparingly.

  • Sonic Scream: Using his massive lung capacity and super strong vocal cords, Validimus can scream or shout with unbelievable power. Depending on the straight Angel puts into the attack, it can have varying power ranging from deafness through internal hemorrhage to even explosive shockwaves. The attack can reach everyone around Validimus but the the peak force is exerted on the front. The technique is the most effective on living targets  but machines with fine mechanical structure or sensitive electronics are in great danger as well. In addition Validimus can enhance the sound with his own Holy Energy to manipulate its shape or just make it plain more powerful in the process.

  • Sonic Bullet: Simplified version of Sonic Scream. Validimus releases a concentrated shell of sonic energy from his mouth. This attack have varying powers and is usually enhanced with fair amounts of Holy Energy.

  • Seraphic Scream: Deadly technique and also a form of mercy on weak opponents. Validimus weaves a song enchanted by his Holy Energy. His beautiful and almost mesmerizing voice enters the enemy brains to gently destroy them from within. As a result all enemies of Validimus silently fall to their deaths with a happy and satisfied expression drawn over their faces. It's a cheap and sinister technique thus Validimus performs this only against annoying weaklings.

  • God Word: It was said that Angels can order any human with a word. While that rumor is usually false, Validimus developed a technique with a similar mechanism. By enhancing his voice with his Holy Energy, Validimus can manipulate the thoughts with simple words. The technique is far from being irresistible though. People with strong will and great supernatural powers may shake it off. This is a technique Validimus prefers to use outside combat for things like "negotiations".

  • Dragon Roar: The pinnacle of Validimus' scream techniques. The Angel unleashes a massive shout enhanced by his Holy Energy. This an extremely versatile move with many applications. First, the destructive power of the attack is already tremendous, being able to erase an entire mountain on full power. Second, Validimus can change the trajectory of his roar, selectively chosing his targets or balancing the attack between power and area of effect. Third, Dragon Roar is a very effective counter, able to quickly intercept or dissolve opposing attacks. Fourth, the frequency of the soundwave is in a constant phase, allowing Validimus to destroy the molecular bounds with it. In short he can effectively turn people into dust. Dragon Roar also has other minor uses, making it truly a very useful technique.

  • Raging Palm: Validimus pushes his palm against the body of his enemy and releases intense amount of Holy Energy inside. The rampaging energy destroys the target from within and makes it explode in a very violent fashion. This is one of Validimus' most favored techniques. Although he prefers to not use it against opponents he deems unworthy or just prefers to keep alive. The lethality rate of this technique is so far 99.9%.

  • Quivering Palm: Less flashy yet more effective version of the Raging palm. With extremely fine muscle contraction and elemental manipulation Validimus generates a vibrating barrier of sonic energy before his palm. At the exact same time Validimus pushes his palm against his opponent and releases deadly vibrations through the entire body. The intense vibrations spread to every cell and destroy the bounds between the molecules. As a result the attack immediately turns the enemy into dust. This technique is more concentrated and generally more powerful than his Dragon Roar attack.

  • World Breaker: Punch that can break the boundaries of space and time rip holes in reality. Developed from the spell used by all angels to pass the gates between Heaven and Earth and simplified the process down to a single attack. Validimus can create portals taking as far as the outer edges of the Solar System or portals that lead into different dimensions. All of those with nothing but seemingly by punching the space. In addition World Breaker has more offensive uses. Validimus regularly use this to destroy barriers and pocket dimensions. Technically World Breaker can also be used for direct attack, generating a deadly rift in space time thus erasing the object from existence. But doing so is extremely dangerous as the World Breaker requires extensive calculations and a perfect execution to work properly. Otherwise Validimus risks to being sucked inside the void between the infinite multiverse thus end up disappearing from reality forever. The World Breaker is close to useless in the heat of intense combat.

  • World Flicker: Technique that allows Validimus to teleport. By quickly transfering his body into Heaven and back to the reality the Angel  can instanteously pass great distances. With a proper beacon to link to Validimus can travel anywhere in the wide universe. Although by using his own power the Angel of Violence is limited to the Solar System. Depending on the distance, the lag time of the teleportation can also increase. In especially intense combat situations Validimus' max range is at about 10km, unless he wishes to risk being interrupted.


Holy Armaments - Gauntlets of the Behemoth\ Greaves of the Giant: Mighty  "weapons" offered to the fighting elite of the Angel class. Since Validimus' style is centered on hand to hand combat he was given a pair of arm and leg armors called the Gloves of the behemoth and Greaves of the Giant respectively. These allow Validimus to channel his power through them and thus it generally allows to focus the Holy Energy in a more refined way. Unlike other weapons forged in heaves the Holy Armaments can hold any amount of Holy Energy thus being the only devices . In addition they are made out of a mysterious matter imbued by God's power that made all Holy Armaments indestructible. Despite all these advantages its rare to see Validimus with his Holy Armaments on. He achieved a level of control where he no longer requires a focus to concentrate his Holy Energy thus made any extra equipment meaningless. Still, at times when facing a worthy opponent Validimus takes up the Holy Armaments to at least show his true respect.
Spiritual Bike - Fortissimus: Validimus' personal motorbike. In design its shaped like a futuristic chopper, decorated with wings and cross motifs, painted in a black and white scheme with golden trims. Fortissimus is both a transportation vehicle and weapon. The bike was created from materials similar to certain components of his Holy Blade, making it capable of channeling Validimus' mighty power. He can also summon the bike any time no matter where he is. In addition the bike can even change its shape according to Validimus' needs to gain extra features. Thus it is capable of a range of diverse tactics which may ask the question whether Fortissimus really is just a bike.  Fortissimus means "the strongest" in ancient latin and considering its rider, that might be very well the case. Validimus views his bike as an old companion and respects it greatly. Although regretfully the angel's power grew so much that Fortissimus is no longer an use to him. The bike was originally designed to conserve the power of Validimus, something which he honestly no longer requires. Still, Validimus can be often seen riding Fortissimus out of fun or as an alternative way of holding back.


  • Arrogance: Validimus looks down on people weaker than him. He tends to slightly underestimate his opponents.

  • Fighting Freak: Validimus lives only to fight. Regretfully, his massive strength prevents him to enjoy any battle for long. To prevent that Validimus has the near-suicidal tendency to hold back. He limits his strength, range of techniques, even lowers his own durability or leave potentially lethal openings for the enemy. All just for the euphoria of battle.

Geo's Private Checklist:


Victim's Name Did I beat him yet? How many times? Will I beat him next?  Should I train him?
Angelo Savados Yes 25  Definitely Yes
Antonio Barone Ilgenias (AKA the Crybaby)
You're kiddin' me, right?
Zeruel Yes 1 He's sorta dead
Lucifer the Great Destroyer
Forget it
Raseri Ruud No 0 Yes Nah
Callis Nomene (LOL)
Of course
Crow Cemeterio No 0 Of course
Nameless fodders I should care less about Yeah  Approx 5 million
They are already dead

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@Validimus: Nice bio. Kind of overpowered though. 
It's an alt or your first character? 
Anyway, keep up the good work :)
Post by Validimus (147 posts) See mini bio Level 10
@Emerald_Flame_Fate: No, it's willyvereb, again.
I'm slowly approaching my 20th alt.:p
Anyways, if you think he's broken just wait until I reveal all his techniques. Perhaps his tendency to massively hold back against weaker opponents helps to somehow level the playing field. In short Validimus is far from impossible to beat, even for weaker characters.
Post by Emiko_Fujikawa (18 posts) See mini bio Level 6
@Validimus: good start on your bio
Post by Superevil225 (6,742 posts) See mini bio Level 17
Totally guessed you were willyvereb.
Btw, what character is used for you appearance? He's so cool looking!
Post by TheRedRose (1,645 posts) See mini bio Level 10
The theme of an angel is glorious! I find it to be mysterious
Post by Guerra (84 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Its pretty obvious its willyvereb. This character's pretty strong.
Post by Validimus (147 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Well, he's supposed to be a legitimate Tier 6. Maybe even Tier 7. I also plan him to be the kind of mentor type. So aspiring fighters are welcome to train with him.
Post by Raseri (2,534 posts) See mini bio Level 12
@Validimus: Hmm I see.
Post by Emerald_Flame_Fate (699 posts) See mini bio Level 11
@Validimus: If you say so... :/
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,287 posts) See mini bio Level 14
Cool, a Chrome Shelled Regios based character
Post by Mesamia (5,109 posts) See mini bio Level 14
Awesome butt kicking warriorXD
Post by Fire Star (3,732 posts) See mini bio Level 16

Nice bio. Though I can see why someone would think he would be over-powered.

Post by Validimus (147 posts) See mini bio Level 10
@Fire Star: Again, I still haven't updated on his more broken techniques.
Generally he's a strong Tier 6 character with potential to be even tier 7.
Post by Fire Star (3,732 posts) See mini bio Level 16

@Validimus said:

@Fire Star: Again, I still haven't updated on his more broken techniques. Generally he's a strong Tier 6 character with potential to be even tier 7.

Yeah, I can't think of too many who can stop him.

Post by Validimus (147 posts) See mini bio Level 10
@Fire Star: Well, Validimus has a very easily abusable weakness. He loves to fight at somehow equal footing. If he deems someone worthy he consciously lowers his power to match his opponent thus get more excitement out of the battles.
Validimus doesn't like to fight when there's literally no chance for him to lose. He loves to gamble his life for the thrill of battle.
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Bio Update!
Edited abilities and added several new techniques.
Some of them are more or less broken.
Post by DarksideoftheMoon (80 posts) See mini bio Level 5
Nice update, and nice bio. :)
Post by Validimus (147 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Still too lazy to add a something to appearance or personality sections.
Anyways, I have an update.
Added a few new techniques: Aura of Destruction, Crystal Salshers, Blades of Conviction, World Breaker, World Flicker
Also added a new section: Equipment
Added two items: Holy Armaments - Gauntlets of the Behemoth/Greaves of the Giant; Spiritual Bike - Fortissimus (pimpin' motorbike of validimus)
Have fun!:)
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Bio Update!
I added a little Easter Egg. Check the bottom part of the OP.:p
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