Robot Fighting League

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Two robots enter...
Two robots enter...
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Sitting on the edge of the examination table, Maikeru fidgeted while the searching fingers and forceps of the technician looked him over. "Remarkable, the work is seamless." He said tapping between flesh and metal on Maikeru's robotic arm. "I've never seen any work this good. You're some sorta lucky guy to be carrying this kind of machinery around. You sure you wanna sign up for the robot fights? Guy your size against all those big're gonna get killed and that's only if you're lucky." Maikeru rolled his sleeve back down and fastened the button at the cuff.

"Like you said....I'm lucky. Anything else you need from me before I get out there and win some money?" The door creaked open and an older man in a crisp blue suit entered the room.

"Just one last thing, sign this liability waiver and you are free to enter the arena." Maikeru stood fast and pulled the pen from the old man's hand and in one swift moment signed himself into the Robot Fighting League.

Maikeru looked up at the man with the paperwork and grinned a satisfied grin. "Just be sure they get my name right."

Moments later...

It had been a month since he watched her first fight and more than 4 since he heard about the league, but tonight would be his first night in the pit. In front of all the people watching he would finally get the respect he deserved. Applying a layer of black latex around his eyes and nose, he disguised his face from anyone that might know him and changed into his fighting gear. In his disguise and fully ready for the fight ahead he heard his own heart beating in his head for a breif moment before it was drowned out by the roar of the crowd and the sound of the announcer.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Robot Fighting League! Tonight, for the first time in the history of the RBL we have the least robotic contender that has ever attempted to raise his fists and pistons in the sport!  Let me introduce to you tonight, from parts unknown, Jinx!"

Hearing his name ring out into the stands made his bravado that much more prevailant as he burst into the pit running to the center to greet his public. Flexing his arm in mock strength he waited with anticipation to see his opponent.

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