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SamJaz sat at the beach, drinking a bottle of melonade while the melon festival went underway. It was an absolute carnival celebrating all things melon.

He was soon joined by a short, overweight man dressed in blue swimming shorts. "You bulked up." Hal told his old friend.

"You've gotten fatter." SamJaz replied, getting to his feet and giving Hal a bear hug. "Good to see you old buddy."

This was going to be a great festival. A reunion with some old friends and family and a chance to meet new ones while enjoying a feast of melon.

What could go wrong?

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The Huntsman stumbled out of the Mediterranean. "Where am I?" He mumbled. I don't know. Huh. Odd. He didn't usually have literal voices in his head. He glanced around the beach that lay before him. People all over, hilly terrain behind the beach. He glanced down at himself. Exposed musculature, webbed feet. He had been out of it for a while. Swiftly, his body shifted, taking in seawater to fill out his thin frame.

Just in case somebody noticed him, he took a form that would make them forget his monstrous look. It was a beautiful woman who strutted out of the waves, put together to distract people from the creepy thing slithering around in the surf a second ago. Was that a monster I just saw? Nope, just a perfectly formed body covered by barely anything and striking red hair. If he was going to be a woman, he would be the best looking thing on the beach. Of course, drawing attention to himself was usually a bad idea, but after the explosion on Alcatraz, this didn't really matter.

What happened? What's wrong with my body? "Whatever that is, shut up." And there that was again. He'd figure that out after he had some fun. He felt anger that wasn't his own. Nobody commands the lord of utopia. ...good. No, this was wonderful. Exactly what he needed. He strode up to what appeared to be a bar. "Alcohol. Now. All of it. I'm drinking for two."

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@SamJaz: Kazuki walked around the festival with a tower of ice cream that had every flavor of melon imaginable in it. The tower wobbled while he walked but with the grace that only a fool with food could have he was able to walk without it falling. It was already breaking the laws of gravity just by not falling so it was pretty interesting to watch him walk down the beach without a care in the world happily eating the ice cream while maneuvering around the people. Once the ince cream was eaten and even the cone was gone he went around looking at the different booths set up and playing the games not even realizing some of them were rigged or even trying to use any powers.

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@SamJaz: @Justalittlegirl: @Masterofdeath:

Walking around the festival grounds, Haruko Miyata strolls past the stands offering food or games to the festival-goers. She wore a fancy red skirtini(bikini top and bottoms with an extremely short skirt attached that covers less than a belt. Only for decoration really.) In her hands was half of a large watermelon that was filled with melonaid and had a long straw hanging off the side. It was now summertime, and she was going to take full advantage of the hot weather to work on her tan and have fun at all these seasonal festivals.

The seamstress stops when she sees a game offering giant stuffed animals if they could knock down all the milk bottles stacked up with one baseball. To get a large prize, they needed to knock down all the bottles three times in a row, given only one baseball every round. She would normally only want small prizes, but they were offering a giant 4'10" Vaporeon as a prize! So to a 5' girl who was a fan of Pokemon, she had to have it. Walking up to the counter, she looks at the man running the stand.

"How much do I have to pay? I want a large prize." The man behind the counter laughs slightly, and hands her a baseball. "Five dollars a game miss. Try to knock them all down three times in a row. If you can, that is." Grinning at the challenge, Haruko reaches under her skirt and pulls out a $5 bill from the inside flap of the skirt. Placing it on the table, she grabs the baseball and readies her throw.

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@Vapovile: @Masterofdeath: @Justalittlegirl:

"Someone's in a bad mood."

A tall, striking woman with long pink hair, dressed in a green, watermelon skin pattern bikini said as she took a seat "I'll have a sex on the melon patch." She told the barman, before checking out the redhead beside her.

"I'm Kelly." The pink-haired woman told Huntsman as they both received their drinks. "I'm waiting for a bloke to show up, but as one inhuman monster to another, what's your tale?"


After spending a while catching up on each other, SamJaz and Hal were prowling the beach, looking around for anyone interesting. "That bird's pretty fit." Hal said, pointing at a pink-haired girl in a skirt that was throwing baseballs at milk bottles. "Know her?"

SamJaz shook his head, not having met Haruko. "That dude's got white hair." He said, pointing at Kazuki who was also playing some games. "Nine times out of ten, the albino's wrapped up in this somehow, regardless of the situation."

Hal chuckled. "Yeah, makes sense." He said. "All guesswork though."

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Out of the crystal clear blue water came a woman. The white haired succubus Luna Neroline. She was on the island with a mission. Finding SamJae and if her instincts did not betray her he was most likely here. Time for a little surprise vist Luna thought to herself as she completely stepped out of the water and onto dry land. She was wearing a white biking with the upper part essentially just being two stripes of clothes strapped over her breasts diagonally, which then went around her neck to form a choker.

The bottom piece was rather simple, cloth back and front held together by strings on the sides. Walking around the island she noticed that the festival was alrady up and running with many attractions, quite a few of them melon theme. It did seem enjoyable.

Well, time to find her man in that mess.

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@SamJaz: @Justalittlegirl: @Masterofdeath:@Fehafare:


Haruko's throw managed to strike the tower's middle left section, sending them all tumbling down. Though it was only a stack of 6, so it would have been pretty pathetic if she failed here. The attendant claps his hands and picks up the baseball. "Nice shot! Now, you could either take a small prize, or try a harder stack for a larger prize. What do ya say, miss?"

Brushing some hair out of her face, Haruko grins at him once more. "I'm going to..." She confidently points at the prize on the wall. "Keep going!" The attendant only chuckles, pulling the cloth off the second stack. The stack had increased to 10 bottles...and were halfway filled with sand. Things just got a bit more difficult. Taking a step back, the attendant hands her another baseball. "Whenever you're ready."

Taking a deep breath, Haruko begins to use her trained seamstress eyes to figure out how each bottle was balanced, and how they may fall. It was at that point she found that the tower was slightly leaning to the left. Pulling her arm back, the pink-haired challenger throws the baseball at the bottom left section...and sends them all tumbling down. "Yes! One more!" Haruko says, the attendant smiling. "Well done! Now, you can st-" "I'm going all the way. No need to finish that sentence." Without another word, the attendant removes the cover off the last tower...and Haruko's mouth hung open at the sight of it.

The tower was a huge 21 bottle monster that had every bottle filled to the brim with sand. If she missed even a single one of these, all her effort would have been wasted. The attendant lightly tosses her the baseball. "Last shot, can you do it?!" It was rare that someone made it this far, so even he was excited to see this. Taking a deep breath, Haruko steps back and analyzes the tower. No matter where she hit it, it appeared as if the large 6 bottle base would always keep at least one standing. The base...THAT'S IT!

Winding her arm back, she sharply throws the ball...at the left wall of the booth. The ball ricochets off the wooden wall...and sweeps across the entire bottom row of the tower, knocking over the entire base and sending every bottle to the floor. An iconic fanfare plays in Haruko's head as she accepts her gigantic Vaporeon prize. The attendant was only smiling, amazed that she managed that shot. "Heh, great games miss. You have quite the precise throwing arm on you. Thanks for playing!"

"Thanks a bunch! I had a ton of fun. Good luck with other people!" Holding the giant stuffed animal, she begins grinning at how she actually won that game. I guess years of knife throwing gave me a talent for this stuff. Maybe I should try baseball or something? With nowhere to put this thing, Haruko begins to carry the gigantic animal to her hotel room. She was staying at a place right next to the festival, so she didn't have to walk far.

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@SamJaz:@Vapovile: @Fehafare: @Masterofdeath:

The Huntsman flashed the bartender an illusory Drivers license. She had no idea how she would pay, as she had never had a dollar to her name, but teleportation was an option for skipping payment altogether. "Something I ate disagreed with me." She responded to the hottie beside her, not bothered by being referred to as a monster. Wait, are you talking about me? "Shut up." He said before thinking. This was going to be a problem. "Not you, the... You know, it would seem even crazier if I explained it."

She drank deeply, trying to drown the voices. She briefly wondered how much more information to give, studying the woman. She was a sucker for red heads, and pink was close enough. She got a little more info, but not all of it. "Sally Morison's the name. I hunt down some of the more dangerous beings of our world. This is made a bit easier by my ability to absorb my enemies and take their abilities. Last one I did this too apparently didn't go down right and now he won't shut up." I'm insulted by that accusation. I've been very patient and quiet considering the circumstances.

"And I'd appreciate it if you were even quieter. Now, back to you." She again addressed her drinking partner. "What are you doing here, and is that meeting with that "bloke" you mentioned negotiable?" She exposed her crocodile smile, quite unaware of the sharpened teeth her newest absorption granted her.

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"That pink-haired bird just won a pokemon." Hal pointed out. "You interested."

SamJaz smirked. "I should be, but the last girl I dated for her interests in pokemon didn't end so well. Still trying to convert Luna though."

Hal rolled his eyes. "Right. This succubus that's still waiting for you back home."

"She will." SamJaz said.


"Not bad Sally." Kelly whistled. "I feed on hate. I can access the memories, skills and abilities of anyone you hate or who hates you, same goes for anyone nearby."

At the proposition, Kelly smirked, sipping on her drink. "Negotiable?" She asked. "Depends if he shows."

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@SamJaz: @Justalittlegirl: @Vapovile:

Luna looked around the festival. There were quite a few interesting faces there, however she seemingly didn't care of any of them right now. All she wanted to find was that brown-haired oaf. And she noticed him soon enough walking together with a a friend of his it seemed. Luna couldn't help but grin and listen in.

"Right. This succubus that's still waiting for you back home."

"She will." SamJaz said.

Luna smirked. Such a good boyfriend. Silently approaching the two, she gave Sam a good hit on the bum, after which she put her arms around him and rested her breasts atop of his head. Damn should have covered his eyes first, she thought to herself as she realized the missed opportunity. "Surprise. Who's your chubby friend?"

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@SamJaz: @Justalittlegirl: @Fehafare: @Vapovile: @Masterofdeath:

Walking barefoot across the sand was a blond man, 19 years of age. His hair was neatly combed despite the fact that he was, well, on a beach. Usually, you would see him in a suit, but he wasn't crazy enough to wear one to the beach. Instead, all he was wearing was a simple green swim shorts. But don't worry, it wasn't green so that he could fit in with the melon crowd. Rather, he just really liked the color.

What was this man, called Matthew Anderson or Matt for short, doing? He was going to the bar because that's where his girlfriend said she'd be waiting for him. Ah, there it is now! And there's Kelly. And she seemed to be talking to another girl, one which Matt didn't recognize. Was Kelly making friends already?

"Waiting for someone?" Matt asked when he got close enough for Kelly to hear him without the need for shouting.

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@Vapovile: @Fehafare: @Masterofdeath:@ChronoWolf: @SamJaz:

The Huntsman (currently Huntswoman) smirked right back at Kelly. "Well, maybe we can think of something to do until- ah, that's him, isn't it." His disappointment was caused by the interruption of a blond young man, impeccably groomed. He wasn't too shabby looking himself, but judging by the way he looked at Kelly, the Huntsman didn't have a chance with either of them. I believe that only you could manage to strike out with two people just by looking at one of them. 'Sally' took another drink and the Swallower shut up while he tried to sort out the effects it had on his knew home.

At least she still had that advantage over the nuisance. As for the newcomer, the Huntsman was too buzzed and warm to be especially angry at him. There were plenty more scantily clad people on the beach, and in this body she wouldn't have an issue getting one. "You must be the boy Kelly here was waiting for. I'm Sally. Pleased to meet you." She extended a hand in greeting.

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"Hey babes." Kelly said pulling Matt onto her knee and kissing him on the cheek. "Sex in the melon patch for this one." Kelly told the bartender.


Someone touched SamJaz's bum, but when he felt those breasts on his head he recognised that weight immediately. "Hey Luna." SamJaz said, ducking under the weight and kissing her on the lips. "What brings you here?"

Hal had to be impressed. He'd met Hitomi and knew SamJaz dated some beautiful women but… wow.

Then Hal reminded himself. Succubus. Right.

"Luna, this is my best friend from school and my Flowmotion teacher, Hal." SamJaz introduced her. "Hal, this is my girlfriend, Luna."

"Nice to meet you." Hal said. Truth be told, he barely came up to her elbows she was so much taller than him. "Listen… I'll be right back. I'm about to go ask out that girl with the vaporeon." He said, before vanishing at high speed.

SamJaz smirked. "Classic Hal." He said, before turning back to face Luna. "How've you been? You look great."

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@SamJaz: @Justalittlegirl: @Masterofdeath:@Fehafare:

Haruko happily strolled down the street with her gigantic prize. While walking, she began to admire the stitch work of the stuffed Pokémon. I gotta say, this is decently made for a carnival prize. With a few adjustments, I could probably add some of the finer details. Ya know what...I might just make miniatures of all the Eeveelutions. Yeah, that sounds fun.

As she approached her hotel, Haruko doesn't notice that an extremely fast chubby man was approaching her location.

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@Justalittlegirl: @SamJaz: @Vapovile: @Fehafare:

Matt shook Sally's hand. "Matt. Nice to meet you, too." He barely got to finish the sentence before Kelly pulled him onto her knee and ordered him a drink. Sex in the melon patch? That does not sound very comfortable. But it probably didn't taste that bad.

"Hey beautiful." Matt replied and turned his head to return the kiss. "I like your bikini. Or is it a melonkini now?"

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@ChronoWolf: @Vapovile: @SamJaz: @Fehafare:

Huntsman watched the couple's obvious affection and stood up. "I'll leave you two to your melon patch and take a look around. See you again after the festivities." She had no idea what these festivities were exactly, or when they would end, but she didn't plan on coming back anyway. Then she might have to pay her tab. Still, she didn't want to leave this beach, even if she was getting burned. Cells in her skin released pigment, and boom, instant tan. That was better.

As she wandered along the beach, another woman caught her eye, but not for the same reasons as Kelly. Well, sort of the same reasons. But also her scent. The barely clothed woman kissing the spiky-haired man ten feet away was a succubus. Odd-looking for a succubus. They're better in my realm. "Your realm has succubi?" Huntsman was intrigued. Of course. It's Utopia.

Resolving to visit utopia at some point, Huntsman searched his mind for what he knew about succubi. This one was clearly not of the realms of the demon lords. Most likely she had come from hell, which was "closer" to earth than the demon realms and vastly more like it. As a result, she, like most succubi, was likely harmless. Still, it was odd to see so many powerful being drawn here. Kelly, this succbus, and himself. He would stick close for now. Something was brewing.

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@Vapovile: @Justalittlegirl: @ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

It didn't take long for Hal to find a stall with large flareon plush prize, and win it through flow collider, and then take his ice breaker over to Haruko and start walking alongside her.

"Wanna trade?" Hal asked Haruko, showing off his 4'10" fire pokemon. "Mine doesn't have any moves."


"Don't go changing." Kelly told Huntsman. "Easier to find you by eyesight."

Once alone with Matt, Kelly smiled. "What brings you to this side of the watermelon?" She asked him flirtatiously.


High above the island, in a hotel room, a dark figure muttered, pacing around as he figured out what to do.

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@SamJaz: @Justalittlegirl: @ChronoWolf: @Vapovile:

"Came around to visit you." Luna replied as she hugged him. "Hope that's not a problem."

"Hey little guy." she said as she waved at Hal. "Heh, he gets around." she added with a smirk as he ran off.

"Feeling amazing lately. Alicia's been depending less and less on me to change her diapers." Luna joked. "So got free time in spades. My bum is all tired from the laziness."

Just as Luna spoke a girl in one-piece swimming suit ran around and hugged Sam from behind.


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@SamJaz: @Justalittlegirl: @Fehafare:@ChronoWolf:

"Huh?" Haruko looks at the chubby man with a gigantic flareon appear alongside her. She had to admit, flareons were cool Pokémon...but vaporeon was her favorite of the three original eeveelutions. Still, it was cool to see someone who liked the franchise, as most people think Haruko is weird for still liking a precieved kid's game. Chuckling slightly, she looks at him.

"Your's doesn't have moves?! That's lame. Haha no thanks though, I like vaporeon a little more. My name is Haruko, by the way. Who are you and which generation was your favorite?" They were nearing Haruko'a hotel, so she was about to drop off her prize.

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@Vapovile: @Fehafare: @SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

Huntsman was somewhat perturbed that Kelly knew of her ability to change, but chose to ignore it. It would be better to just stay far off, even if she didn't want her to. Still, she wanted to stay within eyeshot of the succubus and other weird things going on around here. Your dedication to your work is both endearing and depressing. However, I think it is in both our best interests to get a Pikachu. "Are you always like this? Also, Pikachu sucks." Huntsman questioned his unwilling tenant. No, only when I can't rule my realm because somebody decided they would be selfish and ate me. And Pikachu is just fine. It's Pichu that's terrible. "How do you know all this? Why am I even having this conversation with you? What makes you think I'm going to do anything you want? Why would I-"

Huntsman missed her goal, but illusions made up for the block that still stood. "One Pikachu plush please." She groaned with maximum shame. "Sorry, just ran out. Is this fine?" The game runner held up some spiky cat thing as compensation. Tell him no. Huntsman just growled and took it.

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