Richter von Wolfenstein - False Hero of Prophecy [Character Bio]

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Richter von Wolfenstein - False Hero of Prophecy
Richter von Wolfenstein - False Hero of Prophecy
  • Name: Richter von Wolfenstein
  • Alias: False Hero of Prophecy (called False Hero or False Prince for short)
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 196 (looks like 28)
  • Race: Human-Nature Spirit Hybrid
  • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Occupation: Traveler, Knight, Runaway Prince
  • Alignment: Heroic Neutral


Richter has a very rough and untamed personality. Many consider that to be his fatal flaw which has earned him his nickname. Despite being the son of the king and constantly being educated and manipulated to become the perfect example of a prince, a knight in shining armor, he has little interest in his own country and people. He has no respect for authority including his own father and even before leaving the kingdom he often went against his word, sometimes only out of spite. The part of him that came from his mother, a Dryad, is often blamed for his wild and rebellious personality, yet it actually comes from his own selfishness and personal ideas. Even though he knows every single sentence and word of the moral code of a knight and was taught to live by it, he rarely applies it to his life or combat style. In that regard his motto is "Results make up for the lack of honor." and he doesn't stop from anything to achieve what he wants. Richter enjoys being alone and avoids contact with humans, even in his childhood he used to run away and hide in the forest beyond the castle walls.

Despite his wild nature he has shown to be able to bring up patience when needed. He held up the image of the perfect warrior prince, create for the people, for more than a hundred years before finally abandoning everything. Attention was was always something he hated, and his position made sure that he always had plenty of it. It could be said that his powers and personality are in a direct contradiction. As someone who has nature and life itself under his command he could be dedicated to helping the people and healing the sick, but his powers rarely find any use beyond combat and brutal violence. His enemies are often left to die an agonizing and painful death. Another one of Richter's beliefs, that made him turn away from his country was in fact the lack of belief. He never believed in the concept of fate, not even as a kid, and as such he never truly accepted his position as the chosen prince, his birth being foretold in a prophecy.

His way in life was affected by the various books and novels he read when he was a kid. They always portrayed lonesome, silent and romantic heroes who traveled from place to place completely detached from society. That view on a hero as well as his lack of any interest in the country and the conflict itself made him give up his position in the war. He escaped the constant pressure and left everything behind. Going with his connection with nature and the concept of a lone wolf hero, Richter sees no worth in materialistic objects and his only possessions are his armor, sword and a small wooden flute.

When he arrived in the current world Richter decided to spend his time with wandering from place to place, exploring the world, fighting in the search of a worthy opponent and flirting with women.

Richter seems to only care for himself and lacks empathy which often makes him appear as cold-hearted. But that isn't exactly true he simply doesn't intrude into the life of others and excepts others to treat him the same. Because of his distance to civilization and his disconnect from human society he often fails to understand and recognize some basic human values, he knows what they are and can even see them but he himself doesn't feel anything about them. He's still capable showing compassion and aid and comfort someone if their story has moved him, without having any gain himself or because his personal interest overlaps with helping that person, but all that has more to do with the miserable state of the person, rather than Richter understanding his emotions.


Richter appears as a young man in his late 20s despite the fact that he's nearly two centuries old. He normally towers over other people with a height of two meters. His height combined with his extraordinary wide shoulders make him easily stand out even in large masses of people. Even though not the source of his strength, his muscles are well developed, but mostly hidden beneath his clothes and armor. His face is very sharp with little features on the texture of his skin. The most outstanding feature are his eyes, which have a bright emerald color. His silver hair is wild and unkept reaching down his back. It also has a black patch on the very top.

The part of his appearance that makes it clear to most that he is not a human, or at least not a normal one is the Life Scar running across his chest. It is a bright green scar that runs all over Richter's chest and extends up his neck all the way to his cheek. In his own world it has become the signature mark by which he is recognized and by an extent it has become a synonym for Richter, the False Hero and False Prince. As a result the color green itself became disgusting for the people of his country and knights have completely stopped using the color. Richter keeps his chest and with that the Life Scar revealed at all times. It's not a way to reveal who he is, or to scar people away, he simply feels like he has to do it. Richter claims that the Scar has "to breath" and covering it with anything would just cause problems. It was shown a few times that is not a statement to be taken literally and Richter has worn clothes over the Life Scar a few times, but he always felt uncomfortable and he was nervous and as such he dropped the idea of wearing anything over it.

By now he got used to it, and the Life Scar being exposed in a natural state for him and feels completely comfortable in that state. Even when he was still a legit prince in his world, Richter disliked dressing extraordinary or even changing clothes very often. As such he stuck with his armor and clothes he wore under it, both in life and battle. After more than fifty years of that routine Richter stopped taking the armor off at all, the only exceptions being when he had to clean the armor, his clothes or himself. He even sleeps in it and takes very good care of it, being one of the few possessions he still has and which he holds onto. Because of his enormous strength and durability the armor acts more as a fashion accessory than actual protection. It consists of a pair of gauntlets and boost with plates for his shoulders and knees. The armor is very simple, mostly gray on color with cream white details worked into it, the details being crosses. The most valuable part of the armor are the deep purple sapphires that are attached to it.

Beneath the armor Richter wears dark blue, nearly black, pants and a simple shirt of the same color. The shirt lacks buttons as Richter completely stopped closing it, because he has the need to keep the Life Scar revealed at all times. The shirt and pants also have pink outlines around the edges and also pint various patterns over the clothes.

Besides those two pieces of clothing Richter also has a belt matching his armor in desing as wall as short dark blue cape which is attached to his shoulder plates.

He also has a small wooden flute hidden inside one of the shoulder plates and he is never seen without Kindralth either strapped to his back or in his hand.

Powers and Abilities

Being the son of a powerful human king who's bloodline accumulated various blessing through history to the point of reaching divinity and a Forest Spirit, Richter was born with capabilities beyond any human being. They were further enchanted during his upbringing as he was trained by only the best of the best. His body was given incredible strength and resistance. His speed was unmatched in the whole kingdom and no knight could stand up to him in a duel. Besides the training and natural talent, the war also provided him with a lot of experience and he he's in fact a brilliant strategist and general.

The most evident effect of being half a Nature Spirit is the fact that his body doesn't age. As soon as he reached the prime of his life time stopped flowing for him. He also has no need to eat or drink, though he still does it as he can still taste the food and can feel the relief from drinking cold water on a hot day. His body is completely free of disease and he's immune to poison. In fact, his own blood holds a mix of different poisons that are lethal in various ways. Richter also has great physical strength, being capable of using his sword with only one hand. When paired up with his speed, the strength can produce enormous striking power and he's capable of causing earthquakes just by stomping the ground. Arrows would break and blades bend whenever they clashed with Richter's body and it were only the most prestigious demonic and holy swords of the country that could even leave a mark on his skin. Agility and speed are also at their height. Already as a teenage he could draw his sword and disarm all knights present in the room without anyone noticing he even drew his sword or moved. Later on a usual method of training for him became dodging lightning though that also became ineffective very fast. His eyes are on par with the eyes of an eagle and his sense of hearing and smell can compete with those of wolves. He has natural knowledge of every plant that can be found in the forest and beyond and his skills would allow him to live as a herbalist or alchemist. Richter can also sense disturbances in nature and feel changes in the weather before they happen. His body and abilities also become more powerful the more time he spends away from civilization and the more detached from society he becomes. His strength also linearly grows with his age.

His skills with the sword are also to be admired. He was taught by the best knights of the kingdom and he has sucked up all the knowledge they offered him. He learnt all the tricks and styles popular and know in his kingdom and he has also developed his own style independent of what he learned from others and he managed to get it to perfection. Despite the fact that his movement in combat looks as savage as his personality, every move in fact is executed with calculated precision and concentration. He's also very skilled at analyzing the styles and movement of others and he can even learn their techniques by just looking at them or experiencing them once and they often say that he's so good that he "understand them better than the user himself".

Besides the physical capabilities Richter has also shown that he has a very sharp mind and in critical situation of the war where everyone else panicked he would keep a cool mind and come up with a solution. He managed to win countless battles which seemed to go into the enemy's favor and where his troops were desperate and he done so without even appearing on the battlefield himself. The kingdom also praised him for being able to be the general for more than one battle and in fact he done so for three sieges happening at the same time. Besides the large scale application of strategy Richter has shown the ability to quickly adapt to situations in the middle of a fight with a single opponent or a group of enemies and also to come up with tactics and counters on the fly.

Command over Nature

Because of the blessings from his father's side and the extraordinary power of his mother, Richer's powers as a nature spirit are well above the powers of natural spirits of the same kind. As such he has all kinds of plants at his command as well as the aspect of Nature itself. He can manipulate their growth, appearance, characteristics and size. He can even make the grow out of nowhere and he's even capable of creating an entire forest in the middle of a desert or a city with just a wave of his hand. The plants he creates or commands are directly proportional to his own strength and enchanted which means that they are more durable than the materials known to men. They are also very resistant and can survive in extreme conditions. Further more those plants act as an extension of Richter's being and he can sense enemies through them and he can locate anything that's close to them. The plants can act on their own as well and they will defend Richter even if he himself isn't aware of it. They don't obey him so much because of power but rather just because who he is. And for him that presents no strain or challenge either. It takes no amount of training or skill and it's a natural process to him. For Richter it's also incredibly difficult to explain how it work, and he often compares it to teaching someone to breath, an impossible task. It's something he knew since the moment he was born and even as a baby he used to play around with the various plants and flowers in his room.

Another aspect these things have an effect on are animals. Richter can't directly control them but they are not very likely to attack him unless he provokes them. They often don't notice his presence and don't even seem to consider him to be a human. He can freely approach a bear and hug him without any worries. The bear or any other animal for that matter don't even react to action with no hostile intention to them and let Richter do whatever he wants. The only exception to the rule of no communication with animals seem to be birds and Richter can freely speak with them and often uses them as either scouts or companions. Curiously, while his scout and combat allies mostly are birds of prey such as Hawks and Eagles, as companions on his journeys he exclusively uses Robins.

His powers over plants have various applications inside and outside of combat. Richter uses the both to attack and defend but also to reach high points and to move around or to scan an area. Most common techniques including creating trees of various size to use as either weapon or shield and vines to bind, whip or cut. But Richter also possesses many unique and special techniques that are usually based around one specific plant.


The most basic of Richter's abilities is to create trees of various sizes. Oaks, Maples, Yews, Pines any kind of tree existing on the planet. They are extremely durable and Richter often uses them as shields. When it comes to attacking the trees have two main functions. First is using extremely large and thick branches or the tree trunk itself to crush enemies. The other variation is to use thin branches who's tips were shaped into spikes. The two versions both move at incredible speeds and can expand endlessly in theory. As Richter controls their growth, way of growth, path and characteristics they can make very agile turns and have great flexibility despite being solid.

Richter can also make use of most evergreen trees to unleash deadly hails of needless and to cover a large area quickly.


The second most basic ability in his possession, Richter can make vines grown out of the ground at rapid speeds for different uses. They vary in their flexibility and thickness but mostly serve the same purpose, to warp themselves around enemies. Richer can create them both with and without thorns and can use them in many different ways. They can immobilize enemies or bind them to the ground. They can be used as whips and effectively cut targets like a blade as they swing down at extreme speeds. They can grab limbs and throw people around like rag-dolls and even rip them apart.

By placing many vines on the ground in a spiderweb like patter Richter can also create traps and limit the movement of his enemies.


The most basic application of roses is to throw them as projectiles. Despite their fragile and pretty looks, they cut through armor like a hot knife through butter and a dozen of these can reduce any castle wall to nothing. Once a rose hits a target it buries itself deep into the flesh, so that only the flower itself can be seen. Inside the body the thorns expand forming hooks and cutting deep into the muscles. They constantly deal great amounts of pain. The thorn hooks constantly move and thug at the person's flesh, slowly reducing their ability to move and destroying muscles at the same time. That tugging motion also amplifies the blood flow and a grown man can bleed out because of a single rose in a matter of minutes. Any try to remove the rose form the wound only makes the effect more intense and if ripped out the rose takes most of the flesh around the wound with it, exposing the white bone beneath it.

The other and much more powerful use of the roses is the creation of an entire rose garden around Richter and his enemy. They are circled in by bushes of roses and thorny wines with roses growing out of them cover the sky above them. Inside the garden there a constant shower of rose petals. They seem harmless and nothing more than a display of elegance and beauty, but make no mistake, they are capable of cutting through stone and steel alike just by softly falling onto it. Richter has the thorny vines at his control and uses them to force the enemies to move and dodge so that they slice themselves up in the process. He can also freely create streams of the deadly petals to use as a direct attack.

Despite the sadism and brutality behind this techniques Richter doesn't mind using it and he often calls it a "Beautiful Death" for his enemies.


A plant Richter always knew of but he saw it the first time when he spent a year as a student in a city of the eastern part of the continent Algilia. The Lotus has two main functions, one used mostly used outside of combat and the other one being a defensive battle move. If Richter holds one of the Lotuses he created or lets it float on any kind of liquid he's capable of freely walking on that liquid as if it was solid. Like his other plants the Lotus is extremely resistant and Richter can even use it to walk over a volcano by letting the Lotus float on the lava.

The second ability of the Lotus is used in combat most of the time. It starts of by Richter stretching his arm out right in front of himself. Then a giant Lotus grows out of his palm, completely hiding and covering his whole body. It acts as a shield and negates attacks that hit it. It's Richter's most powerful defensive technique and he normally uses it against projectiles only. The extension of this ability is to reflect attacks. If it's used the petals of the Lotus fall off and the attack aimed at Richter returns to the enemy. If the reflect is used the ability ends after it and as such is not very safe to be used against a rain of many projectiles or a constant attack like a rapid never ending beam.

Desert Rose

A beautiful golden flower which can only be found in the deserts of Richter's world. Though it is not an actual rose and is in fact from a completely different family of plants, it's beauty and unusual location have earned it the name. The flower survives the harsh desert by absorbing even the tiniest amount of water nearby. It is rumored that rain can't even hit the ground around the flower as it is absorbed before it has the chance to do so. Richter uses the flower as a thrown projectile, with it's natural ability amplified it drains a target completely of water, reducing them to a dry corpse which turns to dust shorty after.

Life Scar

A proof of Richter's powers and status as a extremely rare and powerful Nature Spirit is the scar on his chest. It was called the Life Scar and he was born with it. When he was a baby it was like a small cut, barely noticeable, but as he grew older the scar expanded over his chest as if he was growing with him. When he was ten years old the scar started giving off a faint green light, mirroring the emerald color of his eyes. By the time he reached his prime the scar consumed the middle part of his chest, crawled up his neck and stopped in the middle of his cheek. It's glow also became much more intense and is constantly present.

The scar constantly absorbs the life of all living beings close to Richter. It only takes small amounts so their lifespan gets reduced by seconds at most. It stores all of the life energy and offers it to Richter. He can use it to heal any wound on his body or he can transfer the life stored in it to heal someone else. He can even bring back the dead as long as their body is still warm. The Life Scar presents his power over Life itself and it's what sets him apart from other Nature Spirits. It's not only used for healing wounds but it can also cure illness or reverse harmful effects. It does not simply "heal" or "cure" but it returns the person to their natural state regardless of their current condition. Through great use of this ability Richter can also make people younger though it's very unlikely that he does so and he has never done it before. Being the personification of life itself Richter can use the ability to create living beings. This includes only one example besides his plants, birds. By taking a clump of clay and breathing life into it Richter can create many different kinds of birds which obey his every command. He often uses it to create some companions for himself on his long journeys.

The Life Scar works even when Richter is not aware of it and it will protect and heal him even if he himself doesn't know that he's in danger.


The sword that was passed down generations in Richter's family. It's the sword that was wielded by the kings of his nation only, but an exception was made for Richter as he was considered to be chosen to lead his people to an age of prosperity and peace. The sword itself is made out of an unknown material and has an absurd length of over two meters, making it taller then Richter himself. The sword weights over ten tones alone without it's sheath and was not made for normal human to handle. The kings of the past used special gauntlets while wielding the sword. The gauntlets were magical and they reduced the weight of the sword only for the one who wore the gloves, making it possible for the sword to be used in combat. But Richter refused to use such items as his strength allows him to freely use the sword with one hand as if it was a toothpick.

Kindralth is also famous for it's durability. In the history of over a millennium long the sword never broke nor did it even sustain any damage. Once it was sent to the core of the earth and was retrieved from there with no marks on it. It's blade never grows dull or loses on sharpness and it would be devastating if it did as not tool in existence can sharpen that edge. Just like it's durability, it's cutting power is also beyond the realms of logic and possibility and there never was a shield or material that could resist it's edge.

The name of the sword, Kindralth, is what reveals it's ability. It's an old word used by the people of Richter's country meaning "Consumption". The sword can "eat" away at matter and feed on it. That allows it to increase it's weight with no limit to it. When the ability is released it regains it's usual mass. This technique had only one application through history. Even with the magic gauntlets most kings could barely control the sword so increasing it's mass even more was out of question when practical use was concerned. To make use of it the kings raised the sword above their head and then instantly increased the size, the weight pulling the blade down and crushing the enemies in front of them. It's ironic that the sword's attribute of consumption is in a contrast with Richter's own ability to create life.

Richter is the first one to make any real use of the sword's ability and he can still wield it with one hand casually even after increasing the mass dozens of times. Once he reaches his limit Richter becomes "serious" and starts using the sword with both of his hands.

Kindralth's sharpness also scales with it's weight, allowing Richter to adjust the power he needs with each swing.


Before the Vice

Richter's birth itself could be considered a miracle. That isn't only because of the strange circumstances under which it happened, but also because of an old prophecy. For centuries it hung in the main hall, telling the people of his country about a prince that will be born from nature itself and who will lead them to victory over their enemies and ensure a new age of prosperity. And though his life does not exactly follow it and the entire text is very vague, no one even doubt Richter being the child that is supposed to fill that position. Richter was born to be the only child of the King of Villyria. His mother, according to the king himself as well as various other court attendants was none other than a Nature Spirit who visited the king one night. Even if one didn't know about the prophecy that face alone was enough to make one wonder. The reasons are countless. Nature Spirits don't interact with humans, the accounts which tell about the encounters between humans and Nature Spirits are nothing more than a handful of text, many of them considered fables. And even rare contacts like those were possible, it is widely believe that humans and Nature Spirits could never enter an intimate relationship. While crossbreeds between humans and some mythological beings aren't that uncommon, the so called Halfbloods, Nature Spirits are practically on a different level of existence touching them without special magical artifacts alone is already impossible. But perhaps the most interesting aspect is the birth itself. Nature Spirits do not reproduce in the same way other beings do, in fact they do not reproduce at all, they do not mate even inside their own kind. When a Nature Spirits life ends it becomes a tree, which after a few hundred years becomes a new Nature Spirit. As such their population is mostly in a state of constant stagnation, though it is believed that there is a way in which normal trees can become a Nature Spirit after a long period of time, thus ensuring a slight increase of population. Whatever the case may be, it was very unnatural for a Nature Spirit to actually give birth, to a humanoid of all things. But countless court attendants and nobles witnessed the birth and confirmed that it was indeed a female Nature Spirit that gave birth to Richter and if nothing else, Richter himself and the Life Scar are proof enough that he truly does have Nature Spirit blood in him.

Since early on Richter was under the constant watch of his father and various servants. His Life Scare was examined countless times, by both doctors and mages alike. That was done so because it was never mentioned in the prophecy and was unknown to them. As soon as he was capable of understanding the world around him Richter's training began, he was to be molded into the perfect prince and a good ruler and leader to the people. He was educated by the smartest people of the land and beyond, the boy seemed to learn exceptionally quickly which amazed even his father. Politics were also part of his everyday life, he was quickly made familiar with Villyria's relationships with all the other countries. Richter didn't only study science, Mages were his teachers as well. But despite the fact that he was very talented, especially when it came to dealing with herbs, he was to learn those things only for the knowledge, and not for actual practical use. After all, the prince of the country could not possibly be a Mage, there was indeed only one position and only one weapon for him. The best knights known to the country came to train him. Not only in the ways of combat, but strategy and the code of knighthood. Though like before he was a genius when it came to learning, he was seemingly little interested in it, learning only because he had to. Because of that and his unusual habit of escaping the castle and city limits away into the forest, Ricther was often locked up in his room. Spending his time with reading and playing random and unsatisfying games with his personal servant.

After his primary education was over Richter was sent to many other countries. He studied their culture and learnt about the things that could be found there as well as the crucial differences in belief and technology they were using. He spends a few years travelling like that, studying and learning the various languages of each country. When he reached his prime he stopped aging, and was also ready to serve his country. That is also the time when he received Kindralth. Richter was supposed to bring them victory over their number one enemy, a country right next to Villyria called Bealis. Though it seemed like a pointless deed to Richter. Roland Albion, the prince of Bealis was said to be equal to Richter in strength and truly neither of the countries was brave enough to do a full out attack fearing that they might lose their ace. As such the war dragged and stagnated. They'd take a fortification one day, only to lose it tomorrow. After some 160 years of constant back and forth Richter became fed up with it. He wanted a way out. Unlike most other people of his country he did not have some kind of hate towards Bealis, in fact he couldn't even get himself to care. It was all just a hassle for him. But he didn't simply want to leave the country, it would only make it more troublesome for him to lead a normal life, he wanted to disappear from the face of the world. Luckily for him one of his closest friends was none other than the Head Court Mage. A rather young fellow by the name Frantz. After begging him for days he finally agreed that he'd show Richter a way out. They met at midnight and a portal was opened for him. He did not know where it would take him and neither did Frantz.

That night Richter disappeared from his castle, his country and his world.


History of RPs

1. Spoilin' fer a Fight - Richter just arrived in the Vice World and is soon dragged into a conflict between Naoto and Slayer.

2. Spoilin' fer a Fight (II) - Richter, Naoto and Slayer start their journey to the west, the first stop being china.

3. Spoilin' fer a Fight (III) - The swordsman trio continues their journey through Siberia. Richter gets a rather unwelcome visitor and the three have a close encounter with some Trolls.


Richter uses both calm tones and middle age bard music, themes that inspire solitude and hermitism as well as rock songs and pretty much anything that has guitar rifts in it, displaying his wilder side.

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I'm keeping to the tradition of having a male sword wielding character on my fehafare acc. This is my third and i think final one as i have corrected all the mistakes from Frantz and Ven.

The powers section is not done yet and i'll probably add a lot of stuff soon, but i've got some work now so that has to wait.

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AWESOME LOOK! I'll try to read through all of the bio when I have time

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@Fehafare: Wolfenstein, huh?

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Thanks, i like the look very much myself.

@ChronoWolf: Yeah... what?

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@Fehafare: Nothing.

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@Fehafare: Really like the look, and the nature powers. I look forward to more.

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@Fehafare: I saw that pic allow ago and I thought about his character design for the re-do of another old character of mine (LilRox). But I decided to just wait til my RPC for this account was finished. And actually I like what you have down with this character, all I was going to do was have him have the ability of gravity. Well it wouldn't really be an much of an ability cause it would have have been more like a passive ability. An ability that can't be turned on & off. The gravity wouldn't have any effect on himself (No shit, right? xD) but it would effect everyone else around him. But all in all, I love what you have done with him and I would love to know what anime he is from as well as his name. Cause when I found him I found him completely by accident. xDD

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@Sonata: Thanks, i'll see to it that i work on it today and you go work on Izzy.

@AntiRoX: Lol would still be better than my original idea which was pretty much a copy of the original character. Though quickly gave up on that and then i tried to make a nice powerset and this came out of it. Anyway his name in the original work is Siegfried. He's a character from the latest work in the Fate series, Fate/Apocrypha (think you heard of stuff like Fate/Zero or Fate/Stay Night). He comes from a german folks saga called Nibelungenlied and he's most notably known for killing a dragon and taking a bath in his blood, gaining an invincible body except for a single spot on the back because a leaf fell there during his bath.

Novel sadly isn't translated yet but it's in progress.

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@Fehafare: Nice that is pretty good. It's worth reading Law of Ueki if you want some inspiration, that guy turned trash into trees for great damage.

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@Fehafare: Bad ASS! Just the look around sold me

nice choice of powers it something that is not done often I would suggest you take that and make it your own. Really be the stand out guy with that unique set of abilities for example when i first started electrical powers weren't really common so I gave Crow those powers and have really made it my own.

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@Absolute_Justice: Thanks. And yeah i noticed, i think most people (including me) are turned off by nature powers because you imagine them with some pacifist hippy tree-huger or a chick like Poison Ivy and never a badass knight in armor. Which is exactly why i went for it, that and the fact that plants can be used for so many brutal slaughtering ways that it's irrelevant that they are just plants and honestly i like it even without that as i like the idea of the lone wile nature hero who meditates in a forest (god bless Albafica of Pisces who has opened my eyes on that matter, probably the manliest and most badass bishounen who has walked the earth).

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@Fehafare: That sounds amazing. I'll look forward to the day that it gets translated to english.(:

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@AntiRoX: Lol, it's a Nasu Novel so except translations in 2019.

@SamJaz: Pretty sure i already have LoU on my to read list... it's just that i have many, many, many manga on my to read list so it's probably gonna have to wait.

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@Fehafare: I'm going to be so old by then. ;n;

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@AntiRoX: Was more like a joke, but yeah Type Moon stuff sometimes takes years to translate.

Anyway done with powers for now. I'll probably make an update or two, make some slight changes or add details but nothing completely new. I still got many plants to add but they can wait, this is good for now.

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@Fehafare: Yea, I figured as much. Lol. I was smewhat kidding to. 2019, I'll be approximately 28 years old. o-o

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