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(This blog is used to bring Prime Vine Feral Nova over to the Vice Universe in response to Sha's post in her bio blog. The bio is already up in the blog of this profile, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.)

Sha of Infinite Forever's stood in the center of her summoning room, balls of light floating around her with different images of a woman known as ‘Feral Nova’ from the Prime Vine Universe, each light showing different points of the hero’s life. Stephanie had grown so much as a person and hero over the years, it wasn’t a debate of bringing her over to the Vice Universe, but which version of herself to bring over. She would need version of Stephanie strong, stable and… as mature as she could be, to help Ziccarra in the Vice Universe.

“Ugh, post Secret War, we’ll skip that.” The cobalt beauty waved her hand at one of the bubbles around her as it faded away. “Hhmm… KOV Feral Nova?” Watching the bubble it showed the young fire goddess battling against Rated R Superstar. “No… she got too cocky during that.” Her eyes then landed on the more recent Stephanie, a blond Ninjan, in fact… the Ninjan Queen. “Nope! Don’t feel like trying to explain that to Ziccarra.” another event appeared before her, when Ziccarra brought over the Ninjan’s in the All out Assault “Hmm..” her fingers reached out for the bubble, showing Stephanie pushing forward and fighting off hundreds of Ninjan’s that swarmed the coast of California. “Now that… THAT I like, the drive, the determination, the power…” she threw her arms outwards to the other shears of light that then vanished, leaving the single bubble before her, reaching her right hand into it, it began to glow a bright blue hue. “Come on Stephanie… Sha needs you.”

All Out Assault RP- Coast of California

The hero's attack hit right on its mark, slamming into the Ninjan's chest, and Stephanie couldn’t help but let loose a cheesy grin. She watched as the Ninjan Knight fell to the ground, but she knew this fight was far from over. Then, a voice came back into her ear through her com-link.

‘Stephanie, we need you in Washington DC.’ General Bartholomew was heard yet again.

“I’m a LITTLE busy General.” Stephanie spoke with annoyance. Sheesh, what the hell man, couldn’t he call someone else… like… anyone but her?

“Final Arrow is in Washington DC, we need you over there and take him out.”

“Oh yeah, sure, let me just fly over to Washington DC and pick a fight with the GOD OF HELL!” She sarcastically laughed, rolling her eyes, he had to be joking right now.

‘You can take him Stephanie, you just need a little extra push in power…’

Stephanie’s emerald eyes looked over at Ziccarra, who was already getting back onto her feet. “Well I don’t have that ‘extra push’ or time.” She stood getting ready for an attack that was about to be unleashed as a green beast like creature came to her, relieving itself to be her teammate Wvryn. Nodding to the fellow WALlie they turned their attention to the powerful Ninjan.

‘Yes you do, you need to trust me-"

“General I don’t have time for this, over and out.” She cut him off, flipping off her communicator as she turned her attention back to Ziccarra who was already unleashing her next attack.

A green energy blast pushed through the small-framed Ninjan, and Stephanie’s eyes widen. She could feel the deathly effects of the blast as soon as it left the Z’s hands. Things were about to go all Ruin City allllll over again, but this time, Stephanie could stop it.

“MOVE!” Stephanie yelled out, rushing towards the blast, shoving Lady Loveless out of the way, throwing her arms out, but then things began to almost move in slow motion, her body was beginning to give off a soft cobalt glow just seconds before vanishing from the battle field.

World Terminus

In a blinding flash of light she appeared on the tile floor, the room she was in was dim as the star tile floor gave off a soft glow. The 'ceiling' above her seemed to be almost made up of stars, soft glow around the seemingly endless room. "Wha-?" Stephanie was confused, where was she? Who brought her here?

"Welcome Stephanie Ardor, to the World Terminus” Gina walked into Stephanie's view.

Scrambling to her feet she gazed at the beautiful woman, she seemed so familiar .. where had she seen her before? “Wait… I know you!” The hero exclaimed, her eyes wide.

“I’m surprised you remember-“

“Diva Plavalaguna!” The fire goddess nod her head, agreeing with herself. “You have like, the best voice ever! When you were singing and then you hit all those notes all crazy, amazing!”

SOIF stood confused, “Wait… what?” what the hell was Nova talking about?

“Yeah! But like… I thought you got shot and died and stuff.” The brunette rubbed her chin, as if trying to solve a mystery.

“Wait…” She thought for a moment, signing alien, crazy vocal skills, shot? “Stephanie… you do know the Fifth Element was just a movie… right?”

“…oh… right… it was a movie… WAIT!” she clapped her hands together. “I got it! Captain Planets sister!”

She didn't know wither to be insulted or just be horrified that this was the woman who was suppose to help save the Vice Universe with Ziccarra. “Stephanie…” she sighed only to get stopped.

“OH MY GOSH!” It was like a light bulb turned on in her mind. “YOU’RE DRAKEN’S SECOND COUSIN!”

“Draken? What even-?”


“Kim? Wait… did you just call me the second cousin of KIM POSSIBLE’S DRAKEN!?”

“…so is that a no?”

“Stephanie Ardor, I am Sha of Infinite Forever's! We’ve met at LEAST twice! I mean, how many blue women with omnipotent like powers who look this good?” Stephanie opened her mouth to speak but stopped as SOIF lifted her hand up. “Just… don’t answer that question.”

“So… you’re NOT an overgrown smurf either..?”

A vein began to bulge from SOIF’s forehead as she balled her hands up into fists, filled with frustration. “You know what, I’m just going to ignore everything that was just said, and let’s start off new, ok?” clearing her throat she began. "I brought you here, because Sha, from a different point in time and universe, needs your help. She specifically asked me to bring you to this universe as well, along with another hero"

The WALlie stayed quiet, this what this was all about? This was why she was pulled out of her own war? The experienced hero arms crossed along her chest as she stood looking towards SOIF. "Sha?" she scoffed. "She's at war with the planet Earth, why the hell would I help her? How do I know this isn't just one of her schemes to try and kill me... again?" She was debating with herself, she was just brought from her world where Sha was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people... but as of right now... she needed her help. "...Did she really ask for me?" The only times Sha ever asked for Nova's help was when something was too powerful for her to handle, which was rare enough in itself.

"Specifically for you."

The fire goddess nod her head, as if she made up her mind. If Sha was asking for her help, then it couldn't be the one who was cause war in her world right now. "Ok... where am I going and what's the situation there?"

"Recently, on an alternate world, an artifact so powerful crash landed on Earth; the item known as the Eye of Horus is one of the most dangerous items outside it’s universe, it has the power to reanimate the dead, super-charge the super and destroy whole countries, all the while draining the life from its host planet. The stone will do nothing but continue to destroy this universe as it is indestructible; I called Ziccarra to go to that universe to stop it, and she agreed to it as long as you and another person from your Universe assisted."

"So wait... in this Universe, is there already a... ME there?" She asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"There IS a Feral Nova in that Universe, but she is NOT you. While you both have some similar history, you are both two different individuals... with very similar likes, dislikes and personality... but your both different people."

"I wonder if she plays Uno..."

"Stephanie, stay focused" she snapped her finger, grasping the heroes attention. "any questions?"

Stephanie smiled. "Yeah, when do I leave?"

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LMFAO!!! I loved it, Steph seems like the type of person that would annoy an omnipotent being.

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@Jlynnana said:

LMFAO!!! I loved it, Steph seems like the type of person that would annoy an omnipotent being.

I like to think of Stephanie being a type of person who can annoy anyone or thing at any given time xD

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@Stephanie Ardor: LMFAO, truuuuue lol

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@Stephanie Ardor: This is great lol, Nice work.

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