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Retrias Ferrus Umbra (Real Flag Name Retrias Viros Nix)/Public Name: Retrias Voltlaire

Alias: He The Iron God, IronSmith, Young Voltlaire,

Gender: Male"

Height: 180

Weight : Unmeasurable, all measuring equipment gives various result

Age: 20 could pass anywhere between 17-22

Eye color: Red

Hair Color: White

Personality and appearance

Retrias is a shy person, not speaking unless when spoken, and even then it’s only in small sentences. His face however have a natural scowling look that even when he is smiling it would look as if he is giving off a slasher smile, he however have a slight build that belies his strength or physical capability. He is of good mental health (excepting his shyness) and of average intelligence


The young Voltlaire

Retrias parents raised him in his childhood; they were rather famous in the small town they are living in, due to them being helpful and kind despite coming from nobility. Retrias soon displayed an ability to take over metal object where the metal objects were then turned black, and seemingly under Retrias control. Even after showing an abnormal ability majority of the towns people didn’t care about it, for the family have been good to them and Retrias have never cause them trouble

Until he was ten year old, a Cult came burning the village after they refuse to hand in Retrias, some of the cult member displayed a similar ability to Retrias although fairly different in nature. Retrias were taken after being forced to witness his parent killed in gruesome way. Retrias was raised in the cult conclave, there he learned various martial art as a required education, while being educated in the usage of his power. In his time he grew close to some of the cult members , the most of them he looked up   as they are knightly in doing and appearance, they told him of stories of chivalry

Soon an internal conflict begin to raise all over the cult, fearing for the war some members decided to take some of the children in to hiding, Retrias at that time being 13 decided to slip in, The group of children numbered in 15 and were hidden in an abandoned mansion, they were left food for the week, as the cult member promised to come back. But they didn’t , the children waited for them to come back , not daring to come out of mansion, they ate just fine until the 5thday, were some of them disappearing one by one. Strangely those that disappear have been in conflict with Retrias or have hurt some of the kid he cared about , the children were starving, scrounging up food, until one day there were no more food, and there were five children including Retrias left. Until either fate or coincidence happen, a huge elderly man opened the door, he is wearing a business suit, he hurried forward striding forward before hugging Retrias . On closer inspection they have the same eye color and hair. This man is Retrias Grandfather, he quickly told the servants he brought to prepare the children bath and a feast for his lost grandson was found. That day the children slept with full stomach and without a speck of worry of tomorrow

Retrias begin to catch up to education quickly enough. In his school he have faced few problems academically but socially he is known as the “boss” of his school as his delinquent face and silent demeanor made him known throughout the school and combined with his martial art skill seemingly made all of the delinquents eager to give him the title “boss”. His grandfather even supported this saying that a man from his family should LEAD

Unknown to his “underlings” (as the school deliquents termed themselves) he had become involved in a supernatural conspiracy, where murderers from the ancient age such as jack the ripper have came back and possess persons to do their biddings. Retrias fought this as his town seemed plagued by this case

Flagos, the power of worlds

Retrias lived his school life semi peacefully with no problem whatsoever, being a Voltlaire guarantees him the access to most things,and being naive enough not to know that being a delinquent is "bad" , he is rather happy, his future seems cheerful and happy. His friends from his childhood working in the mansion as Retrias personal staff and going to the same school. Until one day a murder case happened, a strange one unlike any other, as the victims corpse seemingly sprout a single flower, a white lily. Retrias seeing this occurrence begin to search for the culprit. He can sense that the corpse is somehow filled with the same "thing" that he have, the flower is emanating it too, His search for information led him to a dark church rumour goes that the church staff committed suicide 4 years ago, and the wall were scratched with words that would seem blasphemous to the church.Everytime there is a restoration to the church it appears to be the same.

Retrias keep walking inside, not fearing the overall church atmoshpere, somehow he felt comfort , like there is no malice inside. He kept walking until he reached the altar, in there lies a young girl, her hair seems deep black although when the light hits it the correct way it turns into dark purple, He recognizes the uniform, the middle school attachment to his school , this girl seems to be coming from a rather well mannered family. Then  a shout from the sides as a man dressed in a leather coat and a gask mask appeared, huffing wildly. In the darkness Retrias can see the eye of the man it look deranged, he carries with him a shovel and a body.... a dead body. "Get AWAY I am the king, there is no way I am handing the priest !!!" the man screams his voice sounds as deranged as he looks. Retrias didn't move, a combination of not wanting to move and can't move, he prepared himself to fight. The man look obviously angry "THE PRISET IS MIEN." his speaking sounds garbled, and he moved faster than what Retrias could expect, a loud noise is heard in the room,a loud bang then the smell of smoke.Retrias blocked the man shovel, the metal decoration in his glove turn black, the shove begin to crack going against the black iron hardness, sparks begin to fly, and suddenly a another explosion, Retrias stood his ground but did get pushed a few bit as the force of explosion caught him unprepared. Then another noise, a smell of smoke again. Retrias knew what to expect, his sense sharpened, his combat instinct flared, the metal decoration becomes larger and surrounds his hand turning into a claw and a gauntlet. Retrias swing and the man dropped three large gashes made by Retrias claw that reaches him marked him. His shovel is now  in three pieces. Retrias dropped his adrenaline leaving him, seeing the man dead shocked him, to him this is his first "kill". He knelled down and opened the man mask, curious on how he look like , he lifted the mask slowly only to turn his face away , holding back his vomit.

The man face..... no flesh, not event then could be called that, were all melted away, the neck obviously looked the same, Retrias expected that it is the whole body . The man face looked as if it is melted slowly using just enough heat to melt the skin and then he could smell traces of something obviously a chemical to keep the skin attached. Retrias knew the man was a flagos of fire , althought he didn't knew what is the material he uses his attacks, he know that the explosion that pushes him is from the sparks of the shovel. All Flagos have to create something from something after all, then he realizes the mans foot ended up in a stump, there were traces of soot in the floor where the man walks. then it dawn on him... "He burned his own leg" the very first one was the mans boot probably, it was most likely covered with flammable material. The rest has to be an equipment of the Flagos, tubes of things probably to propel it forward.It's rather common for Flagos to have equipments that complement their abilities, Retrias glove were liked that too. but to the extent of crippling himself..... to be what did he call it? a "King", and the girl the "priest"?

"Hey do you like children? " a voice coming from behind him, the girl on the altar has woken up, her voice sounded soft and calming. What ? Retrias replies comes quick and unprepared. "My mother told me to not come home before i find money, and when I ask how to find money. She said that I have to find people who like children to get me money" the girl is eerily calm despite the words she said. Maybe the girl doesn't know about the things , yes that should be it. It doesn't make sense, Retrias School is rather prestigious in term of people going in it, they have to have some sort of  take Mizukari for instance, even if her family doesn't have any title they are famous for being a family of "models". This girl have to have something. Err Yes? I like children? He wasn't lying either, he doesn't despise children. "Then.... would you give me money? I want to come home" Retrias stood quit, gritting his teeth, before shaking his head. He then replied I will take you home instead, he grabbed the girls hand. Whatever parents she had must realized they had done something wrong, He is sure of it

With the Girl direction he found the way to her house, the house look normal, for the area she is living in, quite large, maybe a rather abandoned style. He knocked on the door to find it is open, opening the door , the living room light shone brightly. Her Mother and Father welcomed her, her mother was dressing like some women of that trade. The father dressed normally, he looked calmly at Retrias inviting them to sit in. Retrias were given a seat alone, he kept quiet, The father opened the question " So ? how was our daughter did she did as she is told? Truth is no one ever tried that daughter of mine, they keep asking for my son" Retrias held back his anger Why are you doing this? he asked his voice trembling. The Father smiled to Retrias his voice calm and cheery " Isn't it obvious? I mean You must have experienced it sometime right? We are bored of course" calm down stay calm listen to their reason Retrias struggled to keep his calm, metal railings somehow turned black as Retrias held back his anger " So I ask my wife if we want to open a business, you see I would be How do you young people call it? a Pimp? and my wife and children would be the commodity of trade" Retrias begin to shake from anger , he held it back, he didn't heard the full version right? there has to be something better than this. The man continues on and on telling how he first "sold" his wife services to stranger he got from letters and internet, then someone requested his sons and then His wife suggested that her daughter shall roam the night searching for client, "the Girl have to start from low anyway" this does it. It triggered anger in Retrias, welling anger , held back so long, hatred and despise soon overwhelm him "Of course we are planning ...." SHUT IT , the Man look obviously shocked, Retrias normally have a delinquent like face, but when he actually get angry his face is rather intimidating even to veteran fighter. The Father stand back, the table on the living room suddenly crumpled into a ball of black iron, "YOU YOU...." the father never finished that sentence, Retrias have punched him on the jaw , sending him flying upwards the backwards, cracking the wall. The wife tried to call the poilces, but unable to do so. All of the house metal were already turned into black iron. Retrias blows the door on his way out, his other hand dragging the little girl . He asked her Do you like your father and mother ? The Child shooks her head "But To be a good child I need to obey my mom and father, so that when i got to heaven i can make a wish". Retrias shook his head Well then those people are not your parents, they have been abducting you from your real ones. Retrias lied making notes that this is for her own good, You are actually my sister, and our grandpa have been searching for you. Who is your name, "Anne Yav..."  Retrias shut her mouth with his finger, only Anne, our family name is Voltlaire, understand? The girl smiled before hugging Retrias, yes Ret-Nii. Retrias laughed as he began his walk back to his manor , as the sun is now setting down.

Retrias stares his grandpa in the eyes, See Grandpa you have a missing Granddaughter, he smiles as he points to the little girl besides him. His grandfather face faulted, there he goes again his eldest grandson rescuing people, so far he has resuced adults that he have been able to give works and living place, but this child? and to call it his sister. Retrias grandfather tries to look away, but can't seeing the happy face of the young girl, hugging him in the knee. He then gave up grabbing the child hugging her swinging her, for Retrias grandfather a man of great height and musculature this is something easy. before giving sign langguage to Retrias " Last time doing this, please no more "missing relatives" " Retrias just nodded, and the get ready to go to bed, waiting what would tommorow bring



Speed: Retrias can dodge bullet with ease even after it is fired, by making the bullet curve a bit by controlling it's metal component, he can force his body to go faster by turning the iron in his body into Black Iron, this would however have adverse effect, he can easily create sonic booms in this state but can only travel short distance. As it were, he can invent ways to make him move faster

Strength: Retrias have normal lifting weight for a human of his age, but not normal a for a build like his, he ranges in the 300 kg in a normal state, in a forced state of Black Iron he can lift  five times of his normal "strength".

Durability : Unless his core has been fully destroyed(the only known of 2 ways is Flagos to Flagos Combat, the other is overloading it), a Flagos cannot die, they can survive without any other organ and given enough time will survive and regenerate this organs

Intelligence: Retrias is of normal academic standard, socially inept he doesn't know much about social strata and structure, however he displayed uncanny intelligence to use his ability in various ways , not common to many Flagos

Flagos , an explanation

Flagos is the ability to control and transmute to certain type of material, this material can be supernatural or natural in this manner, however the material used as a target for transmutation cannot be far from it's destination, a Flagos can't transform wood into diamond for instance . Flagos in it's nature is very much unknown , it's known that it is not magic, nor a mutation nor a type of ESP nor it has any ties to any cosmic power . as It were Flagos stands alone. The term is used to define both the user and the ability. each Flagos have a core, this core can assimilate other Flagos core, and as such the most efficient way to eliminate a Flagos is by having another Flagos eats it's core , this would enable the eater to actually use the other person Flagos in combination with his. This however is the only way to actually replicate Flagos, as it is gained from before birth, can't be cloned, and somehow have stayed in a certain amount of person, appearing when one or more of the Flagos dies .

The Flagos, doesn't have to actually touch the material if it is close enough, the material can be transmuted as long as it is within the Flagos control range, a control range is usually in direct relation to the generated material density, , the denser the material the shorter the control range would be.Retrias for example have a control range of 3-20m, while a person from the "Air Group" can have up to kms of control range(if for example they are of the not very dense type), however to maximize the range , the material have to be of the same group

the category of Flagos, each Flagos can only have one category even if said person have devoured a Flagos of other category, the devouring person loses their category instead, entering the "amalgam" territory

  1. Metal : Control and transmute Metal
  2. Air/Gas : Control a form of Gas or an element of air itself, usually limited to the gaseous form only
  3. Liquid : Control a form of liquid, limited to real elements in liquig, e.g a liquid steel is  still of the metal domain, not of water
  4. Minerals/Stone : Control a form of stone , can control in it in any shape if it is a stone/minerals besides metal, can't control iron sand for example or losing a bit of control on rocks invaded by other element
  5. Fire : SIngle element/material Flagos, cannot start fire on their own, generally considered as a minor Flagos
  6. Plants : Control Plants, capable of controlling their growth aspects and even inventing new plants, although it have to be of natural form and using natural substance
  7. Light :Control Light, and that is it. tied for the biggest control range with darkness
  8. Darkness: control area not shined by lights, controlling how much darkness and moving it in other places(that already have darkness), tied for biggest control range with darkness
  9. Astral: Controls the "unseen" usually a form of invisible phenomenon, such as telekinesis, however their flagos weaken as their opponent poses disbelieve of their ability, their control range is limited by senses

There are at least 9 "rulers" of a Flagos, the ruler is then divided into category

Black Iron/White Steel (Ruler of Metal), title King

White Mist/Black Fog (Ruler of Gas/Air) title Emperor

Blue Mercury (Ruler of Liquid) Title Monarch

Brown Granite (Ruler of Minerals/Stones) Title Sultan

Crimson Flare(Ruler of Fire) Title Kaiser

Green Leaf (Ruler of Plant) Title Chieftain

Light Priest (Ruler of Light) Title Priest

Dark Priest (ruler of Darkrness) Title Priest

Clear Astral (Ruler of Astral) Title Duke/Seer (depending on Gender and type of power)

Retrias knows all of the king names and faces except of Clear Astral , Blue Mercury, and Dark Priest

Here is how they look like(Retrias is the only king idiotic enough to wear the color of his Flagos), the title also serves as their High Sync name

 White Mistrelationship: Antagonistic, difference in philosophy
 White Mistrelationship: Antagonistic, difference in philosophy

 Green Leafrelationship: same enough philosophy with Retrias, that they actually work together rather than fight
 Green Leafrelationship: same enough philosophy with Retrias, that they actually work together rather than fight

 Light PriestRelationship: neutral, the priests only function to judge a Flagos conflict
 Light PriestRelationship: neutral, the priests only function to judge a Flagos conflict

 Crimson Flarerelationship antagonistic: first flagos king that Retrias fought
 Crimson Flarerelationship antagonistic: first flagos king that Retrias fought

Black Iron

Black Iron is a type of Iron, harder than any substance it has come in contact with for that evocation, and capable of eating through most metal and absorbing it's quality. So far only Retrias have been able to generate Black iron from other type of metal. It is however impossible to produce it in substantial quality and degree without having Retrias unique core. Retrias can manipulate this substance , changing it's properties. This enables him to gain access to superhuman feats such as lifting cars and throwing them, changing it's weight to a liftable one, attaching a black iron cord underneath , then throwing it, changing the weight back to it's original amount.

Black iron can also be molded into weapons, this weapon have naturally sharp edge, and when the shape is correct can slice most earthly substance with ease, it's non magnetic. Black Iron cannot be modified unless the Flagos wills it

Black Iron King

The 100% synch of the User and it's power, will result in the Flagos substance and the user to be one in nature, this states enhances the natural capability of the user and the material generated through Flagos

Retrias High -Sync is called the Black Iron King, In this state Retrias can create Pure Black Iron from nothing, it's Black Iron become more potent, harder , stronger and even somehow more sharp. This would also envelope Retrias whole body including his innards in Black Iron, the Black Iron King requires Retrias to release all evocation before hand and would last until the Retrias fighting spirit is gone. It's performance also wildly varies , although a minimum of this performance can be expected(increase in physical cpabailiy, the properties of the "normal" black iron). It can somehow be enhanced through a force of will, hinting of Flagos true nature . as It were the Black iron King state eats through substance rather than slashing it, the process is unbelievably fast that it looks like it is slicing through. It would also seems to be able to have a will on it's own generating protective measure to protect it's user

He leaves a trail of floating black substance when he moved during this mode, as a result of Black Iron emission he generated, this trail would look like a very long scarf when he is standing still, the trail would however only floats when he moved

Attacks acessible in Black Iron King mode or in some cases normal mode

Black Iron Cannon : a cannon is formed made from Black Iron, the Cannon would then function like Railgun, but not with electricity but by using Retrias Flagos control, the projectile for the cannon has all of the Black Iron original property, capable of mass destruction

Black Iron Squire: an Independent mass of Black iron is formed, these would float and assist Retrias, much like a remote drone

Black Iron Breath:  an attack coming form Retrias mouth, proofing that the Black iron is indeed also covering his innards, it acts like a water jet cutter, spraying liquid form of the Black Iron

Black Iron Breaker: Piston hammer made of Black Iron

Black Iron Cutter: Chainsaw blades/Chain blades, also used as a grappling hook of some sort


The Voltlaire Family Crest is in form of a sword rifle from the musket era, Flagos user prefer to use to an old styled weapon, as their power sometime interfere with workings of more complex weaponry used in nowadays(for example a Metal Flagos might find that their semi auto gun won't fire, but can actually use a revolved just fine), however some have actually gained more lethal application of their power with the old style weaponry. Retrias were taught the form of combat of using the Voltlaire crest after his grandfather confirmed his father death.

The Victoria is combination between a musket rifle and a sword, however it completely eliminated the need of loading the musket from the top, as it load from the bottom of the barrel, it uses special bullet that have a recess in the bottom to actually make it able to be guided using the blade, as it were only by using the sheath it is capable of shooting more than it's barrel length, the weapon after passed on to Retrias reacted to his Black Iron Flagos, as it is turned out to be 100% Flagos Compatible, the bullet is instantly generated inside the barrel as it is made by the only material capable of generating Black Iron besides a proper Flagos core, White Steel. The White Steel is a passive Flagos, which mean it can generate  Flagos of the same category (metal) as long as it is held by Flagos of metal(if for example a Bronze Flagos held a white steel it would then generate Bronze, there is no effect if a Lily Flagos held it). However White Steel would only generate lumps of the Flagos Material, however as Flagos control the shape of their material , this is not a problem.

Retrias is at least an expert of using the weapon, it is inferred that each king have their own weaponry, as far as it goes only Victoria of White Steel(Metal), and Hortus of Lush Soil(Plant) is confirmed.

Retrias is able to drive a strange form of a bike.Code Named : Dullahan, the bike is capable of accelerating to great speed, as it were the bike always fail before reaching it's maximum speed as the material holding it together can't handle the stress and taking off the riders head in the process earning it's nickname. However In Retrias hand the Dullahan material is transformed into "Black iron" enabling it to reach the full potential, the bike can also carry racks of material for Retrias to use, or can even be turned into material then automatically turned back to it's form

The Bike unknown to most person in the world, is the failed competitor for the Hs(file deleted unable to find any source) series bike made by Ac(file deleted), the main point of failure is that there is no suit to complement the bike function nor does it have any sort of helping to enable learning of the bike operation. The bike however have a certain degree of supernatural ability to it in Retrias hand although it is unknown whether this is Flagos or the Bike own capability, the Bike can ride into a 90 degree slope no matter at what speed, Match the speed of a fighter jet without exerting itself or somehow turn 180 degree without moving at all. It is also durable enough to withstand severe blows. As It were the Bike doesn't give any rat ass to law of psyhics such as aerodynamic principle

Previous Black Iron King
Eaph Navir
Eaph was the first Black Iron user, at least the one that is recorded, Eaph was born a commoner in an old settlement, his power awakens when the village were attacked by another settlement and they killed his granddaughter, Eaph never reached the stage of high Sync, as he died before reaching them. He died as the chieftain of the region at the very old age of 1500 (Deteriorating flagos core) . His ability is very limited to controlling metal he comes in direct touch too
Li fen yi
Li was not the second Black Iron King, but there is no denying that Li is freakishly famous in the flagos community, confirmed as the first king to have reach high sync and invented the concept of "Musou", the one without equal. He believed that by fighting his land would be stronger and therefore more prosperous, Li was killed in his 70 when he was ambushed by thousands of low level Flagos. Legend have said that weren't for his concern of the village Li would have continued living. His High Sync is the "Phoenix of Black Iron King" where he forms an armor and heat the armor into unbelievable heat, while keeping the inside cool, the heat emitted is capable of burning soldiers in 300 m radius from him
Lundt Voltlaire

The title Black Iron King never have been so appropriate , Lundt Voltaire lived in the early age of the crusade birthed in a small nobility, considered as a heretic by his peer, as he fight not for God but for what they perceive as personal glory, there is however no denying that he is of great success in battle largely due to his martial art and heretical/god given power. Only the king respected the knight, he died saving the queen from a coup. Lundt died standing in front of the castle gate, only when the war and coup is over did his body finally fall over, and when his helm is opened, his face is still fresh with a smile . A peaceful and calm smile
Hayao Kamigane (After marriage Hayao Voltlaire)
Hayao is the Black iron King that was birthed after a long period where there is no Flagos birthed, his story went down differently to each country. Hayao was born in japan, but decided to go to america to search of employment , he carries with him his idealistic believes of being a hero, then the war happened(WW2, the equivalent of to the country) . Retrias who have married a foreigner and joined her  family quickly joined the army, he is lucky in the regard of having a supporting team and commanding officer, he enlisted in a multinationalistic immigrant team, full of people that is supposed to be on the other side. The team had other uniqueness however in that all of them is a Flagos King. Due to their effort the allies manage to win the war, background occult war that goes unknown. Hayao died when defending the city where his wife family is from a barrage of "Izanami's Spear" even while injured , due to his effort the town is saved and the war is won, he was given a grave in the Voltlaire family grave , for embodying their heart of steel even though being a foreigner

The power vacuum  then lasted until Retrias is born
Outside Records (recovered from several disposed data)
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