Ren Fae

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Name: Ren Fae

Age: 15 years old

Height: 5ft. 3in.

Weight: 109lbs.

Hair color: Black

Eye color: dark hazel

Personality: She is a kind hearted person with a shy kind of attitude and very family oriented


It all started with one small girl. A small girl stranded alone after her endangered parents left her alone by herself to die in an abandoned house. The small girl's parents had a hit on their heads for 10 grand, knowing that if they kept there beloved daughter she would surely die in the hands of an assassin. Her name was Ren, it was 7 years ago that her parents had left her in the old dusty house. As Ren was hiding, she suddenly was lifted by a tall dark figure out from underneath the table in which she was hiding. As the tall figure carried her through the darkness the sleepy girl came to a realization that the figure was a man. He was strong, but gentle with Ren. She doused off soon after he left the house. The next morning Ren woke up on a twin size feathered bed drowned with blankets. She could faintly hear women hollering to one and other, she exited her bed to find she was in a mansion, in fact the man that saved he was the richest man in Kiro (the town Ren was born and raised in). 7 years in the future since Ren was taken under the mysterious man's wing. the man's name was Edward Tressay, he was kind to all of his workers, and provided the homeless to be sheltered including Ren. One day as Ren was dusting the trophy shelf she heard a scream, the most blood wrenching scream she had ever heard. She ran up the stairs to find the assassins that were after her parents 7 years ago. they had come for Ren Fae's life.

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