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Five Years in the Future

The decrepit city that had once been the height of human ingenuity. All that was left was the ruins of human civilization. In the center of the city stood a tall building with high powerful walls surrounding the building. All around the building are mobile suits equipped with either large rifles or large beam swords. The clouds were a deep crimson red even with it being the middle of the afternoon. The citizens of this bleak town spend their lives just trying to survive from day to day in this harsh life that they have had to live. The bodies however still pile up anyway so they've been forced to resort to mass graves just to meet the demand. This is the day to day life of the world under B.L.O.O.D rule. The world where freedom is no longer allowed and the worlds greatest warriors have been brought down through the technological supremacy of their weapons. However there are those that still fight....

Underneath the City

Under the city is a city of its own completely different from the one above ground. The people are actually happy and lively and in contrast to the bleak dark above ground this place is well lit and lively. This is do to the cloaking device in the center of the city in the military base. In the military base there was a experiment going on that could either save the future of ruin it even further.

"Just one more adjustment and we should have everything complete," a scientist said as he started to input several different codes into a computer that was connected to a metal circular hole that release electricity every few minutes. He pressed one last button and suddenly a randomization program activated and chose random people from the past to bring them to the future. Suddenly the machine connected to the computer released a bright light and then it exploded. However unbeknownst to the scientist the computer had brought back warriors from the past and sent them to the future.

Current Day

"Hey Risa hows that upgrade to the system coming?" Jason called as he dried his wet hair and looked up at his orange mech in the hidden underground part of the garage that him and Risa ran. He waited for a few minutes and when he got no answer he tossed his towel onto a conveniently placed table. Then he walked over to a elevator that was just a wire with a foot and hand hold. He placed his right foot in the grip and then grabbed onto the hand hold and he shot up to his mech's cockpit. He took a look inside and was instantly hit by a wrench that made him falter for a second," Risa said with a exhausted voice as she pulled herself out and allowed Jason to get in. "Jason climbed in and buckled up and placed his helmet over his head. He looked at the purple haired girl that had just hit him with a wrench. "Next time you want to say that you love me just kiss me or something," he joked and pushed her out of the cockpit and closed it. He then caught Risa before she could even fall a foot. He turned off the external volume sensors before she could start complaining and set her down. He walked the mech to where his beam cannon was held grabbed it and strapped it to his back. He opened up the hatch the hatch, walked out then took off in flight. He flew through the skies pulling off several tricks when he was suddenly engulfed in light and disappeared.

The Future

Jason ended up flying high above a worn down city that looked barren. He did a life scan on the city and detected several normal life signs hidden throughout the city. He detected several that were weak though and about to go out. He was about to do a radar scan when suddenly a laser beam shot off from the side and just barely missed him and collided with a building and he detected two life signs disappearing. He turned towards the source of the beam and detected several mobile suits in bird shapes that were slightly smaller then him flying at him at a quick pace. He activated the scope system in his mech to see the smaller details on them. He looked over the blueprints that he got by scanning them and got a sudden dark look in his eyes when he saw the blood insignia on them. He pulled out both of his beam sabers then rushed at the mechs and started to viciously slice them to pieces even cutting after they were just chunks of metal. "I will destroy you all!" he yelled as he finally stopped from being exhausted from his assault. However before he could even move again he was shot in the back by a beam and was propelled forward till he was able to get off of it. He turned to where the blast came from and saw enough mobile suits that ranged in about a hundred on the ground. "No life forms detected," Jason whispered after he scanned them and downloaded the blueprints. He flew at them and shot bullets and was able to take down half of them before he ran out of ammo. He switched to his blades and his left arm was shot off by a beam cannon. "I- I won't die!" Jason yelled as he rushed at the mechs slicing through them while he was still getting shot by high powered piecing rounds. He lost his right leg then his other arm and he he fell right in front of the last twenty mechs. He passed out andhis last thought before he was lost was that he knew he was going to die when suddenly there was a flash of light that last several minutes and when it faded he was gone and eight mechs were destroyed.

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The Huntsman stalked around the corner, letting the cult member find himself trapped in the dead end. The weeping and begging that followed was as useless the bullets he had run out of already. Moving slowly to not kill them, he reached out to absorb them. However, the moment before his body enveloped the cowering man, the Huntsman was blinded by an all-consuming light and found himself suddenly falling. He slammed into the ground and wheeled around, his half-blind eyes taking in barren streets and odd, stilted machines dashing around firing at something above him. A hole was punched in a building behind him and he attempted to summon his defensive armor, but nothing happened. He wasted no time being confused and attempted to summon his attack armor to reduce this area to dust. Again, nothing happened. He needed time to adapt, but he had none. There was only one way to get it.

He raised his hands in surrender and hoped that these robots understood what surrender was.

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@Justalittlegirl: @Shadowchaos:

Present Day

Dante was playing one of his newest video games. He was enjoying them quite a bit, he and his friend were fighting a boss battle but then suddenly a bright light came out of nowhere. One moment Dante was playing his video game with his friend, the next he was gone.

The Future

A bright light came about in mid air. Dante was thrown out of the light and was in mid air as well. He began falling to the ground, it took him ten seconds to realize that he was falling from the air. He started to concentrate his Telekinesis on himself to stop him from a very harsh crash landing. He succeeded in his plan, he landed on the ground like a feather. He wondered around a deserted city, he was wondering why everything is deserted.

Dante didn´t recognize anything in the city except for the obvious cars and buildings, but he didn´t know where he was. He then heard a couple of metallic footsteps coming from behind. Dante was able to hide himself from these metallic beings. He guessed that they were mechs but he wondered why they were with huge fire arms. He stayed hidden from their view and followed them where ever they went.

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Matt was going for a stroll one day, just minding his own business. He was just a normal guy walking through a normal park, passing random people he didn't know and most likely never will. The sun was shining in the cloudless blue sky, the birds were singing praises to the wonderful weather and a ball of light was consuming... Err, a ball of light was surrounding Matt and before he knew what was going on, there was nothing but empty white space around him where his body felt weightless. He just stood there, not because he wanted to, but because he couldn't move even a muscle.


And the world appeared again, though not in the way Matt had remembered. He was standing in a street, with some people in shining armour- No, robots made of shining metal surrounding him. They were busy with something else it seemed, when suddenly a blond stranger wearing a green suit appeared before them. Usually, in sci-fi novels, people would try communicating with a character that appeared out of nowhere. These guys just pointed their guns and issued an order, "Surrender"

Obviously, when a guy in a giant robot tells you to surrender while pointing a gun at you, that's exactly what you do. That's why Matt did something less expected. A flash of green light engulfed him, not even for a second, and in his place stood another humanoid figure. The mecha pilots didn't have enough time to register what the figure looked like before a flash of red and a sound like thunder filled the area, coming from right above the mechas. There was no damage done to the robots or the surrounding land. And then there was another flash and more thunder, only this time it seemed to be further away.

That would be Matt, with chalk pale skin, a red mask with bat wings on it's ends and wearing an old-looking blue suit, black boots and a black cape, using Crimzon Blitz to sort-of teleport around in the form of red lightning.

He wasn't that far away, standing on top a tall building, trying to collect his wits. He just appeared in a strange city filled with robots, there were some dancing lights in the distance (if the way the mechas reacted to him just a few seconds ago was anything to go by, that was probably a fight going on) and a lot of sounds of metal striking concrete. Yeah, not exactly the best place to appear in. Well, it could be worse. It could be raining.

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Jason opened his eyes and was instantly blinded by the intense light above him. He blinked a few times till he could see clearly. After that he pulled himself up then looked over and noticed his entire chest and his left arm were wrapped up in bandages. He got off the bed ignoring the pain he felt in his body then walked over to a table that was by the door and had a plain black sleeveless shirt and a blue jacket along with a small key card. He put the shirt and jacket on then slipped the card in his pocket. He had to admit it didn't go well with his pants he had on since they were made for piloting however he had no room to complain. He sneaked carefully out the door into the clean hall that was just as bright as the room he had just left. He walked down it barely making any steps till he got to a room full of computers and in the center stood a man who gave off the air of being the leader. He carefully his behind the wall juat masking his body so he was almost invisible. "Hello I was wondering when you would awake," The man said as he turned to face Jason with a steely gaze. "So I should explain shouldn't I?" he asked calmly without waiting for Jason to respond he started to talk again. "All I really need to tell you since you are who you are is that this is five years in your future," he said leaving plenty of blanks spaces to allow Jason to read what he said. "So if you would be as so kind as to help the others from your time who are above ground,"he finised as he pressed a butto a a wall full of weapons opened.

@Justalittlegirl: The mechs aimed their large rifles at the intruder and a slight glow began to appear at the openings. However they suddenly stopped. "Well look what we have hear," a man said as he stepped out of one of the mechs and looked down at the Huntsman. "Don't worry I'm not a enemy I am a friend here to offer you safety," he said as he climbed back into his mech and his squad walked off beckoning thee time traveler to follow.

@AnimeDefender: Jason drove through the streets ontop of a motorcycle and then saw a person hinding from the mechs. He parked the motorcycle then threw a emp grenade that hit a mech dead on in the chest and knocked its power out. He then climbed up onto the mech opened up the cockpit threw a the pilot out then climbed in and did a manual reboot to get it working. He then started to shoot the enemies destroying them as he moved. "Follow me," he said over the speaker towards Dante and motioned at the bike he left. He then started walking in the direction he came. He headed towards the base before he ran out of ammo.

@ChronoWolf: Seven bird shaped mobile suits came flying by and bombed the land based mechs. "If you want to life follow us," a loud and commanding voice came from the sky. They flew off and headed towards the entrance to the underground base.

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@Shadowchaos: The Huntsman breathed a sigh of relief when he was beckoned to follow. Quickly glancing over his illusory guise, he altered it slightly. He was pretending to be a forty-something year old man who had just fallen ten feet. He added a few bruises and a limp, hoping they weren't noticed appearing on his body. Beneath his false guise, his body shifted into a walking shrapnel bomb, bone darts prickling just through his skin, springs of muscle coiled beneath. He assumed if they wanted him dead, they would have started shooting, but it was always good to have an escape plan.

Fine then, He thought. Speak your piece. But if I don't like what you say, I'll have difficulty finding enough pieces of your body to figure out what's going on.

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@Justalittlegirl: @Shadowchaos: @ChronoWolf:

Dante was spying that mech´s. He wondered what was their objective, and he also wondered where he was. Suddenly an EMP grenade came out of no where and destroyed the mech´s then a young man came out and told Dante to follow him. Dante wondered who is this person, he wanted to read his mind but Dante doesn´t like reading people´s minds unless he finds them very suspicious.

He followed the young person to wherever he wanted to go. "Hello, I am Dante. What is your name?"

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When someone tells you to surrender, the smart thing to do is to do it... When someone tells you to follow them if you wanna live, the dumb thing is not to do it. While Matt chose not to be smart, he definetly wasn't dumb.

His appearance changed again, from the pale gentleman vampire into a angel, covered in white feathers, a metal object, like a helmet, covering the top of his head and going over his eyes. In his left hand he held a yellow stick. While he didn't wear any clothes, he was covered by a blue cloth, twisting around his body, covering any obscenities or it would if he had obscenities that needed covering.

Six majestic white wings extended from his back and he flew after the bird-like vehicles, following them all the way to the enterance. There he waited, still in Angelus form just in case, for someone, anyone to offer any kind of explenation to any part of what went on in the last few moments since he arrived here, including the way that he arrived.

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@AnimeDefender: @ChronoWolf: Jason stopped the land based mobile suit outside the entrance then opened up the cockpit. He looked around the area then jumped out landing in a crouched position then stood straight up. "My name is Jason Cross," he said coldly as he eyed the person in front of him. He sat down on a piece of fallen debris and started to check his gear. While he waited he saw a group of bird like mobile suits fly over him followed by a angel like being. The angel landed by him, however while others would have been amazed by such a sight all Jason did was scowl. He was about to say something when the door to the base opened and out walked the man h had talked to earlier. "My name is Takehiro Okada," he said calmly as he strode up to the group. He looked to be in his late twenties with dark brown hair and a assault rifle gripped in his hand. "I am the leader of this group and we are the rebels that fight against B.L.O.O.D.," Takahiro explained to them with a solemn face. "Let me explain from the beginning. The war started five years ago which would be a couple of months in your time line. They attacked and caught the world by surprise they were able to take over the entire world in a day and were able to track down and kill every single being on the planet with any kind of abilities. We were able to save some low level ability users, however, most of the greatest heroes are dead. So that is are current situation we are in a desperate struggle to survive in this," he finished explaining in a solemn tone and then beckoned for the others to follow him. He also threw a map to Jason and the others and a keycard to Dante and Matt. "Oh yeah by the way Jason on your map there is a special place marked just for you I'm sure you will like it. Just go once your settled," he added then continued into the base down the allowing the travelers to go to their own rooms or to explore the base.

B.L.O.O.D. Base

@Justalittlegirl: The troop of mobile suits walked through the city circling the Huntsman to make sure he didn't try to escape. They finally came to a large building and he was handed over to foot soldiers holding machine guns. They then guided him into a large room with a throne at the end and seated there was a man with long whitish-blonde hair. He stood up and he easily towered over the foot soldiers. He wrapped his cape around his body, but even so some of his muscles could be seen through the gaps the cape didn't cover. He walked over to the group and waved for the guards to leave. "Greetings, my name is Tsubasa Ishida and I am the leader of the world," he said with a sincere smile. "Let me explain the current situation for you. Your are in the year 5 A.C. This is five years in your future and right now we are fighting a rebellion who wish to disrupt the peace we have worked so hard to achieve. That's why I wish to ask you to help me end this war and set this world back into the peace we have worked so hard to attain," Tsubasa explained then strode over to a window and opened up the curtain then stared out into the city.

Underground Rebel Base

Jason made his way through the base by following the map till he made his way to where the map marked for him. He came to a huge steel door and after he put his key card into it he was able to travel through it. He came into a large room full of mobile suits of different shapes and sizes. The one he came to first being that it was closest to the door was his. The huge orange mech code named: Blazing Justice. It was far from the majestic thing thst it use to be. It was now a piece of crap all that was left was the body and the head and even that was damaged. He walked up to it and stared at it carefully. He placed his hand on it carefully recalling all the memories it had of it. He then turned around and saw a huge mobile suit that was white and 250 feet tall. It was easily a giant among giants and was breathtaking just to watch. It took him a second to realize it however, but there was a plaque in front of it. He walked over to the plaque and read it. Here is Titan in honor of Jason Cross and Risa Yukimura the pilots that have been killed riding this beast. Jason was caught off guard since he hadn't expected to come across what was the cause of his death and what more the death of Risa. He momentarily went into shock. Then his pilot instincts kicked in and he walked over to the elevator by Titan and flew upwards towards the cockpit. Once there he climbed in he began running through the cockpit"s operating software.

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@Shadowchaos: The Huntsman considered this king of the future. If this was truly five years in the future, the avatar may be reaching the point where her powers began to awaken. However, he hadn't been hunting the cultists and rival avatars that whole time. Could she possibly still be safe? He glanced around the room at the many guards, the king's clear power. The best way to find out about this new world and how it affected him was by joining up with those who ruled it. "I do hate chaos. I'll have to consider your offer." He turned to the king with a casual grin. "I actually had a job in finding the deviants of my own time. If you have any records, former personnel, detailed census, military, criminal records, I'd like to see them."

Beneath the illusion, his smile was far greater than it looked. He'd be able to find the avatar and anyone who threatened her with ease now. It may good to be king, but sometimes it was even better to work for one.

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Matt caught the map and key card before turning back from his angel-like form into his normal one. For some reason he believed this man, Takahiro Okada. Though why he did, he couldn't tell since he lacked several very important pieces of information, starting with how he got here and what exactly B.L.O.O.D. is.

As the man led them through the base, Matt hurried to catch up to him and ask him about the stuff Takahiro didn't mention. "Excuse me sir, but you left out a few important things. First, who are these bloods you spoke of? I understand that they're bad people, but that's not enough information. And how did I- How did we all get here in the first place?" There was only one thing that came to mind, one method he had come across once before. Time travel. He remembered his experiences in the Hellscraper, Vincent's powers, the paradox clones Vincent made, the tortures FCL went through in there...

It should be noted that Matt is not the biggest fan of time manipulation and time travel because of the very experience mentioned just a moment ago and the memories he wishes he could forget.

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@Shadowchaos: It took a while for the stranger to reveal himself, his name was Jason Cross. Dante wondered if he was from the past like him, but he didn´t ask. After they traveled a bit, a large mecha appeared and a man in his late twenties appeared. He immediately told the group that his name is Takehiro.

He told everyone that he is the leader of a rebel force that is against a group called B.L.O.O.D. He gave a basic backstory to what has happened in the past five years. Dante was shocked and wondered why B.L.O.O.D would do this. Dante caught they key and map which was given to him by Takehiro.


Dante saw Jason leave, he wondered where he had left. Dante was more concerened in why this B.L.O.O.D group did all this. Dante followed Matt since he sensed that he had the same questions as Dante did.

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B.L.O.O.D Base

@Justalittlegirl: Tsubasa nodded at the request then pressed a button and a group of guards walked into the room carrying a a thick leather bound book and a reclining chair. They set the chair down then placed the book in the chair. "Enjoy your reading it has everything you need to know," he said then walked out of the room to attend to business.

Tsubasa Ishida made his way through the halls of the base with every person that he came across saluting him and not moving from that position till he had passed. He made his way to a door with a huge red ten written on it and covered in security systems. He deactivated the security system using his full clearance then walked in. The room was freezing cold full of futuristic computers. In the center of the room was a large man sized capsule with several large tubes attached to it. He walked to a computer and started to enter in several complex codes faster then the eye could keep up with. The lid of the capsule slid open and silver clouds of mist floated out. A body of a young man in his early twenties pulled himself out and looked around. He had a I.V connected to him along with a breathing mask on his face. He pulled out the I.V then removed the mask. "So is my little brother causing problems again?" he asked as he got out. He was clad in a pair of jeans and a black sleeveless shirt. He walked over to Tsubasa and looked at the computer that had a map of the city and showed the location of each attack. "So I guess We just have to take out the rebels," he added as he rubbed his head through his slightly spiky brown hair. "Yes, I want you to lead the attack Blake Cross," Tsubasa said then walked out leaving Blake alone in the room.

Rebel Base

@AnimeDefender: @ChronoWolf: Takehiro looked at the two following him and listened to the questions carefully. "B.L.O.O.D. was originally a corporation that would research all aspects of technology or science. They were the top of everything they had researched, but the truth is it was all a cover up for their real purpose which was world domination. Five years ago which would be a couple of months in your time they attacked and were able to take over the world in less that a week. They had infiltrated every world power and with their numbers and weapons they were easily able to destroy the world's governments and take control. To make matters worse they were able to perfect human cloning to the point where they can easily roll out soldiers on command as needed. We do not have a way to beat them without help," he explained then turned silent for a few minutes. "As for your other question you ended up in our time by accident. We were working on time travel code named project Zero Hour. Sadly one of our researchers screwed up on the project and a randomizer activated taking people from our files of past people and sending you all into the future. The machine then blew up so at this time it is impossible to send you home, but our scientists are working diligently to fix the machine to send you home. I ask you though please help us," he finished then turned the corner and walked into a room labeled pilot training system.

Jason closed the cockpit of Titan and pulled out the mini laptop that was equipped to the mech and started to look over every single detail on its information. "Amazing no human should have the ability to pilot a mobile suit like this. The size is so large the counter balance system can't even make it so that its humanly possible to pilot. Not only that the speed can create enough G force that a humans bones would start to break just by trying to move it at full speed," Jason muttered to himself looking over all the data along with the flight logs and weapon equipment. He knew this was a machine that you would have to be prepared to die piloting, but he made a promise to himself that he would master this behemoth and get revenge for everything done. He looked up from the screen and saw a small patch of dried blood. He reached up and placed his fingers on it and some how he knew that the blood belonged to Risa. His eyes looked at it sadly then they steeled and he went back to work this time more determined.

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@Shadowchaos: Several hours later: Huntsman stared over many different files at once with a dozen eyes and as many arms. History, census, laws passed, they were all important and interesting.

He made a mental list- Things I've learned today: 1. No need to worry about supernatural threats. Most demons and rival avatars are specifically listed on a special list as captured or killed. Nobody matching the descriptions of Ariana or Shepherd was listed. 2. Tsubasa had no history, at least not in the records assessable to him. 3. 98% of the world's superbeings, hero and villain, were now dead and carefully cataloged. Shepherd was actually here under the unknown category(The others were mutant, alien, tech, magic, and vigilante). Dead. Nothing on Ariana. I am recorded as missing.

And 4, the only one Tsubasa needed to know- There were forty-three former members of the corporation and 61 of the military who had possible motives to join the rebels, and another 50-something more current members of each who had possible ties to them, familial or otherwise.

He folded his arms back into two and withdrew his extra eyes. His shark-toothed grin he kept. Just like items one through four, that was something nobody had to see.

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As Takehiro was telling the origin of B.L.O.O.D., Dante gave his full attention to Takehiro´s tale. After Takehiro left, Dante then wanted to know more on what exactly happened. Dante also wondered if his worse nightmare returned during the time B.L.O.O.D.´s assault. He began to explore the base, looking for some sort of library.

He eventually found a library, not in the best condition but it should suffice Dante in his search for knowledge for the events leading up to the current time. To his surprise, his nightmares haven´t returned, but at the same time he feared and wondered when they will strike. After reading the current history, Dante was relieved that he was being told the truth. But something disturbed him greatly.

He noticed within the the hero´s that are K.I.A, Dante was not part of that list. He was shocked and read the list five times to make sure that he hasn´t missed his name in the list. He wasn´t in the list, he then thought to check the M.I.A. list. As he thought, he was part of the M.I.A. list, it said that he went missing a week before B.L.O.O.D. started thier campaign for world domination.

Sadden, Dante went outside the base for nearly thirty minutes. He began to think why he went M.I.A. In the end, he couldn´t think why he went missing. It didn´t make sense to him, why would he disappear during a battle like this. The only conclusion he came up with is that he was taking prisoner.

He could still be alive in this time, or he might have been killed off and was not able to be reported back to the Rebel Base. Dante stared at the destroyed city for a long time, wondering and trying to answer his own question if he is still alive in this time, or that he might be dead.

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Matt was not exactly pleased by the answer he and the other man got. It was not the fault of a lack of detail, but rather the fault of an overabundance of detail that he didn't like. Without a word to the other man, Matt looked at the map given to him as well as the key card. He followed the X until he entered a corridor of doors, like a school dorm. He looked at the key card as he walked to the marked door. He slid the card in the electronic lock and with a click and a whoosh, the door opened.

The room was plain, one fit for a soldier. There wasn't any dust nor spider webs. The sheets on the bed seemed new, they probably prepared clean sheets for the people they wanted to bring here with the time machine. There was also a table with a chair in the room, along with a single window with the view of the city. Must have been beautiful until B.L.O.O.D. decided to be pricks and took over everything, but now it seemed dead, run down and unappealing.

Matt lay down on his bed and closed his eyes. He wanted to sleep, but two things disturbed his rest. First, he couldn't escape the thoughts of his current situation. Second, it was morning back home when he came here and it was... Some time of day here. He got up from the bed and left the room. He made sure to not forget his key card. For all he knew, that thing wasn't just a simple key, but also some form of identification here. Maybe Takehiro said something about that, but Matt couldn't remember even if he did. Though he probably didn't.

He considered going outside, into the city, but as he noted before, the view wasn't that spectacular. He ended up deciding to just walk around the base a bit, explore it, maybe encounter someone who knew about what's going on, though he had a feeling everyone who knew something was training for a fight against B.L.O.O.D. Not to mention that he wouldn't really have anything to ask anyone at the moment. Maybe ask a bit about the enemies capabilities? Nah, too much like preparing for war.

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B.L.O.O.D Base

@Justalittlegirl: Blake walked into the thrown room and looked at the Huntsmen curiously. "How you doing," he said with a arrogant voice twirling a pistol on his finger. "So your the person from the past," he asked still keeping his arrogant voice up. "So I guess along with me you will be shaking things up," he declared. He walked over while holstering his gun and gave the person in front of him a good look over. "So whats your power? Something lame like shape shifting I bet," he mocked and threw himself on the throne and kicked back acting like a king. "My name is Blake Cross, and I am the head of the mobile suit army," he introduced flashing a grin showing his canines as a threat.

Rebel Base

@ChronoWolf: @AnimeDefender: Jason finished up the research on the suit then tuned it to him. All being done at a fast pace beyond what a normal human should be able to do. He copied all the data to a disk then climbed out and went down the elevator. He then went to the piece of junk that was left of his mobile suit and climbed in. He copied all the information and put it onto a disk which he added to his pocket along with the other disk. He then deleted all the data on the suit leaving it just a hunk of useless metal. He then climbed out of the cockpit and since the distance to the bottom was only a few feet he just hopped out landing on his feet. "Alright," just a few more preparations needed," he muttered then walked out.

Takehiro Okada looked over a computer that showed the locations of every B.L.O.O.D. military compound in the city. He scrunched his eyes brows then went over several numbers that popped up on the screen. "Damn it every single thing is going against us," he muttered then turned to the person behind him. "Are you sure you trust these people I mean Cross isn't nothing like the one we knew. This one is to much of a loose cannon and is more likely to ruin everything then the one we knew," the man said calmly examining everything. He walked forward his long golden blonde hair trailing behind him. "I believe if want to win we need to attack their space base," the man said then took a seat at a computer and turned it on just by putting his hand on it. Takehiro nodded then walked over to a microphone and said, "Attention all officers and those from the past please report to the conference room.' Takehiro then walked through a door that led to a huge room with a large table with several chairs around it. He then took a seat at the head table followed by several officers and Jason who all took a random seat. Takehiro nodded then waited for the others.

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@Shadowchaos: Blake. Huntsman didn't think he liked Blake. He responded to Blake's grin with one of his own, one that was wide enough that the ends nearly met on the back of his head. "Shapeshifting doesn't quite cover it, but close enough." He wondered if Blake was allowed in the throne. Probably not.

"Anyway, I've got a list for you to check out. Two in fact. First is a hundred and four modern people you should check out. Former employees and what not, about 50-something missing. The other is on other supers who went missing within the month before your takeover. I feel some of them may be here, but with the rebels rather than us. You have fun checking that out, and if you'll excuse me, I've got five years of dragon ball z abridged to catch up on."

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Matt was walking around the base when a familiar voice was heard coming from a nearby speaker. Takehiro was requesting a meeting in the conference room. So Matt pulled out the map, which he kept folded in his back pocket, and after a few seconds was able to find his own position in the base. After that, it was easy to find the conference room.

Several minutes later, Matt arrived and entered. He was apparently amongst the last arrivals. He took a seat closer to Takehiro and got himself comfortable. As they waited for the other man from the past and probably some officers, Matt started considering possible reasons for the gathering. Most likely planing an attack on blood and they want to go over strategies. There's a chance that they were about to introduce the time travelers to the officers though they could have already read some files... Perhaps the travelers will be split amongst the officers in preparation for the attack.

Matt continued on with his thoughts until everyone was gathered and the conference began.

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