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Post your Recent rpg writing so people will have an Update on your skill
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A shadow swept across the dim light, as dark figure could be distinguished. This figure was none other then the walking legend known as Kado. He stood sternly with a long samurai sword in one hand and in the other had been a all silver desert eagle, in which he kept his grip on both weapons firm. To some he had been a knight to others a warrior, but to all he was a Champion and that was the one thing no one could obtain from him. His real name was at the moment obsolete, not even he knew what it was. To many of his close acquaintances, he is Kado. However, to the myths and the stories he is known as “SS” an abbreviation for Sadistic Saint. Yet the stories never seemed to get his description right, probably because few had fought him and lived to see another day.Kado planted his boots in the scorching sand, as he analyzed the upcoming sandstorm across the desert. He could hear faint footsteps behind him, far in the distance there were two cowboys riding their horses across the desert. With his enhanced abilities he could make out some words from their conversation.


 “The…Search….Twilight Stone…Returned.” The Sadistic Saint thrust his blade into the deep sands, trying to decipher what he just heard. Twenty-Two years ago, he had been on a voyage for a powerful artifact of ancient times. A relic in which a normal man can be given the powers of god. However, he had given up on the search of the stone. It crossed his mind many times that there might had been a chance that such a story was just a tale. Had the search now continued? If so society was in grave danger. He never wanted the power of the stone for himself, he just wanted to keep out of the wrong hands. Now he would have to once again fulfill that objective. He could hear the horsemen now coming closer to him, so close that he could fell the steed breathing down his neck. Ruin holstered his gun slowly, making sure not to panic the riders. “Are you supposed to be out in these parts boy?” Still since his blade was planted directly in front of him, they were not aware that he had been armed. Kado slowly rapped both of his hands around the hilt of the sword as he gently pulled it from the roots of the ground.


He could then feel a gun being pressed against his neck, from the feel of it was a 44 magnum in that case if it was fired he would be well out of luck. “Boy don’t you hear me!” At that precise moment he bent his knees down closer to the ground and pushed up as he propelled himself into the air, while coming down he did 90 degree turn strike several times rapidly with the blade. As he landed he extended his foot across the sand as he did a sweep kick knocking the horse off their feet. The blood slowly dripped from his bladed and was soon evaporated as it contacted the sand. Ruin let out an ear-piercing whistle as a black stallion began marching towards. It didn’t even slow down, instead it sped up. As hit came closer he jumped up as it seemed to go right between his legs as he landed on the mount. As he incased his sword in the scabbard, he began to ride his way into the big city.  The long ride, gave him time to have a train of thought. Was his talent of ambition paying off, or was it just something else that would rustle its way through him. Had he shown himself too much as a man of quality? Being just as vile as he was courteous. Or was this a new start, was it time to once again make a name for himself. To once again reek havoc upon good and evil.


He could hear the ringing sound of the train track therefore he knew he was closing on the city. Yet, he needed to keep a low-profile in such a high populated society. For if his identity had been discovered, then he would have to the last resort. Kill. You know what they say live by the die by the sword. Many mutants, magicians, gods, all used magic. However it was different for him, they used magic…he was part of it. His species were not yet classified, but obviously he was different. Much different then other, he was discovering a new power of his nearly every passing day. Ruin hopped off of the stallion as he close din a on one of the city buildings. He body slowly began to change to variety of vibrant colors. Then instantly he went invisible, but his foot step could still be seen on the ground. What happened next only furthered his reason for learning how to control his powers, as he crossed the street hoping to dodge cars his invisibility came to halt, and he was clearly visible. The horn from the car went off in an instant as the car smashed against Kado’s body. Wait! He was still one piece, he hadn’t even been moved. He began to stroll into a nearby alley, to avoid publicity. As he did he tried to wrap his mind around what just happened. The he figured it all out...Phasing. He could be getting shot at and the bullets would drift right though him. He decided it was time to lay-low until the heat was cleared. He knew the city would be head over heels for a story like this. He came to what seemed to be a church building, as he leaned on it gently and his body phased its way through. He straightened himself up as he took a seat in the empty church. For now he just needed to rest. He slowly let his mind drift away into sleep.

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A long way down. Lights. Copiers. Computers. Empty. Your typical office on a Sunday. Completely empty, no one to see what would be done besides Neku. The lone, gray-haired teenager tilted his head upwards and glanced from side to side. The coast is clear.Taking out his binoculars, he zooms in through a window into another skyscraper office. One fairly chubby man wearing a suit is talking on a phone, sitting at a desk with two other suits standing standing beside him: probably bodyguards. "Perfect" Neku mutters as he pulls out a small pistol, stripped of any branding to the point where Neku himself doesn't know what type of gun it is. Distance between us is about a kilometer. Shouldn't be too hard. 
Neku points his pistol out the window and screws on a silencer. He aims as directly in front of his target as possible and pulls the trigger. Ping. The gunshot fires: for none but angels to hear. A bullet from a pistol can't normally hit a target a kilometer away but with a little help: it's not too hard.

He pauses for a milisecond and holds his hand out. The bullet stops spiraling downwards and instead shoots up. Neku smirks, I still got it. Moving faster than a normal bullet it punches through the window implanting itself within the back of Neku's target with a joyous symphony of blood. Any half-brained cop should know that a pistol bullet can't come from a kilometer away. Should be an easy run. Before he leaves, Neku pulls out his binoculars again and zooms in on his target: checking if he's dead. Neku pushes a button on the binoculars and takes a snapshot of the dead body. Loading his equipment back into his bag Neku calls for the elevator. Ding.Stepping inside the elevator he pushes the button saying "1"

Neku watches the numbers on the screen count down from 30, counting in his head as well. Ding. Neku looks at the display: 15. The elevator doors open up and out comes a police officer. "Hello sir!" Neku says holding the door open for the officer. The officer doesn't speak; he just bows his head in gratitude. Fewf.  Neku continues looking at the elevator display countdown. "Officer Ryu. Come in officer Ryu." the static sound comes from the officer's walkie-talkie. "Yes?" Ryu says into the walkie-talkie. "We have reports of a murder, you're pretty close to the site. Hold down the fort until forensics and more officers get there, kay?"

Ding. Neku smirks at the call and steps out of the elevator, running towards the nearest bus station.
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This was for the 'WAL: Rising Sun' RPG

Rustling through the city of Parker, Arizona a young girl with blood red hair was digging through the dumpster of a small shopping center, not looking for food, but for something to drink. Her green eyes were dark and seemed to carry nothing but fear, paranoia, and defeat. Since that fateful night when her family was killed by some sort of monster, that’s when she found she too had extraordinary powers. Killing the monster who saline her family with her bare hands, and not even remembering how she did it. Even though the day was extremely hot, even for November, her skin was still cold as ice to the touch, and dry, as if she hadn’t had anything to drink for weeks, even though she already drank five bottles of water she managed to dig up.

Since she received her ‘gift’ she had been on the run, leaving everything she knew back where she came from, even though there was nothing left. Her family was dead, and it looked like she had some how received the same powers that the monster had. She didn’t know how, or why even her, but she knew she couldn’t stay around, if she lost control of her powers like she did that night when she killed the monster with ease, she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself.

As she reached deeper into the maggot-infested trash her bare hands touched a small plastic bottle. With a gasp of surprise her eyes widen with some glimpse of hope, pulling it out as she looked at it, it was an Arrowhead water bottle, filled half way with water. For some reason, ever since she got her powers, she found to be constantly thirsty but never hungry, she found she didn’t have the feel to eat anything. Even though she hadn’t eaten for almost a month, she still looked the same, only, more paler.

She jumped down from the dump and began her walk into a small allyway, her torn cloths hung loosly upon her body as she held the bottle close to her body, as if it was filled with gold. Her dark emerald eyes shift back and forth as she tried to find a good place to rest for the day. Reaching a small abandon shed in the middle of a small desert she slipped inside. The old rested shed made up of sheets of metal kept the sun from beating down her white skinned body. With a quick twist she popped off her bottle water and began to take large swigs of it. As she drank her water she sat on the dirt covered floor, and glanced around the shed. It was dark, the shed had nothing but a small table and one old wooden chair inside it. There wasn’t much room at all as she could barly streach out her legs before hitting it on the side of the wall.

With a sigh she closed her now heavy eyes, taking one deep breath, her mind began to drift off into slumber.

The sound of cries for help filled the area round her, which was dark, all that was seen was the shine of the moon radiating a glow through a side window and upon the tile ground. The girl took a deep breath, taking a step more into the home that she was now standing in. As she walked deeper into her two-story home, she reached out for the light switch, and flipped it up, only to find the lights not working. With her heart now beating a little faster she slowly shuffled deeper into the home, the stench of salt and a metallic rusted smell filled the air, causing her to gag. Not being able to see, and only having the moon shining through the window to light her way, her foot stepped upon something. It was soft, and hard at the same time, she slowly bent down, feeling her way on the floor as a lukewarm liquid was felt upon the tile ground.

Her breathing began to increase, uneven breaths were taken as her hand then felt what she was stepping on… a body. Aijou let out a shriek, fear struck, she was unable to move, her emerald eyes fixed on the body, now being able to make it out, it was her younger brother. Shaking violently she tried to breath, her lungs unable to corporate with her as her eyes moved to the left. There she saw a monster like creature, hovering over another body, seeing the long locks of hair showed it was her mother that the being was holding onto with its sharp white fangs. The figures red glowing eyes fixed on Aijou as its claws dug into her mothers back, pulling the woman from its mouth and into the ground, a large piece of her mothers neck was still clung onto the monsters mouth, blood dripping from it as it suddenly swallowed it whole. The monster was about seven feet tall, and had long black hair as well as a thick green aura glowing around it.

Unable to speak she managed to get her feet to move, slowly she began to back up, in a panic, she turned around and ran, her feet and hands covered in the blood of her sibling. Her eyes fixed on the still open front door she let out a scream but was cut off when the monster, slammed its enormous hand into her side, sending her flying into a wall. Her body was now aching, as she slumped over, tears running down her face as she kept it hung down, her red hair flopped over her face. She could feel the hot breath of the monster looming over her, hits hot hand placed upon her head as it then lifted her up and threw her into kitchen.

Aijou body smashed through the door and into the stove, her body broken and her mind wondering off on its own, that is, until she felt a burning sensation deep within her. Her heart was ready to jump from her chest, beating forcefully as she clung into it tightly, as her breathing accelerated, her eyes wide and slowly shifting in color. From emerald green, her eyes slowly started to change to red; her pupils went from round, into a diamond shape she yelled as she moved her hands from her chest to her eyes. Pain surged through her body as she stood up, her hands growing claws as fangs began to show from her mouth, a dim red aura covered the girl from head to toe.

The monster stood back, not sure what was going on, and decided to go in for the kill. Before it could even THINK about what it was going to do to her, something smashed into the monsters chest, and came out through his back. A metal scream filled the home as the monster threw its head back in pain, when it looked down to see what happened, the young girl was standing in front of him, her arm being seen in its chest, and her fingers coming out from his back. Aijou was laughing now, her breathing back to normal as she looked up at the monster, her eyes glowed eerie energy. Pulling her lips back and showing her small fangs she began to growl as she pulled her arm out and this time used her free left hand to smash it upward into the monsters’ jaw and came up from the top if its head.

Not even having time to screech in pain, the monster fell, dead on the ground. Aijou, still smiling sniffed her bloody hand, a sigh of pleasure escaping her lips as she taste the blood, her tongue licking the blood of the fallen demon. Right then she snapped out of it, her eyes bulged and started gagging as her body went back to normal, her hands hand no more claws and her fangs were no longer present.

She backed away from the monster in horror, not from what the monster looked like at the moment, but because of what she had become.

Aijou’s eyes shot open as she looked around in a panic. For the past two months she has had that same dream, nightmare, that continues to haunt her to this day. Tears began to fall from her eyes as she ran her dirty fingers through her greasy hair. Before Aijou could even get up, a knock was heard from her sheet metal door. She slowly stood up, her tattered cloths still clung to her as she slowly pushed the door open.

Two tall and rather large men stood in front of her door. Both were wearing a black suite with a white shirt and black tie. Even though it was now night time, they were still wearing sunglasses, both of them had their arms crossed across her chest.

Taking a deep sharp breath Aijou opened her mouth. “Y-yes?” She asked, her voice just above a whisper.

“Aijou Okomoto,” The man who was standing to the left of her said as he pulled out a piece of paper. “We finally found you.” He said as he turned the paper, which turned out to be a picture of herself. “Its very difficult to track down someone such as yourself.” He said as he tucked the picture back in his inside pocket of his suit. “I am Agent Garcia and this is Agent Rahn.” The other man nod at her. “We are here to discus about your future.” He pulled out a white crisp envelop and handed it to Aijou, as she turned it to look at the back it was sealed with a golden crest that had the initials 'W.A.L'
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In his utter cockiness, Kado laughed at the face that his axe kick had been successful. He could see that the level of affect from the attack had not been major, but decent. As said earlier Kado had been watching the way Jhentoh shifted his body from foot to foot, so he could determine when the next strike was to come. From what he was presently analyzing the next attack was only a few seconds away. Now! Jhentoh, lunged into Kado's lower body but then adjusted his movements to fast for the Sadistic Saint to counter it. Instead with the little time he had before impact, he propelled himself in the air just a little to the point his head was clear of being struck. As Jhentoh smashed into Kado's torso he was nearly thrown into a building about fifteen feet away. The brick wall crumbled over his head, from the collision with his body. He rested for several minutes recalling the statement he had heard about his opponent. "Becareful Kado......hes coldblooded.....he heartless.......and extremely dangerous."  Well the good thing was this would be the first worthy battle he had in years. His last challenger, was fortunate enough to die with dignity. But he saw now that he would have to fight with much more preplanning for this combatant.

He was already beginning to feel the pain inflicted from the blow in his right ankle, which unfortunately had been severly twisted. He extended his arm out in dire pain as he twisted the foot back in place his heart and breathing began to move much quicker then before. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a white bottel. Launching one of the painkiller in his mouth, he sweeped away the debris with his arms. As he stood with a high limp as he moved towards his opponent. He could slowly feel the rate of antagonism boiling quickly. As he continued toward his rival he had been donning a batle position iwth the nunchucks equiped. He estimated precisely the right time to attack, as he moved towards Jhentoh. As he came closer he struck several times at his opponents lower legs, and then executed a roundhouse with his left leg. At the same time his left leg was ready to make contact he withdrew his Desert Eagle, which had been beuatiful from start to end..its golden lining of tribal markings stood out goon in the moonlight, as he drew the trigger he repeated in several time firing three shots into his opponents left arm. AS he landed he extended his leg out over the battle surface and spoke "I must appologize, you aare much more experienced then I expected. However, that just makes this much more interesting.

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Kakashi’s voice “A Shinobi must be patient Shunsuke and look for the best way to take down the opponent without revealing the full potential of his jutsu.”

Inhales… exhale…..

Kakashi’s voice: “You are a excellent Shinobi by far one of my best, yet even with that greatness you have a big weakness.. You lack patience”

Inhales…. exhale…

Kakashi’s voice: “You are powerful Shunsuke but that weakness turns you into a failure.. You use your chakra to its fullest to finish off your opponent as quick as possible. You know why? Because you are over confident.”

Inhales… exhale..

Kakashi’s voice: “This is the weakness of many ninja, not only you.. But in you it is over develop and if you don’t control it; it will send you straight to the hands of the grim reaper”


Shunsuke’s eyes then open after five hours of training both physical and mental. The ultimate Shinobi turns his head looking to both sides of the location in which he was meditating. The place looked like a mountain path in the land of Florenzia, high above the ground the only view are the other mountains and the long fall into a forest which no one would like to star in. in that peak a couple of miles before the cold top lives Shunsuke in a wooden small house made by his own hands.  A place of peace and quiet where he can  rest assure that no one would bother him.

(Foot steps)

Yet again the peak is believed to be damn, the “legend” says that anyone who dares go to the peak disappears and is never found. In a land fill with ninjas and daredevils that is not consider as a threat.. But nothing more than a challenge.

“I know you four are there now come out and state your purpose!”

Shouted Shunsuke without even looking to where the foot steps were coming from. Four ninjas step forth “Well, well, well boys.. Looks like we hit the jackpot..” *chuckles* “A lonely Shinobi against four rogue ninjas.. It hardly seem fair, what you guys say?” the other ninjas began mumbling and one of the speaks louder than the rest “Lets teach him a lesson, then make him check how long can he scream before he hit’s the bottom.” *laughs*

Shunsuke inhaling then sighing he stands to his feet with his head lowered, eyes closed and loosen shoulders almost like if he couldn’t care less.    

Kakashi‘s voice: “You use your chakra to its fullest to finish off your opponent as quick as possible. You know why? Because you are over confident.”

Echo: over confident


Echo: over confident


Shunsuke then slowly opens his eyes just seen waist down of his opponents and let out a warning. “Keep moving, you don’t want any of this.. Just go back the way you came.” but the ninjas just saw these words as threats and judging by the number disadvantage they laugh at Shunsuke's words. Why do I even bother, Its obvious they wont leave. They are too hotheaded to realize they already fell in my trap.. Thought Shunsuke as he was watching a overview of what was happening.
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Nothing……no sound, no light, all there was……….nothing. Time had stood still; it ceases to exist if there is nothing to measure it by. Was he asleep was he wake, he never knew. All he knew is that he was buying his time. One day he would once again be able to release the power and fury raging inside. One day he would roam the Earth and all the world would tremble beneath his feet. One day death would once again come to all who stood in his way. That day… today.

A touch is all it took. Just a touch and his senses came to life. A cold snarling grin stretched across his face as he felt the blood trickle across his arm. Looking back on man’s existence; the destruction and pollution wars and famines it is had to imagine that a touch is all it took to bring the end of it all. Yes there are things that followed that event in time, wars, toxics and poisons, nuclear attacks, but it all goes back to this one point in time. The time when the world, though fighting a vicious war, still had hope. Heroes still fought bravely and children still hung posters of them on their walls. With a touch heroes would die, governments would fall, and death and destruction would be unleashed into the world.

As his senses began to fire, he could see the light that had seeped in and across his face. Time no longer stood still. He was awake and it was time to let the power and rage unleash. With a fling of his arm, he was out. He could see everything in a whole of light. A quick push got rid of a gnat that was buzzing in his ear. All would die. As he stepped out of his camber, standing tall he could hear the breathing of a large man (by men’s standards) and the gasp, “Holy shit!”

With a flash his hand is out and around the speechless ones neck. Pulling the man close evil looked evil in the eye.  A low growl came from his chest and echoed out into the city streets. Men fighting all over the city stopped and turned. Not their own fights or the fights of others mattered much anymore. Villain or Hero, the only thing that would matter now is just being a survivor. As the hand of destruction redden the face in front of him a whip was heard in the wind. They were coming for him.

Throwing the man know as Darkchild out of his way and into a near-by building; glass and steel yielded to the force at which he was thrown. With a glance to his left he caught a punch in the jaw. The explosive force of the hit sent him flying into the night sky. Landing on a small building, it collapsed quickly under the force.

With a swift jump into the air, he headed for his target. The man of steel would be considerable foe, strength and quickness almost to match his. As he came falling on top of the Superman both of his fist came down to strike, much like that of a gorilla attacking.

So the end of times had come, with one last Great War. The Apocalypse.

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   A lone figured walked down the light brown mohogony laden path seemingly oblivious to sound. He was relaxed , not that of normal relaxation. He seemed to be happy but who knows. Maybe the sirene bamboo forest that surronded him implified this silence as the noises from the outside lands could not interfere. Without the chirping of birds rushing,weaving ,and dodging trees,the pandas were quite bustling busy it seemed also as they chopped  down the bamboo with their claws as if it was hardened clay before they ate it the only thing without these noises, were the wandering soilders. These same wandering soilders provided protection for the man walking. He was important, he was the leader of  Hidden Bamboo Village, it was on one of the lush greenery islands in Florenzia. The name of this particular island was Aknasuki. It wasn't busy with electronics. Maybe at most a couple of tvs in houses around the island and a stove for cooking but besides that there wasn't much.

   So with the silence the man observed the trees. He wasn't observing the outside parts of them , the parts you could see, he was observing the insides. He had a ability, it , on this island was called, Byancan. He saw everything in black and white ,saw through these trees and bushes as they silently swished sideways in and out of his view, occasionally seeing the squirrells burrowed into the them or larva growing, it was more peacful than without his eyes. Switching from one side to another a noise caught near his left ear. Turning his gaze skywards he watched slowly as a branch fell. It seemed to have been cracked,not by animal ,by human. Giving a silent smirk he switched his eyes back to normal and started to rubb the end of his right earlob.

" Akango , Akango Narunsha. Ha , you almost had me for a moment. That branch and the crack kept you from being totally silent, your becoming a very good learner. I'm glad your my first and last take-on in my village."

   Dropping from a branch behind a heavy looking tree he passed a couple of branches slowly dodging them with weaves and worm like movements. When Akango finally reached the ground he knelt and smiled. The one thing he had set out to do in life was done. He had tried to fool his master for months and this was the first actuall completed try.He was now a full Ninja,strangly as it sounds, that had been his passing grade. He was now an Anbu, the only one in the village for some reason, instead of the traditional work of Anbu, with guarding, looking in on assassinations, and info on other things around Florenzia.He was going to be totally different kind.

   He was the only one. It would be pointless to waste his workings on little stuff, that's why there were Jounin and Genin. They did the A , B, C, and sometimes S ranked missions. Akango though would be the divider, he would only do S+ missions. The ones that you could be captured and torchered. If you were caught you would not speak a word and in the first chance you would strike yourself to not give away information. No one really knew what Akango did unless they were the Bakage's most elite guards. Those were the only ones to see him. So all in all this was his mission focuses,]gather info, leave no one alive, and execute any and all movings. In and out like a shadow.

  Lifting his head from his kneeling position he gave a smart allec smile." Always a pleasure Bakage. I know I have performed with the utmost of exellence , but I know that others are better than me by miles. So what was the reason you chose me? I know that i'm young and devoted but there must be a reason that you keep me confined next to you instead of on missions?"

  Not the least bit startled from the questions the Bakage started to walk and motioned for Akango to come, without looking back he looked at the sun and inreturn it provided light to shine across his wrinkles and crevices where you could mentally and physically notice that he wasn't young at all.

" Don't worry about why I choose you.I know too much information to let it all be given away now. Wait for awhile, then I will give you a profile in a holder, that profile will tell you who you are, I'll gather the information later.Because you are now a Anbu. You work alone. I've already found your mission. As you know there are other islands. There is one in particular we need you to check. Lasanota. It is a island like us, ninjas and all. We need you to perform an assassination. So since were giving you this job your only target is the Jounin train-"

  Stopping dead in his tracks the Bakage turned left towards another bamboo walkway." Trainers. They are the main focus, take out the Anbu there and most of their Ninja's . We need to take these islands over.Follow this road down to the ocean.There is a small rowboat. Row out until a pirate ship comes. Let it take you aboard and take it. Then go to your destination. Here are the papers. Go!" Yelled the old age Bakage as he pushed the papers into Ankango's hands. Looking at them, Akango started to walk towards the ocean.

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