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 You don't want to know what he uses as puppets 
 You don't want to know what he uses as puppets 

      The Great Judge 
      The Great Judge 
Name: Griffon Minos 
Age: 21 (Stop Aging) 
Gender: Male 
Date of Birth: March 25 
Nationality: Norway (Oslo) 
Faction: Evil 
Affiliation: None 
Height: 1.84 m 
Weight: 72 kg 
Speciality: Cosmetic Powers  
Aliases: The King of The Dead, The Marionettes King, The Great Griffon 
Place of Birth: Northern Europe in Norway, in Osio 
Orientation: Heterosexual 
Race: Specter Incarnation 
Family: Paria (first wife), Dexithea (second wife), Children are: Euxanthius, Eurymedon, Nephalion, Philolaus, Chryses 


 The King
 The King

 Minos had always been mysterious, and had acted as though he was hiding his true self. By his name, Minos meaning "King" he is very arrogant and has a high ego like a Griffon. His sense of humor comes from when he torments his opponents with different methods of torturing he states that they remind him of the screams of the damn when he judges them to Tartarus. It is most likely that Minos is a sadist and enjoys causing pain without remorse nor sadness. He himself can be a masochist in battle stating that the pain will only make him stronger. Though beside his merciless personality he is a cool and collective person who observes before engaging with anyone, setting strategies up and traps for his enemies to go wander in. He takes a lot of Pride in being the Judge of the Dead and being a demigod as well. His most notable personality is his cruelty to anyone he comes across, comrade, partner, or foe he is cruel to everyone.  He is not the one to talk and remains quiet unless spoke to, he will never act out of order and will remain civilize at all situation unless he is in battle. Also he is very tricky, he will say anything to save his death and will even accuse someone else for his crimes. He is also the most feared resident of the Underworld.  


 The judge of the Damned
 The judge of the Damned
"From the first circle thus I came descending To the second, which, in narrower compass turning, Holds greater woe, with outcry loud and rending."

"There in the threshold, horrible and gimping, Grim Minos sits, holding his ghastly session, And, as he girds him, sentencing and spurning;"

"For when the ill soul faces him, confessionPours out of it till nothing's left to tell; Whereon that connoisseur of all transgression"

"Assigns it to its proper place in hell, As many grades as he would have it fall, So oft he belts him round with his own tail.""

Before him stands a throng continual; Each comes in turn to abye the fell arraign; They speak - they hear - they're whirled down one and all."
    Minos was a king of Crete, son of Zeus and Europa. Every year he made King Aegeus pick 7 men and 7 women to go to Daedalus' creation, the labyrinth, to be eaten by The Minotaur. After his death, Minos became a judge of the dead in Hades. Though after millenniums of boredom Minos decided to ask Lord Hades if he can return to the mortal world and Hades allowed him to do so, So he was incarnated into a human baby and thus Minos was born. Hades allowed him to be born with his unique powers and abilities as well as letting him free wheel the universe. Minos was for filled by his granted wish and began doing so by wrecking humanity apart. His true form remains in the Underworld still judging the damn though he himself is in a human form. 

Powers & Abilities 

 "You will be my next new prodigy of art when I&squot;m done painting you!" 
 "You will be my next new prodigy of art when I'm done painting you!" 
Main Abilities: Minos is a skilled warrior, through Cosmo has super strength, super speed, enhanced durability, telepathy, telekinesis, forcefields, energy blasts, levitation/flight, immortality (mix of types 1 and 4, has served Hades through many centuries) and possession of many Celestial Stars. His main attributes to his abilities is his power over his cosmos and through his cosmos he has mastered the 8th level of consciousness and this power grants a him the ability to fully control his soul and go to the Kingdom of the Underworld and still be alive. 

Big Will: 
Because the Big Will is a spiritual force, each creation that derived from it had a soul. So it seems normal that we find ourselves capable of communicating with stars spiritually and also the fact that stars have an impact on our destiny is not far from the truth. While Humanity prospered in numbers, some powerful Gods decided they should reincarnate through Humans. In their Human form, they weren’t able to [sense, awake] the Big Will in themselves at first. If the discovery of aura, or Cosmos, was achieved by controlling the 7th sense, to discover the Big Will in oneself was possible only by mastering the 8th and 9th senses. At first, three men succeeded in reaching awareness of the Big Will to completely reincarnate in their full power. They possessed great power like immortality and they named themselves Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. Considered as gods by the rest, each acquired and conquered his own territory.Zeus took earth and heaven, Poseidon was content with oceans and Hades got the dimensional plane where all souls go after death.   

Dunamis: Basically it’s the ability to manipulate all matter on an atomic scale. Its how the Primordial Gods manipulated the universe to their liking. Even the Titans can create their own Pocket Universe and manipulate everything in it. For example a Planet was reduced in size through the use of Dunamis. 

Cosmos Power:  The power originated from the understanding of the "Cosmo". Everything in the universe is made up of particles. And the origin of the universe and everything in it is tied in with the Big Bang. The Gods take this knowledge to another level: humans are made of particles, thus humans should be able to use the mysterious forces behind the particles. This is because, the energies of the Big Bang still reside within all particles. 

Wielding His Cosmos: Minos wields "the power cosmic", absorbing and manipulating the universe's ambient cosmic energies. He can augment his strength to incalculable levels, and is almost totally indestructible. He can navigate space, hyperspace and dimensional barriers, and can fly at near-limitless speeds on his board, entering hyperspace when he exceeds light speed. 

7th sense:  here one can exploit its Telepathic, Telekinetic, Pisonic, Cladiverice etc.. basically Psychic powers in general. In order to reach the 7th sense, a human MUST have mastery over the 6 preceding senses. Only through personal awareness (free of emotions), establishing contact with one’s center (its soul).  Through the mastery of the 7th sense, a being overall senses and perception is increased. It burns one own Cosmo to a higher standard. Thus grant Light Speed movements, physical augmentation, more energy to command. One is able to farther explore its cosmo, and develop unique abilities through the 7th sense. 

8th & 9th sense:  The 8th level of consciousness and this power grants a human the ability to fully control his soul and go to the Kingdom of the Underworld and still be alive or any spiritual field. 

9th: The 9th sense lies farther beneath the 8th pervious ones. Its when a human or beings Cosmo reaches critical mass, and expends without limit. Yet is able to harness it, and transcend their power to a higher level of any cosmos. 

Special Techniques 

Cosmic Marionnetion: Minos wraps his opponent with strings of cosmo energy, entrapping and turning them into living, human marionnettes.  The Cosmic Marionettion is also able to control an enemy's technique and abilities as well and can be used against others by his will. The cosmetic threads are unbreakable though they are extremely hard to avoid and dodge since they're invisible to enemies eye. 

Gigantic Feathers Flap: Using his wings Minos creates an explosion of massive cosmetic energy, similar to a shock wave that expands in all directions, destroying everything in its path. This attack  standing at 1.2xE44 joules, and around half a trillion times that needed for unbinding the earth, with the temperature at the core reaching over 90 billion degrees Celsius. Further up the range.  This attack varies in destroying multiple stars at once. 

Divine Punishment: Minos  uses the Meikai Underworld Waves to summon the souls of the dead that attack the enemy with a powerful blast simultaneously. This attack destructive capacity is city wide. 


 "The Surplice of the Judge of the Underworld!"
 "The Surplice of the Judge of the Underworld!"

Minos' Surplice: Minos' surplice represents a Gryphon, the mythical creature often recognized as the King of Beasts in ancient folklore from several Western civilizations.  Minos Surplice holds a few unique traits to it, it's ridiculously stronger than any armor found on Earth and can withstand impacts from star level attacks. Perhaps multiple and is close to a galaxy tanker. It also holds various constellations such as the Leo, Aiolos, and Gemini which are a few representations of Griffon's who've died and became stars. Minos himself wears this surplice to conceal his form from imploding into a miniature star. The surplice is made from from unknown material from Hephaestus who resides in the Underworld. 
 Griffin Transformation
 Griffin Transformation

Minos without his armor has the ability to morph into a Griffon for an hour or more. This form grants him the ability to become the most feared beast in the world. He has talons capable of ripping reality and causing rifts in the air and as well has his wings that send hurricanes mixed with cosmetic energy that can destroy stars with ease. Though this Form has a time limit Minos himself has no control so he never intends on using it unless its a situation between life or death. His strength is that he's capable of collapsing islands through landing. The power and form was given from Hades himself he amplified Minos as you can see from the top pic. 
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@mydeathlyways: Nice character, It looks as if your not ready to give up the undead throne yet. :P
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@AntiRoX: Yup, though I switch to a less godly character than Hades. I'm the type to make arrogant and haughty characters.
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@mydeathlyways: Ya, I know you at you were Pride before. xDD
I was still online when you created Hades. :P
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@AntiRoX: I'm going to edit his powers right now. 
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@mydeathlyways: Ah ok. :o
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Anyone here to comment? 
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@mydeathlyways: Oh wow, nice update. o-o
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@AntiRoX: thanks
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@mydeathlyways: Your welcome. :)
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Looking good keep it up:)
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Awesome instead a god of the underworld now we have to fight someone who can control else like puppets.

P.S. can someone bump my profile so I can edit my character

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Done editing ^^
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