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The boy of steel!
The boy of steel!

Name: Daisuke Emiya 衛宮 ダイスケ  
Gender: Male  
Age:  20
Nationality: Japanese  
Hair: Red   
Eyes: Brown
Height: 182 cm  
Weight: 79 kg  
Classification: Human/Magus/Gemstone/ Hero of Justice
Home Residence: London , England (although presently he has temporally residence at the Ebsu Headquarters in Kyoto, Japan)
Group Affiliation: Magic Association, Ebisu

Young Magus who aspires to be a Hero of Justice. Daisuke is a honest guy and ready to help literally anyone in need. He's extremely selfless and doesn't mind being abused to work. He's genuinely kind but does not stand any injustice or evil deeds. Daisuke is secretly broken deep down after being the only survivor of a huge nightmarish disaster. He really has no self-respect and secretly blames himself for all the deaths on that certain event. Daisuke's powers are pretty unique and considered a Gemstone amongst the mages. He's able to copy any weapon he ever saw and reproduce them by the power of his magic.


 He still has plenty rooms for improvement, though.
 He still has plenty rooms for improvement, though.

Daisuke Emiya is a young man. He's slightly over 180 centimeters tall which makes him larger than the Japanese average, even compared to middle aged adults. He has brown eyes and short slightly messy rusty red hair. The latter often stands out but people usually write it down to hair dye and assume that Daisuke is some sort of delinquent. As strange as it sounds though, Daisuke's red hair is natural and he has no intention to hide it. He also possess slight Caucasian features that may point to Western heritage but since Daisuke doesn't remember his biological parents so he can't be sure. Daisuke is somewhat handsome but his dull and romantically oblivious personality is a turn off to most women. He also has no sense for fashion. Daisuke never keeps up with the current trends in fashion and prefers utility over the style. Although Rin's lectures in the past few years have been leading to a definite improvement in regards to Daisuke's wardrobe.  


Daisuke prefers to dress conservatively. He usually wears jeans with a simple T-shirt. He generally likes pastel colors that don't stand out too much. Daisuke is tall and has broad shoulders but his garments usually hide . He has a toned muscled physique that was trained under the stress of constant fighting and physical labor. Despite his usual appearance, the red-haired magus was through a lot. Wounds from slashes, cuts, burns, shrapnel, gunshots and things that  are better to left unexplained. Daisuke suffered all of them and they remained as a number of scars all over his body. The most noticeable of them is a large scar which is also a great a memento. It was caused by a spear impaled through Daisuke's heart and now serves as the reminder to the red-haired magus' vow to become a Hero of Justice. 




Theme Song:





Rin Tohsaka:

Rin Tohsaka
Rin Tohsaka



 Vincent Chevalier: 

 Vincent Chevalier
 Vincent Chevalier
Elite Executor of the Magic Association, the so-called "Grim Reaper". Vincent is a stoic, cold man who makes his decisions purely on logic and rationale. He forbids his emotions to interfere and he focuses solely on his objective. Vincent is well feared by both his enemies and allies alike. He'sa known supporter of the idea that the ends justify the means. On missions he fights with ruthless efficiency.  Despite the looks of it Vincent is a true warmonger who enjoys the thrill of battle. Vincent himself is an elite A+ class mage. He had learned many forms of magic, mastered to wield a number of various weapons and was  taught  countless fighting techniques. Vincent is a combatant with barely any equal. As such he developed the habit of holding back just to observe his opponent's full power. Vincent enjoys fighting new and strong enemies the best. Yet he always resists his bloodlust and upholds the laws of the Magic Association. Daisuke met Vincent since 4 years ago and came to respect the Executor's skill and ideals. Daisuke is one of the few people who realized the man behind the mask of the killing machine. While sworn to never show his emotions, Vincent has a soft heart. He loves his family and ready sacrifice his all to protect them. He's fighting to save the innocent and uphold the law. In Daisuke's eyes, Vincent is a true Hero of Justice. Latter the red-haired boy asked Vincent to train him in order to become much stronger. Ever since then Daisuke views Vincent as his mentor and one of his long-term goals is to surpass the Executor in power.
Callis Nomene: 
Crow Cemeterio: 


Physical Abilities:

Despite the usual appearances Daisuke has worked out quite a lot.
Despite the usual appearances Daisuke has worked out quite a lot.
Daisuke possess the physique of a regular human. He will bleed if he's cut and even die if he's killed (the latter part needs further confirmation, though). Without the assistance of magic Daisuke has the ability of an athletically fit man. His frequent battles over the past 4 years steeled the boy into a fighting machine with his body about to reach its absolute peak in physical capabilities. In addition Daisuke trains daily to remain in top condition any time. Despite that, Daisuke's real power lies within the use of his magic enhancements called Reinforcement. By applying magic force to his body Daisuke's physical prowess increases exponentially. The effect depends on how much Reinforcement magic Daisuke uses but on bare minimum it allows the red-haired magus to run at transonic speeds, hold up 5 tons of weight with a single arm and increase his physical toughness ten-fold. The magic power actively curses through his veins thus improving his immune system, allowing Daisuke to survive poisons and diseases that are normally lethal to humans. Furthermore, whilst Reinforced, the magus' body produces far less fatigure toxins thus allowing Daisuke to fight for much longer. In the past Daisuke had no real control over the output of his Reinforcements, making his physical abilities suddenly spike at random. But after undertaking the hellish training from the 'Grim Reaper' Vincent Chevalier, the red-haired boy is now in complete control of his magic. He can set the output of his Reinforcements at will, distributing the magic energy in his body parts unequally to concentrate on specific tasks. He can also focus his Reinforcements more on a certain attribute amongst the three important physical abilities of strength, speed and durability thus . At his current peak in Daisuke's speed can approach Mach 7. His strength at one point was enough to lift up a building with 3 stories in height. His body can also enhanced to be harder and more durable than steel to withstand highly explosive devices at point blank range. Although Daisuke at his present level cannot maintain these abilities for long. Overusing the Reinforcements still pose the threat of a rebound, resulting in dangerous consequences that can permanently scar the youth's body or at worst even kill him outright. As such Daisuke uses his Reinforcements sparringly, limiting his maximum output to only short bursts. 
Aside from the Reinforcements, Daisuke possess the ability of Innate Time Control. It allows Daisuke's brain to operate under accelerated space-time thus increasing his reactions, perceptions and thinking speed many fold. The effect is directly linked to Daisuke's sense of danger and dosage of adrenalin, only really working under the direct stress of combat. Even without his Reinforcements, Innate Time Control allows Daisuke to see bullets flying all the way towards him. But without the assitance of magic Daisuke lacks the physical ability to dodge bullets. Thanks to his encounter with the possessed Raseri Ruud and the subsequent journey to become stronger, Daisuke finally became aware of his Innate Time Control power thus allowing him to use it consciously in new unknown ways. Most notably Daisuke learned the Accelerator spell from Vincent Chevalier. By using Accelerator, Daisuke can expand the time-warping field to his entire body to increase his movement speed by many times. Although Accelerator drains considerable amount of magic energy and poses many risks if abused wrongly. For now Daisuke is limited to Double Accel (x2 increase) and only for the interval of 10 seconds with 10 seconds of cooldown period after each use. Otherwise he puts his body under similar risks as if overusing his Reinforcements. Still, using Accelerator in conjunction with Reinforcement is a terribly strong combination to behold. 

Magical Abilities:

The Magic Circuits as Daisuke mentally imagines them.
The Magic Circuits as Daisuke mentally imagines them.
 Daisuke is a magus, someone who can channel magic energy for various supernatural effects and spells. To cast spells Daisuke has to rely on his Magic Circuits. These are half-physical and half-spiritual channels ultimately connected to Daisuke's brain and spread through his entire body like a network. Magic Circuits are one of the most common ways to use magecraft. The circuits are essentially to both gathering and spending magic power. Generally, each circuit can only cast a single spell at the time and they have a certain limit to the magic energy they can store or unleash. Overstepping those bounds can pose the threat of breaking the Magic Circuit and releasing the stored magic power against the user's own body. Magic Circuits can also reject the interference of alien energies thus increasing the bearer's resistance to magic. The quality and quantity of Magic Circuits was said to determine the power of the mage. Currently, Daisuke has 64 normal quality Magic Circuits, every single one of them being capable of storing 10 units of magic energy each.  Although, Daisuke also has at least 64 sleeping Magic Circuits that are currently being inactive. With adequate training Daisuke may learn to awake the sleeping circuits to increase his magic power even further. Daisuke's magic power is above that of the average magus but still very weak compared to monstrously powerful mages like Vincent Chevalier. Furthermore, his circuits are unfit to control the 5 classical elements like air, fire, earth, water and ether. Instead Daisuke has high affinity with an unique element, often referred as the element of "sword". Daisuke is one of the rare magic users called "Gemstones". That means he possess unique abilities that are impossible to learn for regular mages. His ability of  "Tracing" is the product of his exotic affinity. Daisuke wasn't born to be a general mage but a specialist. Since the Magic Association rates people based on overall skill Daisuke is ranked as a C+ class mage. Yet as a specialized mage, he's already considered A class. Every magus has a certain activation phrase to release their magic power. It allows for greater concentration and focus. In Daisuke's case his activation phrase is: "Trace---ON!"


"Trace --- ON!"
"Trace --- ON!"
 The true talent of Daisuke Emiya, the ability to replicate any weapon after seeing them just once. Tracing is an unique variation of the Projection which is rather common amongst the mages. Projection or as otherwise called "Gradation Air" allows the magus to create objects from seemingly out of nothing. Despite how incredible it sounds, any object created through Projection is usually weak and hollow since the magus lacks the proper imagination to recreate the said object down to the last detail. Furthermore, since the object was created out of nothing they are considered phantasms, non-existing dreams that are gradually erased from reality with the passage of time. As such most mages consider Projections as a waste of magic power. But Daisuke is an exception. The young magus has no affinity with the 5 classic magic elements. Instead he possess the attribute of the "sword".  Daisuke has an unusual affinity with inanimate objects. As long as he has some reference he can create almost perfect Projections that can last for hours or even many days. Daisuke's real field of expertise is with weapons. He's strangely attracted to any weapon and the legends surrounding their owners. Tracing directly refers to Daisuke's most famous ability to conjure any kind of weapon from seemingly out of the thin air. Interestingly, Tracing is far more than just the recreation of the weapon's structure. The actual process can be divided to seven steps: 
  1. Judging the concept of creation
  2. Hypothesizing the basic structure
  3. Duplicating the composition of material
  4. Imitating the skill of its making
  5. Sympathizing with the experience of the weapon's growth
  6. Reproducing the accumulated years
  7. Excelling every manufacturing process
As the result Daisuke not only replicates the weapon's body but even its "soul". The weapon is almost like the exact duplicate of the original. It shares the same shape, material composition, experiences, history and special abilities like the original. As such it's entirely possible to replicate powerful mythical swords that possess the exact same special abilities. Furthermore, by the seven steps of Tracing Daisuke is allowed to take a peek inside the conscious of everyone involved with the weapon. He can experience the thoughts the creator once had in the weapon's making, he can remember the attacks and techniques performed by the weapon's original owner and he can see all the battles performed by the said weapon. To utilize all of this information, Daisuke developed a special skill, Memory Replay. Daisuke can access the skills and abilities fo the original owner to fight beyond his normal capacities. At first Memory Replay was hardly voluntary. Memory Replay only activated in case of grave danger. But since 6 months Daisuke managed to find a way to resonate his soul with the weapon on an even greater level. He had mastered Memory Replay to such level it became as natural as breathing to him. Despite that Daisuke Emiya still has a longshot away from truly mastering the art of Tracing.  Despite his increased control, his powers are still like a wildcard. Depending on many factors the effectiveness of Daisuke can easily increase or decrease. First of all, his level of imagination. Tracing is like Daisuke fighting a battle against himself. Unless he beleives in the power of his weapons, his Tracing is as good as useless. The moment his imagination clashes with the reality, his weapons break and cease to exist. Second, the strenght of memory Replay depends on Daisuke's affinity to the original owner. Stronger affinity allows him to access almost every skill and technique ever performed by the owner. Weak affinity results in the opposite. Although continuous use of the weapon can eventually strengthen Daisuke's level of affinity. Third, Tracing is far from an omnipotent power. While Daisuke may attempt to copy the original owner's speed, skills and strength it doesn't substitute raw power. Speaking of sheer magic energy, Daisuke's abilities doesn't get suddenly far greater. He just learns alternative ways to distribute his own energies. As such there are magical weapons that are too powerful for Daisuke to even consider using. One such example is VAPIMASDA commonly wielded by Vincent Chevalier.

Innate Time Control:

Secretly, Daisuke possess a second great talent. Innate Time Control. Inborn ability to manipulate the flow of time in a set boundary.   While the power to control time sounds like an incredible gift, Daisuke has barely any mastery over his ability. For the longest time the red-haired magus was unaware of his other unique ability. Even after he became self-aware of Innate Time Control, Daisuke had no way to properly regulate it.  Daisuke was born with a permanent barrier of time-space surrounding his conscious. It disconnects his brain from the regular flow of time-space and allow him to think at accelerated speeds, on a rate up to many times above the norm. At peaceful times, the barrier around his conscious synchronizes with the real world, creating the allusion as if the red-haired magus turned its power off. Yet under the increased stress of battle, Daisuke's Innate Time Control kick into an overdrive, accelerating the magus's perceptions and reactions many-fold in an instant. Even without using Reinforcements to increase his senses, Daisuke is capable of seeing bullets flying all the way. Despite being in the heat of intense combat, Daisuke has the ability to think out long complicated thoughts under a fraction of a second. Durthermore, since Daisuke's mind is dislocated from the regular flow of times-pace, most forms of telepathy and mental attacks are nearly useless against him. To reach Daisuke's conscious you first need to overcome  a barrier of time-space to effect the red-haired mage.



  While it sounds great, Daisuke has almost no skill at time-space magecraft. Technically, he isn't even aware that he possess this ability. As oblivious as he is, Innate Time Control still has some merits to him. Ever since birth Daisuke has a passive barrier put around his mind which dislocates his thoughts from the normal flow of spacetime. That gave him two advantages. First, at times of stress Daisuke's mind works on accelerated spacetime which translates to impossible thinking speed. He can analyze an attack the moment after it were made or have long trails of thoughts in the matter of seconds . The other effect is on Daisuke's reflexes. His accelerated mind can react far faster than normal and perceive high-speed attacks coming at his direction. Both features are somehow completely normal to Daisuke and regularly shows up in combat. Innate Time Control also played an essential role for developing his Reality Marble, Unlimited Blade Works.

Eye of the Mind:

Daisuke was never considered bright amongst his peers. His grades were about average and his naivety was even more apparent in school. Yet in combat situations he transforms into a real tactical genius. The explanation is his unconscious power, Innate Time Control. In stressed state his thought process accelerates many-fold which translates rather well for fighting. The ability to think calmly and deduce all the possible scenarios logically is called Eye of the Mind. It's a skill almost bordering precognition and lets Daisuke to read the situation even in the heat of most intense combat. His mind works like an organic battle-computer which constantly analyzes the enemy and his surroundings to prepare for the best course of action. If there's even 1% chance of success, Daisuke can make a comeback.

Unlimited Blade Works:


Known Weapons

Daisuke has no armament of his own. He possess none yet carry infinite number of weapons, Unlimited Blade Works. Amongst the lot he has a few preferred arms in use for combat. These are usually legendary weapons with famous wielder and usually have one or two special abilities to use.

Kanshou and Bakuya:

Kanshou (right) and Bakuya (left)
Kanshou (right) and Bakuya (left)

Curved twin blades representing the Yin and Yang. The original were made by the mythological Chinese craftsman Gān Jiàng whose wife gave her life in order to reinforce the steel. The two swords are almost identical, differing only in their symbol and color patterns. Kanshou is the black blade with the Yang symbol while Bakuya has white design with the symbol of Yin. These twin swords are Daisuke's favorite and the weapons fitting his fighting style the best. The blades are enchanted with charms against demons and deal extra damage on monstrous creatures. Their design has unusual resistance to direct magic attacks as well which allows Daisuke to literally parry spells shot at him. Kanshou and Bakuya has such a strong connection they never separate from each other. Even if the wielder were lost either blade it's going to come back sooner or later. Daisuke abuses this feaute in his Crane Wing style which consist of throwing away his swords like deadly boomerangs. It also worth noting that Kanshou and Bakuya are in fact incomplete weapons. Their oirignal creators put a seal on them which can only be released once the user sacrafices the



The legendary sword of King Roland that aided him to defeat the Moors. It's a high class Holy Sword said to be completely unbreakable. Originally the personal weapon of Hector from the Trojan wars, it was modified to fit the paladin's needs. They reforged the blade and made it blessed by holy rituals and the prayers of the entire country. Like the famous Excalibur being the manifestation of all British hopes and dreams, Durandal represents the wishes of the entire Christianity. As such it developed an overbearing conceptual nature of indestructibility. Regardless of the force, Durandal would never break. Daisuke also found a way to abuse that power to his advantage. By overloading the sword with mana he can perform an attack which is able to cut through almost anything. The abundance of magic power transforms Durandal's blessing into the a curse paradox. Since no matter the circumstances Durandal cannot break, the blessing causes the object in contact with the sword to be destroyed instead. This is an extremely potent attack but it possess a few drawbacks. First, it cannot pass strong magic barriers or other obstructions without any material substance. Second, enchanted objects with conceptual power at least half of Durandal's can resist the effect. Third, the large mana requirements prevent Daisuke to use this attack repeatedly. Perhaps despite these Durandal is a strong and very useful sword. Daisuke often refers to it as his most trustworthy weapon.

Rho Aias:

Rho Aias in action
Rho Aias in action

The ultimate conceptual shield against all projectiles. It was supposed to be the mighty shield of Telmonian Ajax, hence its name Rho Aias (Shield of Ajax). The shield manifests in the form of 7 flower-like petals of energy that nullifies any ranged attack on contact. While described as a shield, Rho Aias is more like a conceptual attack against ranged assault which makes the attacks simply case to exist. While it may sound godly, Rho Aias has several limitations. First, Daisuke cannot maintain the shield forever. The magic consumption of Rho Aias is simply too intense. Generally he only keeps it up for a few seconds. Second, Rho Aias can only protect against ranged attacks. The conceptual defense has no effect on anything else. Meaning melee attacks can effortlessly pass through the shield. Third, strong enough conceptual power can off set Rho Aias. The shield cannot block magics and supernatural forces greater than itself. The shield can protect Daisuke from a colony laser yet fail to intercept the same power from a magic attack. On the other hand it's wrong to think Rho Aias can only protect Daisuke from one direction. While it certainly offers more protection from the front, the petals also generate an invisible field with the same quality as Rho Aias to form a safe haven. The field protects Daisuke from both ranged attacks and side effects originating from ranged attacks, ie.: explosions. Despite its usefulness, Daisuke uses Rho Aias as one of his trump cards and item of last resort.

[more to come...]

Fighting Style




- Structural Scan: Ability to analyze an object and understand its complicated structure. With concentration Daisuke can "see" the internal design of about any item of his choosing. Structural scan is similar to a magical X-ray and projects the detailed image of the target inside Daisuke's brain. Interestingly, the spell works on both animate and inanimate objects, although the former is much higher in complexity. Strangely though Daisuke is somehow always aware of his own physical condition, so much he can instantly give a percentage rating on the health of each of his organs.

- Reinforcement: Ability to infuse objects with magic energy, improving them in the progress. By filling up the various weak spots the magic "strengthens" one or a few attributes of the target. Reinforcement can for example harden metals, make a rubber stretch further or even "reinforce" the transparency of a window. The spell can improve any attribute as long as the effects aren't too complex. Although Reinforcment has a limit. Overdosing an object with magic may do the opposite and destroying it in the process. That's why Daisuke must first scan the object to understand its limits and structure. It's worth noting that Reinforcement works on both inanimate and animate object, the later obviously being more difficult. Despite that Daisuke often uses Reinforcement on himself to increase his stats to superhuman levels.

- Overload: Dangerous technique used only at special situations. Daisuke consciously overcharges an object with his Reinforcement magic to increase its destructive ability many fold. The weapon cannot bear the magic above its normal capacity for long and usually explodes after the first hit, generating additional destruction. This is an ability only possible to Daisuke thanks to his virtually limitless number of spare weapons.

- Structural Alteration: Ability to alter the structure of an existing object. Compared to reinforcement it costs more magic. It usually has two stages. On stage one the change is only superficial. The object holds the same qualities and the result is technically similar to an optic illusion. On stage two though the object's structure is drastically changed, producing a new item with new properties in the process. Although regardless of the stage the effects of Structural Alteration are only temporally. After the magic energy was cut off the object slowly reverts into its original form.

- Projection: Ability to materialize objects out of nothingness. The creations are made of magic power and formed by the user's imagination. As such these tend to be hollow and very unstable. Aside from creating cheap replicas for rituals the projections are usually of little use. Yet surprisingly Daisuke can form projections with remarkable accuracy and stability. His creations are usually close to the original and can remain for hours if not days. It's likely thanks to Daisuke's talents and the secrets of Unlimited Blade Works.

- Tracing: Better than anything Daisuke is specialized to project weapons. Using tracing Daisuke can copy any weapon with extreme detail, even if he only saw them for the first time. By recreating both the weapon's structure and "soul" his projections also keep the special abilities of the original. The energy requirement for tracing depends on the weapon's power, size and complexity. Daisuke is the best used to summon hand-held weapons but technically tracing an entire tank is far from impossible, even if extremely impractical.

- Memory Replay: By recreating both the weapon's body and "soul" Daisuke can also access its "memories". He can get glimpses on the experiences and skills of the previous owner, allowing him to copy their style. Physical abilities and powers are usually also replicated to let Daisuke mimic their movements as good as possible. Many of Daisuke's projected weapons are legendary owned by a famous hero with power and skills far above him. Memory replay essentially allows him tap into the power of these heroes and overcome his enemy. Although regretfully Daisuke has yet to master this ability. It's rare for him to consciously activate memory Replay and instead it usually only works when Daisuke's life is in danger. The boy must still rely on his own strength during the majority of his fights.

General Techniques:

- Rain of Swords: By tracing weapons en masse, Daisuke can launch them like a volley of projectiles. Like mystic rockets these swords travel at extreme speed and power. Their speed is at least comparable to high caliber bullets and their destructive power is often the same or even more powerful than a modern tank shell. In addition the majority of Daisuke's swords possess some sort of magic ability, making them potentially dangerous even if someone can withstand the strength of the barrage. Since Daisuke has 32 Magic Circuits, his present limit is maximum 32 weapons per volley, given these are relatively simple in design. Sword Rain can target multiple enemies or can be focused on a single target for an overwhelming barrage.

- Cage of Swords: More advanced application of mass-tracing. By summoning weapons all around his opponents Daisuke can surround them in an almost unavoidable barrage. Aside from that the technique has the same features as the Sword Rain.

- Stealth Blades: By using Structural Alteration Daisuke can camouflage the swords as parts of the terrain. That way he can keep them hidden until unleashing the weapons in the most unexpected situation. In short this is the stealth version of the Sword Rain. People with considerable magic skill or extremely fine magic senses may see through the technique and detect the hidden swords before they were unleashed.

- Army of Blades: Advanced technique still in development phase. Daisuke summons multiple swords or other weapons and takes directly control over them. Like an invisible army the swords engage Daisuke's enemies in combat. This is a technique to fight an opposing group or overwhelm a single enemy with an army of swords. At the current stage this technique is still incomplete and presumably requires Daisuke to fully master the Memory Replay.

- Body of Steel: Dangerous skill used to prolong the battle. By tracing swords and fusing them with his flesh Daisuke can temporally replace his lost organs or body parts. The process is extremely dangerous and painful as Daisuke transforms the swords into his own living tissues. Despite it's looks though the Body of Steel isn't healing but instead similar to creating magic prosthetics. The effects lasts as long as Daisuke has magic energy and can maintain his concentration. In case of knockout, the Body of Steel technique automatically cancels, leaving Daisuke exhausted and likely in a grievously injured state.

Weapon Techniques:

Kanshou & Bakuya

- Step I. - Crane Wing: Special skill that abuses Kanshou and Bakuya's attraction power. Daisuke traces his twin swords and throws them at the enemy. The blades are spinning like super-powered circular saws that enhances their deadliness even further. Yet the first attack was just a lure. Daisuke's intention is usually for them to either miss or being deflected. Following his throw Daisuke traces another set of kanshou and Bakuya and either throws them or engages the opponent in melee. But the second attack is also a distraction and Daisuke intends to lock his opponent in close combat. Meanwhile the previously thrown swords return like deadly boomerangs, usually flying straight for the enemy's back. The returning Kanshous and Bakuyas move at speed twice of what they were originally thrown which makes them even more difficult to dodge. The end result is that Daisuke's enemy must fight back 2-3 sets of swords coming from multiple directions at once, aiming to overwhelm the opponent with the sheer number of attacks.

- Step II. - Crane Wing Set: More advanced version of the familiar Crane Wing move. As its name implies the technique first needs Daisuke to have many sets of Kanshous and Bakuyas lying around his opponent. That way Daisuke set up a hidden trap and met the requirements for this special move. Following that daisuke traces a new set of kanshou and bakuya and charges at the enemy. With a bit of delay all inactive Kanshous and Bakuyas suddenly come flying to completely surround the opponent and attack him from all directions. With Daisuke locking his opponent in melee it's almost impossible to dodge this technique.

- Step III. - Overedge: Rarely used finishing move usually applied while the opponent is distracted by Crane Wing. Using reinforcement magic and repeated projections the seals on Kanshou and Bakuya are partially undone. The blades suddenly grow twice of their size while their power also increases drastically. The swords bear overwhelming power which is comparable splitting an entirely mountain in half. Yet that strength concentrates in a small area, preventing collateral damage. Unfortunately Overedge consumes great amounts of magic and the blades disappear after the first successful attack. As such Daisuke rarely relies on this technique but keeps it as one of his hidden trump cards.


- Shield Breaker: Special technique in which Daisuke overloads Durandal with magic energy. Since Durandal is a sword that cannot break it results in a paradox which transforms the weapon's blessing into an one-time curse. Anything the Durandal touches will "break" allowing it to cut through almost any material and even magic shields. Only something with at least half of Durandal's conceptual power can resist the curse, given it's strong enough to also withstand the strength of Daisuke's attack.

- Sword Shield: By using Structural Alteration on Durandal, Daisuke can temporally transform the sword into an indestructible shield to block opposing attacks. Although its nigh impossible to harm Daisuke through this shield, its size is insufficient to cover even half of his body. As such it cannot protect against attacks with wide area of effect or strikes from other direction than Daisuke's shield.

[more to come...]


Aside from weapons and shields, Daisuke often wields various magic equipment to either boost his combat performance or otherwise aid him in work. The majority of these are magic jewels given by Rin.

- Crimson Pendant : large ruby gem pendant worn under Daisuke's shirt. It was a gift given by Rin after Daisuke completed his jewel magecraft training. The Crimson Gem contains 2 years worth of Rin's entire magic power and Daisuke can use it as a sort of emergency battery. The pendant also possess a special ability which is presently unknown.

- Universal Tongue Emerald: Magical jewel and another gift from Rin Tohsaka. By connecting the gem into Daisuke's magic circuits he can speak the universal language, an ancient form of language existed before the Tower of Babel incident. With the universal language Daisuke can understand the words of anyone, even if they are from a faraway country. Also it allows him to speak in a way it could be understood regardless of the language of his speech partner. Universal Tongue Emerald is a very

- Jeweled Hawk: Enchanted fake gems that can turn into Daisuke's familiars. The creature is usually a bird (in Daisuke's case: a hawk) and while it possess no combat potential the familiars are excellent scouts. By merging his consciousness with the familiar Daisuke can see through the eyes of his Jeweled Hawk allowing to spy out areas from a safe distance. Unlike the majority of his gems, the Jeweled Hawks are the creations of Daisuke

- Combat jacket: Long brown jacket or overcoat worn by Daisuke in serious combat situations. The inside layer of the jacket is covered in red burial cloth that blocks interference from powers other than Daisuke's. That, combined with various enhancements offer a limited protection to him, especially against curses and other magic afflictions. Although his jacket cannot block anything above mid levels, at least not without Daisuke actively trying to counteract the magic. In addition to the magic defenses, the jacket also has a middle layer of Kevlar to fend off most kinds of small arms fire. In special situations Daisuke can also reinforce the fabric to withstand even more physical punishment.

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I wonder how this will turn out. I always liked Paladin.
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@Raseri: Well, technically Paladin's determinator  and such scenes were partially inspired by Emiya Shirou, the exact same character I base Daisuke on.
I think you'll be satisfied with this new char.:)

He's more naive, less serious but even more hotblooded than Gottfried ever was.:p
Post by Raseri (2,534 posts) See mini bio Level 12
@paladin: That's good. This Paladin will be a good opponent or friend etc. for rebooted Creer :P
Post by Sonata (36,246 posts) See mini bio Level 20
@paladin: Looking good so far.
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,185 posts) See mini bio Level 14
@paladin:  When I said an element I meaned a elemental force, if you want a weapon related one you should take a metallic one Even fictional metal as Adamantium and Mithril count as elements of the Metal family)
Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
@Kuma_From_Argentina: Nah, his ability is going to be very similar to the original Emiya Shirou. I think it needs no more explanation for now.
I think we can squarely drop the idea about faint Magus lineage then.:p
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,185 posts) See mini bio Level 14
@paladin:  okay, as you like
Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
I wanted to expand on the background but something made me scratch the entire idea.
Well, later.

Anyways, added some new powers to Daisuke. I'm halfway done with those. 
Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Update again!
My powers section is almost complete.
I leave the story for the next week.
On the second thought I don't want Daisuke to be just my fan-flavored version of Emiya Shirou. I will add something unique.
Post by Lobos_Del_Rayo (2,915 posts) See mini bio Level 12

The more and more that is added to this character the more and more I like him
Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Small update.
Added "Appearance" section.
Also added two new weapons to Daisuke, Durandal and Rho Aias.
Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
New Update!
Major edits on the powers.
Daisuke's abilities remained mostly unchanged but I changed the layout and added more information.
Now there are Powers, Weapons, Fighting Style, Techniques and Equipment sections.
Added tons of techniques. Some of them are old while others were secret till now.
Continuing this stuff tomorrow.
Post by Raseri (2,534 posts) See mini bio Level 12
Post by this_is_riddle (201 posts) See mini bio Level 10

Bump :)

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