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Real Name: has none

Wt: 170 lbs

Ht: 5'11"

Aliases: Currently goes by the name of Jack

Real Age: 1063 years

Appearance: he wears a white cloak and a silver mask

Power level: 3


In the middle ages a group of 20 mages attempted to bring their dead leader back to life, Death did not like allow the spell to succeed and the spell backfired and turned all the mages to ash. These ashes than combined into Jack. He walked out of the cave where he was born and wandered into a a nearby farm. He was taken in, and for a few years was an exceptional farmhand due to his physical abilities.

He was caught up in the witch hunts, the farm was burned down as was the top half of his face. Incidentally that town was wiped of the face of the earth, as was any record of anyone living there.

He traveled for a few years, learning more and more about acting human. He eventually ended up in Italy and traveled with an explorer into Asia. He stayed behind in China, eventually meeting the man who would teach him magic. He spent a lifetime learning from the man, this was when he noticed that he did not age. One night he found his master hanging from a tree and a note that said 'I have taught you everything, now pass it on.' After the burial Jack, who at the time was called Lee, took on a student. After teaching the student everything his master had taught him, he faked his death and went to Europe.

He was next seen in England as one on the King's body guards He had full mastery of his abilities and many would be assassin's were killed as a result. He was there in the room when the king eventually died of old age, that was when he first met death. Death gave him the job of killing those who had become immune to dying from old age, he never saw death again after being given this purpose.

He quickly learned that most immortals had used their eternity to acquiring enemies and became an assassin. He funded his minimalist life with these contracts, the average job pay lasted him an upwards of 20 years. His first Job was rather difficult, the church had asked him to kill the leader of a pagan group in Spain, this leader was very good with fire, Jacks first attempt to kill him ended in disaster, with his clothes and bow burned and him buried six feet under. After waking up and eventually digging himself out he tried a different approach. He had a better sense of what has in the air than most people, and when he blew out a candle, he noticed that it was carbon dioxide that was dousing the fire. Armed with this knowledge he met the flame wielder again. This time the flames did not reach him, and this time he killed the man, using his bare hands.

The money from this bounty went into research, he went to many magical libraries and sanctuaries, learning the art of enchanting. With some help he forged his suit of armor, light as a feather and yet as strong as the strongest steel. He also developed a magical storing system, he could now fire one arrow and have a hundred fly towards his opponents. His sword was not forged by him, he found it when he went to Grease, inside the tomb of a Spartan king. It was supposedly forged by the ancient gods, Jack was not entirely sure he believed that, what he did know was that the sword like him. It became white hot in the hands of everyone else.

His wings were also not of his design, he went to Italy during the height of the renaissance and met a man named Leonardo. His design was genius but it wouldn't work under most wind conditions, Jack's mastery of the wind made them rather usefull. Jack stuck with the man until his death, he was an interesting friend and he singlehandedly created Jack's sense of humor. A few enchantments later and he had wings.

He gained his bow in a roman market, and he also had his first look at gunpowder. He disliked guns, they were loud and they were predictable. An arrow could be tweaked, enchanted and arced. However gunpowder was more interesting, a small amount caused a great explosion. Perhaps it was then that Jack discovered his pyromaniac tendencies.

Jack had some simple jobs that funded his research into explosives, he was always well ahead of his time. His contracts weren't particularly notable, and then during world war one he met the first of what would eventually become his group, a female vampire named Carmilla. She was not the vampire from the book, she was much older. Somewhere on the order of 2000 years. She has the same contract Jack did, to kill a 500 year old french officer. They teamed up and split the money, they also both agreed to avoid murdering each other in the future.

Jack met the third member of his group in hell. Dracula had a contract on him and his castle was in hell at the time. The easiest way to enter hell is to kill an evil ghost and follow it, with silver daggers in hand Jack killed the ghost of Atilda the Hun and followed it in. Accept he ended up in the wrong realm. A realm of complete darkness, he walked out and had a kid attached to his leg.

[High Flight] Jack Vs Atlas

Jack met Atlas at an anime convention, he was there to purchase some magical items because anime convention make for a good place to buy things. There was a commotion in one of the bathrooms, he asked a nearby cybernetic Lan Fan cosplayer about what was happening. There was a dead man in the bathroom who had been partially eaten. Jack found the cannibal in a corner, injecting something into himself. Jack confronted the kid, who turned out to be named Atlas and got a lightning bolt sent his way for his trouble. JAck stalled for time until the convention hall was evacuated. JAck used his lightning rods to counter the lightning blasts but Atlas switched to using a fire plasmid and combined that with an Aerosol can. Jack doused the fire on the Lan Fan cosplayer and then jumped towards Atlas.

Atlas used another plasmid to throw a vending machine at him, Jack blew it up and then grabbed Atlas by the hand. Atlas backed up and after giving Jack a hint about his past, and then dropped an airplane engine on to Jack. Jack cut the thing in half from the inside, at that point his minions had purchased the convention hall, so Jack let lose with the explosions that he had laid all over the place. Atlas then tried to take it hand to hand. While he was a competent street fighter Jack had centuries of taining. He used some drunken fighting techniques to grab a vail from Atlas's belt and then used his sonic screwdriver to find out its origin. Jack unearthed Atlas's extreme instability about his past.

Jack became a lot more precise. Atlas compensated by grabbing a wire and using it to power himself up. He sped into Jack and managed to stab a knife through Jack's armor. Then Atlas made the mistake of threatening Jack's minions, Jack aimed to stab Atlas. Jack drew blood but could not due much damage for fear of an electric shock. Jack then tried a resengan but Atlas dodged the brunt of the blow. Atlas then took the Lan Fan cosplayer hostage. He used the situation to escape, leaving Jack injured and the cos-player in need of medical help. Jack let Atlas get away and took the cos-player to the hospital. There he got another recruit.

[Initiation]Jack vs Emerald

Jack wished to join the group known as Ebisu, so an initiation of sorts was in order, where he would get tested and he would test them. His opponent was Emerald, a girl who was a cheerful as she was powerful. Using her abilities with tarrot cards she easily blocked Jack's opening wind blasts, much to her own surprise. Jack was uneasy with fighting someone who did not know their own power and convinced her to switch to something else. So she gave herself golden armor and some swords. They fought with Jack using wind blasts and different swords from throughout Europe's history. She was clearly faster so Jack set a smoke bomb to compensate. He planned on using the smoke and his abilities to mask his location, unfortunately after getting one decent hit on her, she decided to take thing up a notch and unleash a wall of flames. Jack found himself unable to douse the flames so he decided to just jump through them. Discarding his cloak he lept through the flames and though he was grievously injured he had his sword at Emerald's throat. They shook hands and he was now a member of Ebisu.

Violent Storm! (Masako Vs Jack)

Masako attacked the NHK building and killed everyone inside except for a single girl. Jack was asked by the Japanese police commander to handle the situation. Jack attempted to fight Masako and heal the one girl he had left alive. Masako used his powers to crush Jack and to kill the girl. Trapped under 20 tons of pressure Jack made an attempt to kill Masako by creating a fireball with his powers. The attempt did not work and Masako absorbed Jack's memories and left.

Wizarding School Of What The Hell

Jack found himself awake in Hogwarts Castle as the Defense against the dark arts teacher. He found it entertaining at first, him having been a fan of Harry Potter, so he decided to go to class and begin teaching, it was a lesson on Bogarts. He let one of his students, Retrais, go first. Retrais attempted to stop his fear with explosions and when that didn't work he used the correct spell. Jack decided to give Retrais private lessons on counter spells.

That night the two met in an empty classroom and began their lesson, Jack decided to see how Retrais would react to a water spell, the answer turned out to be by superheating it which was dangerous to both of them. Jack heard something that interested him being said outside. It turned out to be Crow and Caius who he called in for a conversation, they explained that the world of Hogwarts was a dream that had pulled them all in and that Caius was the target of an assassination. Before he could learn anymore they were attacked by a dragon.

They all fought the dragon and eventually worked together to take it down and the next morning Jack was given the job of finding out who released the dragon. Caius was his best lead but when jack went to confront him he found that he had been kidnapped.

Jack found himself slowly losing his grip on Hogwarts, he wandered the halls for a while, after a talk with a figment of his imagination Jack found himself fighting death eaters alongside Crow. He took a short cut to get to Caius, an apparition of Carmilla gave him his sword. Jack found Caius torturing his brother Caine and decided to knock him out, he then got into a fight with Caine's demon butler. Jack won and incapacitated him.

He brought Caius, Caine and the demon to the hospital wing, where he met a figure from his past again. Miracle was there supposedly as another student. The two of them made their report on the day's events to the headmaster and then headed down to the great hall in order to run a dueling class.

Crow came in the middle of class and challenged Jack to a duel. Jack demonstrated that the dream world was collapsing but the two of them battled anyway. It was more of a friendly spar than an actual duel but both of them brought their full powers to bear. Crow's speed and skill in physical combat gave him an advantage but Jack countered through raw technique and greater knowledge of the universe. Jack ended the duel by using the spell of awakening, and he had a new companion, Miracle's soul had taken residence in Jack's body.

All hell breaks loose and time skip.

Jack first reaction the the invasion had been to secure Japan from mass teleportation, then he had flown to Australia where a metahuman was needed most. He had expected to fight a battle to retake Canbera, instead Newdeath had decided to stamp him out with the power of a nuclear bomb. He managed to deduce what was about to happen a few minutes before he did and flew far enough away that he was blasted out to sea rather than vaporized. He flew back and for a while fought in the outback. He eventually made his way to Sydney and fought the god of fiction, Atahilia along side Guerra. That particular fight ended with very little accomplished.

Afterwards he returned to Ebisu, which was now without its leader. He decided to be more honest with its remaining members, introducing them to Carmilla and Sarah. Over the years he watched his powerbase diminish due to the combined influence of Kuro and the count. However all of this was mitigated by the fact that Carmilla had chosen to be a more consistent part of Jacks life, admittedly it was because of mortal fear of her old master but it was nice none the less.

The women in Jack's Life

Carmilla, Anette, Miracle, Mariam and Korra. He was responsible for one's madness, led another to her death, failed to save the life of one of them, killed another in cold blood and had been forced to seal one inside an endless dream


Air Magic

  • Flight- He can do it easily with his wings, and with great difficulty without. He can also jump rather high
  • Air manipulation- His most useful trick, move around the components of the air in order to choke out fires or add to them.
  • Air blast- A simple air blast, used if he needs more space
  • Debris tornado- Gather around all the shrapnel created during a fight swirl it around him at high speeds. Good for defense
  • similarly he has used sand to jam up machinery
  • He also knows some enchantment and basic healing magic.
  • Resengan- Jack copied the move from the tv show using his own magic.


  • The sword's original form was spartan sword
  • it can change form as the user desires, appearing as anything from a broadsword to a katana to a mace, can not change its mass
  • It's ability to disappear and reappear in an instant has some interesting combat uses

Physical abilities

  • He has the strength to pick up a small car
  • His reaction time is superhuman but his real skill is his perception. If someone where to fire a gun at him, he would see where the gun is aiming and react before the gun was even fired
  • He can heal rather quickly from most wounds and if his life is threatened he can use up all his magic for an emergency heal


  • Explosives- All with differing properties
  • Sonic weaponry for deafening enemies
  • Flash bombs for blinding enemies
  • Smoke bombs for distracting enemies
  • Stink bombs for destroying an enemies sense of smell
  • Garlic- tasty and handy
  • wires- magically reinforced with many uses.
  • emps- they temporarily shut down machines
  • A sonic screw driver- Jack brought one from a friend who had defictionalized it. It still did not do wood.
  • Zeo Crystal- an infinite energy generator given to him by Raseri

Lan Fan

Real Name: unknown

Wt: 300 lbs due to cybernetics

Ht: 5'4"

Aliases: Lan Fan

Real Age: Her human parts are about 20

Appearance: wears cosplay gear or bulky clothing to hide the cybernetics.

Employer: Jack

Power level: 1


Her memories begin at the age of 15 at comiccon. She was sitting at the coffee shop near the con, drinking something with a bit of vanilla in it. She was also dressed in full cosplay gear. And she was utterly alone. She had no friends, no family, and no memories. She was not sure how she got there. Actually she did not completely lack memories, she remembered every book, movie and tv show that she had seen and read. She knew exactly what tropes fit her.

She went into an empty bath room to try to solve this issue in quiet. It was there that she noticed that part of her body felt heavier than the rest. She took off here shirt and mask to see what the problem was, it turned out to be cybernetics. Her right eye was fake, and her left arm was mechanical with circuitry extending into her chest. Her entire bottom half was also the same sort of cybernetics. What had happened to 2/3 of her body was unknown to her.

So she decided to put the cosplay gear back on and go to the convention in the hope that someone would recognize her. While she got many comments about her well done costume, she got none about who she might have been. The $100 she had on hand was bolstered by $500 dollars that she found in a wallet. She used these to keep herself fed for the next few months while she wandered new york. She spent a lot of time in the public library looking at missing persons lists but she never found herself.

Then she got a lucky break, she stole a Macbook from a guy at a coffee shop and ran into a barnes and noble. She now had a chance to test something, on her arm there was a usb port and she wondered what it would do. She connected herself to the computer and suddenly a bunch of windows opened and a lot of information was suddenly downloaded into her brain. It was mostly information on superhumans and the location of a car. The car was a van and the key was her left index finger. The car had a bed, a few weapon's and some computers, and a lot of cash. It was enough to keep her fed and clothed.

She also used it to buy manga and dvds, she had an odd obsession with fiction mostly because those were her only memories, she also used the van to travel to conventions. It went on like this for 3 years before she went to one convention that would change her life.

[High Flight] Jack Vs Atlas

It wasn't a particularly big con, she was there doing what she usually did, posing for pictures, buying Doujins and listening in on radio signals. She rather liked listening to the radio, especially police signals, there was a lot of strange things on there. The one she heard that day though had to take a record in disturbingness. A man was found in the bathroom with signs of cannibalism.

A man came up to her and asked what was going on, she didn't give a straight answer until the man commented on how her arm was actually fake. She told him what was happening and she told him, he told her his name, Jack the wind mage. He asked her to record what was about to happen and to help evacuate the place if it came to that.

She went through whatever part of her brain controlled her cybernetics and found that she could indeed record what ever her left eye saw. She recorded the rather explosive match between Jack and a boy calling himself Atlas and streamed it to several bounty hunting channels.

She also helped evacuations once the lightning started flying, she stayed around for what was an awesome fight, it got less awesome when Atlas blasted electricity into her spine and she blacked out.

She woke up in a hospital bed, Jack came in and offered her a job.


  • She is a decent martial artist and her cybernetics back a solid punch
  • she can record anything she sees or hears
  • she can "Zoom- In" with her right eye.
  • Her legs are also cybernetic, this allows her superhuman levels of parkour ability.
  • She is a good pick pocket
  • She is also good at picking locks.
  • calling her aim stormtropper level bad would be a compliment.


Real name: Carmilla

Wt: 120 lbs

Ht; 6'2"

Real Age: 5000

Appearance: A tall woman, pale who looks about 20 and has purple hair

Power Level: 4

Alignment :Extremely Chaotic


One of her many outfits
One of her many outfits

She was born in Egypt, the child of a Greek trader and his slave. The master took pity on his love child and treated her as his daughter, taking her around the Mediterranean with him. By the age of twelve she had seen most of the known world and had become a shrewd business woman, something her father took advantage of. No one ever suspected the Egyptian looking girl and so they revealed secrets around her, secrets her father used to build his business empire. By the time she was twenty she was the heiress of one of the largest and richest trading fleets in the Mediterranean.

Of course she would not officially inherit it, that honor went to her "younger brother," Cleon. A boy who was not strong or clever enough to run the company. When father died he stayed in Greece as a figure head while Carmilla traveled around actually running things, she was the one to seal deals over wine and the one to beguile officials into seeing things the companies way. Her sudden death was one of the many reasons the company failed.

She was last seen alive boarding a ship from Sicily, filled with grain and heading for Athens. The pieces of the ship had washed up a month later with no signs of its important passenger. Unknown to all there had been a stowaway on the ship, an old Turk who had decided he liked the young Carmilla. He hid within a box that was meant to contain grain and waited. Once the ship was at sea the man started the process of killing the crew. He went at them, one a night always choosing the most theatrical way to kill. He left one man hanging in the mast's rigging, another was pushed out of the crows nest and died after falling though the deck, the cook was drowned in a barrel of wine. The girl he left for last, killing everyone around her first. Then he trapped the girl in her own room, leaving her in the dark with no food, no water, and no hope. He waited, allowing her to suffer for days from thirst and hunger and then, when she was on the brink of death, he came in and took her.



Twilight in Paris

The night began quite peacefully, she woke up in the hotel room as the sun was going down, ordered a rather unique breakfast, and kidnapped the valet so that she had a companion for the night. At the tower the werewolf known as Jay Dox challenged her to a battle. She accepted with glee.

At first while the sun was still setting she was loosing. Jay countered her attack with a shock wave and then punched straight through her. Then the night began and they both assumed their full power. Jay unleashed a sonic airblast, Carmilla turned to smoke in order to avoid it but the valet, Sarah got the full brunt of it. Carmilla reformed as a witch and attempted to heal her, however the mixing of blood caused a peculiar reaction in Sarah. She suddenly bit Carmilla in the neck, transforming into a Chevalier. Carmilla struggled for the next portion of the fight since Sarah's transformation had drained too much blood from her. She used shadow travel to retreat, Sarah meanwhile had acquired two humans as food for her mistress.

Reengergized, Carmilla jumped back into the fight only to be cut in half. She could have gone on longer but the French police had arrived with the french military soon to follow. She decided to put on a little performance for the police, pretending to be dead in Sarah's arms. The police believed that they were merely defenseless girls attacked by a vicious monster.

Jay was given the opportunity to flee but unfortunately for him his dad had chosen to take over. He decided to climb up the tower. Carmilla, who was having a conversation in an ambulance with Sarah, saw this and went out in full vampire mode to investigate. Jay's father attempted a powerful fire based move, Carmilla jumped up to meet him in the air, her sword absorbing the heat of the attack. Jay's father's control of his son ended and Carmilla had a collapsed werewolf to deal with. Since his blood was disgusting she decided to take him to her hotel room and chained him to the bed. Jay explained his situation and Carmilla allowed him to leave, she had gained a new ally and a new servant.

All Hell Breaks Loose

Carmilla and Sarah were in Moscow attempting to find some magical weaponry. The woke up one morning to find the city in flames. They jumped through the city eventually finding the culprit, a goddess named Atahilia. Carmilla began a fight with her and everyone involved was teleported to a massive airship.

Carmilla learned several things during the long and rather difficult fight, first she learned that Sarah and her were linked through pain. She also learned that using a blood expansion spell caused her to have psychological break downs, and she learned that Sarah was more powerful than she knew.. She also learned that she was intensely protective, unleashing her full power as a witch against the goddess. Still it was not enough to damage her in any meaningful way. Atahilia eventually grew bored of them, sealing them within the airship using a gravity bubble and teleporting that ship over Japan. Carmilla cocooned herself and Sarah in blood as a desperate last resort.

They were saved by Lan Fan who retrieved them from the wreckage and led them in the direction of the base. Sarah was completely out and near death so Carmilla carried her in such a way as to make her neck and the rich blood therein easily accessible. This came at the cost of her own health and Carmilla fell unconscious. Lan Fan and Sarah left her inside and abandoned house, after the battle they retrieved her and brought her too Ebisu head quarters for medical recovery. Even after she had recovered she refused to leave, she had sensed the count's return.

Time skip

Count Dracula sent her a very simple not, it stated that he would not make a direct move against her. Even with that worry lifted from her shoulders she stayed mostly in the remains of Ebisu headquarters and despite a very brutal fight in the wine cellar she got along quite well with Jack. Those ten years were perhaps the longest extended period of stability in her life, she did her best to maintain her relationships with Sarah and Jack, and she managed to cut down on the random murders that she had once been known to commit. Her abilities to disguise herself were also quite useful in her and Jack's quest to control the mob. She also found herself chasing the Medea, never to interfere in Medea's missions but as actual concern for her first friend after death. They rarely met more then once every two years.

Underground Fighting In Osaka

Carmilla had heard about the underground tournament through one of Jack's contacts, of particular interest to her was a contestant that matched Medea's description.


As a vampire

  • Is nearly Invincible with her age giving her great power
  • She can run up walls
  • turn into a bat
  • gain batwings to fly
  • use her own blood as a weapon
  • turn to smoke
  • Shadow travel- actually traveling between shadows is difficult but she can hide inside them easily
  • Super strength
  • The stare of fear
  • She can drink blood for energy but she does not require it because of her mature power
  • She is sensitive to sunlight and gets tired during the day but she can survive it.

As a witch she can

  • Take pain from a person and move it to an object or another person
  • she can do the same with heat
  • see in the dark
  • walk on water
  • Change her clothing and hair color when ever she wants
  • Have infinite ammunition for her guns
  • Make her sword unbreakable
  • Use a broomstick

Due to her really long life she has developed many personalities and randomly switches between them. The one thing that is consistent is her fighting prowess. She also owns Excalibur, no one is sure if she knows that.


Real name: Sarah Miari

Wt: 130 lbs

Ht; 5'3"

Real Age: 23

Appearance: Pale Indian girl with long black hair, tends to wear a suit.

Power Level: 3

Alignment :Neutral good

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