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Name: Kaine (keɪne, pronounced similar to Kane) 
Gender: Male
Age: Late 20s (judging by his appearance)  
Height: 192 cm
Weight: 82 kg
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Favorite Color: Green



Kaine is a wanderer who came from an alternate reality different to the Vice universe. At some point he lost all of his memories, forgetting his past and origins. The only thing Kaine knows that he's being pursued by a race of inter-dimensional creatures called the Phantoms. Kaine is constantly on the run while fighting his lone war against these faceless horrors.



 Coming soon...
 Coming soon...


      Kaine with his distinct green magic aura.
      Kaine with his distinct green magic aura.
Magic: Apparently, Kaine lived in a world where magic was just a different form of advanced science. He has the ability to absorb the unstable "Particle D" from the environment and turn it into energy to power various spells.  Although Kaine isn't a genuine magician. He cannot refine raw magic energy and requires various devices to cast spells. Otherwise he can only do the rudimentary basics like enhancing his physical abilities or release waves of raw magic energy. 

Kaine with Thunderseal
Kaine with Thunderseal
Thunderseal: Kaine's primary device, a greatsword with futuristic design. The weapon has a rounded down blunt edge, making it more like a sword-shaped club instead of a real cutting tool. Despite its strange looks, Kaine's massive strength is more than enough to compensate for the weapon's lack of sharpness. Thunderseal has the ability to refine and focus Kaine's magic power, raising the efficiency of his attacks considerably. In addition Thunderseal can absorb magic power, siphoning out the energy from anything in contact. That way Kaine can drain spell formation or block incoming magic attacks. It even works against the Phantoms, turning each slain enemy into Kaine's source of magic energy.  Lastly, Thunderseal has the ability to manipulate electricity, charging Kaine's attacks with lightning whenever it is required.

Ignis: Kaine's Grimoire, a device specifically used to store various spells. It has the shape of a golden pocket watch hanging on Kaine's neck. Just like the Thunderseal, Ignis has multiple purposes. First, it can store Kaine's residual energies, conserving his power while also refining the raw D- and O-particles into the cleaner M-particles. Second, using these M-particles Ignis can emulate magic, allowing Kaine to cast various spells. Third, Ignis can even work as a translator, allowing Kaine to speak and understand any language. 

Fighting Prowess:

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 Coming soon...


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Thunder Rush: Kaine's favorite technique. Kaine supercharges himself with magic power then performs a headlong rush. For a  short moment Kaine's speed and attack strength increases tremendously while his body is covered in a thick green aura. The friction of Kaine's movements also ignite the air and generate several lightning strikes behind his path. Thunder Rush is a technique that symbolizes Kaine's character the best. It sacrifices all forms of defense and focuses solely on the offense. For that moment Kaine is giving up his own safety in exchange for an extremely powerful attack.

 More to come...
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Sweet another new bio! Nice start, and looking forward to the rest! :)

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@Kaine: sweet I been noticing that you were in Kaine's account can't wait to see more :)

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Are you paladin?

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@xX_Nobody_Xx: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Kuma_From_Argentina: Thank you!
I made this character amnesiac with a good reason. His memories contain a few surprising things.
Also I plan to introduce Kaine in a new story RP, alongside with these so-called Phantoms.
Yes, I am paladin. This is one of my numerous accounts.
BTW, Kaine's old bio looked like this:
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@Kaine:Chrome Shelled Regios was somekind a clue here xD

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@Asune: I guess so.
Anyways, Chrome Shelled Regios and Dixerio's character were one of my inspirational sources.
There are other fictions as well but naming them would be a spoiler.
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Nice character, lol I see Kaine's a wanderer and being pursued like Akahana is :P She can empathize with his position.

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@Kaine: Cool! Looking forward to the RP story you'll be coming up with.

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Hmm looks like we got a sudden influx of dashing male characters around here. Not that I'm complaining.
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Minor update on Kaine's powers. 
Kaine's personality and further elaboration on his abilities is coming next.
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