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Realising the severity of the situation, Hal bolted, finding her in second.


"What's happened?" Hitomi asked, opening doorways for the refugees to enter.

"The whole place is filling with water." Hal explained as the people filed in. "Four ubers attacked, we've lost three warriors already. We need to clear this place, now."

Once everyone was inside the refuge of Hitomi, Hal would grab her and sprint to the sub, where they could make their escape.

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-Ah…Ah….- Ichigan left a trail of blood as he opened the sub and now waited in the boarding table. Hal and Hitomi arrived first, so Ichigan spoke to them. –Take Hikaru out when ya get inside, she read all the material before the mission, she will now how to pilot this thing, so pay attention to her. I’m done, I know I am- Ichigan stood up from his prone position and started to walk. Even more blood could be seen in the place he was just sitting. As he left towards the Dock Door he pointed backwards and spoke to Hal and Hitomi for the last time –There is the keyhole Bu…no… Hal, go, place the key and spin it, I’m going to help Houzi. Goodbye Hitomi-san, Goodbye Hal, please don’t tell Hikaru about me, the last she needs is to know that another of her comrades died.-

Ichigan left before anybody could say a word rising his fist up and leaving blood drips behind him. He rushed as fast as he could and found Houzi dragging the corpses of his three comrades while defending himself against a horde of GD. –Monkey! Get the hell out of here!- Ichigan shouted as he punched a Ogre, sending him flying, while the sound of water could be heard in the back of lobby, rushing in with furious might. The whole complex was starting to shatter from the pressure. –I can’t Ichigan, I can’t leave them here, they died for us, they died for their Kin freedom, I can’t leave them inside this complex.- Houzi kept dragging the corpses while Ichigan kept the GD away with powerful punches. He was bleeding through the mouth; the strain of this offensive was taking its toll in his already weakened body.

-Don’t make me repeat myself monkey! Get your ass into the submarine! Ya need to live for the sake of yer kind, so go, don’t be tied by the past!- Ichigan pushed Houzi away, making him drop the bodies. –I can’t Ichigan, I just can’t!- Houzi was almost broken. –Yes ya can leave, they need ya, Hikaru needs you and I aint be helping anybody after this- Ichigan pointed his wound and the puddle of blood under him while he punched a troll. –Ichigan-san… you…- Houzi was staggering, paralyzed upon the news. –There is never a good time for bad news, aint it? Fuck off ya dirty monkey, protect them, honor this three sacrifice by leaving this place.- Houzi nodded finally accepting and rushed to the sub. Ichigan smirked as he left and turned around, speaking to the GD in front of him.

-Ya know monsters, I have been called like ya, yet ya are much uglier than me, still I will show ya why they called me a monster as well.- Ichigan let out a mighty roar as he gathered his own life and turned it into Fighting Spirit, swirling around him like a Tornado, keeping the GD away. –HERE YA GO! MY POWER! MY RAGE AND ALL MY SPIRIT!!!! OPEN WIDE AND EAT THIS UP YA FUCKERS!!!!!!-

-YAMAGOROSHI KEN (Mountain Slaying Fist)-

A burst of concentrated wind exterminated the GD and anything behind them, trashing the complex and even pushing the water away, pushing the whole Dock forward and allowing an easier exit for the sub. Red Fighting Spirit swirled around everything with Ichigan as its center –So this is how I die… killed by the Pacific Ocean, aint it great? COME AT ME YA BASTARD WATER MASS!!!!!- The Spirit stopped and the waters closed over Ichigan that had a smile plastered in his face.

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@Kuro_San: Inside the sub, Hal, Hitomi and Houzi made room for themselves as Hitomi opened the Kaspa and retrieved Hikaru. "We're ready to go, can you move this thing?" she asked, urgency clear in her voice as Hal tried to be useful inside a submarine.

He wasn't particularly achieving anything in this regard.

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-Yes, I can drive it; I read the instructions before leaving the port. - Hikaru was much better than before; thanks to the short time in the Kaspa she regained a lot more of the energy, signature trait of her personality. –Hal you can run fast, could you please check all the decks and see if the doors are tightly shut, they should be with red letters that say CLOSED. I don’t want to be surprised with sudden intake of water. – Hikaru smiled as she saw Houzi arriving to the main bridge, and the Monkey King tried to smile back, yet he came out sad. Hikaru cheerfulness ended when she saw the pain in Houzi eyes. She looked at Hitomi and asked. –Did we lose anybody in the way out Hitomi-san? Did somebody else die?-

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Hal nodded, sprinting down the corridor to close the doors, nodding to Houzi as his passed by.

When Hikaru asked Hitomi that question, however, she couldn't lie.

"Too many heroes." Hitomi replied simply. "Don't let their sacrifices be in vain."

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Bitter tears slid through Hikaru cheeks as she moved back to commandeer the Ookubo back to the surface. Her grief stopped her from speaking, her eyes wet and her throat dry. Houzi went near her and embraced her, supporting the young woman as she tried to avoid mourning and tried to remember the instructions she read before leaving. Thanks to her intelligence and the sacrifice of several individuals the Myth Soldiers would be able to see the sun, a pleasure and right forbidden to them by their creators.

It didn’t take long for the group to reach the surface and dock into the same place where earlier the group of Hikaru had left. As they disembarked the city was receiving the first lights of the sun. Houzi and Hikaru embraced while looking at the dawn. The Monkey King left her alone for a second and moved towards Hal and Hitomi. –Thank you, without your help we could have never done this.- Houzi bowed and proceed speaking. –Now this, that wherever the Myth Soldiers decide to establish our home you are welcome and that if you ever need help you just need to ask it.-

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Hitomi smiled, having released certain members of the survivors into the monkey kings custody. "Thank you." She said, withdrawing a mobile phone from her purse and handing it to the monkey king. "If you ever need anything, press the green button. It'll connect you to a friend if mine, Alvin himmelskarte. He can relocate you or get any supplies you need." "Keep in touch." Hal told them before setting out. "And let us know if you hear anything about that kuro guy."
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-I’ll Hitomi-san, thank you.-


With those words the refugees left the docks and Hikaru decided to stay with them and help. After a short and quite blackmail campaign, the genius teen convinces the government that keeping quiet about the Myth Soldiers was the best and they granted the whole group a city that was abandoned after the floods and all the terrain around it. Now in the midst of a valley the Myth Soldiers started to build their new homes, while from time to time they lend their services to the government for some minor tasks, mostly to help in disaster areas.

In matter of Months the Oni Brothers had gained quite the reputation helping in fires, crimes and others disasters, Houzi and Hikaru served as the leaders of the community and all the MS, from both sides lived in peace. 4 Statues were built in the honor of those who gave their lives to protect all of them. Sasuke, Ginari, Kobushi and Ichigan were standing immortalized in pure steel and in the minds and hearts of every inhabitant from the Myth Village. In a short amount of time people started visiting them, scientists asking permission to investigate them in aims of using their fused DNA as a base for ground breaking procedures.

The Hidden World Affairs Bureau advices strongly against this, yet the Myth Soldiers choose to be citizens of Japan and gained rights and responsibilities with it, avoiding getting sweep under the rug by the government, that even if it was 70 years old the shameful abandonment of living thinking beings in a prison underwater would be a horrible spot in Japanese history.


Yet not everything went well for those involved in the Ryugu-jo raid. Ciara still lurks trapped inside Hitomi’s Kaspa, her mind lost long ago, eternally blaming herself for what could have been a potential disaster if Hitomi, Ichigan, Hikaru and Hal weren’t there. Also the villains that almost destroyed them all never resurfaced, as Shatter of the Center, decided their failure was unforgivable and instead of opening a portal to safety he guided them inside Earth’s Core, where not even Ghoul Inmortality, Phantom durability or Lion Armor could save them.

Another one vanished mysteriously, as the strange human with a red pendant never surfaced when Hitomi opened her Kaspa, as if he had vanished in thin air before entering. We may never know who this man was, yet he remains a mystery, maybe in the future he will resurface in another place and another time. The main affected by this tragedy was the man who proclaimed to be the Real Kuro-san, as several individuals knew about his existence. It was only a matter of finding them and exterminating them and all who they spoke about him, Shatter of the Center was scouting the globe to gather new Numbers.

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