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The calm depths of the Pacific Ocean, invisible currents move in beautiful yet undetectable patterns, at least for the naked eye. The stillness of the bottom is just an illusion, if you allow me to say it bluntly a lie. Something is always in movement, even if you don’t see it. Invisible gears connecting one with each other, in a complex and expansive design or plan that mortals cannot see, connections and separations, apparitions and banishments, secrets and revelations, all part of a perfect painting over a canvas so large nobody can measure. We can see the paint, we could see the brushes, we could notice it’s movement, but no matter what the bigger picture would be impossible to notice. This happens in the world, as humans are incapable of noticing the brush strokes of the Hidden World, how the mages, creatures, warriors and technological marvels beyond their understanding affect the Mundane World. Sometimes people enlightened enough manage to discover the Hidden World affairs and mysteries. Some lose their mind, some find inner peace, others find that knowing isn’t enough and they go to the next logical step…. Owning it… This story is about one of those men that looked at the Abyss and decided to find the way to hold it in their hands.

We could easily start with the origin of this man, but that wouldn’t be interesting as you getting to understand it through his actions. Thus we will start our tale during what we could call the birth of this mysterious man, only known as Kuro-san, as he casted aside his birth name as he did with his emotions and his past. The empty husk of a once passionate man moving through the world in a silent crusade to unlock and control all the secrets of the Hidden World, this will take use once again to the Pacific Ocean, in particular to a peculiar zone, that is void of the previously mentioned currents… a Dead Spot. Sometimes artificial, sometimes natural, this segments of Ocean lack any kind of currents and the water is as still as you can get it to be. A strange place, with an even stranger content, the fabled Ryugu-jo could easily exist here, but a similar structure, with a different objective exists here. Sharing the same name as the legendary palace of the Dragon God, this building lying in the bottom of the Ocean was created during WWII with Germans and Japanese joining forces to study and weaponize creatures and relics of the Hidden World. This new Ryugu-jo also known as Drachekastell by the Germans, was a torture room where sadistic scientist experimented with innocent beings, only to find a way to turn them into the winning card of the war.

This facility was long lost, as the only files that existed were destroyed at the end of the war, in hopes of hiding it from the hands of the Allies. But not long ago an oil company stumbled upon the location and transmitted the information. This information fell into the hands of several organizations. Some ignored it as a hoax or as a trap, but Kuro-san knew that this could be the stepping stone he was looking for and without even thinking it twice he prepared his men for the expedition. It took a month to gather all the required equipment, hire the men and train them, decide of tactical measures against different dangers and most important prepare mentally for the task. As the dawn broke a Saturday morning, Kuro-san himself was standing in front of his men, all equipped as he was. All of them, the Elite of Mangetsu, were looking at the sea in a secluded spot of Tokyo Harbor. – Men, I don’t give speeches… you know what to do and how to do it, I don’t care how you do it, but you need to complete your missions.- His voice was grave and imposing, he exuded charisma enough to fill up a room only by walking inside. Nobody knew were this strange man came from, but he was already taking the Japanese Underworld by storm, as he didn’t seem to be afraid of playing against the big leagues only with wits and unflinching resolve.

– If we manage this, and trust me we will, the path to conquer Japan will open as the legs of a cheap whore would. We only need to take it.- He knew how to talk in relation to his crowd, using analogies this thugs would understand. All of them didn’t even wait to show their approval by cheering. In the last months he guided them through hellish situations with the same confidence and all followed him with zealous loyalty after his showed his amazing intellect and astute tactics against the dangers they faced. Some of them called him the New Demon King, in obvious reference to the equally infamous and famous Oda Nobunaga, a legendary Warlord of the Sengoku Period. They geared up and entered the submarine they stole right under the nose of the Japanese Self Defense Force. The Ookubo was the newest vessel in the fleet, mostly used for exploration and rescue, it was built with weapons, in breach of the post-war treaties, yet they managed to hide that fact with incredible intelligence, disguising the weapons as other systems, like a sonic pulse masquerading as high tech sonar. Or torpedoes shaped like explorations probes, the Ookubo gained a nickname coined by the Mangetsu crew “The Kappa” as it had a very curious light green paint job in contrast to others submarines. In theory this was to hide easily in the murky depths, using the dust and sand in the bottom as cover.

Mangetsu was in-route, the three figure heads apart from Kuro-san were there. Tsukimori-san, a famous actor that dropped from sight after an accident, he resurfaced using his talents of disguise and performing to replace people or infiltrate into organizations. He is the intelligence network leader, with contacts in every main city of Japan. Nagare-san was a street brawler with incredible strength, once a karate master; he was banned from every competitive event after he killed all the contestants in one tournament, not by desire, but by accident. He is known as the Mountain Slayer, some rumors include him in the head count of a secret society of fighters that use their Fighting Spirit to wage battle, but those rumors are quite flimsy and lack evidence. The third part of this criminal trinity is Doctor Ivan Shishido, a Japanese/Russian mad scientist able to create weaponry, hack computers, and give medical care and hundred others of skills, thanks to his long and overly crazy life. Kuro-san is a good shot and for being around 50 he is extremely fit, yet his strongest point his is acute intellect and wits, capable of outwit through strategy almost any enemy. In this expedition he is looking to outwit the biggest enemy yet. The infamous criminal wants to cheat death and hopes to find the right tool for that strategy hidden inside the abandoned military facility.

As the Criminal Clan moves towards the Ryugu-jo, other people are already on the move….

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One of those other people was one Hitomi Nakamura. A seamstress by trade, but after the destruction of her school, she had begun to walk slightly less cutthroat circles.

Currently, she was known as Lt. Hibiki. And shortly after, she would be known as Nanako.


Because she was here to infiltrate Mangetsu.

Who sent her?

More than a few people, each with differing missions, each calling her by a different name.

To make life simpler, right now, Hitomi was under the water, dressed in a hippocampus-skin diving suit. It granted invisibility, and had the same density as water, despite its thickness and the armour it provided.

The hippocampus had evolved to avoid detection at all costs. The only confirmed sighting would be the Loch Ness Monster, but when submerged, the Hippocampus mocked optical, radar, heat-based, sonar, aura and even life-based sensors, being harder to detect than a single helium atom within the local swimming pool, during Mums & Tots hour.

One would ask, and rightfully so, how the hell did a seamstress manage to get her hands on the hide of such an impossible to find animal?

Hitomi, when asked that question, would simply smile, point her guest's attention to the sweater made from the golden fleece, and then to her invisibility cloak made from reapercloth, and to the jar of Pure Concentrated Unending Evil that she used as shoe polish, before stating that "I'm Hitomi. It's how I do."

Now, she continued her descent, racing against a submarine to get to the underwater base and make her way inside.

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A third faction made it's descend towards the submarine base. Unlike the criminal organization that aspired to unlock the secrets of this place, this team only had two members. Right now they were underwater, approaching the base from the opposite side. Their choice of transportation was a metal bubble. A novelty on the market of technology. On land a relatively small disk that can be carried around with ease. Unfolding it, quickly becomes three-dimensional forming a miniature submarine for up to three people. It had all the life support needed and a simple steering mechanics.

Inside of it were a young woman and a man of slightly older age. The girl despite being younger, was the boss. On the surface when one examined her back-story they wouldn't find much. An owner of a nightclub and the manager of a famous idol singer called "Sing Sakura" were the two pieces of information one would be supplied with if he entered the name Ayane into a searching machine. Her full name, age, family or anything alike were all shrouded in mystery. But all of that was only the facade after all, beneath it was the real Ayane. The leader prophet of a cult worshiping the "Creator" a supposed cyber emperor who will free all living beings of suffering once they abandon the physical shackles that are their bodies. Needless to say, to any common man in this age and day, a pure fairy tale. But Ayane took it oh so seriously, to the point of madness and so did most of her followers. There was no room for doubt or questions, it was an absolute to be worshiped and praised each waking moment. It's easy to understand then, that the cult and it's workings, were the reason for it's leader to visit this site. Whether it could aid the cult in some way or had a direct connection to the Creator did not matter, it would be examined with the same love for details and precision.

But even so, that was only half of the truth. Ayane had another reason for coming there. It wasn't as grand or as strange as the previous one. To put it simply, normal people could actually understand the motivation that came with this reason. Spying on your rivals. Ayane was told stories about him. A man who was like her. Who was dangerous and a threat to her. Who was special in his own twisted way. Much like her, he as well only went with a single name, Kuro-san. Given his reputation in the crime world it was obvious that he could be a threat to any organization, Ayane's cult was no exception. She had a stern look on her face as she faced the blue deeps through the only window the spherical transportation provided. She anxiously awaited her meeting with that man.

The man who was sharing the bubble with Ayane was also silent. Thanks to his height he could only sit down while bending his back in ways that should not be possible. Silvery hair obscured his left eye, but his right was enough to tell you that this man wasn't normal, that is if the abnormal height wasn't enough. Golden and snake-like, it seemed like it was locked in a permanent glare. Furthermore rather than the rest around it being white like it was in the case of healthy humans, this made had it all colored in black, as black as the abyss of the sea into which he was staring. His clothes were all dark blue leather, exposing a good part of his muscular stomach. His cape had a hood to be pulled over, just adding to the mysterious aura that surrounded him.

The capsule slowly came closer to the base that could spell doom for all.

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Inside Ryugu-jo hundreds of projects were zealously followed and experimented, but one in particular seemed to be of great interest both for the German and Japanese Scientists, Project Izanami, a genetic experiment with the goal to clone mythical creatures back into the world and using them as weapons. DNA from hundreds of beings from the Hidden World was collected and used, both with little to no results. Technology wasn’t up to the task, at least their technology, but somebody managed to find a way to make it work…. Or at least half. Combining Human with Hidden DNA to create hybrids of these legendary figures, still most of them were mad or just too incontrollable to even deploy as a berserker bomb. Yet there was some success, especially with the most astute or intelligent of the Hidden Myths that managed to combine with no ill effects except having half of the power than the original. Still that was more than enough to destroy armies. The deployment would take some time, as they needed to train the Myth Soldiers, but the war ended and the evacuation forced them to leave the test subjects locked down.

This wasn’t nice, at least not during the first years, as the different Myths clashed out of anger, fear and ignorance. It took the sacrifice of several of the good ones and the death of almost every bad one to stop the war. But after a decade of struggle the Myth Soldiers reached to a truce. Each group took control of different sections of the Ryugu-jo Facility. The Western Myths took the Laboratory as their home, while the Eastern Myths took the Habitational Space. Now the intruders are about to shake this balance and only one of the Myths may be strong enough to protect them all. Houzi the Wandering Monkey, the genetic half of Sun Wukong the Monkey King, combined with a legendary human warrior AND. Armed with the real Ruyi Bang, stolen from China during the War of Manchuria at the beginning of the Century. Houzi stays apart from both groups and tries to help both in times of need, yet this time around things will get complicated.

As he was in the midst of his regular patrol through the undisputed land, sections were the GD (Genetically Damaged) creatures roamed free and wild, the Clone of the Monkey King heard a noise. It was a noise he never heard in ages, the sound of the Main Dock doors opening. –I’ll be damned… somebody found this dump!- The half Myth almost shouted in joy, but realized that he was still in the dangerous zone, in one of the corners of the Lobby that is infested of different creatures that lack intelligence or understanding only reduced to instinct. That was the case of the group of goblins that heard the slightly louder sound he made and were in a full charge towards him. Houzi decided that he was too exposed to use his weapon, as it caused a reverberating sound upon impact that could attract bigger and worse enemies and prepared to deliver a hand to hand… or hand to makeshift axe beatdown. Fighting was something that he didn’t only learn from the instructors, or gained experience surviving this underwater branch of hell, but it was encoded to his DNA from his Mythical half parent.

In a blur of motion he rushed towards the small yet fierce humanoids and with agility impossible to any human he jumped and twisted mid-air using their heads or pieces of debris as steps to keep himself off the ground. Kicks punches and other impacts were delivered with impeccable aim and bone crushing strength. The Goblins in the receiving end of this attacks were sturdier than human, spite their small complexion, yet they weren’t in the same league as Houzi. Each attack was calculated and swift. In less than 5 seconds the 10 goblin micro-horde was on the floor squealing like pigs in a slaughterhouse. –That should take care of them, at least for some days- The Monkey King Clone shook the dust and goblin blood from his hands. Originally he felt guilt or some regret after attacking these creatures, even in self defense, but the teachings of Hokuto, his mentor a powerful Half Oni that gave his life to protect him and the experiences he had inside the Complex, numbed those feelings and replaced them with survival instincts. Those instincts told him that no matter who arrived to the Complex, good or evil, both warring sides, Western and Eastern should bury their differences and take this change to leave.

Houzi knew that both sides tried to appear strong against the other, but each year the food was scarcer and the GD grew bolder, this would be the first and only chance of leaving and they needed not to fight over it but to work together. Still that idea was a pipe dream as both sides that seemingly lived in a peaceful but tense co-existence hated each other guts. The Western Side was led by Ciara Glenlivet a half Banshee/half Scottish that lead with an iron fist, while the Eastern side was led by a council of elders, but that was a cover for the true elder, a half Japanese/half Tengu called Shoji Gunpei one of the first subjects and possibly the eldest Half. Both leaders hated each other for several reasons, from cultural to personal reasons and their charisma was the only thing that held their groups together and against each other. Houzi prayed that the newcomers, whoever they were would bring some peace to the factions and luckily a way out of this prison. Unluckily, Houzi was wrong…. So very wrong.

Meanwhile in the Main Dock, the Ookubo, the submarine of Mangetsu emerged from the cold waters into the old entrance to the underwater complex. Kuro-san crew was nervous, as this was possibly the most mysterious and dangerous mission so far. Yet most of them saw their leader pull them through to extremely hard situations so the morale was up. Tsukimori that served as field leader started barking orders. –We need to establish a beach head in this place, to serve as base of operations.- He looked around until he noticed a elevated office that would be a perfect hiding spot, very protected and easy to defend –Take position up there, and take Shishido with you so he can place his people as well.- Dr. Ivan Shishido was a tall elderly man, with long white hair that seemed to go everywhere, as if he combed it with an explosion. He had several scars that proved his fanatical dedication to science, as he had burns, cuts, perforations and other injuries all coming from experiments he pushed too far or made too big. He was wearing a white lab coat and used a cane to move around, as he lost a leg while testing a chainsaw machinegun…. Yes he tried to build one of those.

Shishido limped to the stair case and climbed alongside with his two assistants, a grim guy that only reacted to the name Kage and a tomboyish girl named Hikari. They set up their station as the other members of Mangetsu set a defensive perimeter, alarms and the communication equipment. Ichigan Nagare, also known as the Mountain Slayer started to explore alone, as he preferred it like that “More fighting for me” was the reason he gave to anybody who asked about his modus operandi. Nagare was the tallest of the group, he sported short and spiky black hair with thick eyebrows and sideburns. He only wore a sleeveless black shirt and jacket, jeans and black running shoes. He also carried fingerless gloves. He is highly muscular, yet not buffed, as if his muscular mass was concentrated rather than expanded, with his veins clearly noticeable under his skin. His eyes had a strange bluish light behind them that spoke of his inhuman will and might. Tsukimori-san seemed to be more suited for a host bar than a gangster, as he had dyed hair and graceful features, but this is only a façade for the right hand man of Kuro-san, almost as ruthless and smart as his boss.

Kuro-san was the last to leave the sub and walked towards Tsukimori to give some orders. He could be imposing and open, but Kuro-san preferred to relay his orders through Tsukimori, as the former actor was even better than him when it came to handling cannon fodder. Yes, for Kuro-san all the members of his gang, but his inner circle were only meat shields, easily replaceable and disposable. To him the henchmen only served as human shields or tools for him to use, but he was too smart to allow them to notice that and keep the image of a caring yet distant leader. For him they were trash, as almost anybody that worked for him. In fact if he ever found better replacements for his inner circle he wouldn’t even hesitate to betray any of them and change them for new and better tools. Kuro-san knew since long time ago that in the world the only difference is in those who rule or those who are ruled. The nefarious crime lord decided that he will rule over all, and first started with his own emotions and thoughts, but that is a tale for another day.

Kuro-san and Mangetsu are inside, and unaware that the Dock is one of the Danger Zones and as I tell you this… the GD are lurking around and sniffing the air, smelling a meal they had almost forgotten. Pure unaltered human meat.

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It took Hitomi slightly too long to get into the 2nd level control centre. The electronic lock proved too difficult to crack, so she was forced to use one of the three KeyGrenades she'd brought with her in order to enter.

A gift from SamJaz, it concentrated the energy from the key blade and, when detonated, would activate any lock within five feet. Which was great, since it could lock and unlock permanently, which would be great if she needed to prevent anything from leaving this place behind her.

On the downside, anything with the hands to turn a handle would now be able to open the airlock above her.

Quickly changing her clothes into a lightweight survival suit, she opened up the Kaspa to bring out her partner for this operation.

Hal Hastewell. A short man, about four feet in height, had scruffy brown hair and a looked as if he had eaten a few too many pies. In truth, he was quite probably the fastest thing alive, and the relative chubbiness was cushioning to defend his bones from the sheer velocity he often travelled at. He himself weighed over 900 pounds, although not looking an ounce over three hundred.

Because of the sheer reinforcement of his flesh, Hal is capable withstanding impacts against solid rock when running at speeds beyond 90 metres per second, or terminal velocity of a peregrine falcon when diving. He can go faster, but it's not exactly practical to do so in contained spaces such as under this ocean.

And though Hal didn't normally suffer from claustrophobia, he was very aware of the weight of the ocean above him. Ocean that he, unlike Hitomi, couldn't swim through. So without her Kaspa, he wasn't getting home.

"There was a submarine behind us." Hitomi informed Hal, who was still going over the floor map on the wall of the control centre. It showed that there were three floors, and they were on the highest. In theory, the control centre was sealed off from the rest of the Ryugu-Jo. According to the intel, at least. A quick test of the door controls found that intel to be accurate.

So, going by the floor map, the door to the right led to some offices, while the door to the left led to the guards room slash armoury, followed by a dock. Why they would put an armoury between the control room and the dock made no sense to Hal, as he considered guns to be something you want to be kept away from entrances and exits.

Unless you want to grab a gun as you enter the facility, but Hal pushed that thought out of his head. Instead, he looked around the room. The machines were broken, no point trying to get data out of there, unless you felt like fabricating the data that wasn't smashed into pieces. "How close was this sub?" He asked the Seamstress.

"We should have a few minutes before they get here, so I'm going to rig the armoury." Hitomi told Hal as she moved to the door on the left. "Keep an eye on that hatch."

"Got it." Hal told her as she moved into the Armoury. Hal glanced at the door opposite, the door into offices. It was shut tighter than a Scotsman's purse, so they were going to have to use one of those key grenades to get through there. From the looks of the hatch above, that would leave them with only one more skeleton key.



Hitomi, after passing through the tunnel into the Armoury, cleaned it out within seconds. She might not have Hal's speed, but she could shoplift like a pro, and with her portal to Kaspa, simply pushed everything off the shelf and into a portal. That done, she filled the room with spider web, connecting each strand to another, creating an intricate system that would react to anyone entering the room from the Second Dock.

In the blindspots from the doorway, Hitomi had placed explosives. None large enough to pierce the hull, but enough to fill the room with fire, smoke, shrapnel and all manner of unpleasant things should anyone try to enter that way. Granted, she could have simply sealed the exit with e key grenade, but they wanted to conserve those. They were going to have to use their second to get into the offices anyway.

"I'm waaaaiiting…" Hal called to Hitomi as she balanced the last grenade. Rolling her eyes, she stood up and left the room, pressing the button on her stopwatch.

One hundred and sixteen seconds. She was getting sloppy.

"Ready?" Hal asked her as she sealed the armoury door behind her.

"Ready." She replied, checking the chamber of the stolen gun in her hand.

Hal frowned, then looked at the door, getting ready to run through as Hitomi set the charge of the key grenade.

Five seconds. Five foot wide ball of light. And the door opened.

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The metal bubble connected to the giant complex. The pressure outside was checked and then the door slowly opened in a spiral pattern. Out of it came Ayane and the man that was with her.

Now that they were in a much more open area it became obvious just how big the man was. Well above 2.5 meters in height, there was no way to not notice him. Despite the enormous height, his entire body was very slender, giving him the appearance of a humanoid stick. For some reason his appearance perfectly blended in with the bleak dock the two were standing in right now. His hood came off, revealing the rest of his face, a few strange blue lines running over it.

The man tilted his head to the right and then to the left as he crossed his arms.

"Ne-nee, there's no one here...." contrasting his calm posture, his voice was loud and filled with madness as it echoed through the dock.

Ayane rises an eyebrow while she looks around herself, but quickly gives up on the pointless examination and instead she gives the man a sharp look of disapproval. "Silence, Aragami." she cuts off his childish complaints while revealing his name at the same time. After that she finally takes her first steps on the cold metal floor. He steps are determined and stable, from that alone one can tell that she knows exactly what she wants and what's she's here form. One last time she looks around, trying to notice anything unusual. Sadly the metal bubble that acted as their transportation couldn't be detached from it's docking place and as such would have to remain there, rather than being folded up and carried around. The two of them would simply have to leave it there and trust that it will still wait for them undamaged when they came back. Of course there was a back-up plan, just in case something did not play out as it should, but that plan was considered rather "uncomfortable" by Ayane and as such she wanted to avoid. One last glance is throw at the submarine, checking for any suspicions attachments or possible damage that was caused by the docking. Finding nothing of the like she proceeds, Aragami leading the way it seems. No he want's leading the way, he was protecting Ayane. Protecting wasn't exactly the right word either. "Protecting" implies that the person is in need of being protected or is to weak to take care of themselves. He was her shield. If anything happened he would be the one to get hit first, and by the grin on his face it didn't seem like he would mind.

They walked in union like that without even looking at each other, as if such relations between them were completely normal.

They approached the door which would take them to the armory.

Though a softer approach would be enough, the door was assaulted violently.

In fact it was ripped out in one go by Aragami who tightly warped his fingers around the steel as if it was made out of rubber.

Throwing it to the side he steps into the room.

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Houzi moved as silently as a shadow, leaping over the lobby in the support beams of the ceiling. His agility was possibly unmatched by any of the Western or Eastern Myth Soldiers, but some of the GD could match him or even surpass him in sheer speed and agility. The Clone of the Monkey King swiftly arrived to the Main Dock door and with extreme carefulness he barely opened the door, which screeched softly out of rust and lack of lubrication. Houzi slipped through the opening that was held on place by his staff reduced into a short length and he removed it after passing through, leaving the door to close alone with the same sound. He just moved at least 10 tons with little effort, as his musculature was also in the top around the Myth soldiers, but still as we said, he wasn’t even in the same league as mid to high GD.

Once again, using his incredible dexterity and balance he climbed the wall of the Main deck, which was almost completely covered in darkness, except for sector in the left side of the dock were flashlights and reflectors shined cutting down the heavy shadows of this underwater complex. Houzi smiled, he was right, somebody had arrived and it was a ray of hope over this doomed facility engulfed in a stupid cold war. The Clone of Sun Wukong decided to leave the Main Deck and inform both sides so he started moving back from where he came, but unluckily he didn’t realized he was being…somewhat followed, by an automatic drone created by Kage, Dr. Shishido Assistant.

The drone picked up Houzi’s heat signature and Kage with an almost inaudible voice alerted the Doctor and the Mangetsu guards. They passed the information to Tsukimori that sent Ichigan to investigate. The Spirit Brawler focused his fighting spirit on his legs and with a mighty leap he reached the rusty support beams that shook loudly, getting the Monkey King Clone attention. –WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? - Both shouted pointing each other. The Mountain Slayer was climbing up the beam with only one hand while pointing his finger at Houzi with a dumb-funded expression, while Houzi, crouched on a nearby beam also did the same expression while pointing Ichigan. The Veteran Spirit Boxer was shocked at Houzi strange body type and movement, not to mention finding something alive. Houzi was shocked of watching a human jump so high, if Ichigan was even a human at all.

The Mountain Slayer managed to stand up on the beam, which was still a bit wobbly after he grabbed it to stop his momentum. As a trained brawler he shifted into guard the first moment he could, as Houzi was still relaxed and looking at him with a puzzled expression. The ear piece of the Seasoned Brawler rumbled as somebody was talking to him. –Stop, talk to him and bring him down.- Kuro-san voice had lost all the flair and charisma he displayed before they boarded the Submarine, he talked with a monotone tone, void of emotion, purely guided by logic. Ichigan Nagare wouldn’t obey such an order coming from any man, but Kuro-san was much more than any man he ever knew. Still with a bit of regret he lowered his guard and lifted his hands up, hoping that his universal sign of peace would be understood by the strange hybrid in front of him.

-I understand, I will not fight you and I’ll come peacefully to talk to your leader - Houzi body wasn’t the only thing enhanced, as his senses were also top notch. The only thing that he didn’t inherited from his genetic base was the mystical abilities. The Half Monkey King jumped down alongside Ichigan and walked towards the Mangetsu camp. This was the first time Houzi spoke with humans (even if Ichigan could be considered one) in ages, so he had to try to seem normal, for that purpose he planned to make an effort to remember the basic Japanese lessons given to him by the scientists and avoid using the words that slowly got altered through the time as slang created by the Myth Soldiers (or MS for Short.) In front of him a dozen of tents and more than 20 men and women working around the area. He walked past them as they looked at him with either fear, surprise or a mixture of both. The Mountain Slayer led the way into the biggest tent and inside a man in black clothing was sitting alone in a chair.

With an emotionless voice the man asked – Who are you and how did your kind survive? - Houzi was now sure that this man wasn’t from the military. He tended to trust his nose on these cases (meeting somebody new) and soldiers had a distinctive scent out of working with vehicles and gunpowder. Even Ichigan smelt like a warrior, with a mixture of sweat, blood and bloodlust. Yet the man in front of him was scentless, not a single odor or sensation could be felt from him, and it wasn’t as if he wasn’t there, it felt more like a bottomless void, an endless black hole that sucked everything around him and turned it into nothingness. This was the first time a human caused Houzi to shiver in fear, not even spectral MS or GD could match the darkness he could feel from this man.

The Half Monkey King weighted his options, reply or run away, but his decision was postponed as he heard the door of the Main Deck opening again, and even the humans around him heard the roars of the GD entering. Seemingly he couldn’t either escape or reply as everybody was taking battle stations. Ichigan grabbed his shoulder and with a big smile he said. –No time to talk! Is time to fight - Then he talked to Kuro-san. – I’m taking this one to help us; I’ll keep an eye on him boss.- And with that he left the tent with Houzi behind him, as whatever was his choice he needed to clear the exit route first and alongside the Spirit Boxer he charged forward against a group battle crazy minotaurs that surely saw him open the door and copied him. As they rushed forward Kuro-san received Hikaru, Shishido’s female assistant in his tent, as she brought preliminary scans about the complex and Houzi. With lifeless eyes he smiled devoid of happiness but with plenty satisfaction. This trips promised to be more fruitful than what he expected.

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Walking down the corridor, Hal and Hitomi faced another problem, in the face of another door.

"I got it." Hal said, taking a few steps back and getting down on one knee.A dust cloud erupted behind his feet and the corridor started shaking, and then, with the oldest crash, he was gone, as was the door.

Hal was in the office, ploughing through flesh and bone while carrying the burden of a massive metal door as a shield to charge through. He put his feet down, screeching to a halt and pushing the metal door aside, probably decapitating some creature along the way.

An explosion rang out in the Armoury, and Hitomi chased after Hal.

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A wall of smoke and fire rose up and cleared as soon as Aragami entered the armory. Despite the rather loud explosion he didn't seem to be injured. He looked around, searching for enemies and checking for further traps. Noticing none he gives a signal to his master to follow up. He steps aside, giving Ayane room to enter through the door.

"Ne-nee, the place seems to have a defense mechanics installed, we should be careful." Aragami sounded his rather logical reasoning. This facility did seem like the place that would have both a security system and traps that continued operating even after it was shut down, there could be countless secrets hidden here, secrets that are not supposed to ever see the light of the day. But despite of that Ayane shakes her head. Observing the room's structure and the way it was placed, it seemed like some sort of armory or weapon storage room. For a place like that to have traps would be highly illogical and dangerous. Soldiers rushing to arm themselves could render the entire building defenseless if they happened to stumble upon one of those traps which would lay waste to the armory and all the weapons inside of it. That meant that the trap Aragami set off couldn't have been part of the initial structure. What's more this armory was empty. It was unusual. The facility was just abandoned, whoever owned it before didn't go through the troubles of taking with them everything that was valuable or dangerous, in fact most of the things were still there.

That allowed Ayane to come to a simple conclusion.

"Someone else is here."

With those words Aragami's eyes shrunk with mad excitement. Without saying a word he walked towards the next door, like a hunting dog with his head hanging low.

Like before Ayane followed behind, allowing her loyal servant to take any dangers on first himself.

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The incoming group of enemies was received with a hail of gunfire, delivered with pinpoint accuracy by the Mangetsu Soldiers. Unluckily even the piercing rounds supplied by Kage, Dr. Shishido Assistant weren’t enough to pierce through the thick hide of the Minotaurs GD, as they rushed through the storm of lead as if it was water. What the GD didn’t counted on was on Ichigan and Houzi charging towards them, as the pair of veteran warriors, one from the surface and one a local was deadly. With incredible dexterity and speed the Clone of the Monkey King jumped, tumbled and dodged around the enemy, even using it as a step sometimes while delivering truly awe inspiring blows with his magical staff, that with each impact released a gong like sound that echoed in the massive Main Dock, and even the Lobby, as well an undulating pattern of light that surged from the point of impact and was similar to the waves over a pond after throwing a rock.

Ichigan Nagare fighting style lacked the flowing motion and amazing movements of Houzi, but what he lacked in finesse and flashiness he compensated on punching power… you could say he over compensated as the first minotaur he punched was sent flying backwards towards a group of his pack behind him, that fell like bowling pins. Instead of a gong sound the only audible output of the Mountain Slayers fist was the nausea inducing crunching of bones and tearing of muscles. The Minotaur he punched was out cold and he kept attacking the others. He moved in a straight line, leaving a path of destruction, while Houzi jumped all around the sides and pushed the Horned Beasts into Ichigan Nagare, realizing that his newfound comrade was knocking them out in a single attack.

As the Half Monkey King and the Mountain Slayer knocked the shit out of the GD, Kuro-san looked at the reports. The Biological Scanners he sent his men to steal last week were functional and revealed the amazing amount of life signals in the complex, ranging from big to small with a lot in-between. Hikaru was the one on charge of them, as the resident biologist, yet her cheery and somewhat childish demeanor usually undermined the real Hikaru, one of the best in her field, a real life prodigy. Yet this curiosity and child like wonder was what Kuro-san used to recruit her, promising a first look to any weird Hidden World-ish stuff Mangetsu found. Kuro-san gave the reports back to her as he stood up and began giving some instructions to Tsukimori that was standing right beside him. Tsukimori nodded as Hikaru left to the Control Room of the Main Dock and commenced to relay the instructions.

-We need to finish our defenses while Ichigan-Aniki is dealing with those horned beasts. Remember what Shishido told you about the beacons we stole from the JSDF, you need to place them with 2 mts of space in-between and connect all of them to the main generator.- The Soldiers took a moment before starting as they still watched with some fear and a lot of respect the battle that was happening just next to them, but they broke from the almost hypnotic Hidden World Brawl and started working, following the instructions to the letter. In no time the defense grid was operational and all the terrain surrounding their tents and the stairs to the command center had a fence made of pure energy, that would zap any dumb enough to attack it. Even around the sub the beacons floated and formed a complete fence, even underwater.

The Minotaurs numbers dwindled fast against the combination of Brawn and Skill that Ichigan and Houzi were showcasing, meanwhile the Mangetsu troops unloaded weapons and equipment for the defense, mostly cutting edge stolen from security enterprises, the JDSF or mercenary groups, some hardware was even stolen from USA bases in Japan. Kuro-san was prepared for every eventuality, even as strange as having surviving Myth Soldiers on the Complex. He paced around the camp checking everything and then moved to the Control Center, the office hanging over the Main Dock, which was also surrounded by bars of pure energy, creating an inverted dome, with a small opening for the stairs. This Energy Cage Technology also repelled ranged attacks, the con was that it spends a lot of energy, but having a nuclear sub hooked to the generator seemingly stopped the problem and having a crazy scientist that boosted the efficiency of the Energy Cage also helped.

Kuro-san started looking at the Complex maps in comparison to the Bio-Scanner preliminary results and began plotting his next moves.


As this happened, the sounds of explosions in the second floor and the battle in the Main Dock got into the senses of the Western Myth Soldiers (or WMS) leader, Ciara Briains, a Half Banshee, she noticed the vibrations through the metal surface, and even through dozens of doors she could hear the faint sounds, thanks to her sensitive hearing. She floated around his quarters in thought, which should she check first? The Second Floor opposite side or the Main Dock in the First Floor. Finally she decided to check the Second Floor, as her quarters were closest to that position. She had a very useful ability for this situations, as her heritage came from a spectral being she could turn intangible, but only for 5 minutes at the time, and her speed was reduced a lot, as she could only pull spiritual strings to move and only allowed her to move towards souls and the being that held them inside.

Without wasting more time she first informed her bodyguard a massive Scandinavian troll named Magni that she was going to do some scouting, and ignoring his polite objection she left. Turning into a transparent ghost she phased through the hull of her room and moved around the rock formations that separated her from the other side of the Second Floor, aiming towards the Control Room. She was too proud to admit it, but each time she phased and travelled through the dark waters of the ocean her heart shrieked in fear, as she never learned how to swim and the thought of suddenly de-phasing and drowning almost paralyzed her. Still she pulled through out of sheer pride and curiosity, hoping to find out the origin of the noises. She managed to reach the Control Room and with considerable effort she phased through the hull until she was inside.

With commanding voice, as commanding as she could muster it to be after the terror she felt, she asked –Who is here? This place is supposed to be off limits Eastern bastards! - She spoke in English, with a thick Irish accent.


As this happened another individual sensed the fights, but not through hearing, but through Kiai. A mummified human dressed in a raggedy Yukata, bandages covering his dry skin, a blue scarf, memento of an enemy he defeated while being alive and finally a sword hanging from his sash. He sniffed the air, not in search of smell as his nose was as shriveled and dead as the rest of his body, but out of custom, maybe something he did during his lifetime, before becoming one of the Project lab experiments. They didn’t limit to Genetic Alteration, the Ryugu-jo Laboratory also found a way to revive warriors from ages past and give them enhanced bodies, perfect for fighting. This man used to be a swordsman in life, a warrior that reached the peak of his skill and now was brought back into the world of the living as a weapon. He started to walk towards the Secondary Deposit, leaving a trail of dead GD on his path, as he didn’t think; he just battled, like instinct or pure programming.

He is the revived husk of the man once called Undefeatable under the Heavens, Miyamoto Musashi, now called by both Myth Factions Musa-shi. And the only word his dried lips manage to utter as he advances stepping on the freshly sliced corpses of poor things that only got on his way is –B…B….Battle…-

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Hal and Hitomi heard the ghost's warning shouts from behind them, and were glad that the door on the control room's side of the submarine tunnel at least appeared to be shut. That ghost was their pursuant's problem now.

On the other hand, there were various creatures gathering around the office, but a fair few of them seemed more interested in the now-open pathway to the command room.

A door to the secondary storage opened up, with several monsters milling out of it to investigate the crash and the command centre, and Hitomi tossed an invisibility cloak over herself and Hal. Cautiously, they moved towards the secondary storage. According to the sketch Hitomi made of the base's structure, that was where they would find access to the main floor.

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Ayane and his companion were surprised as the ghostly Ciara passed through the fortified hull, as they just came across a trap their senses and reactions were almost instinctive, they unluckily decided to attack before thinking, a poor choice considering the enemy they were facing. The Half Banshee wasn’t a warrior, she was chosen as one of the leaders of the Western Camp thanks to her intelligence, her charisma, her logic and most importantly her powers. She may not be a extremely talented ass-kicker as Houzi our other members, yet her power was possibly in the top 5 of the MS and the top 10 if you included the GD as well. As the mythical creature she was clones from her voice carried a power capable of killing or at least maiming unsuspecting victims, yet it had a short range, something easily solved by both explorers attacking her. Ciara tried to warn them but the Banshee Howl activated as a self defense mechanism, triggered by adrenaline.

-No, wait a se… OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO!!-

The sound waves ripped the skin, flesh and bone of the incoming threats and resonated against the reinforced walls of the Complex and all the creatures in the Second Floor woke up and riled up. Anybody in the second floor would get surrounded by monsters. The Secondary Deposit for example was filled with monsters but no monster as horrible and blood thirsty as the Manticore, which rested in a nest made of broken boxes and torn fabrics. The monster was soundly sleeping until the metallic echo; rumbling in the walls shaking it off its placid slumber. Snoring was replaced by growling and sniffing, searching for the source of the sound, yet the monster’s nose found two targets closer to his position, and without thinking it twice he roared signaling the other horrible creatures in the Deposit to scram and hide, while it hunted. Hitomi and Hal were about to meet the horrible love child of a lion and a scorpion.


Meanwhile back in the main docks the Mangetsu soldiers cleaned the place from the corpses of the Minotaurs and Hikaru swiftly took samples from all of them, hoping to get time later to analyze them and take what she needed from them. Kage sent his flying droids into the next room, described to him as a nest of monster by Houzi. The young glum-looking tinkerer was using heavy headphones and banged his head to the music as he skillfully controlled ten droids, each one with a finger, he was a bit surprised about how advanced the technology of this place was, something almost unearthly was happening here, as most of it wasn’t able, even for military use, decades later. The young prodigy found himself wondering why the axis didn’t use this technology on the open.

While the science team worked Kuro-san finally talked to Houzi that started explaining the situation inside.

-We are divided into three large groups, the Eastern Camp, in which all Eastern cloned Myth Soldiers like myself live, the Western Camp, were the Western based MS come from and the last group you have already met, the GD, genetically damaged failed experiments that roam free and fight each other for supremacy of this empty halls.-

Shishido was extremely interested about this Complex inhabitants, not about their powers, but this strange social structure, he then asked a question that Houzi swiftly replied.

-How did you survive, what did you ate?-

-The camps have their own way to gather or produce food, the Eastern Camp is haves more, while the Western Camps holds the medicines, and they were forced to create an uneasy trade. Both factions don’t hold the other in any degree of good esteem. –

-And the so called GD? How did they survive, for what I have seen they don’t seem productive or rational enough for making food or trading other services.- Shishido was almost too curious for his own good.

-The GD breed like vermin and they ate other races or their own if too hungry, that’s why they survived. I’m not a smart man, I prefer a fight rather than a book, but if I recall the teachings of the officers that trained us, the GD managed to create a balanced eco… eco… how was it?- Houzi hesitated as he tried to remember something that happened more than half a century ago

-Eco-system, they made an eco-system… remarkable.- The Mad Scientist finished for him and then talked to Kuro-san - That implies they reverted to animalistic instincts only…. Is a shame, but we could still gain something from their study or even their capture.- The Emperor of Crime nodded and made a sign to the Doctor to leave, as he wanted to ask some questions in private.

- I couldn’t avoid noticing that you mention both camps in third person, as if you didn’t belong to either, is that the case?- Kuro-san asked slyly.

-Yes, I used to be on the Eastern side, but then I realized that fighting against each other wouldn’t solve our problems and now I live alone in the hallways and other rooms, I was the one that set up the trades as I talked to both sides.- Houzi replied with honesty.

-That means you are in good terms with both sides, that is perfect for me and my men, as we came here in search of information, but having the living beings is much better, at least that is what the egg-heads tell me.- Kuro-san talked with a perfectly faked smile, and Houzi would have bought it if he didn’t had a sixth sense to detect strange things, Kuro-san oozed malice, even more than the strongest GD or MS. Still he was the only choice to get out.

-What do you have in mind? Who do you represent? I’ll need both answers to relay them to the sides.- Houzi asked prepared to hear the worse.

- I don’t represent any government or enterprise; in fact I’m the only leader of my men. You could consider this a private endeavor to recuperate forgotten treasures of a long forgotten era. I’ll offer safe passage to the surface to anybody willing to join me in my endeavors, food, housing and treatment as an equal, not a weapon.- Kuro-san seemed to be kind a warm, but still let out an aura that made the usually cool and calm Clone of the Monkey King feel uneasy.

Houzi thought a second about it and decided that there wasn’t any other chance but this one and agreed to relay the message. Kuro-san only asked for two conditions.

-Please take my bodyguard Ichigan, the man who helped you fight the monsters and the assistant of my head scientist, the female one, Hikaru. She is a biologist and a medic, she could prove to be a great asset analyzing the weaknesses of the enemies you face and using her talents to heal your wounds or any other that needs help.- Kuro-san kept the smiling façade, but it lack true feeling behind it.

-Thank you, I’ll go right away, yet be careful this place holds more dangers than simple Minotaurs, some of the GD are stronger than me and I don’t know if your fancy magic cage will stop them. – And with that the Monkey King Clone left Kuro-san in the Office of the Main Dock jumping to the ground with incredible agility.

As he prepared to leave, Houzi started feeling more and more uneasy, was this man, which seemed colder than a glacier, a wolf in sheep clothing the one that would save the others? Or would he bring the matchstick necessary to light the powder keg about to blow up?

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Hitomi noticed the danger first. "And I'm out." She announced, opening a hole in reality to take refuge in the Kaspa as Hal grinned, taking two steps towards the manticore and moving into an incredibly fast sprint, jumping and curling into a ball. A small storm of light surrounded his spinning body as he collided with the Lionscorpion with enough force to completely shatter the hull.

The Manticore reeled back, its shoulder completely crushed as Hal rolled along the floor, onto his feet, then ran up the wall and bounced off, curling into another spinning attack aimed at the manticore's head. He struck the base of the skull, then slowed at the height of the rebound and launched himself again, crushing the manticore's skull and landing on the deck, the back of his shirt drenched in manticore blood.

However, he was gathering the attention of many other beasts. Pressing a button on his wrist, he altered Hitomi that they needed to move and she left the Kaspa. Hal slung her over his shoulder, admittedly not in the most dignified manner, and charged towards the stairs downward, holding his arm out and creating a funnel of light to blast his way through the obstacles so they could achieve their objective.

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The Mangetsu away team led by Ichigan and Houzi moved under the protection of the shadows. The Mountain Slayer didn’t like stealth but he understood it was quite important when entering a new place. He may be brash and impulsive but he wasn’t dumb, and anybody ranked as high as he was in the SBF would need to have at least some manner of brain to succeed in not dying or falling to the cheap tricks of other opponents. The whole group followed the instructions of the Monkey King Clone to the letter as he was the only with experience and firsthand knowledge of the terrain and its inhabitants. That alone was more useful that any number of scanners, sensors or radars.

-Are we getting close? - One of the squad members, the one with the most fear asked Houzi in a whisper

-Yes, but please be quiet, you’re already making too much noise by walking so clumsily.- The Clone of the Monkey King was surprised that the supposed Special Ops of this organization was so clumsy, still he had elevated standards as a life of stealth and his enhanced body allowed him to be virtually undetectable, while the humans weren’t accustomed to the terrain that made even their faint footsteps echo all over the place. Only Houzi wise guidance allowed them to avoid the biggest groups of monsters and the others dangers and lead them through the safest path to the Eastern Camp.

With some effort and time the group reached to the Storage area, not without some close shaves as Hikaru was almost gagged to stop here from shouting in awe from everything they saw. After a brief warning from Houzi and a frankly horrible threat from Ichigan she stopped her awed screams by putting her hand over her mouth each time she had the impulse to be shocked by the creatures found in the Lobby. They crossed the short hallway that connected the rooms, most of them looking through the windows with curiosity and wonder.

Houzi signaled them to stop, as his ears picked up the struggle in the upper floor, not to mention the sound of Hal accelerating. The Monkey King Clone guided them swiftly through the massive shelves that held what was left of the original supplies and as his keen senses noticed the moving object he extended his Golden Staff until it formed a tripping trap for the incoming Hal. If this was a GD stopping a fast one would be easier than avoiding it and also the noise that would make by crashing would gather the monsters around the crash site allowing him and the others an easier travel.


Meanwhile a traumatized Ciara returned to her quarters in absolute silence. She was scared, what if she destroyed the sole opportunity of her people to escape this place. She sat on her bed and once she was sure nobody was nearby wept until she felt the soft embrace of Morpheus, falling over her bed with her eyes still wet. Sleep-talking she muttered – What have I done?- with a whimpering voice.

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@Kuro_San: The world slowed down for Hal, more than it usually did, as he noticed a change in his surrounding ahead of him.

A pole was extending, near where his feet would be.

Gently turning, Hal hopped onto the staff and, lightly like a robin would land on a snow-covered tree branch, landed on the pole, transferring the energy from his momentum into preventing his weight from shattering the staff as he started to grind downwards.

"Get ready to cause a scene." He told Hitomi as he increased his velocity in a burst of speed, creating a wall of air that would deflect small and large objects out of his way as he gained speed, riding the pole downwards.

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Houzi noticed the increased weight over the pole yet he didn’t drop it, for two reasons, one that it would make an awful lot of noise and two that he noticed that the incoming beings were human. Ichigan also noticed and stood in guard, Hikaru was too awed with everything around her that she barely gave attention to the current situation; she covered her mouth and muffled her screams. The Monkey King quickly instructed them. – Do not fight, the incoming “threat” smells like a human. – Every Mangetsu member was shocked upon hearing the revelation, but decided to follow the Clone of Wukong orders.

As the Human Bullet Train was almost reaching Houzi shifted his weight to hold his staff with one hand while he lifted his free hand showing his intentions, all the others imitated him, even The Mountain Slayer, which grunted in disgust for having to miss out a brawl with the mysterious newcomers. –Hello there, I’m sorry I tried to trip you with my staff, I’m Houzi and I just want to ask something, how you got here? – The Clone of the Monkey King was amazed, his luck couldn’t be better, if two different groups of humans were able to come down here then it meant many more could come and the transport and rescue of the MS would be much easier, god knew they needed all the help they could get.


As Ciara wept in the solitude of her private quarters, still scarred from killing two humans, possibly her and the others ticket out this sunken coffin, the leader of the opposite faction was having a party as Shoji Gunpei, the Half Tengu elder of the Eastern Camp was sure that the day they had waited had come. A young half Fox-Demon recently started to show prophetic powers and today she dreamt of the blue sky and all standing on a beach. Shoji wasn’t the type of person to be overly optimistic, but this could be real and after more than 60 years trapped without being able to spread his wings the old Half Tengu allowed himself to hope. –We’re getting drunk, I don’t care who or what will do it, but we will leave this place!- but as they celebrated some of the scouts, a half-Kamaitachi and a Half-Dervish came in the main hall to inform about Houzi and his guests.

-We need to help them! Daigoro and Daikichi, go and guard them with your life, they must be the ones foretold to take us out of this prison! - The Winged Elder barked orders and two tall and muscular individuals stood up and rushed to the exit. Twins, one with blue skin and the other with red skin, both brothers are Half Oni. All the others Eastern MS prepared to receive them as the sound they made would surely wake up the newcomer into the Storage room, the one that came from upside a couple of days before and Houzi never meet yet, a dangerous Yeti GD, blood thirsty and deadly. Shoji hoped they could arrive in time to help Houzi and the ones he found to safety and hoped that they didn’t face the Yeti, whose thick hair could stop bullets as if they were balls of wet paper.


As this events unfolded something in the lower levels started to react, something hidden in the Computer Mainframe, inside an enclosed capsule, the biggest secret in the whole complex….

And now it was awake.

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"She swam." Hal said, pointing at Hitomi with his thumb before she could open her mouth. "We're here to offer refugees a new home if they want to leave this place."

A half-truth, but true nonetheless. One of the scenarios their contractor has provided during their mission briefing was the possibility of intelligent survivors. With Hitomi's Kaspa, refuge was something the two humans could legitimately offer the monsters of the Ryugu-Jo, if they were willing to be cooperate and not slaughter everyone.

They still had yet to decide where they would drop them off though. Japan was out of the question, they were still recovering from that Godzilla attack from a few months back. Dai maybe? More likely one of Alvin's worlds though.

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-Wait a minute dumpling boy, we got here first, we are in a rescue mission, and we have the means to accomplish it.- Ichigan stepped forward in-between the Speedster and Houzi, Kuro-san would flail him alive if he failed. Even as powerful as he was there was something about the enigmatic Crime Boss that scared him, like a never ending pool of Bloodlust, which would most likely belong to a demon than a human. That was one of the reasons the Mountain Slayer followed Kuro-san, others being payment and opportunities to fight real opponents. –Still if you want to join in our little tour you are more than welcome to do so, the more bai… the more comrades the merrier- A wolf-like grin appeared in Ichigan face as he spoke. Houzi was still too surprised of finding another group of humans leaving him silent. Hikaru for her part decided this was too strange to ignore.

-How do you run so fast? How do you withstand the speed? How fast can you run? – “Your curiosity…” as Dr. Shishido said when he met her, “will be your undoing.” Her rapid fire of inquiries was too fast to be stopped and too forceful to contain, and even with his enhanced speed Hal wouldn’t be able to reply all the questions as a monster decided to attack. The Monkey King Clone snapped from his surprise and realized that the precious moments he idly stood in pure awe of the newcomers were crucial, as he wasn’t able to detect the incoming threat. 3 mts tall, with grayish skin, massive bellies and a single eye globe in the face 4 Cyclops attacked from all the sides, some from the hallway others crashed through the Storage massive shelves, which once were strong but now weak out of rust and bad care.

–Everybody follow me!- Houzi shouted as his Staff retracted into a 1.80 mts weapon and used it to smash the Cyclops on his right, the one with its back facing the entrance to the Eastern MD camp. Houzi jumped over the fallen monster and helped Hikaru climb, she took the chance to feel his body with a naughty grin that the Monkey King clone noticed but tried to ignore. Ichigan stood his ground and punched one of the incoming GD on the gut, making it fold on itself in pain, another one attacked him and he blocked, resisting in his place while the Mangetsu soldiers followed Houzi. – Follow the Monkey, I’ll stay and buy some time, you too Dumpling boy, run with the Monkey and stay alive my boss will surely want to know what the heck you are doing here.- The Mountain Slayer punched the one that just attacked him that only grunted and shrugged the damage like nothing.


As this happened Daikichi and Daigoro the Oni brothers ran towards them, hearing the chaos in the Storage with their keen senses. They moved so fast they only left a shining blue and red blurs behind them, which shined with the light of the devilish fires starting on their bodies, which were covered in bright lines, remarking their muscles. –ORA! We need to get there and beat the ever living crap out of them! - Daigoro roared rudely, while Daikichi covering his face with one hand, ashamed of his twin brother refuted that idea. – Our mission is to get the people first, not smash things, you muscle headed simpleton. We need to do this with class and flair. So they respect our skill.- Daigoro grunted in disagreement but kept his commentaries to express them later, the scent of a brawl was in the air and he wanted to taste it in full.

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Hal and Hitomi worked quickly. Making life easier for himself later, Hal turned to face the cyclopses and ran, dropping into a slide tackle at a speed beyond the human eye's ability to follow, the momentum and power carrying forward into the cyclops' ankle. Whether the attack was successful or not was irrelevant, for Hitomi had already set up a series sharp razor wires at the monster's neckline, ready to slice through their necks.

After that first attack and once the traps were set, the two followed the monkey king and the Mangetsu soldiers, with Hitomi firing her guns into the cyclopses eyes as they retreated.

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Ichigan punched the Cyclops out of the way, the dumb thing was only weak in the eyeball, so that’s where the Mountain Slayer strikes, the rest of the tumor filled skin was too hard even for man said to commit geocide. –Damn em’ all! Ya can go to hell fucking monsters! - A brilliant red Aura engulfed the Spirit Boxer, bright red and circling him like currents of wind. He stood firmly when the monsters charged and with a simple straight punch he launched them back, pushed by a incredibly powerful shockwave.


His body was also pushed backwards, towards the rest of the group. Houzi noticed this jumped over the propelled body of Ichigan, grabbing Hikaru and the three Mangetsu troopers. Daikichi and Daigoro were surprised by the incoming Boxer, crashing through empty crates, barrels and shelves, with the powerful wind current pushing him and pushing away any nearby monster unlucky enough to get in the way. Both Oni tried to react but where too late and were almost run over, but thanks to the Monkey King fast reflexes, extending his pole for them to grab, they managed to stay in one piece.

-What the hell is this?- Both brothers managed to utter this words just when the wind stopped and all the people grabbed to Ichigan, and Ichigan himself crashed against the wall. As they managed to stand up the Oni brothers wanted to make a question but Houzi gestured for silence and pointed the way the group came and the dozens or even more eyes glowing in the dark. The Monkey King whispered –Follow me.- and swiftly moved towards the door to the next room. The rest shrugged the crash as they could and followed them. Hikaru didn’t notice it, but her communicator fell off during the flight and now, away from her it started transmitting.

-BZZZZT…BZZZZTTT….. He…BZZZTTT…. We…..BZZZZZT…. We… nee…BZZZT….. hel…..p…..BZZZT….. Th….BZZZZTTTT…. Th…ee…..BZZZZTTTT…. b…..boss…..BZZZT…i…is…..BZZZZT…..dead.-

That cry for help, with the sound of battle behind was only heard by GDs around it, which pounced around with curiosity.

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