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World War II brought death and suffering as never before in our world, but as well it left hundreds of innovations and technological advances that we still use. The Hidden World also advanced during this time. What’s the Hidden World? Let’s say it is what the regular people of the world ignore, the world that overlaps with our own, were the monsters, gods and heroes life every day, hidden from most of humanity, waging wars inside the shadows of civilization since it started. People discovered the Hidden World and either died, fought it or used it for their means. During the War, the Japanese government started a program create enhanced soldiers using Yokai and other creatures they collected from the nearby countries, trying to create a powerful army. They lost the war and the program vanished from the government records, still hidden in the secret underwater facility Ryugu-jo were artifacts from Japan and horrible experiments are trapped at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. A rising star in the criminal underworld of Japan discovered the location and is planning to raid the place and take all the weapons to prepare for a conquest of Japan. With the help of a corrupted monk he found inside a crypt when his underlings were building an underground HQ, he plans to collect all the artifacts and use the powers of the Nihon no Kami against the people of the country to conquer it. He is only known as Kuro-san and his criminal clan is known as Mangetsu. They are ready to wage war upon the country of Japan Underworld. Are you ready to stop their plans?

This is a street-level oriented RP, any kind of character origin is valid. The characters can go to the Facility through different means; I offer a small list of examples

Working for Japan Government to stop the Raid

Hired by a particular to find a particular artifact

Criminal trying to stop competition of getting armed

Magic-based character that senses the powers dwelling inside of the Facility and wants to investigate.

Remember this is underwater, so a bad move would flood the whole place, and maybe woke up some of the hardcore experiments. I will post a partial map of the installation in brief.

All the rooms, even the ones above or below are separated at least by 5 mts of open sea, thus you cannot pierce through one wall and end up in other room unless you can handle deep presure and buttloads of saltwater. The doors and walls are highly resistant to damage, built to resist Torpedos with ease, can resist more than 50 tons of impact without ill effects upon the integrity. The passageways are weaker.

  • Main Dock: The main entrance to the complex, with capacity up to 3 WWII Subs
  • Lobby: The center of mundane operations, were usually went to complain about maintenance issues or petty disputes.
  • Storage: Heavy Machinery, Cleaning Supplies and Raw Materials used in the maintenance of the complex and in the kitchen.
  • Habitational Space: Small living units and farmlands with fake sunlight and genetically enhanced plants
  • Control Center: The lower half of the operational center of the Complex, in charge of the Dock control, emergency procedures and electronical maintenance.
  • Kitchen/Cafeteria: Obvious isnt it?
  • Data Computing: A section with old timey computers, pretty advanced for their time.
  • Main Lab: The Main Lab and place of most of the basic level research, as well medical tests and examinations.
  • Lab Storage: Medical and Lab Supplies to have at hand.
  • Lab Specimen Quarters: Kinda of Obvious, before used as cage, now used as homes, not cozy but it works.
  • Punishment Area: Cells for the civilian and military inhabitants of the Complex
  • Lobby Supplies: Obvious
  • Computer Mainframe: The Main of information and control of the place, a good hacker could totally control it
  • Weapons Lab: The place were the weapons for the soldiers were designed. Not working or useful without knowledge.
  • Weapon Vault: Locked with care and security exponentially equal to their danger, the most powerful are too strongly locked to be accesed.
  • Weapon Range: Used to test weapons, now used as exercise grounds for the Western Camp.
  • Secondary Storage: Obvious, now Overrun by GD
  • Control Center/Guard's Office/Secondary Dock: In theory is clean as the Control Room is tightly sealed, thus nobody could get in or out.
  • Office/ Waste Disposal: Probably overrun
  • Military Authority Office: Surely locked as protocol dictates.
  • 2nd Lab: Or Advanced Lab, the place were the finer more subtle work was done.
  • High Security Vault: Holds the most dangerous and powerful objects or creatures.
  • 2nd Lab Storage: Same as the Lab Storage but expensive materials.
  • Head Scientist Office/Quarters: used by the Western Leaders as base of operation and food storage.
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Giving me many different vibes, but i like it a lot. I assume this is somewhat of a remake of the submarine RP?

Count on me.

Also, while you were gone i managed to reduce the number of my characters to four and will not make a single one beyond that (other than for specific RPs which need a new character).

With that out of the way, would this character be acceptable for the RP: Ayane?

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Let's see. Knights of the miles wouldn't take part, due to political barriers and whatnot. actually, they'd prefer it if Kuro-san succeeded, since the knights would be needed in Japan and they could set up a second base.

SFF Already left Japan...

Sketchinoda is going to be tied up in the Young Empire...

Right. Hitomi and Paige.

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@Fehafare: She can work. I like the character, the powers are neat and have a good theme behind them.

Is worth mentioning that the Facility is analogic, not digital.

@SamJaz: Link their bios

Post by Fehafare (9,680 posts) See mini bio Level 13

@Kuro_San: Thanks.

Well Ayane only claims to be a program, it's unclear whether she really is one or not. And even if she was, right now she is part of the physical world just as much as anyone else is so it's really no problem.

Either way looking forward to the RP.

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I will enter with Seth.

Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@Kuro_San: You know Hitomi.

And Paige Turner is new.

Post by Lobos_Del_Rayo (2,918 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Kuro_San: *blows dust off a cowboy hat a slight smirk on his face as he checks to make sure that 6 bullets are loaded in his signature revolver*

You know Kuro-san is enough to get me back but I think I may need a refresher on the current events as of late.

Post by Fehafare (9,680 posts) See mini bio Level 13

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Yay!

Nothing kinda happened. Hellscraper is still the main event.

I'm about to make a new RP: which will hopefully together with this one reignite this site a bit.

We got a few newcomers.

There's also a one shot Fairy Tail RP going on as well as a Sword Art Online theme one if you care.

Post by Lobos_Del_Rayo (2,918 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Fehafare: Well my RPing schedule this time around will be extremely limited...if that this case this seems like a new start all around.If and When I come back I coming back with what I left with Crow and the BHA (by proxy the BHAJ)

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Cool. Looking forward to your return. No matter how tight your time plan is.

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@Fehafare: Tight is an underestimate I probably shouldn't even be coming back for this. Im in my second to last time of college and I need to step up my game in all aspects.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: They i'd say better take care of that first.

Though really hope that you'll come back one day.

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@SamJaz: Paige is a bit overpowered.... tropes mastery is nearby reality manipulation

Hitomi is fine

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@Kuro_San: Right. Any limitations you'd want to place on Paige for the RP duration?

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@SamJaz: I'm a man of blacks and Whites Sam. Either she is in or is out. Imposing limitations kills the point of the character. Enter with Hitomi if you want. I'm going in with Falken and Kuro-san, each one through their own side.

Gen will reapper a bit buffed up, with a more adult avatar.

Kuro-san returned to his classic look, more rougish and battle-worn

Post by SamJaz (13,107 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@Kuro_San: I love how that first sentence coincides with your new avatar.

Hitomi it is.

I won't even bother asking if Kelly can join in. All the powers of everyone who hates anybody in the room, and everybody hated by anybody in the room. THAT is op-

Unless she's alone with a monster no one's ever seen before. Crap, that's worth considering actually.

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@SamJaz: You underestimate my mastery of the powers of narrative force Samjaz..... I never do coincidences...

The first game I wrote for is going to be on Android in a couple of months more or less

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@Kuro_San: That is one smexy looking game.


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@Kuro_San: Lol I guess Crow is too OP :P then he can't join I'm just going to jump off a bridge now lol.

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