Punctuality: Acer Vs Pepper

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The ballroom was a majestic site, its marble floor glistened freshly cleaned using the finest polish as the intriqute design hand crafted by the finest painters. At either side of the ballroom floor stood two stair ways, snaking there way towards the balcony, each one mirroring the other. At the end there were two large glass doors, leading to the courtyard were there last dance had taking place. The doors to ballroom were already open awaiting the arrival of a queen to grace its illustrious floors.

In the center stood a well dressed man of just over six feet, his raven hair reached to his shoulders, his red eyes disguised by the chandelier that floated overhead. His clothing was made from the finest tailors, the ivory shirt was buttoned up to the very top, accompanied by a jet black tie and a vest to match, cut just below the chest area. The dinner jacket made up his upper half as it halted just above his waist, with a tail at the back. The pants covered the polished shoes and in his hand a gold pocket watch, its ticking the only noise heard in a room of silence.

The table was set for this evengings meal, all duties had been taking care of personally and the food was in the oven waiting to be cooked and served. The butler stood formally, his feet in perfect position, one arm behind his back as he looked down at the watch as it struck exactly 5:00PM. The crimson eyes looked towards the open doors and there was no arrival. "My my she is late"
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A large and echoing sound surfaced through the building, as the time struck the hour, a most important hour.   A slight smirk crossed her face as she noted her tardiness, obviously her time management was more than off.  Briskly walking through the immaculately clean and perfect hallway, she hurried to make it to her destination.  Stopping for a moment, she looked back, as she wondered where in the heck she was going.  She had taken the wrong stair way, and would have to double back.  Her mind seemed to be clouded and elsewhere, it didnt help also that the espada residence was so massive.  Hurrying  back she , picked up her pace and kept going.

With a loud sigh, she strode into the amazing ballroom ten minutes late.   Her hair that had once been in a tight bun, was now flowing out around her face and shoulders.  She wore a beautiful but simple black dress, that despite its appearance was more than perfect for any type of situation.  Her face was slightly flushed from her rushed pursuit to make it some what near her arrival time.  Smiling slightly, she looked around and saw him standing perfectly straight in the middle of the room, as if he had been waiting for her arrival.  she took note of his appearance that was nothing short of perfect, it amazed her his ability to do things right so effortlessly. 

Running a hand through her hair, she stepped toward him and bowed.  She was embarrassed slightly as she stood next to him, her tardiness and slightly disgruntled appearance.  "I sincerly apologize sir, for my tardiness and my slightly ruffled appearence, my regrets." Looking up she met his crimson eyes with her steady brown ones, awaiting his response and the commencement of the evnts to come. 
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The blood red eyes, flickered as they glanced towards a creature of the upmost beauty and elegance, not bothered by her late arrival or her slightly ruffled appearance. Like the belle of the ball she moved with such grace and with great presence not like the girl he had known at the beginning of there last dance. He smiled at her flushed apperance, as if she had made a great effort to arrive. He moved towards her in neither walk nor sprint as she bowed and in polite return he took her hand gently with his own and kissed it as he bowed with respect to his queen  and lover. He could tell she was woried, not by the ensuring battle that was to come but the appearance thatwas so unlike his own, but to him she would remain beautiful and eloquence always. There eyes met in a gaze of love but also slight hate, he had not forgot thier last encounter and nor would he forgive.

"My queen next to you i am merely a best in the presence of such beauty, it is i who should apologize" As he leaned in to her his lips softly graced her cheek as he bowed once more berfore retreating to below the grand light of the ball. In there last encounter he was nothing short of a beast, wanting to taste her fresh blood and things had not changed in the slightest, he loved and adored her but he was a warrior and it was hispride that wanted to avenge his last defeat, but above all else it was an honour and respect not only to himself but to her. As the world outside became darker and the slience trembled he readied himself.

"I apolagize in advanced, but i must end this quickly, you see i have a meal prepared and i don't want it to go to waste and right now it is 5:15 and the meal will be ready at 5:45 so my queen your defeat will be in exactly 30 minutes" He smiled and inbetween his fingers appeared a knife of the finest cuttelry as just as quick as it apeared, it was cutting through the air at high speeds, and as it did it was surrounded by hundreds like it, all illusions disguising the real blade.

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Her flush deepened slighty as he responded to her slight flawas with the upmost love and elegance.  She smiled as his lips touched her cheek , and the feeling lingered long after.  But, as quick as the kiss was given he was in the shadows of the glistening ballroom light.  She did not fret though, for w hatever is done in the dark must eventually come to light, and she would be ready for it.   Taking a couple steps back she kept her eyes on him, as she got in a defensive position. For the longest she held reservations regarding their battle, but he confirmed she won fair and square.  And that being the case, Acer would want nothing more than to tie the score between them.  fighting acer was like getting the best of both worlds, she got to learn and see all the passion that she loved inside of him and she got see his ruthless side as he did her, a mind blowing combination.  Tilting her head to the side slightly, she looked intenly at him she had no intentions on losing this one either, for she was a new woman since then with no aprehension in the least. 

Her full lips curved into a teasing smile as she heard his words, spoken so seriously and precise. She licked her lip slightly, as if marveling in the taste of the upcoming battle.  Her eyes lit up at his smile unconiously as she watched his fingers cause a knife to appear inbetween them.  And just as fast, it came at her in amazing speekds and then multiplied into a multitude of them.  She flipped back to put time on her side, She knew it was an  illusion immediatly, for pepper had honed her powers since the last battle, and found it ironic that acer and her both used illusions.  But, the question was which one was the real deal.  Pepper took her chances and moved to the area she believed was far away from the blade, but to her dismay it was a mistake.  The blade crossed against her right shouder blade slicing the soft skin effortlessly. 

Running at him with amazing speed, she spoke his name quietly, but with each letter sound came out of her mouth an invisible amount of chemical that was going at him in huge amounts.  If done right, it would go in his system and cause his respitory system to work agaisnt him taking down his stanima, and it would effect the brain causing his equilibrium to be set off and his hits non-effective.  Hoping the chemical worked, Pepper took the sword off her back and went at him in a series of slashes and combo hits , and swept her leg under him in order to cause him to fall.  There was no need for games, this was to be serious from start to the sweet finish. 
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