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Excitement literally coursed through mighty Raseri's veins. It was not since his struggle against the combined forces of nefarious Newdeath and Ray Donovan that the Son of Thunder had indulged himself in a decent battle, unfortunately, his last one concluded with the loss of his life. However, having returned since then, Raseri's power may have decreased but his sheer raw fighting talent seems to have escalated to levels even he did not anticipate. "Haven't had one of these in a while", the Nordic Tiger murmured, sitting on a wooden bench in the eye-catching garden all about his manor. Wrapping his large hands in white fighting tape, Raseri could not help but chuckle at how clouded his close friend's judgment has become as a result of his earlier death. However, an appreciative sense of thanks manifested within the fighting demigod's soul, he was sincerely thankful of how much of an impact his sorrowful departure had on Crow. The gunslinger's emotional reaction, it was apparent evidence of his care for his dear friend. "Crow is a true friend", Raseri smiled, in a brief moment of appreciation for how dearly Crow holds him to his heart, but of course, mighty Raseri's excitement for the upcoming battle soon overcame him.

"Hehe, I can't wait to whoop some ass again", the Nordic Tiger smirked in a cocky manner, cracking his fists, a weak shock-wave generated from the action, forcing cracks to form on nearby surfaces before putting his black leather gloves on. Standing to his full height, the Fighting Guru's icy blue eyes brimmed with confidence and determination. "Crow my friend, I'd die all over again for you but no way am I passing up this kind of opportunity. You've evolved since we last met, you're not the same man I once knew. More importantly, you're not the same fighter", he chuckled, murmuring to himself, silence molesting his ear, not even the birds dared to chirp as the air was still, no leaves rustled. "Alright, time to get this thing going", The Greatest smiled, dashing into the horizon as he sped into the distance, heading towards the agreed battlefield. Feeling the air moving through his medium-length silky brown hair. "I've missed this place like Odin does his other eye", a smirking Raseri thought, referring to the Earth, a place he found to be much better than the divine otherworldly halls of Asgard. After several hours of high-speed sprinting, the Nordic Tiger's fast-moving feet halted abruptly. The thin sand beneath his black shoes, the powerful rays of the unnecessarily radiant Sun beaming down on his exposed skin, the hot dry air eerily moving past him, and the cloudless blue sky... the Fighting Guru stood in an undisclosed desert, one of incredible vastness, and the perfect location for the release of his remaining true power.

Quickly, valiant Raseri's icy blue eyes looked into Crow's as the gunslinger stood before him, fully prepared to do battle against the Ultimate Fighting God. Laughing calmly, Raseri's confident smirk refused to vanish, "Let's see how far you've come Crow. Seems like you don't think I'm the real deal. Hehe, well this will be a learning experience for you", the King of Fists taunted, his blue eyes very briefly generating a bright spark from the remnants of the divine energies that once flourished inside the demigod's body. Calmly removing his black leather jacket, the Nordic Tiger tossed it into the sandy ground, grains of sand and dust jumping into the air as a result. The trademark giant red fist design on it's back facing towards the scorching hot Sun. Removing his black leather gloves as well, Raseri fully exposed his torso. The legendary enigmatic scars on his chest, a sign of his genuineness as the Ultimate Fighting God. His flawlessly sculpted and chiseled body, particularly his torso was in full display, the large four-armed golden tiger tattoo on his back exposed to the Sun's rays. Dressed only in his jeans and shoes along with the white tap on his hands, the Fighting Guru quickly adopted one of his unique self-taught fighting stances, Kinetiske Stil. With his fists up high, protecting his face while his feet danced, floating above the ground like a lightless leaf. "Come on son, show me what you can do", Raseri taunted, his eyes now pulsating with a white electrical energy while they remained devoid of pupils and irises.

"Don't disappoint me Crow. I know you've been training since my death, to become stronger so that you don't allow anymore of you friends to die like me", he said, trapped in a moment of brief seriousness before reverting to his usual confident and charismatic disposition. "You didn't get all those invitations from Ebisu for nothin' you know. I wouldn't have recommended you if you were weak. Now show me how strong you've become", the most celebrated fighter in the world quickly threw a spinning heel kick, generating a spinning slash of kinetic energy as he quickly followed by an explosive left hook, projecting forward a colossal fist-shaped kinetic energy construct. Close combat would be achieved soon, but not yet. Finally, the opening combo concluded with an energetic and beautiful butterfly kick, shooting several colossal slashes of kinetic energy, all of them speeding towards Crow with menace. As he paced around Crow, mighty Raseri waited, anticipating his friend's counterattack.

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That is not Raseri…Raseri is dead I watched him die in DC. That was an impostor, a fraud, a fake imitation of the friend I knew. Raseri is dead, Callis is dead, and Harumi is dead they are dead like my friends and family from Rayo Rosado. This is fact…undisputable, cold, hard, undeniable fact…dead is dead. I’m going to make that impostor pay! This was the only thought going though the mind of the Last Gunslinger only a few minutes after leaving Jewel’s Sake Bar and Grill where he encountered someone who may have looked like the King of Fist and Fighting but the Rail-gun know was a fraud. Unfortunately the gunslinger could not see though his own anger and rage to realize that he was not fighting an impostor posing as Raseri but the Nordic Tiger himself. Crow had looked at the map the fighting demigod had given him and recognize the desert that the two were to meet to fight it wasn’t very far from Jewel’s but it was far enough that no innocent by standers would walk into a battle. The Last Gunslinger was speeding down the highway as his anger boiled in him one way or another he was going to prove that this person was or wasn’t Raseri Rudd. Thinking of Raseri brought up memories of what happen in DC the day of the Crimson Eye War despite Newdeath being defeated once and for all it was not a victory in Crow’s books. Not only had he let Zella escape, but he was not able to save or help Raseri, and then there was the fight with the renegade Reitter, the Black King, Masako. Crow had slowed down a bit he could not remember a lot of the fight; he remember Masako went though some sort of transformation then…Crow turned into something that frighten him he had tapped into a power within his being that he did not know existed. He had let the Insanity energy that resided in him since he was 17 and watched his town be destroyed he tapped into that power and that was all he remembers the next thing he know he woke up Masako was gone and he watched Raseri die. The Rail-gun sped up again as his anger returned determined to not let someone ruin the King of Fighting’s legacy he was going to make this person pay.

Crow arrived at the intended location apparently before the demigod did making him smirk a little, “That fraud probably realized I caught him red handed and couldn’t beat me in a real fight. Damn I was really to fight to not just to hurt him but I could relaxed a little.” Crow looked around the desert scenery the pale orange of the rock formations towering above all, the dirty brown of the drown stretching endless in all direction, and the cloudless blue sky that reflected the same color of the Rail-gun’s eyes. The hot dry air may have been irritating to some but to the gunslinger who grown up and lived near the Mexican-American border most of his life it was the same as a cool breeze on a hot day. If this was the real Raseri he wouldn’t have picked a terrain I personal love he would have been smarter pick someplace to play to his strength. Crow reached into the saddle bags attached to his bike and took out his cowboy hat he was literally wearing the exact same outfit he wore at Jewel’s earlier. The gunslinger had chose not to go back home to get a few things feeling he had what he need in the saddle bags including a few small knifes, extra ammo, some ninja tools like senbon needles and shuriken, etc. Though he doubted he would need this much to beat this impostor the gunslinger put his prized cowboy hat on his head pushing it down a little. It was then that he sensed the arrival of the fraud claiming to be his fallen friend. The God of Fighting met eyes with the Last Gunslinger but instead of the calm and cheerful appearance Crow’s eyes normally showed his eyes now was cold and determine. The normal smile was not there instead a slight frown existed but Raseri laughing calmly with a confident smirk that only burned the flames of hate within Crow. He is laughing…he fucking laughing and smirking! I guess idiots can tell themselves the same lie enough times they will believe that lie. I’m going to wipe that smirk off his face! Raseri…is…dead.

Crow clenched his fist tightly his anger was causing small sparks of electricity crackles around his hand. Raseri began to taunt the gunslinger which was only fueling Crow’s anger. “Let's see how far you've come Crow. Seems like you don't think I'm the real deal. Hehe, well this will be a learning experience for you", The Legend of the Fighting World removed his trade mark jacket as a stiff wind blew sand and dirt up in a swirl between the two. Crow was not letting his guard down for a second his hand was on he signature revolver, Quicksilver, ready to draw at a moment notice but this time he was not going to aim for a shot glass of gin and tonic. Raseri removed his black leather gloves revealing his chest and white taped hands to most there would be no doubt it was the real deal not some fraud but Crow knew that looks could easily be duplicated. For the first time since Jewel’s the gunslinger smiled a little, “I got to admit amigo when you say you are going to do something you do it 100%...Fine you stick to this little ruse but I’m going to expose you.” The God of Fist took his signature self taught Kinetiske Stil fighting style this enough show have shown the Lightning Bolt Gunslinger the light but his anger clouded his mind. Just because he knows Raseri’s style doesn’t mean anything there are more then one ways to copy or learn something. This guy can talk, act, fight, and move like Raseri but I know the truth Raseri died fighting Newdeath. It is because of his death that I agreed to work with Usso in and this is not Raseri! The Nordic Tiger continued his taunts trying to work Crow up, "Don't disappoint me Crow. I know you've been training since my death, to become stronger so that you don't allow anymore of you friends to die like me" This had been the final straw to Crow someone who he believes was claiming to be Raseri dared say he knew what Crow was training for. Electrical energy began peeling off Crow in arcs his eyes went from cold to practically deranged burning with cold murderous intent as Raseri continued; "You didn't get all those invitations from Ebisu for nothin' you know. I wouldn't have recommended you if you were weak. Now show me how strong you've become” Crow would not only this fraud to speak another work; “SHUT YOUR MOUTH! How dare you claim to know what I been training for, you don’t know me and I’m not your friend! If you were the real Raseri you know I trashed to invitations to Ebisu I had no intention of joining that group of goody-two shoes! Now shut and fight I told you at Jewel’s I’m going to make you prove that you are Raseri I swear on my word as a Gunslinger!”

The Thundering Cowboy forced him to calm down a little so he could think about this fight, Raseri or not I know that I need to keep the distance to win because if this is Raseri or if he it’s copy they would want to get in close and keep it a fist fight. I need to stay on my toes and keep moving keeping this guy off guard. Crow had only just come up with a strategy when the Fighting God made his first move performing a powerful spinning heel kick that created a spinning slash of kinetic energy. The gunslinger eyes widen a little as the explosive attack hurled towards him he sent a jolt of his electrical powers to his legs increasing his speed so that he could just dodge it just in time.. The attack cause a massive explosion as it hit the spot Crow was just standing sending chunks’ of rock in all directions along with a dust cloud. Crow smirk a little as he moved at high speeds to the right of where he was, “Wow and here I thought you were buffing when you pulled out Raseri’s Kinetiske Stil stance but that doesn’t change the fact you are not the real deal.” Unfortunately for Crow who was distracted by not only his taunt but his rage the Nordic Tiger threw a left hook at the Lightning Revolver that created a massive kinetic energy fist. The gunslinger braced himself crossing his arms in front of him as the fist collided with him pushing him back and smashing into a rock formation exploding on impact. “Aaaahhhh!” Crow gasped in pain he was now covered in cuts and dirt as blood ran down his forehead, the fight had only begun and he was losing, Raseri continued the onslaught with a perfectly preformed butterfly kick which like the previous attacks released spinning slashes of kinetic energy. Crow accelerated himself just in the knick of time dodging the attack that sliced and blasted the rock structure to bits. Crow panted a little as he sensed the man he believed an impostor pace around him but the gunslinger was ready, he moved so fast he left behind an after image a technique he called Fantasma, which would hopefully distract the fighting demi-god as the gunslinger moved behind him. Raseri was not the only hand to hand fighting expert Crow had trained himself in the style of Jeet Kune Do preferring kicks to punches it was this idea that help him create a new technique. “La Hoja: Bailar (The Blade: Dance)” Similar to how his hands would covered in electrical energy for La Hoja now his feet were the same covered in the same metallic blue electrical energy. Crow smirked while he strength his legs with electricity then delivers a spinning heel kick of his own to the King of Fist neck. The attack was meant to shock and paralyze his opponent by shutting off the nervous system with electricity, possibly even slice from the lightning blade on his feet, but this was just so that Crow could get some distance so he could use his next attack.

Crow leapt backwards his feet skidding along the ground as he held his left hand up with his right electrical energy building in his palm. “Zeus!” Suddenly Crow fired a blast of concentrated electrical energy from his left palm, this was a new move Crow had developed it was one of his strongest by concentrating the electricity when fired it could melt though most metals it wasn’t meant to be used against normal humans because it would melt though their body killing them. The Zeus blast was aimed at Raseri’s right shoulder; the gunslinger panted a little as his hand smoked from the attack but wasn’t done yet he finally drew Quicksilver for the first time and fire a shot so fast that few people could react. The gunslinger didn’t fire no ordinary bullet it was one of his explosive bullets that could destroy heavy arms resistant armor aimed directly at the man claiming to be Raseri chest. Like I thought whether this is or isn’t Raseri doesn’t matter I knew they would definitely have me in raw power but speed is becoming a probably I need to be faster. “Overcharged.” Suddenly the Gunslinger of Lightning body was covered in electrical energy which was peeling off him in arcs, his eyes were charged with the energy but still hold their cold intent hoping the speed, strength, focus, etc. increase Overcharged gave him was enough to match his opponent’s speed. The gunslinger panted a little blood running down his forehead around his eye his body was covered in bruises as he came up with a dangerous strategy to prove if this was really Raseri. He may fight like Raseri but here is one thing that will prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is him but it may back fire on me. “You know how I know you are not the real Raseri, because you called me your friend the real Raseri know we were never friends!” What is Crow dangerous way of proving Raseri identity? Why would he make such a claim? Is it the truth about Crow feelings towards Raseri?

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Pacing around the skilled gunslinger, Raseri the martial arts grandmaster danced on his toes, taunting his opponent with apparent body language. "I don't remember you being so emotional Crow. Did my death really affect you like this?", the Nordic Tiger asked, in a brief moment of seriousness. Reverting to his usual confident disposition, mighty Raseri maintained his self-taught Kinetiske Stil fighting stance, his trademark smirk of confidence on display for all to see. "You know what I find really funny Crow? It's that you haven't even considered that it's very possible for me to come back to life. And I have. After all, my grandfather is Odin", Raseri stated, making passive attempts at reasoning with his friend, while the fight was all he truly yearned for, he did not come to knock the gunslinger into coma. Once the dust from his earlier attacks had settled, the enraged gunslinger dashed over to the Nordic Tiger's side. His icy blue eyes never straying from determined Crow, the King of Fists continued his relentless taunting, "Come on son, you really thought you could get me with that?", The Greatest winked, sidestepping Crow's spinning heel kick. "Electrically charging your body for close combat, that's a new one. But honestly, you don't wanna get into close combat with me. That's suicide", Raseri chuckled, continuing to pace around Crow, analyzing the gunslinger's stance and body language.

Suddenly, in a heartbeat, a blast of immense electrical energy was shot towards the Ultimate Fighting God. Crossing his arms as he calmly braced himself for the blast, Raseri chuckled as it failed to even move him, his smirk still remaining. "You're gonna have to do better than that. Have you forgotten about how durable I am?", the Nordic Tiger taunted, the smoke from the electrical blast escaping from his slightly burnt shoulder. With his mind working at superhuman speeds, valiant Raseri managed to spot the incoming bullet and clearly it was no ordinary one. "That was close my friend", he chuckled, sidestepping the bullet as it managed to cut off a strand of his silky hair. Crow was already wounded, the blood dripping from his forehead was evidence of that. Quickly charing his body with an unnecessary amount of electrical energy, Crow prepared to compete with the Son of Thunder in all categories belonging to physical attributes: strength, speed and durability. "Not bad", the Nordic Tiger murmured. Soon however, Crow allowed several uncharacteristic words to escape the confinement of his mouth, "You know how I know you are not the real Raseri, because you called me your friend, the real Raseri knew we were never friends!", Crow declared. This statement was one that Raseri knew was false. Clearly, Crow's plan was painfully obvious, he intended to enrage the skillful demigod. "You're lying", Raseri responded, serious for a moment, "If that were true, you wouldn't have become so emotional over this. You can't handle the idea that your friend is back from the dead so to you I must be an impostor right? If you really weren't my friend, you wouldn't give a rat's ass. But you do. That's why you're here. Fighting me, to protect the memory of your good friend Raseri. You're good friend, me".

"I don't need to whoop your ass across the entire world to prove to you that I'm Raseri, cause I'm the real deal son. If we were never really friends, there wouldn't have been any point to introducing me to Toni all those months ago. And you wouldn't have introduced yourself to me when we first met at that dangerous island where we were teamed up with other people, including Rain", the Fighting Guru concluded, his eyes now pulsating heavily with surging white energy, a violent outward flailing aura of what appeared to be white lightning-like kinetic energy radiated around the demigod's perfectly chiseled frame. "Now where were we?", his cocky smirk returning, "Oh yeah. I was about to do this!", he exclaimed with excitement, blue electrical arcs surging around his body having been physically enhanced by kinetic energy. Enhanced to his previous base strength level of one hundred tons with energy augmentation, Raseri knew that he could not go any further, however, his speed was also increased to frightening levels. "Atatatatatatatah!", in the blink of an eye, the Ultimate Fighting God unleashed a ridiculously fast flurry of explosive punches as they generated a barrage of colossal fist-shaped constructs that shot towards Crow, each imbued with enough raw strength to shatter mountains. Instantly appearing a few meters from Crow's left, the Nordic Tiger took a drastic alteration in his fighting technique, adopting his more passive fighting style, as well as his most powerful, the Fist of Life, one fighting style that only he knew. Adopting it's flowing internal fighting stance with his palm extended towards Crow, the King of Fists again spoke to his emotionally driven friend, "I think you know that nobody can copy my Fist of Life", he said, quickly thrusting his left palm towards Crow at insane speeds, aiming for a Life Hole in the gunslinger's chest, one that would render him incapable of accessing his electrical powers.

"Crow, I hope you realize that if you continue to fight me, it's not gonna end well for you. I died against Newdeath and his clowns to protect all of you, and it would just be a shame to come back and kill you. That's not what friends do", The Greatest admitted, showing his reluctance to do any more harm to Crow despite his drive to fight. "While I may have the pride of a fighter, it's not worth it if I break every single bone in your body. Because you know I can, Raseri doesn't play", he said, quickly turning away from his friend and brutally punching the ground behind him, cracking it open as a gigantic fissure formed stretching out into the horizon of the desert, a powerful earthquake generated from the attack. "I know you don't want anything like that hitting you in the face. And that isn't even the hardest I can hit, you know me. If I come at you, to hit you as hard as I can, moving at speeds that make lightning look eternal... you're not gonna be recognizable. Stop this now. But if you really want it. Come get it clown", The Greatest said, gesturing for Crow to charge towards him if he wished to continue.

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