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alright so basically this is extremely simple. Identify character traits, psychological disorders, and anything else in the characters above you and write it down. Just remember to say who you are profiling for cases with accounts with multiple characters.

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Wouldn't this require some sort of psychological training? The kind I'll be doing in the psychology and crime course I'll be taking in September *Internal Squee*

So, Stasis?

The unsub is a white male, in his mid teens and has been in his mid teens for a very long time. Is very naive and immature in social experiences but due to his high power levels he often believes and acts according to his military rank of Angel of Balance.

The unsub puts a lot more effort into the maintenance of his relationship than his dominating girlfriend does. It is his only social interaction where he is the submissive member of the relationship, as he likes to be the one in the leadership position at all times.

How's that?

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