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Incarnation of Poseidon
Incarnation of Poseidon

The Ruler of the Seas
The Ruler of the Seas

Name: Poseidon (Neptune)
Age: Unknown (Older than mankind's existence) 
Gender: Male 
Date of Birth: Unknown
Nationality: Caucasian 
Faction: Good
Affiliation: Olympia (Big Three, Second to Zeus) 
Height: 6.398 ft (standard form)
Weight: 183.204 Ib
Speciality: Cosmetic Powers & Hydrokinesis
Aliases: Big Three, Ruler of the Seas & Oceans, & Earth-Shaker 
Place of Birth: Kronos Belly
Orientation: Heterosexual 
Race: Incarnation 
Family: Zeus, Hera, & Hades (Closest above all family members) 

Personality & Character

Don't get him angry
Don't get him angry
Poseidon has a low minded personality, he barely shows any sign of emotions and is quite impassive. He will not hesitate to mutilate a comrade or partner as well as having no remorse if someone is caught in the crossfire of his rage, informing others to move out of his way when battling. Despite his aggressive nature, Poseidon is very perceptive in battle. He is seemingly aware of any potential danger to him and can immediately react to it. Unlike other Gods & Goddesses Poseidon is not arrogant and shows compassion to those who care for recycling and helping the environment. In his incarnated body (on Earth) he sometimes becomes an environmentalist just for fun, helping mankind with pollution and other natural disasters. Regardless of his love for the oceans he will immediately wipe anyone from existence if they pursue earth and can be sometimes bipolar. While Zeus is an asshole God, Poseidon is a very wrathful and angry God, the only signs of emotions you'll ever see in Poseidon is anger, rage, and wrath! Poseidon is rather impatient, tends to get angry real fast and will have no trouble destroying any comrade who pisses him the f*ck off. 


" The Wrath of Poseidon strikes you!"
" The Wrath of Poseidon strikes you!"

At The Beginning :  The Rebellious Age of The Gods   In the beginning of time there was nothing but an endless pit of darkness, the Chaos. From the primordial forces of this chaos, Gaia came to existence. As the sole entity in the whole Universe, Gaia felt bored and created new life. Thus she made the race of mighty Titans. Her first child was the great Uranus. The Titan possessed essentially boundless powers and used those to shape the world into the way we presently know. Over the course of long eons he created planets, stars, organized matter and formed whole Galaxies. He stole light into the previously dark world and created the limitless sky. 

His heart rightfully earned the love of Gaia and the two became wife and husband. As time went on, Gaia created more Titans, each having powers unimaginable by mortal standards. Yet, none ever dared to oppose the invincible might of Uranus. It was natural that the almighty Titan became the ruler of his own race and by extension: the entire Universe. His time of reign is told to be the golden age of Titans. Gaia created countless new life forms for the Titans to control. Each star, each planet, every corner of the Universe were populated with some sort of life. The Titan race lived in absolute prosperity until a certain event came to motion.  Gaia had a terrible nightmare about his husband's death. The sign that heralded the approaching ruin of Titans. That was none other than the birth of their newest son, Cronus. Gaia's terrible premonition didn't let her re4st and told her husband the dream. Uranus simply laughed it off as he firmly believed no being can oppose the two of them, even their own son. So Cronus had been safely born. The young Titan had bright intelligence unusual to his age. He quickly became one of Uranus' favorites. Out of curiosity Cronus eventually took aThe collision Of All the Titans and Gods long journey around the whole Universe, to see and experience everything a Titan like him could. His travels bore a sour fruit. Cronus saw the limitless extravagance of the Titans. They exploited every corner of the universe, not caring about the repairable damage they cause to the cosmos. It frightened the young Cronus and he came back as a changed man. The idea of the Universe's destruction haunted him day by day and he secretly took every effort to prevent that. He sought power and strength beyond the scope of any Titan and eventually found it. The power that once belonged to Gaia and Uranus, the energies originating from the ancient primordial Chaos. Despite the Titans believed the Universe to be completely theirs, the Chaos was still there. That mysterious energy is what we nowadays call the Dark Energy and the main body of Chaos, the Dark Matter. After Aeons of preparation Cronus finally faced his father, Uranus and the nearly endless first war of the Titans have begun. Titans were split to two factions. The Old Order that led by the present King and Queen Uranus and Gaia. They fought to preserve the order, quell the rebellion and return the Titan race to its old prosperity. The other sides were the New Order. Led by Cronus. They aimed to save the world and create an equal society in harmony with the Universe. The battles were unbelievably intense. The new-found Dark Energy let Cronus to cancel the previously invincible Uranus' powers and rendered him immune to Gaia's control. 

Yet it didn't have enough power toThe Pit Of Tartarusdecide the battle in one quick move. Massacre of unbelievable proportions have begun. The wars consumed billions of galaxies and erased entire timelines. No one really knew when the battle had begun and when would they stop. The fighting sides slowly even started to forget their original intention and fought for the pure sake of hatred and war. Only a select few Titans, including Uranus and Cronus - held their sanity. Thus the battle bore a third faction that attacked everyone on sight. This chaotic war nearly exterminated every life. Finally after uncountable number of years Cronus had slain his father, Uranus. The weakened Gaia chooses to retreat but not before cursing Cronus and swearing eternal revenge. With the little forces Cronus had left, he had begun stabilizing the Universe he unwittingly had turned to complete anarchy. The reconstruction of the Universe took painful eons. Cronus extensively used his power over Dark Matter and Dark Energy to establish a new order, ruled by the circumstances we now know a the laws of physics. The new laws forced the various life-forms to evolve and adapt, creating the plants, animals we know. Thanks to the mercy of Prometheus gradually the humans came to existence. To ensure the orders Cronus hunted Gaia down and sealed her inside the crust of the small planet called as Earth. Cronus made earth his new palace and ordered 11 of his Titans to follow him. The real reason was to watch over the imprisoned Gaia and prevent yet another war. With the final peace a new Golden Age (this time for humans) have begun. Everyone lived in sincere prosperity under the rightful rule of Cronus. He had to sacrifice nearly infinite lives, countless of his comrades and almost his own sanity but he finally did it. Yet his rule was incomparably shorter than that of Uranus. His end was drawing near.

Home Dimensions - The Sea & Ocean 

All Seas & Oceans are Poseidon's domain, as well as Earth is his home the Sea & Oceans are his dwelling and realm. No one is a higher Hydrokinesis than Poseidon as well as having a higher cosmos than Poseidon, who's Cosmos encompasses the Universe and beyond. Ruler of the Ocean, he has a city called "Atlantis".  This city belongs to Poseidon and homes several pocket dimensions that are actual miniature size-like galaxies composed by water & oceans. All Gods, even minor, have the ability to create pocket dimensions and universes for their own domain. Poseiond was granted power over the Seas like Zeus over the heavens and Hades over the Underworld.  Poseidon's personal throne in Atlantis is used as a operating seat for him to see everything in his banks of waters and sense anything that would be harmful to the oceans. 


Atlantis is an underwater dome that is homed to Poseidon, the city itself is 10 times the size of Rhode Island and is supported by 7 pillars that are ridiculously huge. The city is as mind blowing as Las Vegas and holds many linked dimension that lead to different dimensional worlds that are counterparts of Earth and even the universe. It has taken Poseidon a while to make these dimensions, chronologically millenniums. Atlantis is surrounded by distorting forces that will literally disintegrate or crush any essence of any being that enters Atlantis or that did not had a godly interior or traits, thus stopping any human or being from entering Atlantis. 

Powers & Abilities 

                                                                                                                                            "A single blink and you're done....." - Poseidon 


Skilled warrior, through divine Cosmo has super strength, FTL speed, enhanced durability, telepathy (he cursed a woman into falling in love with a bull he had sent from the seas to her husband, from which union she gave birth to the Minotaur), telekinesis (Poseidon's telekinetic abilities were powerful enough to smash multiple of stars with a golden hue) energy blasts, forcefields, levitation/flight, higher senses to track people and events over large distances and through dimensions, dimensional travel, astral projection, soul manipulation (demonstrated the ability to transfer his own soul into human body despite being sealed away in the Amphora), commands the waters and rains, and can make them obey his every whim , immortality (mix of types 1, 3 and 4, he reincarnates in Earth through the centuries with 8th sense resurrection capabilities). 

 Big Will: 
Because the Big Will is a spiritual force, each creation that derived from it had a soul. So it seems normal that we find ourselves capable of communicating with stars spiritually and also the fact that stars have an impact on our destiny is not far from the truth. While Humanity prospered in numbers, some powerful Gods decided they should reincarnate through Humans. In their Human form, they weren’t able to [sense, awake] the Big Will in themselves at first. If the discovery of aura, or Cosmos, was achieved by controlling the 7th sense, to discover the Big Will in oneself was possible only by mastering the 8th and 9th senses. At first, three men succeeded in reaching awareness of the Big Will to completely reincarnate in their full power. They possessed great power like immortality and they named themselves Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. Considered as gods by the rest, each acquired and conquered his own territory. Zeus took earth and heaven, Poseidon was content with oceans and Hades got the dimensional plane where all souls go after death.   

Dunamis: Basically it’s the ability to manipulate all matter on an atomic scale. Its how the Primordial Gods manipulated the universe to their liking. Even the Titans can create their own Pocket Universe and manipulate everything in it. For example a Planet was reduced in size through the use of Dunamis. 

Cosmos Power:  The power originated from the understanding of the "Cosmo". Everything in the universe is made up of particles. And the origin of the universe and everything in it is tied in with the Big Bang. The Gods take this knowledge to another level: humans are made of particles, thus humans should be able to use the mysterious forces behind the particles. This is because, the energies of the Big Bang still reside within all particles. 

Wielding His Cosmos: Poseidon wields "the power cosmic", absorbing and manipulating the universe's ambient cosmic energies. He can augment his strength to incalculable levels, and is almost totally indestructible. He can navigate space, hyperspace and dimensional barriers, and can fly at near-limitless speeds on his board, entering hyperspace when he exceeds light speed. 

7th sense:  here one can exploit its Telepathic, Telekinetic, Pisonic, Cladiverice etc.. basically Psychic powers in general. In order to reach the 7th sense, a human MUST have mastery over the 6 preceding senses. Only through personal awareness (free of emotions), establishing contact with one’s center (its soul).  Through the mastery of the 7th sense, a being overall senses and perception is increased. It burns one own Cosmo to a higher standard. Thus grant Light Speed movements, physical augmentation, more energy to command. One is able to farther explore its cosmo, and develop unique abilities through the 7th sense. 

8th & 9th sense:  The 8th level of consciousness and this power grants a human the ability to fully control his soul and go to the Kingdom of the Underworld and still be alive or any spiritual field. 

9th: The 9th sense lies farther beneath the 8th pervious ones. Its when a human or beings Cosmo reaches critical mass, and expends without limit. Yet is able to harness it, and transcend their power to a higher level of any cosmos.    

(Yes this is mydeathlyways) 

Special Techniques/Powers 

Anger-Induced Physical Augmentation: Poseidon is the only God capable of conserving his Cosmos by sleeping and eating, this accumulation takes a considerable amount of time and inactivity. In doing so the reserves of power build up overtime and he can release his cosmos causing his powers to change and his true power is realized. As his anger increases so does his overall physical mass, allowing the instantaneous alteration of both his size and strength to greater levels.

Titan's Crush!: Poseidon through his Trident is able to release his cosmos like a wavelength to crush opponents or obliterate areas. He is capable of smashing multiple stars, galaxies, and planets at once with this technique though this technique takes a considerable amount of time and a lot of anger to be used. 


Angry Cosmos: Poseidon is able to create powerful shock waves by shattering the air like glass with his Trident or just by the influence of his emotions. These shock waves then would be redirected into the ground, resulting in earthquakes and, if under the seafloor, tsunamis. He has been shown to create such quakes even in the air, rendering airborne attacks ineffective. He could also use these shock waves to attack enemies, with either widespread or specific targets. Poseidon's powers also allowed him to manipulate the air with his hands to tilt the environment around him. Poseidon when influence with anger can encompass and quake the entire universe or beyond with his angry cosmos.    

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