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@taylor: "Hello Yuki" she said, smiling, before turning back towards Taylor. "Did you get the pokemon you needed to stay in the school?"

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@sarah morgan: "Yeah, we actually managed to catch a venonat for you just in case, but we realised that you had enough to go with so we didn't leave it with you." Taylor said with a smile. "We're all in this together, right?"

He checked his watch. "Listen, guys, I gotta get going." He said eventually. "I need a shower and some food. But I'm gonna hit the battle tents later, wanna swap numbers so we can meet up later?" He asked, reaching for a black pokegear.

Yuki shared her number from her pokenav, which Taylor saved in his pokegear.

One out of twenty names saved.

Taylor turned to Sarah and looked at her expectantly.

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@taylor: "Oh yeah sure" she said, removing her Poke-Nav locking both their numbers in. "He's really nice" she said, watching as he walked off. "Time to take care of some long overdue business" Walking with her hands on her hip; sought out Tika, her rival just so happened to be getting ready to turn in for the day.

"That was a pretty tense situation back there, I don't know what would've happened had taylor not shown up when he did" Sarah said, glaring at the surprised Tika.

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@sarah morgan: Tika stood there, folding her arms to her chest. "You okay?" She asked, checking her bitter rival over somewhat. "Listen... sorry about earlier... it won't happen again."

The poor girl was terrified. Whatever happened back there, it clearly messed her up.

Then, the fear was gone. Instantly. Tika lowered her arms, sneering confidently. "Next time, You'll wish you never even met me."

It was about this time that Tika realised that there were two large circular holes in her shirt- one at the front and one at the back. Not leaving much to the imagination.

Hearing the click of phone camera's around her, Tika quicky folded her arms across her chest and, face bright red, turned tail and fled.


Hitomi waved Matt over to her table. There was a plate of his chocolate, hazelnut and vanilla ice cream with him as well as a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream piled high above the rim.

Hitomi herself had a large Chunky Munkey ice cream. "What?" She asked. "It's got bananas in it, so it cancels out the chocolate. Even though I know I'm just gonna eat around the bananas and go straight for the chocolate but hey. It's the afternoon. What do I care?"

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Yuki's pokenav rang as she returned to her dorm. "Hello?" She asked, answering it.

[ HI ]

She smiled. "So, Joey, what's with that?" She asked.




Yuki nodded. "No, that's okay. Thanks for telling me."



"Thanks. I trust you too." Yuki replied. "Any way, I gotta go, I need my shower too."

[ Care if I join you? ]


Taylor laughed at Yuki's shock, then used his All Fiction to erase Tika's memories of the attack, including psychological damage, as well as the memories of the other girls. [ Just kidding. ] He told her with his insidious charm. [ You are take things so seriously Yuki. ]

He could almost hear her blush on the other end. [ I'll talk to you later. ] Taylor said. [ Later. ]

"Later." Yuki said, and Taylor hung up.

He then raised his pokegear to take a photo of the skin show Tika was putting on, making sure the camera sound effect was at max volume, and recorded her dismay before they both left the scene.

She'd be the third number in his pokegear.

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"I'm sure supermodels are jealous of you, eating chocolate and still looking like an angel." Matt said as he sat in a chair. "I wonder what the others are doing.I can see it now. Phantom is probably robbing a museum filled with priceless art, Alvin is enjoying a day at the beach and Arthur's playing video games."

in the meantime

Arthur swung his sword, but it was deflected. Again. His master kicked him in the stomach and Arthur struggled to take some air in. Then she punched him in the face. Arthur fell on his butt, and landed on a rock.

"I win again!" Said his teacher. "Guess you're doing the shopping again this week"

"I'll kick your ass next week, you old witch." Arthur said while getting up. And he suddenly got the hiccups. "Whoever is mentioning me, damn you to hell"

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@DigiDestined: "SamJaz is still going about, doing his thing." She said in reply, ignoring the supermodel comment. "Did you know his keyblade can turn into some sort of fighter jet for space travel?"

Hitomi shrugged. "Besides, the chocolate's made with skimmed milk, so that justifies the ice-cream"

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"I call BS on Sam's fighter jet" Though that would be awesome.

"Wasn't this supposed to be a study session? Tell me how you learn and unlearn those HM moves. And where can I find those move tutors you mentioned?" Matt said while eating his vanilla flavored ice cream.

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@DigiDestined: "Right." Hitomi said, reaching into her bag and pulling out a red cylindrical device, like a pencil case, only metal and the width of a CD. Opening the sleeve, it had room for slightly over 100 CD's.

The contraption contained around twenty CD's of various colours, and eventually Hitomi selected one from the back and place it right at the very front, closing the device up and turning it on.

"This is a TM machine." Hitomi explained. "Those CD's were TM's and HM's, can be used repeatedly, and you use them to teach your pokemon new techniques they they would not ordinarily be able to learn. The only difference with a HM is that the moves are harder to forget, and they can be used outside of battle. However, a pokemon can only learn up to four HM's maximum." Hitomi warned. "This one is HM 01 Cut, and it can cut down trees. Your Golduck can learn it."

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@SamJaz: "I'm guessing that means you want Golduck to learn that move. OK. Just tell me what I have to do." Hitomi has quite a collection of those CDs. Matt wondered where she got all of them. He couldn't imagine her as a thief. Then again...

"What do HM and TM mean anyway? And where the hell can I get those?"

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@DigiDestined: "You get them from the shop." Hitomi told him. "TM's Technical Machine and HM's for Hidden Machine."

She then passed the red tube to Matt. "Clip the button on Golduck's pokeball to the big blue circle on the end and push the green button on the top." Hitomi explained. "And your kappa will qualify as a lumberjack."

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@SamJaz: "Cool. But if i see him wearing skirts or high heels, I'll sell him." Matt did as he was instructed.. Then he noticed he was out of ice cream. "Say, Hitomi, are we going to have to go back to the forest later so we'd see who passed the test or not?" He knew it was a stupid question, but he didn't want to mess things up on his first day. "And I think we're done with the lessons for today, unless there's something important you think I should know?"

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@DigiDestined: "Test keeps going until Eight PM." Hitomi replied, checking her watch. And it wasn't quite time yet for dinner.

"Yeah, I think we're done." Hitomi said, leaning back and getting up. "I'm getting an early night tonight." She added, "But I'll see you tomorrow."

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After her “injury” Sarah lay in her bed with one foot propped up tossing a pokeball up and down. “I heard about what happened” Ms. Suzaki said, slowly strolling in resting her curvy figure on the threshold of Sarah’s door.

“Yeah…it was a…”accident” she said, not bothering to even look at her teacher. “Look Sarah. I know what happened” she said, taking a seat at the foot of her bed.

“Tommorrow…it’s you vs Tika for the opening battle of the Intermediate house; don’t hold back…show everything you’ve been taught…Drayden will be there” Ms.Sue said standing to exit.

“Craaaaap, now I have to find a first year partner”

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@sarah morgan: @DigiDestined:

It had been quite some time since the initial exam, and now it was the day before a certain exhibition match between two more experienced students.

Specifically, Tika Vs Sarah.

After the events of that day, Tika's popularity had taken quite a nose-dive. Certain images went viral, and wolf-whistles still followed her wherever she went on campus, despite the efforts from teachers to maintain her dignity and privacy.

And tomorrow would be her chance to reclaim the former glory. By crushing her rival in a battle.

A young man approached her during lunch period. She ignored him best she could, but when he started stealing her chips, he was asking for a slap.

The only reason he didn't get one was because of the comment he made.


The fact that he had approached her, that he knew who she was and what was happening tomorrow, told a lot about the boy in and of itself.



As if to prove his point, he placed a VS recorder onto the table, then walked away.

Curiosity piqued, Tika pressed the play button, and watched in awe as this Joey took down a dragonite with only a ratatta.

The battle was over within a minute. This kid, even with the weakest pokemon, could train them in such a way as to completely cripple the greatest powerhouses.

Tika wanted him on her team.

"HEY!" She shouted, getting to her feet. "JOEY!"

Standing in the hallway, a good distance from the dining hall, Taylor grinned to himself at a job well done.

The girl would be begging for him to help her.

He had broken her and now he was rebuilding her in a more usable shape.

And thus his influence spread.

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