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Just as Hitomi predicet it wasn't long before Matt incountered a wild Cubone. As that was a ground type the logical conclusion would be to use the pidgey, a flying pokemon. But Matt didn't want the hurt little bird to fight at the moment. "Golduck, Tail Whip!" Matt was unsere if it was because the cubone was facing the other way and didn't notice Matt and Golduck attack it before it was too late, or some other reason, the Cubone was KO'd. After it was in his pokeball, he decided it would be a good idea to get out before he falls into a puddle or a Zubat gets stuck in his hair.

But as he turned around he came face-to-head-with-arms with a Geodude. One of it's arms punched towards Matt's head. However, he was able dodge it. "Golduck, Scratch."

With another pokemon, he was satisfied. He was surprisingly lucky today. But that luck just left him. He stubbed his toe on a boulder he didn't see and fell into a puddle. His clothes were ruined. Maybe he should leave so he doesn't catch a cold. But then he remembered he was with Hitomi. She wouldn't mind making some new, dry clothes for him, would she?

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@DigiDestined: "Any luck?" Hitomi asked, walking in with her abra lighting the cave and finding Matt on the floor. "Ah."

But, she noticed the pokemon in the balls scattered along the floor. "Not bad..." She said, glancing around her.

They seemed to be isolated.

Stepping further into the cave, Hitomi reached her hands into the rock face and pulled the wall apart like a curtain. Very much like a curtain, in fact. In fact, that rock was behaving exactly like a curtain would behave.

"I'm not supposed to use this while I'm here, but..." Hitomi looked at Matt and gestured her head towards the hole in the wall. "Get in. You know where everything is. I'll keep watch, make sure you leave with the same clothes you came in..."

She growled to herself in frustration at her own voice.

"Fine!" She snapped. "I'll make you some new ones too, but as far as I'm aware, you brought them with you in a waterproof baggie, understand?" she asked.

Damn her and her need for her friends to look good. Some people can't pull off the mud-splashed look like she could.

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Matt was a bit surprised by the hole in the wall. And the slightly crazy Hitomi. "It's not my fault not everyone can look as hot as you when they get dirty." Matt said with a playfull smile and a wink. Inside of "Hitomi's Salon" as Matt came too call that place he felt suprisingly confortable. It reminded him of the Hellscraper, which brought with it all kinds of memories, such as that beast, Damien.

He took a shower. It wasn't long, maybe 5 minutes, and when he got out he covered himself with a towel. Matt went to check on the clothes Hitomi made for him. He told her with a sigh - "This sure brings a lot of memories." He still had the rose he got in the Hellscraper. It was located in his digivice. One of the pros of owning a digivice is that is can serve as a storage device, transforming reality into data and saving it inside, ready to release it whenever the user wants.

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@DigiDestined: Hitomi grinned at Matt's playful banter. Still, he was right. It's not his fault.

Then a penny dropped in Hitomi's head.

"You do realise that the hole in the wall is just my Kaspa ability?" She asked, poking her head through the portal just enough so he could hear her. "I just modded it so it can hold more stuff, but I had to change the entry requirements of actually having a surface to open a portal on now."

She pulled back into the cave, not caring if he objected or not. "Anyways, we've both caught two each, so we can go turn in early and have the rest of the afternoon off and cram the book stuff over ice cream. Unless you had someone you wanted to see?" Hitomi asked, playfully alluding to Matt's 'quest'.

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@SamJaz: The gases components of the ghost Pokemon and the Koffings caused Sarah to feel light-headed, "Nidorina run..." she whispered, passing out.

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"Nah, I just came here. I might be smooth, but not that smooth. Unless you're applying for the position?" He didn't think she remembered his goal of finding "The One". He didn't think anyone remembered. His question was only half-joking. He wouldn't mind her as agirlfriend, but FCL was more a merry band of good friends, like the Band of Hawks, and it would be wierd to go out with Hitomi.

"Ice cream and studying sound much better then girl hunting, anyway." Matt had a big decision to make at the moment. Should he keep Cubone or Geodude? Cubone looked so much more awesome, but Geo looked more powerfull. He'll have to make the decision by the time they get back.

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@sarah morgan: Screws burst from the ground and pierced the girls through the backs.

There was no blood, no wounds, but the screws tore through their clothing,, end in their back, and came out of their front and they hurt like hell.

The gas vanished, and the recently caught ghost and poison-types pokemon began to fled, escaping from the controls of their pokeballs.

Only to be caught again by Taylor and Yuki.


Taylor asked Yuki, hefting the unconcious Sarah's arm over his neck. Yuki complied, grabbing Sarah's pokeball and recalling Nidorina, carrying her to safety.

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@DigiDestined: "Maybe when hell freezes over." Hitomi replied to Matt's proposition. "Oh wait," she added. "We did that already. It was awesome. Still no."

She laughed, not unkindly. Hellscraper bonded the group very closely, tightly even. There were very few things Hitomi wasn't willing to do for Matt, or any other member of FCL for that matter.

And that was why she'd never even suggest going out with Matt. Not to him. Just like she wouldn't joke with SamJaz about the Dragonbells, or Phantom about almost happened to Clare.

She'd never be as serious about it was Matt was, so she wouldn't waste his time with false avenues and instead, focussed on helping Matt pursue his real goal and not distract him with any cheap imitations.

"So, Cubone or Geodude, huh?" Hitomi asked Matt, leading the way through the forest towards the towering figure of the school in the not-unreasonably-far distance. "Which one takes your fancy?"

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"I honestly have no idea. I'm leaning towards Cubone. He looks badass with that skull on it's head. On the other hand, Geodude looks tougher. I'll take the one you suggest, sensei."

As was established a long time ago, Matt knows nothing about pokemon. Why the hell would he have bought a magikarp if he knew anything about them. He will leave the desicions to the professionals. He decided to move the topic away from the monsters, at least for a little while.

"So, who's your bunk buddy? I'm sharing the room with some guy called Joey. He's short and pale with black hair. A bit creepy if you ask me, but he seems like an OK guy."

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@DigiDestined: Hitomi laughed. She laughed really, really, loud, scaring off a lot of pokemon in the process.

"Matt..." She said eventually. "You're gonna want to keep that magikarp around for a while. Good things come to those that wait. As for your decision, cubone is better for getting up-close and personal, but Geodude's got better defences and learn big moves like Earthquake and Explosion. Keep hold of them."

Later on on the walk, Matt asked a question about Hitomi's roommates, telling him about Joey. "Does he have a rattata?" Hitomi asked, smirking to herself.

She was such a nerd when it came to this game.

"I'm with a second-year called Sarah." Hitomi said. "She's in the family business of rocking the pokemon world, but I like her. There's another girl, Miki, she's across the hall from us. I don't know if they've filled the other beds in our room yet though." Hitomi admitted, before getting an idea.

"Hey, gimme your number." Hitomi decided, pulling up her sleeve and revealing her black-and-white Xtransiever. "We need to hang out more after this."

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"I don't know. He didn't tell me what pokemon he has." Matt said in reply to Hitomi's question about "Joey's" pokemon.

An Xtranceiver? What was Hitomi talking about. After she pulled up her sleeve he figured it out. That wierd watch thingy he got when got here. "Sure, I'd love to. You can serve as my personal tutor." He told her his number. It's good to have a friend. Especially one knowlegable in pokemon.

Matt was running out of things to talk about with Hitomi. But they got near the exit anyway. He didn't know if they's have to split up or not, but he has to get his clothes to te laundry room as soon as he can.

"So, where and when will we meet for the ice cream and studying?" He should come up with something to talk about by then.

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@DigiDestined: Hitomi frowned, ignoring Matt's question.

"Is that Joey over there?" She asked him, pointing towards Taylor.

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Matt looked where Hitomi was pointing.

"Yes. How did you know?" He asked forgetting that he just described the guy to her.

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@sarah morgan: @DigiDestined: @SamJaz:

After having dumped Sarah somewhere to recover, Taylor and Yuki made their way to the front desk. Taylor had caught a Ghastly and an clefairy, Yuki having obtained a koffing and a tangela.

"Do you have your rental pokemon?" The teacher asked, and Taylor smoothly withdrew a pokeball with the Rental sticker on the front.

[ FOUND IT ON THE WAY BACK ] He explained, handing it in with a wink to Yuki, who looked like she was on the verge of tears.

She actually threw her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek on the way back to the campus.

Taylor neglected to tell her that he'd found that ball in the hands of another first year girl- one that was going home not because she lost her rental pokemon through her own carelessness, but one that was roped into the wrong crowd and was ambushed by the Greatest Loser.

He'd removed an enemy and gained a devoted ally.

Not bad for his first day.

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@DigiDestined: Hitomi watched as the couple walked past. "I dunno..." She admitted. "Can't put my finger on it. Probably nothing." She shrugged, making her way to the desk to retrieve the rest of her pokemon and hand in her spare pokeballs.

Decision time for Matt.

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Sarah rest on a litter with her hands positioned across her chest, as she came to she could see Ms.Suzaki looking down upon her. "Sarah what happened!?" she screamed, rattling the young teen a bit. "I don't remember honestly, there was a gastly, and a Koffing; everything else is pretty much a blur" she said, sitting up. "You're lucky Sarah, tha boy Taylor carried you all the way over here" she said, pointing to a male trainer on the far side of the lawn.

@taylor: Rushing over to him Sarah, called out to him. "Hey, you saved me...? ...thanks" she said, extending her hand.

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Matt went to one of the desks. He took his pokemon and gave the teacher his spare pokeballs, along with Cubone. He might look badass, but first rule of battle for Matt is, defense is the best offense.

Then he approached Hitomi. "I'll go take my clothes to the laundry room. You didn't tell me where to meet up for the tutoring."

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@DigiDestined: Hitomi pressed a button on her Xtransiever and called Matt. "There's my number, call me when you're ready." Hitomi replied, hanging up. "I'm off for some ice-cream, I'll tell you where the place is when I find it."

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@sarah morgan:

Taylor shook her hand.

"No worries." He said with a disarming smile. "It's just what anyone would've done if they found you like that."

Taylor dissolved the massive screws that had pierced the girls several miles away, and they fell on their backs, unharmed, but regaining consciousness.

"I'm Joey, and this is my friend, Yuki." Taylor said, introducing themselves. He gave a smile to Yuki that told her to play along with this act.

"It's nice to meet you." She said, sharing Sarah's hand. "Joey found me the same way, I guess he's just a helpful guy like that?" She asked, looking at him with a smile.

She had a lot of questions.

But they could wait.

She could trust Taylor, whatever his reasons might be.

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It took Matt around an hour to wash his clothes the way he likes it, and ten more mintes to take tem to his room. Hiding Leo underneath his pillow so Joey wouldn't notice it he changes from the clothes Hitomi gave him into somehing more casual. Now wearing a black sleevles shirt and jeans he calls Hitomi.

"I'm ready. Order me a chocolate, a hazelnut and a vanilla flavored scoop."

After she told him where to go he found the place on his map and got there in less then 15 minutes.

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