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This was bad. He just enrolled and he was goint to be late for the first leasson, or drill, or whatever. He grabbed a map he brought with him. He didn't want to get lost as he heard this school was very large. Trying to find the shortest way to the forrest he looked at Taylor, known to him as Joey.

"Come on Joey, we're going to be late."

(OOC: That Hitomi looks very hot. Wonder what her reaction to Matt will be.)

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@taylor: @Sonata: @DigiDestined: @sarah morgan:

Within minutes, Miki, Hitomi, Taylor and Matt were gathered at the edge of the forest with the rest of the first year students.

Hitomi, looking back at the latecomers, saw an out-of-breath young man with blonde hair that she recognised. She turned around, stood on her tip-toes and waved, hoping to get his attention.

However, she was forced to turn around with a sharp cry of "STUDENTS!"

Silence fell on the students as Dean Drayden walked in front of them. A massive man, all muscle, his face encompassed by a powerful white beard. This man was manliness incarnate. If it was not assured just by his stature, it was by the rampaging Venusaur that followed Drayden out of the forest, roaring and rampaging and set to destroy everything in its path.

Drayden grabbed it by the foreleg and heaved it over his shoulder, smashing it against the ground, crushing the massive plant under the lizard's own weight and knocking it out by the impact on its back.

This guy just threw a freaking VENUSAUR across his shoulder.

That got every student's attention.

"This is the forest." He told the students in a deep voice, not unlike that of Mufasa from the Lion King. "It is not forbidden, far from it. We encourage you all to make use of it and learn of the flora and fauna inside. However, today it shall be your classroom."

Staff members rushed about and set up tables next to Drayden, about a dozen of them, each with laptop computers and a strange cuplike device attached to each one.

"You will choose one pokemon from your party and retain it, the rest shall be placed in your PC boxes for safekeeping." Drayden explained. "Those first years without pokemon will be given a rental pokemon for the duration of this class. You will then step on the warp tiles behind me. These warp tiles will transport you to a random location in the forest, perhaps even the lake or in a tree. If you have items in your possession you do not want to risk damaging, hand them in at the desk and we will hold them for you."

He looked over the students locating and preparing to hand over phones, MP3 players, wallets and bags. "You will be given a supply of fifteen pokeballs for this class. You may stay in the forest for as long as you like, provided you return here by nightfall. You will be allowed to keep two of the pokemon you have captured during that time. The rest shall be released back into the wild, and rental pokemon shall be returned back to the school."

He narrowed his steely glare and looked over the first years. "Those who fail this test and do not capture a single pokemon by the end of the day shall be expelled. It is currently twelve noon. We shall close the tables at eight PM. Form twenty lines in front of the tables, and begin your registration."

Teachers slipped into their places, sat down at the tables ready to record the students as they entered the forest and guide them to the warp tiles. The students each formed orderly cues, each line being around ten or twelve people long. Hitomi ran a quick sum in her head, guesstimating there were around two hundred and thirty first years with her.

Drayden took a deep breath and shouted loud enough to make the trees shake. "BEGIN!"

Hitomi, being at the front and already prepared for the test, was warped into the forest within seconds, finding herself dropped in a stream surrounded by stone and trees.

Getting up, she stepped out of the water and squeezed the water out of her trouser leg and sweatshirt. Taking in her surroundings, Hitomi decided to follow the stream so she could find the lake.

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They reached the forest in time and barely breathing. And a surprise waited for Matt there. In the crowed he saw Hitomi, looking better then what he remembered. And her clothes made her look even better. Not really surprising considering she's a seamstress.

She noticed him as well and waved to him. He tryed to gett closer to her but an old man with an epic beard which looked like it had a beard of it's own, tryed to gett their attention. He looked at the man, but tried to sneak closer to Hitomi. That was until a giend dinosaur thingy with a tree growin out of it's back came running out of the forest. The man with the badass beard didn't even flinch. He just grabbed it by it leg and threw it over his shoulder.

Matt was stumped. He almost forgot about Hitomi. He completely forgot about getting closer to her, though. After the mans long speech Mattalready had an idea. He could just hide the pokeballs he had and ask for a rental. Then he could say he found the pokemon and stay here. There were only two problems with that. One of the reason he never cheated on a girlfriend was that he's not the greatest lier.

The second reason that was a bad idea is that he would lose one or more of his pokemon, which he paid a lot for.

Giving up on his idea he moved to one of the teachers. He gave the teacher his pokeom, except for the duck he thought was called Golduck. It was the biggest, which probably meant it was strongest. Then he was teleported somewere into the forest. He was surrounded by trees. He was dissapointed, because he kind of hoped he would be near Hitomi. But he didn't see anyone nearby. Now he was alone, but at least he had a map, which he cleverly hid in his underwear.

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Taylor found himself impaled on a tree, clutching his rattata's heavyball.

Snapping the branch, falling on the ground, he rolled about on his broken limbs and then erased the damage.

He really did have the worst luck.

Just as he said that, however, a golden machop appeared in front of him.

He grinned. Reaching for a pokeball, but the machop used low kick, snapping his shin bone and ran away from him. leaving him to bleed.

But Taylor was used to losing pathetically.

He got up, erasing the wound and set off, following the sound of some teenage girl screaming about how her blouse was covered in filth.

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Sarah rest under a tree with her hair draping over her face, there was something weighing heavily on her mind, but she did her best not to allow anyone to see it. Nidorina sat poised and obediently in front of her. She remembered how her entry exam went, capturing Nidoran and Pidgey at the end of the exercise; though she didn't risk being expelled; she felt like she should use this time to mould her team.

"Lets go Nidorina" she said, heading off towards the thickest part of the forest.

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@SamJaz: @taylor: @Sonata: @sarah morgan:

Teleportation can mess with your sense of orientation, especially if you don't know where it takes you. That made it hard for Matt to use the map. But using the sun he was able to orient himself.

He isn't a survival expert, but if there's anything he knows it's that you need to find drinkable water to survive. The best place to do that would be to find a lake.

"Found it!"

Some time later he looked at the map again. He was half way there. As he put the map away he noticed some movement in a bush near him. Deciding to sneak closer he noticed that a pokemon bird was stuck there. What was it's name again? Pigeon, pigyon... Pidgey! It's leg was cougth up in a branc and it couldn't move. Feeling pitty for the little pidgey he carefully pulled it out and noticed it's leg was broken and it couldn't walk.

What could he do. He took one of his pokeballs and luckly the pidgey didn't fight. When he gets back he will sent it to the pokemon nursery. But for now, he sort of did the task he was supposed to do. He got a pokemon.

Soon he got to the lake, a bit surprised he didn't have to fight any pokemon on the way.

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@taylor: @Sonata: @DigiDestined: @sarah morgan:

Grass rustled to the side of Matt, and a Hitomi walked through, following the stream towards the lake.

She smiled at him. "Long time no see, Stranger." She said with a laugh. "What brings you here?"


Sarah was being watched.

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@SamJaz: @DigiDestined: @sarah morgan:


Taylor found the young brunette in green in a very sticky situation. She struggled against the mud, but the more she fought, the thicker it got.

Yep, she was screwed.

"Hey!" She shouted. "Thank goodness, gimme a hand!"

Taylor blinked, eyeing the girl up.

"Where's your pokemon?" He asked in a charismatic voice, stepping forward towards her and looking around.

"I lost it when the... when the pinsir were chasing me..." The girl said, and a slow terror fell upon her, adding to her already bad situation. "I lost my rental pokemon... And... my pokeballs..."

The girl stopped struggling, just standing there, waist deep in the mud, on the verge of breaking down into tears.

"I'll be expelled..." She realised. "As soon as I get out of here I'll be expelled..."

Taylor thought the situation over.

He could leave her here.

Or, he could be a nice guy and help out.


Well, nice guys finish last, so why should he?


Oh yeah.

Because he was the world's greatest looser.

"No, you're not." Taylor said, kneeling down at the edge of the mud pit. "I'm going to help you out of this, and then I'll catch a pokemon for you." He explained, speaking slowly and clearly while she hung onto every word. "It'll be hard, but if we work together we can catch enough pokemon for us both to pass and everything will be fine. But you'll have to do what I say and trust me."

The brunette looked at the young man.

He was pretty good looking, a bit skinny, but he had that determined look that told her he would never let her down.

She reached out her hand. "Okay." She said, calming down significantly. "My name's Yuki."

"Yuki." Taylor said, nodding. "That's a nice name, My name's Taylor."

"Taylor." She repeated, smiling.

Taylor stood up and brought his palms together, and what he did next would change Yuki's life forever.

Pulling his palms apart, a massive screw formed. It was a little thicker than a snooker cue, and once Taylor was finished, about as long. He flipped it in his hand, grabbing the sharp point, and held out the flat end towards Yuki.

She was astonished. "H-how did you..." She asked, her hands slowly moving towards the screw.

Taylor pulled the screw upwards at the last second, holding it above her head, just out of her reach.

Then his smile grew sinister.


Yuki blinked. "Wh-wha?!"



Yuki was terrified.

She was disgusted.

She was...


Bringing her shaking, stained hands down, she slowly undid the buttons of her green blouse, gaining speed as she rushed the garment open and pulled it off her shoulder. "Like what you see then, huh?" She snapped, one hand covering her bra and the other holding onto the blouse.


She blinked, then looked at the screw.

That spiral running around it... there was no way she could hold onto that with her bare hands. Even if she could grip it, it'd tear her flesh to pieces as he pulled her out.

Taylor really was trying to help.

"S-Sorry about that..." She said, wrapping the muddy cloth around her hands like he said, feeling a bit foolish. Within moments, the shirt was around her fists like a pair of handcuffs. "Ready." She said, holding them up above her head.

Taylor bent his legs, aiming the screw and hooking the wide head through her arms and pulling back to catch her wrists.


Heaving with all his might, Taylor pulled. There was a squelching sound as Yuki was slowly lifted out of the mud, but Taylor's less than amazing physique meant that before Yuki was half-way out of the hole, she'd fallen flat on her face in the mud.

Pulling like a fisherman, Taylor dragged her through the mud and onto the shore, rolling her onto her back and wiping some of the mud from her face.


Taylor asked her, to which she slowly nodded.

"Yeah... thank you..."

Taylor smiled.


Yuki nodded again, a bit subdued from the experience.


Yuki nodded, gettiing to her feet and wiping the worst of the mud off her chest before she started to untangle her shirt.

Then she felt Taylor's hand on her thigh. "HEY!"


Yuki glared, then slowed down her breathing. "Oh... thanks..."

This guy was weird.

But he saved her.

And he was going to help her stay in school.

She needed to give this guy the benefit of the doubt more.

Down below her waistline, Taylor grinned.

He'd scouted her weaknesses and manipulated them perfectly.

By the end of the day, Yuki would be one of his most devoted followers.

The first of his special class in this school.

Class Minus 13.

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@taylor: @Sonata: @SamJaz: @sarah morgan:

As soon as he saw Hitomi a smile came over Matt's face.

"Hello beautifull. It really was a long time. I didn't expect anyone I know to be here."

He told her that he was scammed into buying some pokemon even though he knows nothing about them.

"So, how about you? What made you come here?"

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@taylor: @Sonata: @DigiDestined: @sarah morgan:

Hitomi smirked, laughing at Matt's story. "Well, you know, after Hellscraper, I fancied a change of pace. Turns out that pokemon actually existed so I applied for a transfer first chance I got. But, we have a problem." She said. "You don't exactly know your febass from your aggron do you?"

She had to mentally kick herself there. Those were third gen pokemon she mentioned and they didn't exist. Not yet anyways.

"Look, I've been playing the games since I was a kid, lemme help." Hitomi told Matt. "I just need to catch a water-type from this lake and I can spend the rest of the day on a crash-course with you. From the Ceiling with Love forever." She reminded him.

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@taylor: @Sonata: @SamJaz: @sarah morgan:

"Yes. From the Ceiling with Love forever. Very well. I could use some pointers."

He was relieved. He would get help from a hot girl and learn about pokemon. What could be better.

"First thing's first. What pokemon could we find here? And which one is best?"

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@taylor: @Sonata: @DigiDestined: @sarah morgan:

Hitomi took a line from the pouch on her back and fashioned a hook out of a spare hairpin. "There is no best pokemon." She told Matt. "Every pokemon has their strengths and weaknesses, it's alike rock-paper-scissors." She said, deciding on an analogy. "Fire beats grass, grass beats water, water beats fire."

She tied the hook to her line. "Only, it's bigger than that." She said, casting her line in. "My abra is psychic, which is strong to fighting types, but weak to dark types. Fighting attacks are really powerful to Dark pokemon, and dark pokemon can't be hurt by psychic attacks. There's seventeen types all together, and the match ups can be hard to memorise at first, but it comes, don't worry about it."

She felt a tug on her line, and pulled, drawing a poliwag out of the water. "Abra!" Hitomi shouted, sending out her pokemon. "Thunderpunch!"

The psychic pokemon's fist collided with the tadpole pokemon's spiral belly, sending electrical shockwaves throughout its body and paralysing it before it his the ground. Hitomi quickly slammed a pokeball against the pokemon, and it was caught.

"Electric beats water." Hitomi explained. "Are you with me so far?"

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Memorising the list of weaknesses and strengths Matt though that it isn't too complicated. Of course, that wasn't even half of it but still.

"Yeah, I think I get it." He currently had a hurt pidgey and a Golduck. He guessed Golduck is a water-type because of the duck in it's name. Then he remembered how Hitomi's abra used a lightning move even though it's a psychic pokemon.

"Tell me something about moves. How can a psychic pokemon have a lightning attack?"

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"There's a lot of ways pokemon can learn moves." Hitomi said. "Pokemon learn more moves as they grow stronger. There are also machines that can teach pokemon more techniques, called TM's and HM's. The difference is that pokemon can only know up to four HM moves at the very most at once, and they're tricky to forget if you want your pokemon to learn other ones. There's also move tutors that can teach your pokemon certain moves. I got SamJaz to teach Abra the fire, ice, and thunder punches, but my other pokemon weren't able to learn them." She shrugged, packing her line away. "Probably because they don't have fists, but hey."

She thought over Matt's team, including those he had back at the school. "You've got a lot of water types and a flying, so you're very open to electric moves." Hitomi commented. "You're going to need to catch a ground type to combat that. Pidgey can deal with the grass types that will hurt Golduck, since it's a flying type, and Golduck can protect Pidgey from Rock types. Don't worry about Ice, no one ever uses them unless you've got dragons." She added nonchalantly.

Hitomi scouted the area. "So we have two choices to get you your ground." She said. "Either we head for the drier patches of land, hope we get lucky, or follow the river and find some caves. Your pick, since it's your pokemon we're after."

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Sarah stopped in the misty part of the forest, the dense fog made it nearly impossible for her to trek on without help from Nidorina. "This is bad..." she said, turning back towards the way she came. The Intermediate section of the forest purposely dispelled the fog to test the resolve of the second year trainers. "This is where I caught Pidgey last year" she said, with her hand bent on her hip. "Feels kind of eerie out here" she said, heading back towards the entrance.

Something on the right caught her eye, "Looks like I found a great ball little buddy" she said, picking up the item. "Now capturing another Pokemon will be just that much easier." turning around she felt an eerie presence on her.

"Whose there?"

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@sarah morgan: "Hey hot stuff." Tika said as she and six of her flunkies surrounded Sarah in the fog.

Each sent out a pokemon, and three of the girls were carrying branches.

They weren't here to battle Sarah.

That would be too honest.

They were here to settle the score.

"Get her." One of the girls said, and a pillar of flame arupted from a vulpix's mouth towards Sarah.

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@SamJaz: Sarah's Nidorina jumped in front of the flames, taking the punishment on the behalf of Sarah. "Hot stuff...you sound so sure of yourself surrounded by six dolls" she said, somewhat angered. "It's against the rules to use your pokemon to attack another trainer; but considering you started first...Nidorina...EARTHQUAKE" she commanded, watching as her pokemon slammed her foot on the ground causing devestating seismic activity.

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@sarah morgan: While the trainers fell down, the pokemon were ready. Ghastly, Haunter and Koffing, they all unleashed their ghostly and poisonous attacks while staying protected from the Earthquake's carnage.

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So Matt needs a ground pokemon. He didn't really feel like searching through some caves 'couse he'd probably get his clothes all dirty. And probably Hitomis as well and she'd kill him for that. But thats where he had the highest chance to find the pokemon he needs.

"Caves, I choose you." Then he looked at Hitomi with a smile. "I just hope your clothes don't get dirty."

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@DigiDestined: Hitomi waved it off. "Hey, that's what we have washing machines for." She assured him, jogging up the stream. "Some clothes are meant to get dirty."

Besides. It wasn't like it whatever they'd do today would hold a candle to the violence from the Hellscraper.

They probably ran for about five minutes before they saw the first Zubat. "There you go." Hitomi announced, catching an ice-punched zubat in a pokeball as they approached the entrance. "One cave, just as ordered. You're bound to find some diglett or a cubone or an onix or something in there." Hitomi flashed Matt a thumbs up. "Best of luck."

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