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Pokemon Technical is a massive Pokemon school located, between Cerulean and Vermillion City. The school is an alternative option to Pokémon Trainers who don't want to go around to collect Gym Badges. Once a student graduates from Pokémon Tech, they automatically qualify for the Kanto Pokémon League. This prestigious boarding school teaches a wide spectrum of Pokemon Training, from breeding, Coordinating, and battling.


There are three levels of students

Beginners- These are students within the first year of the school, they are only permitted to carry 1-3 Pokemon. Beginners typically are distinguished by their lack of knowledge and they're eagerness to learn. Beginners stay on Indigo hall and are forbidden to go to Intermediate and Advanced Halls.

Intermediate - These are 2nd Year students they are permitted to carry 3- 5 Pokemon, These students are somewhat knowledgeable and are distinguished by there studious demeanor. The intermediate students are allowed to travel the advanced halls, but aren't allowed to go on Indigo hall. Intermediate Students live on Orange Hall.

Advanced - The advanced students are the best in their particular fields, these are the 3rd and 4th year students. These students already know what field of training they are going to go into, and are often called to help the beginners. The advanced trainers are permitted to carry 6 Pokemon and are called upon to organize the "Poke-Tech" tournaments.

  • You can be any level of student
  • You can be a teacher
  • You may only have the first 151 Pokemon (This is debatable)

Pokemon Professions

  • Pokemon Breeder - is primarily a Pokémon Trainer who raises and mates carefully selected Pokémon to reproduce specific improvements in future generations of Pokémon.

  • Pokemon Watcher- s a Pokémon Trainer who prefers studying Pokémon in their natural habitats rather than battling them. Pokémon watchers travel the world, and go looking for all kinds of Pokémon so they can observe and study their characteristics and abilities. They also search for new, undiscovered Pokémon.

  • Pokemon Rangers- Protect wild pokemon from Pokemon Poachers and Natrual Disasters, they personally don't "Capture" Pokemon rather borrow wild ones.

  • Pokemon Coordinator- A Pokémon Coordinator is someone who raises Pokémon to compete in Pokémon Contests.They raise their Pokémon much like Pokémon Trainers do, although with much more emphasis on beauty and appearances since they are major factors when it comes to points in Contests. They need to train their Pokémon to have beautiful moves, and be able to do well in battles, as a battle tournament is the second round of a Contest.

  • Pokemon Trainer- Pokémon Trainers come in all sorts of classes: Youngsters tend to stay close to home, and Bug Catchers swarm about the Bug-filled forests; Hikers traverse mountains and caves, Fishermen are rarely far from water, and Ace Trainers aspire to compete in the Pokémon League. A Trainer's class may reflect their Pokémon of choice, the areas they prefer, their technique, and their level of skill; however, even within each class, Trainers may vary greatly.

* Your profession will determine what type of "classes" your character is in. It's also important to note that just because this takes place in the Pokemon U, it doesn't mean that all you have to rp about is Pokemon. Your character lives at this school any and all shenanigans are welcomed!

  • You are welcome and even encouraged to create NPCs at any time but make sure that your posts mostly revolve around your main character and their pokémon.

Moves- A Pokemon can learn up to 4 hm's, but will learn moves according to it's corresponding level. You may choose the level of your pokemon from the start of the rpg, but after your first post, I will cause them to grow levels. (Or another teacher) Even though battles earn you the most levels, it is not the only way! Making your pokémon appear and act in your posts will likely earn them levels occasionally. Evolution items and TMs will become available now and then

  • When capturing pokémon, you don't have to wait for approval or anything. You may capture Pokemon in any way you like, but if you are going for rather rare and strong Pokemon, it'll be much more interesting and less godmoddy if you make the capture more difficult than for common, weak Pokemon!
  • Player interaction- There are tons of things to do at Poke-Tech, not everything has to revolve around battling; remember it's a school keep the interactions interesting. All player battles are to be no more than 2 on 2 (Unless it's a tournament)

Standard Vice Rpg rules apply.

Pokemon Trainer Cards

Pokemon Technical School

"Poke-Tech" has produced some of the top Trainers for the Kanto Region for decades, It's prestige is only second to the Pokemon League Champion. With a top-tier staff and highly disciplined students; the Poke-Tech students enter their fields as some of the elite trainers. The School is composed of a Northern Half which is Mountain, a southern half which is a beach; an eastern half which is forest; and the Western half where the classes and dorms are.

The Fissure Cave

The Fissure Cave is a "Man-Made" Cave used by the school to instruct students in a cave environment, wild Pokemon can often be found in the cave and are available for capture. The Fissue Cave also acts as a "gate" between the School's Western half and the Eastern Half.

The Photo-Forest

This massive Forest is home to hundreds of Forest Pokemon as well as a few Water type Pokemon, this forest is also used as a way to train; trainers and Pokemon Alike.

Indigo Battle Arena - Most Schools have indoor gyms, this school has an indoor battle arena, This arena is to be used for free battles between Students.

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@sarah morgan: Arsenal looked from the balcony in his office, watching over the new students as they came in for the new term. There were old students returning for another year here at Pokémon Technical, but there were also some new faces down on the campus below.

Arsenal smiled as he heard someone enter his office behind him.

"Now, tell me..." He said with a sinister smile as he slowly turned around. "Are you a boy, or a girl?"

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@SamJaz: (EPIC!)

Ms.Sue stopped in her tracks and let loose a hearty laugh. “I’m a girl silly” she said, taking a seat on Arsenal’s desk with a flirty gaze. “We’ve been chosen to lead this year’s inaugural battle” she said, flicking the pokeball earrings with her gaze still fixed on his back. “It seems the show we put on last year wasn’t enough, I’m finally going to get my rematch” she said with a soft chuckle.

“Bring you’re A game”

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Miki arrived off the bus with several other inspiring students. She could only stand in awe of the school itself so large and more advanced than anything she has seen in her life. Miki was so overwhelmed and nervous her asthma started to flare up. She reached into her pocket to pullout her inhaler, along with her inhale her pokedex fell out and a fellow student of large girth stepped on it, breaking it in two. "You should watch where you are going Noob!!!" He said to her while stuffing another Krispy Kreme doughnut in his mouth. Miki's day from the very start has turned out horribly, her pokedex destroyed her Eevee her very first Pokemon still had a hangover. " Ughh... guess I should just go to my room before things get much worse. She grabbed her bags and headed for the beginner dorms, awaiting the call from the other teachers.

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“Finish it Eevee double-edge!” Sarah commanded, watching as her little brown Pokémon slammed into the Jigglypuff head on KOing it on impact. The referee of the bout raised Sarah’s hand in victory as she grasped her first win of her second year.

“You’ll get better kid, trust me the teachers here are top-notch” she said, brushing her hair from her face. Her first year was the roughest, Dratini didn’t listen and proved hard to use in battle, but once she received training from Ms.Suzaki; she was able to train her way to one of the best battlers within her class.

“Looks like the Inaugural battle will begin soon, I need to heal up and head over there” she said, heading to her dorm room first. She nodded towards a newcomer in the hallway, before starting up the intermediate side.

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@Sarah: @sarah morgan: @Sonata:

Arsenal smirked at his colleague's challenge. "Three Pokémon. Hitmonlee, Weezing, Magneton. That's all I'll need to smear you against the wall."

He headed down to the assembly hall where they'd have their exhibition match.

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“Attention students, the Inaugural battle will commence soon; everyone should proceeded to Indigo Stadium at this time.” A voice said over the P.A system. Ms.Sue stood behind her end of the stadium with her hands on her hips; “Pidgeot, Rapidash, and Electabuzz, should end this quickly” she said, spinning a pokeball on her hand.

Students packed the gymnaism to witness the official start of school, the Inaugural battle. “Let’s put this one away Rapidash!” she screamed, tossing her pokeball. The red and white sphere became eclipsed by white light and finally the flaming horse emerged from its ball. “Your turn”

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@sarah morgan:

Arsenal pointed at some random student to get her attention, then turned to face his opponent.

Ms. Sue had sent out her Rapidash. "Weezing." He announced, throwing the white and blue great ball out into the field and unleashing the floating spheres of poisonous liquids that were exhaling toxic fumes all around him. Those students in the frontmost seats were immediately discomforted by the smell, a reaction that brought a smirk to Vetinari's face.


"Toxic." Vetinari commanded, and the Weezing began to spew purple fumes over the arena, soon filling it. He was immune to the poisonous gases, and as a human, Sue would recover once the attack ended, but her Rapidash would be badly poisoned within seconds.

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“Bounce Rapidash!” She commanded, the flaming horse sprang high up into the air temporarily, evading the toxic fumes. Pointing towards Weezing she commanded the horse to come down and land a powerful strike upon it.

“That was really a smart strategy starting with Toxic” she thought to herself, looking for a way to overcome the early set back.

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@Jlynnana: SamJaz watched the Rapidash ascend into the air.

"Protect." SamJaz instructed, timing it just right so the burning horse would hit the green barrier, then gave his second order. "Sludge wave."

And the thick, purple torrent rose from the ground to engulf the horse.

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While in her room unpacking her things a teachers voice came over the announce system announcing the inaugural battle in the gymnasium. Miki was excited to see some of the more season battlers in action. Miki rushed towards the gym following the students. She took her seat and watched the battle unfold hoping to learn about the complex art of Pokemon battling.

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@SamJaz: The powerful sludge attack began to take it's toll on Rapidash, seemingly suffocating the pokemon. "Drats...it's hurt!" she said, watching as Rapidash struggled to overcome the poison. It's visible color had changed, it was losing energy by the moment. "Will-o Wisp!" she said, softly; watching as her mighty fire pokemon used it's last bit of strength to fire it's willo-wisp attack.

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@Jlynnana: The fire singed Weezing, but everything had already been set into place.

"Finish it with Venoshock." SamJaz shouted, prepping a Full Heal for his pokémon

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The nasty poisonous assault from Arsenal, was too much for Rapidash the final straw was Venoshock the continuous use of poison based strikes left Rapidash severely injured. Rather than to watch her pokemon faint, she conceded the round by returning her pokemon.

“Had I know we were using items, I would’ve kept my pecha berry on Rapidash” she said, unclipping another pokeball. “Let’s turn this battle around quickly!”

Tossing her red and white pokeball onto the ground a magnificent pidgeot appeared, flapping its gigantic wings in preparation for battle.

“Pidgeot double team!” she commanded, watching as the bird Pokémon swiftly separated into multiple pokemon.

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@Jlynnana: Arsenal grinned, pocketing the full-heal.

"Students, there are three lessons I want you to learn by this next move." He declared. "First, never be a scumbag. When your opponent lays down ground rules, respect them and obey them."

He brushed his hair back, students discussing his gentlemanly behaviour.

"The second is to strike weaknesses. The flying type has quite a few, including the ice and rock types, but, poison is not one of those types."

He grinned evilly. "Third, when the opponent raises their evasion like that, cut to the chase and use a move that never misses."

He winked playfully.

"Fourth, always be a scumbag and teach your pokémon moves that everyone forgets it can learn. SHOCKWAVE! NOW!"

Weezing groaned, wincing from the burn, but sent a wave of electricity that expanded around him, a guaranteed-hit electrical move taught by a TM obtained from the mauville and vermillion city gyms in Japan.

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@SamJaz: "Protect" She said, smiling, the lightening hit Pidgeot's green barrier preserving , the flying pokemon for another turn. "Pidgeot Aerial Ace" quickly rebounding to it's advantage ; Pidgeot took off using it's mach 2 speed. "Engage Pidgeot NOW!" she screamed, watching as her pokemon converged on Weezing.

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@Jlynnana: Arsenal's eyes narrowed as the barrier formed, blocking the electrical attack. His impressive smack down did not go as planned.

Smack down. That would be a useful move. Shame none of the pokémon in his trio could learn that.

And she ordered an aerial ace. "Come back!" Vetinari shouted, calling his Weezing back before the bird could tear into it. "Go! Magneton!"

Magneton could take the hit. He was tough.

Should he rain dance? No, not a chance. She still had an Electabuzz. Besides, that thing might know Earthquake, a move that would seriously scupper him.

He grinned.

"Magnet rise." He ordered, and his magneton rose into the air. With that, not only was his biggest weakness out of the way, but magneton now had twelve resistances and two immunities- There were only three types left that Sue could hope to scratch him with, and pidgeot just didn't have the moveset for it.

Actually, there was that one guy in New York...

Nah, he's just over thinking it. "Your move." He said, both of them aware that he was going to Shockwave spam the rest of this battle until Pidgeot was down.

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@SamJaz: Pokemon battling was like a chess match; you had to think several moves ahead of your opponent to get the win. Knocking out Weezing was a relief, but that still left Magneton to be reckoned with. "Well you defiantly have the advantage, I'll say that" Magnet Rise prevented her from using a ground attack on Magneton, on his part it was a very talented move, a reason he was to be teacher of the year. "Pidgeot...heat wave!" she commanded, watching as the bird flapped it's wings at high speeds, it sent the paraylzing fire attack towards MAgneton.

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@Jlynnana: Vetinari could have sworn. Should've gone with the Rain dance option.

Still, Magneton's beastly defenses against Pidgeot's comparatively low special attack meant he could take a couple more of those hits.

"Shockwave!" SamJaz shouted, wanting to use Volt Switch but not wanting to run the risk of the attack missing with Pidgeot's raised evasion.

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@SamJaz: "PROTECT!" she yelled again, she knew it was chancy but her defensive measure failed, the lightening struck Pidgeot head on critically. "Impressive Arsenal" she said, recalling Pidgeot before it fell. "One final Pokemon, let's see how this will play out!" "Get em' Electabuzz" she screamed, tossing her red and white Pokeball into play. "Magnet Rise" she commanded watching as her pokemon picked up a slight hover

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