Pokemon adventure

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This is my Fan fic from the Vine I dont know how to work the fan fiction feature

Sarah Awoke in the morning, Ready to start her day She had travled so far already and she had 2 pokemon from the sinnoh region. Already looking around getting a feel for where she was She was in the Area of Twinleaf town,She packed up her gear and began walking down route 201.She had arrived in the region with her Eevee,Since her Arrival she managed to capture the bird pokemon Starly and the beaver pokemon Bidoof. She continued to walk down the route until she ran into a trainer itching to fight. HEY YOU WHAT'S YOUR NAME? I'M SARAH MORGAN.....FROM CELADON CITY! After a few Words they engaged each other in battle. The man took his pokeball from his belt and tossed a pokeball on the ground and in a bright flash a butterfree appeared. Sarah reached down on her belt, and pulled her pokeball of her belt and tossed it on the ground and her pokemon starly emerged. The guy quickly went on the attack using his butterfree's confusion attack. Sarah instucted her starly to dodge and bonunce back with a gust attack.

The confusion hit perfectly starly was just to slow for butterfree. STARLY USE YOUR WING ATTACK! The bird pokemon began to fly into the air before smacing the butterfree left and right , Finally the butterfree fainted and he reached on his belt again after returning his butterfree. I CHOSE YOU....LEDIAN! the pokeball hit the ground and soon a ladybug pokemon emerged from the pokeball. Sarah couldnt believe he was still using a bug pokemon against her bug pokemon. ALRIGHT STARLY USE YOUR GUST ATTACK! a huge tornado began to form as the pokemon  flapped it's wings generating a huge wind towards Ledian but the guy was abit smarter with His Ledian. LEDIAN USE YOUR REFLECT ATTACK! the gust hit the wall and suddenly dispersed. Sarah could'nt believe the Wall stopped the whole attack but she quickly found away around it. STARLY USE YOUR PECK ATTACK! The bird's beak began to shine as it connected with the Ledian. It was a super effective hit causing Ledian to faint. GAH!!!!!!!!!! COMEBACK LEDIAN!. Sarah recalled her starly after telling him good job and continued on to Sangem town.

While walking in route to Sangem town she saw lots of Bidoof, and Rattata ,She really wasnt interested in those type of pokemon,She just wanted the types that could be easier to train.She had lost in the Kanto pokemon league comming in the top 16,She won the Johto league with 1st place. She got 3rd in the Hoenn league, So now it was her time to do the Sinnoh Region. After about 3 hours she arrived in Sangem town She healed her Pokemon at the pokemon center and then went to Prof.Rowan's lab.HELLO YOU MUST BE SARAH MORGAN,I'VE HEARED SO MUCH ABOUT YOU FROM PROF.OAK. I'VE GOT A POKEDEX FOR YOU,IT WILL HELP YOU RECORD ALL THE POKEMON FOR THE SINNOH REGION! GO OUT THERE AND BECOME LEGENDARY!.

Sarah took the pokedex and exited the the building,Her first Gym badge was in Oreburgh city, but first she had to stop through the communications city of the world Jubilife city. She continued walking down the strech with her hair blowing in the direction of east, the sun was bearing down on her, she was beginning to feel abit Fatigued, a girl came up to her and challenged her to a double pokemon battle

MORGAN: I CHOSE YOU EEVEE AND STARLY The pokeball hit the ground and the two pokemon appeared.



Before the battle could be put into place a loud alarm began blaring, and the girl and morgan began looking around. Whatever was happening Something needed to be done.....

HUH! YOU WOKE ME UP! WHAT TIME IS IT…….11! HOW MANY MINUTES? 11:45 HOLY CRAP I’M ALMOST LATE. She quickly got dressed and brushed her hair,ran down the steps and grabbed a piece of toast and headed out the door Down the street to Prof. elm’s lab,She looked up in the sky to see the Pidgey’s flying  and the Spearow’s fighting.

She came to a huge white building with a huge poke ball on the top of it, excitement burned inside of her she quickly dashed into the building; she was running so fast she lost her footing and fell right infront of Prof Elm. She looked up and began smiling at him as he smiled back down at her.

OK SO I GUESS YOUR SARAH…HERE SARAH THIS IS YOUR POKEMON...MEET CYNDAQUIL the Pokémon looked like a little mouse with fire burning on its back, Sarah jumped with excitement. OH AND BEFORE I FORGET THIS AND THESE ARE YOURS ASWELL, he handed her a pokedex and 5 poke balls. Sarah burned with excitement and dashed out of the Lab eager to capture a Pokémon . She ran into the tall grass where a Pidgey appeared. ALL RIGHT LET’S SEE WHAT YA GOT I CHOSE YOU! CYNDAQUIL!

The fire pokemon emerged from the pokeball and quickly ignited its fire CYNDAQUIL USE YOUR EMBER ATTACK! The fire pokemon jumped in the air and blew little fire pellets,The pidgey took the hit but then did a sand attack,Sarah threw her hands over her face and then commanded her Cyndaqul to do a tackle.Cyndaquil rushed as fast as it could finally tackling Pidgey to the ground.

Sarah jumped back and tossed her Pokeball at it. The ball spent twice, finally staying still which ment Sarah had caught it. She ran over and picked the ball up swinging it around. Cyndaquil showed it’s happiness by jumping around. Sarah continued her journey West towards CherryGrove city.

Sarah continued down route 29 she had just got her Pokémon healed and went out at 2:14 at night towards Cherry Grove City. The road was a bit dark so she reached down on her belt and pulled cyndaquil’s poke ball CYNDAQUIL I CHOSE YOU! She threw the ball towards the ground and after a red flash the fire mouse Pokémon appeared before her. ALRIGHT CYNDAQUIL USE YOUR FLASH ATTACK! Cyndaquil’s hunched over and released a huge burst of flames which lit up the road. Sarah continued walking down the route until she saw a man with a stand, and a bridge. IF YOU WISH TO CROSS you must pay 200$ sarah looked in her back pack she didn’t have that amount, she glanced at the man and saw he had a Pokémon she the composed an idea, I’LL CHALLENGE YOU TO A POKEMON MATCH..IF YOU WIN YOU CAN HAVE MY MONEY AND MY POKEBALLS...WHAT DO YA SAY? The man shook his head and grabbed his poke ball. “This will be a two Pokémon battle got it!” Sarah nodded and sent cyndaquil’s up to fight first. The man coked his hand beck and threw his poke ball to the ground soon a Noctowl merged from the poke ball, Sarah pulled out her pokedex and began running a scan NOCTOWL THE OWL POKÉMON When it needs to think, it rotates its head 180 degrees to sharpen its intellectual power.
Sarah looked at the Noctowl with concern but finally she attacked QUICK ATTACK!  The mouse sped off towards Noctowl. The trainer pointed at cyndaquil and said sand attack; the bird kicked up sand and stopped Cyndaquil in its tracks.  The sand swirled around cyndaquil blinding him, sarah had to think quick, she then yelled out CYNDAQUIL SWIFT! The mouse jumped up and fired a series of stars at Noctowl hitting on the spot causing it to faint.

GAH NOCTOWL RETURN!  The red light returned the bird pokemon; Sarah returned her cyndaquil’s as well she didn’t know if she was going to need him later. The cool wind of the night was hitting hard, the breeze from New Bark town was bearing down on them. He cocked his hand back and tossed his poke ball again this time a metapod emerged from the pokeball. Sarah quickled tossed out her next pokemon. PIDGEY I CHOSE YOU! Pidgey appeared in the air flapping it’s wings. She went for the quick finish. PIDGEY! BRAVE BIRD NOW!!!! The man told his metapod to harden but it didn’t work Pidgey had smashed into metapod causing it to faint. The man return metapod, he then bowed and let sarah cross, she smiled and then headed over the bridge towards Cherrygrove city.

Sarah ran through the grass to Cherry Grove city and there was a Sentret in front of her she couldn't get past it so "GO CYNDAQUIL!" she shouted as the poke'ball bounced a red beam came out that became a dazzling pokemon with a flame on its back and a snout Cyndaquil!" Cyndaquil use tackle" the pokemon ran up to it and rammed the Sentret in the belly, the Sentret fell down with a crash and sarah used one of the pokeballs Professor Elm's aids gave him on the Sentret, the Sentret turned into a red streak and zoomed into the pokeball. The eye of the poke'ball turned bright red and swivelled three times then turned to normal sarah had just caught her third poke'mon! soon she reached Cherry Grove city pokemon centre and healed her pokemon. When she got out she saw a crabby she ran over to it but it was to late it jumped in the water and swum of then she saw a trainer fishing for pokemon." I challenge you to a battle" sarah shouted get a poke'mon to surf across first besides I've not been able to catch nothing yet see ya kid".

sarah walked past two battling trainers and went up the road she saw pokemon like rattata and pidgey but she needed a challenge just then she saw a trainer "hay you" sarah shouted want to battle "shore" he replied my name is Jack, Jack threw his poke'ball and a sandshrew emerged go them sarah sent  out cyndalquil of it’s pokeball it opened and  It popped "Sandshrew use sand attack" Jack commanded sandshrew dug sand all over cyndaquil "Cyndaquil use ember" sarah said, it’s embers landed all around sandshrew but none hit him. "Sandshrew use scratch" Sandshrew ran over and scratched cyndaquil, It fell down and hit the ground sarah held out her pokeball and recalled it she picked up her other pokeball and sent out Sentret. "Sentret use tail whip" Sentret slashed Sandshrew with his tail "Sandshrew use sand attack" Sentret look above the smoke extending your tail then use tackle" Sentret did that and knocked out Sandshrew. Jack threw out his poke'ball and a fainted pidgey came out "woops he said wile he blushed I'm out of poke'mon you win hay your good can I get your phone number?" he asked "sure" sarah said and they traded phone numbers. Suddenly it started to rain, sarah ran until she found a houses he knocked on the door, and professor oak opened it. "Come in he said" after he made them a cup of tea Sarah sent Sentret and Cyndaquil, with Pidgey out and Professor Oak gave them food. Prof.oak allowed Sarah to stay there overnight and in the morning her would begin her journey to Violet city and her first gym battle.

Captured pokemon




Showdown in Violet city  

Sarah awoke in prof.Oak’s lab the next day, the sun shined through the curtains making the cabin look like a sun house. Sarah quickly brushed her teeth and then south out northeast towards Violet city. And t she would need to catch lots of Pokémon to fill it. As Sarah saw violet city a trainer walked up to her and challenged her the trainer who was called Todd used a Snubull  Sarah threw Sentret's poke ball the ball spun in the air finally landing on the ground, releasing sentret.

"Use bite" Todd commanded then Sarah pointed at snubull and told Sentret to use take down, Sentret was to quick and it knocked out Snubull easily Todd pulled out a different poke’ ball and a Bulbasaur came out Sarah returned Sentret and sent out her Pidgey before she could attack her Pidgey got a head butt in the tummy "quickly use wing attack!" Sarah commanded Pidgey with a high voice so Pidgey began flying using all its strength and it landed a hit on Bulbasaur that knocked him out. Pidgey and Sarah both jumped around the dirt road with glee.

It was dark and Sarah was walking into violet city when she saw a Hoothoot chasing a Ledyba the Hoothoot dived and injured the Ledyba but then Sarah quickly  chased the Hoothoot away she threw her poke’ ball and got the Ledyba, she quickly stepped up her pace and  ran to Pokémon  center in Violet city. After healing her Ledyba Sarah let her poke friends have something to eat. After a while she realized where she was, she soon packed up her stuff and set off to challenge the gym leader. She walked down the road until she came to the front of the gym; she walked inside and saw a blue haired man. I AM FALKER...MY FATHER ENTRUSTED ME WITH THIS GYM...AND I SHALL SHOW YOU THE TRUE POWER OF BIRD

POKEMON!!! “The first round is Cyndaquil versus Pidgey “the gym flag holder EXPLAINED.”Pidgey gust" Faulkner commanded the Pidgey sent a gust of wind hurling towards Cyndaquil It got blown backwards It could barley hear Sarah telling it to use a leer. Cyndaquil leered as hard it could and then slammed it, the Pidgey couldn't take it and fell down "the winner of the first round is Sarah if she wins the second, the match is over" "go Ledyba" Sarah shouted "go Pidgeoto" Faulkner said "Pidgeoto drill peck!" Faulkner said "Ledyba dodge it and use comet punch now!" Ledyba moved quickly and punched Pidgeoto there was a fluster of wings and Pidgeoto wrapped up Ledyba in its wings Pidgeoto spun in the air it was doing seismic toss! When it let go Ledyba didn't come out , it had evolved and it was now Ledyba "Leyden use swift" Sarah commanded, stars flew out of Leyden and they hit Pidgeoto, Pidgeoto fell down paralyzed on the spot "the winner is Ledyen Sarah wins the match" "well done Sarah here is your Zephyr badge I'm shore you'll do well in the Johto League he said" "I wasn't thinking of going in the Johto League I'm on an errand from professor elm" "well why don't you go to the Johto League anyway you'll do well" Faulkner said "ok" Sarah answered. She walked towards the Pokémon center holding her new badge, she smiled very big. She looked at her map and then said NEXT STOP AZALEA TOWN!

The Mystery on route 32


After obtaining her first Johto league badge Sarah turned her attention towards Azalea City and her second badge. The sun was coming up from over the mountains as she traveled down route 32, the wind was a bit cool but she grew tired with each step so she decided to sit down and take a rest. Her attention was taken by a huge jeep coming down the road carrying scientist. It stopped right in front of Sarah; within seconds they got out of the jeep and rushed pass Sarah. She turned around to see them entering a hole in the side of the mountain. She quickly jumped up and began following in pursuit until she was met by a familiar trainer. AND JUST WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING? She turned around to see Maya tossing a poke ball in the air. Maya was Sarah’s sister she also left Solace City with a Pokémon just like Sarah. Sarah raised an eyebrow and gritted her teeth. HOW ABOUT A POKEMON BATTLE TWIRP? Sarah not saying anything just pulled her poke ball from her belt. THAT’S THE SPIRIT SIS… Maya reached down and pulled a poke ball from her belt as well. Maya cocked her hand back and tossed out an Abra. Sarah looked a bit skeptical for a second but finally she threw out her Pidgey.She then reached down on her pokedex ABRA THE PSI POKÉMON Even while asleep, it maintains telepathic radar. It teleports when it is threatened. Sarah raised an eyebrow she really didn’t know how to combat a teleporting Pokémon. Maya smiled and then pointed at Pidgey. ABRA USE YOUR CHARGE BEAM ATTACK! Sarah looked a bit shocked that she started with a electric attack. PIDGEY DODGE IT! The electric energy quickly headed for Sarah’s pidgey but she was able to quickly avoid the hit before it K’OED her. Sarah yelled QUICK ATTACK the bird Pokémon began flying at high speeds and managed to get close enough to hit Abra, until Maya yelled Teleport and with a few flashes and appeared behind Pidgey.

Sarah told pidgey to Whirlwind but no soon as she did it a loud explosion came from the cave that the scientist had gone inside of. Sarah recalled Pidgey and ran over to the opening, as the smoke poured out. She heard the scientist yelling or cheering something. She glanced back at Maya who seemed to be a bit dumbfounded, finally Sarah went inside, and Maya followed close. The cave was well lit, Sarah looked around to see what looked like Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and she moved her hand against the wall, feeling the uprisings in the art.  She stayed close to the walls and then peered around the corner looking at the scientist play with some type of Pokémon. The Pokémon looked at Sarah and Sara looked back, but Maya was leaning on her and caused her to fall on the ground alerting the scientist of their presence. WHOSE THERE? Sarah made herself known dragging Maya with her. OH HELLO YOUNG GALS...THIS IS THE LEGENDARY POKEMON UNKNOWN. Sarah smiled at the Pokémon as it floated around her head; she pulled her pokedex out and did a read UNOWNThey seem to communicate among each other telepathically. They are always found stuck on walls. Maya realized it was too dark so she released her ABRA and did a Flash attack. Soon as the light lit up the ruins the Unown began removing them self’s off the walls and began flying around the room and around Sarah and Maya. Sarah and the scientist looked around the area not paying attention to Maya who had tossed a poke ball and had captured an unknown. The rest of the Unown began to get angry and swirl around in a circle; this was the hidden power attack. Sarah looked at the scientist and finally, all of them took off running towards the entrance.  The cave was getting ready to collapse under the power of the Unown.  Maya tossed her Abra out and told it to teleport them all to the outside of the cave. Sarah looked at Maya with an angry look; Maya smiled just a bit but then told Sarah to look around. She was on route 33 east of Azalea Town, I’M GOING AHEAD TO GET MY BADGE WITH MY UNOWN I’LL BE UNSTOPPABLE! And with that she disappeared in the distance. Sarah looked around, she shook hands with the scientist and then headed towards Azalea city filled with the passion to be the greatest trainer ever.

The Hive badge

With the ruins of Alph behind her Sarah set her sights on Azalea city and the Hive badge, but first… HMMM WHERE AM I? Sarah looked around the rocky terrain of route 33. She climbed over geodude and sandshrew on top of a hill looking down on Azalea City. Sarah smiled and was tempted to roll down the hill but a flash back of the last time she did it appeared in her mind. She then shifted her head to the left to see a man dressed in all black with some other people hanging around a well. Sarah walked over to them and greeted waving. The man turned and looked at her and said I’M A GOOD SAMARATIAN I’M STOPPING PEOPLE FROM FALLING DOWN THE WELL! Sarah slightly smiled and went on to Azalea town, she saw an old man rush pass her towards the well, and she heard aloud scream and then a grunt followed by silence. Sarah looked back towards the well and noticed the man was not there anymore. AWW SHUCKS! She quickly ran back and climbed down the well and saw the old man lying on the ground. HI I’M SARAH WHAT HAPPENED SIR? Hey there, Sarah! The guards up top took off when I shouted at them. But then I took a tumble down the WELL. I slammed down hard on my back, so I can't move. Rats! If I were fit, my POKEMON would've punished them... Ah, it can't be helped. Sarah, show them how gutsy you are in my place!

Jessie James Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepare to fight! Meooowth! That's right

Sarah’s eyebrow was stilled raised had it risen anymore it would have fell off her face. Before she could say anything Jessie and James had released weepinbell and Lickatung. TWO ON ONE ISNT FAIR! I’LL MAKE YOU BOTH PAY! Sarah reached on her poke ball and tossed out her cyndaquil. While reaching down for Pidgey’s poke ball she noticed a Kadabra out of the corner of her eye. She turned around to see her sister Maya. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE! Sarah asked Maya with a look of confusion. The awkward moment was broken by Jessie who commanded her Lickatung to stomp Cyndaquil, The huge Pokémon jumped into the air and landed with a huge pound on cyndaquil. CYNDAQUIL!!!! Sarah looked a bit scared but finally she attacked. CYNDAQUIL EMBER ATTACK! The cyndaquil jumped in the air and flames shot from his back and quickly Ko’ed the Weepinbell. Maya had dealt with Lickatung, Sarah turned and looked at Maya and they both looked at Jessie and James. CYNDAQUIL TACKLE! KADABRA SWIFT! In one motion Team rocket was knocked out of the roof of the cave and out pass the stars. Sarah turned to Maya, GEE THANKS SIS. No PROBLEM LEARNS HOW TO STAY OUT OF TROUBLE. Maya touched her sister on the face and then disappeared. “Way to go, Sarah! TEAM ROCKET has taken off. My back's better too.  Let's get out of here.” Sarah smiled as they walked back to his home. Hey, Sarah! You handled yourself like a real hero at the WELL. I like            Your style! I would be honored to make BALLS for a trainer like you.            This is all I have now, but take it. Sarah looked down to see the Lure Ball. THANKS I APPREIACATE IT. She then waved good bye to Kurt and made her way to the Azalea City Gym. Before she went to the gym she stopped at the Pokémon center.

Sarah was sitting in the Azalea town Pokémon centre polishing Cyndaquil’s coat and combing Sentret she wanted her Pokémon to be perfect for battle when she was finished with them she gave Pidgey new soothe bell.

She walked into the gym and saw Bugsy "I challenge you to a battle" Sarah said "I am Bugsy the Leader of the Azalea town Gym and I accept your challenge I will use Metapod" "go Pidgey!" Sarah said and Pidgey came out in a show of dazzling red light "Pidgey use tackle" "Metapod use your tackle" Pidgey and Metapod charged at each other there was lots of smoke when the smoke cleared and Metapod was down and Pidgey barley standing.

"Go Beedrill" Bugsy said a Beedrill came out of the poke ball "come back Pidgey" Sarah called. But Pidgey refused “Go Pidgey" "Pidgey GUST!”Beedrill twin needle" Pidgey and Beedrill collided with each other and slashed with their full power the dust cleared and Sarah couldn't believe her eyes Beedrill was still standing. She couldn’t tell what was that there was a weird Pokémon Sarah used her pokedex "Pidgeyotto, the evolved form of Pidgey. Pidgeyotto likes fruit and is surprisingly aggressive. "Pidgeyotto use WING ATTACK!" Pidgeyotto flew down on Beedrill and Beedrill was totally Ko’ed "Beedrill return! Good but you haven't seen my true power yet go Scyther...

The poke ball hit and Scyther emerged from the poke ball. Sarah once again went to her pokedex and looked up info on scyther.SCYTHER THE MANTIS POKEMON it is nearly impossible to parry its attacking scythes. Its movements are like a ninja's. Another bug Pokémon huh Pidgeyotto return! She reached down on her poke ball again, She was tempted to grab ledian, but then skipped over it and Sentret’s finally she pulled cyndaquil’s. Cyndaquil emerged in a bright flash. CYNDAQUIL FLAME WHEEL, Scyther dodged the flame wheel, CYNDAQUIL QUICKATTACK! Cyndaquil slammed into Scyther knocking it to the ground. Scyther jumped up and hit Cyndaquil with a punishing cut attack. Cyndaquil looked like it was down; it was struggling to its feet but managed to get back up. CYNDAQUIL USE OVERHEATS NOW! The gym got amazingly hot finally cyndaquil released pure heat and fire from its back fogging up the gym. When the Haze cleared Scyther had fainted and cyndaquil was jumping up and down in victory. Bugsy the gym leader looked confused but finally admitted defeat and handed Sarah her hive badge. Sarah exited the gym with her hivebagde and Zephyr badge shining with the sun, with a smile on her face.  She went to the Pokémon center to heal her Pokémon. After healing up Sarah ran east towards the Ilex forest, where she was stopped by a trainer. She looked the trainer up and down, before she realized it was her oldest sister Carmen. Carmen was a better Pokémon trainer then Maya and she was better than Sarah. Carmen had made it to the final four of the Pokémon leagues she lost to a trainer named ash, but she learned a good lesson. SO SARAH WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING BACK HERE? Sarah looked down in disappointment Carmen patted her sister on the head and went east. Leaving Sarah behind her. Sarah shook off her slight shock and headed into the Ilex forest, equipped with ledian, Sentret, cyndaquil, and Pidgeyotto. The forest reeked of bugs and nature; she looked up and saw the hoothoot sleeping, since the tree’s blocked out sun, this meant the night was not yet in. Sarah sighed she had a long way to go before she got to Goldenrod city limits. After about an hour of walking around she saw a kid chasing a bird Pokémon around whenever the Pokémon got close the boy would dive and then the Pokémon would take off again. Sarah Laughed she then stuck out her finger and yelled HERE FARFECHED…  The bird landed on her arm as the boy walked over to place it back in its cage. She was getting a bit dehydrated until she came upon the gate for route 34 which leads to goldenrod city. She screamed for joy and quickly rushed out the forest. By this time the sun was setting and she could see night Pokémon beginning to appear. Sarah didn’t want to go any farther she removed her sleeping bag, and laid it out on the dusty road. CARMEN...MAYA BOTH OF THEM ARE WAY AHEAD OF ME… Maya has four badges Carmen is going to challenge the elite four again and I only have two badges. The excitement built up inside of Sarah so she repacked her sleeping bag up and proceeded down the route, she saw a rock on the ground it was shiny so it caught her attention, but when she looked up she saw a mystical Pokémon, they locked eyes and the Pokémon darted across the ocean. Sarah stood looking in shock, but continued on to Goldenrod city.

After beating Bugsy the Leader of the Azalea City gym, and defeating Jessie and James of Team rocket, Sarah Set her sites on the plain badge located in goldenrod city.
Sarah Smiled as she began her Walk up route 34, Goldenrod city was in clear sight. She yawned because she had been up for most of the day, she turned to the right and
saw what looked a Pokemon.  The Pink Jelly like Pokemon began moving around, and eventually it copied what Sarah looked Like, Sarah looked in aw but then decided to pull out her pokedex to get info on the pokemon. DITTO THE transform Pokemon It has the ability to reconstitute its entire cellular structure to transform into whatever it sees. Sarah jumped in the air with her pokeball, she knew she was going to have to battle it. I CHOSE YOU CYNDAQUIL! the pokemon emerged from the ball and ignited the flame on it's back. Sarah Pointed her finger CYNDAQUL QUICK ATTACK!!! but before she could attack Ditto had ran, it was running from a Pokemon that apprently was behind Sarah she turned around to see an Ariados, She held out her Pokedex yet again. ARIAADOS THE SPIDER POKEMON Ariados's feet are tipped with tiny hooked claws that enable it to scuttle on ceilings and vertical walls. This Pokémon constricts the foe with thin and strong silk webbing.

Sarah Smiled she then turned Cyndaquil's attention to the bug pokemon, CYNDAQUIL FLAME WHEEL!!!! Cyndaquil leaped into the air and released it's flames surrounding it's self in it as it rushed towards Ariados. The spider didnt seem daunted it did an agility attack and made cyndaquil miss. Sarah knew Cyndaquil was over matched by the bug Pokemon but she wanted to continue trying to beat it. Cyndaquil use your  swift attack! Cyndaquil jumped into the Air and released it's star filled attack smashed into the pokemon. Ariados looked at bit mad it attacked Cyndaquil with a sucker Punch knocking Cyndaquil down. Sarah gritted her teeth Fatigue was setting in and she couldnt battle a Powerful Pokemon Like Ariados. She feel down on her Knee's until she looked up and Saw her sister Maya. Maya had her Pokeball ready, she looked over to Sarah and said IF YOU WANT I'LL HELP YA OUT.  Sarah didnt want her help she shook her head and then prepared to return Cyndaquil.  CYNDAQUIL RETURN! A red light came and snaacthed the pokemon up. Sarah reached down and then Pulled another Pokeball from her Belt. I CHOOSE YOU PIDGEOTTO! The Bird came out at Amazing speed. OK Aerial ACE NOW!!!! Pidgeotto flew into the air and then came down with a Diagnal Strike it smashed into the bug pokemon Ko'ing it instantly. Sarah Smiled she pulled an empty Pokeball from her wast and threw it at Ariados, the ball spun three times before she captured it. Maya stood clapping, Sarah had added Ariados to her team composed of Pidgeotto,Cyndaquil,Sentret, Ledian and now Ariados. She then turned her attention to the ditto that had strayed off into the tall grass.
Sarah didnt wast anytime in trying to capture it but before she got her Pokeball out Ditto Jumped in her arms. DITTO YOU WANT TO COME WITH ME!!!! Ditto smiled with glee, Sarah put Ditto in a Pokeball and raised the pokeball in the Air. TWO POKEMON IN ONE DAY AWESOME!!!! She then fell to her knees extreme fatigue had set in, she fell on the ground, maya ran over to her and picked her up.

Sarah awoke in the Pokemon center in Goldenrod city, the sight of Maya looking down upon her sacred her a bit, she turned back to look nurse joy who was healing her pokemon. Sarah opened her Map and saw that the Gym Leader was Named Whitney and she ran the goldenRod Gym, Sarah decided to continue resting before taking on the rest of the huge metropolis.

To be continue.............

The Golderod Oppertunity

Sarah woke up in the Pokémon Center, Nurse joy smiled at told her That her Pokémon were all fully healed, Sarah Placed her Pokeball back on her belt and then began smiling HAHAHAHA TODAY I GET MY THIRD BADGE she glanced over at Maya who told her to put her hand down. OK LITTLE SIS Maya began WHITNEY IS A POWERFUL GYM LEADER SHE USES- She was cut off by Sarah. I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP I’LL BEAT HER BYE MY LONESOME! She threw her bag on her back and headed off towards the gym. The sun hit the city making the streets look like gold. Sarah Entered the Gym right as Whitney was sitting down for lunch. WHITENEY I CHALLENGE YOU TO A POKEMON MATCH! Whitney stood up and walked to her stand a removed a pokeball before giving a smile. OK I ACCEPT YOU’RE CHALLENGE I CHOSE YOU NIDORINA!  HER POKEBALL HIT THE GROUND RELEASING THE POKEMON. Sarah pulled her Pokedex out NIDORINIA THE POISON PIN POKEMON: WHEN IT SENSES DANGER IT RAISES ALL THE BARBSON IT’S BODY. Sarah Thought about it and before she made a Dumb Mistake She pulled her pokeball from her belt and tossed out her Pidgeotto.

The bird Pokémon was flapping it’s wings high in the air, NIDORINA POISON STING ATTACK! Whitney yelled, but Sarah matched it PIDGEOTTO USE YOUR AGILITY! The bird swayed in-between the poison barbs, NOW PIDGEOTTO BLOW THEM BACK AT NIDORINA WITH YOUR GUST ATTACK! The needles spun around and slammed into Nidorinia but it didn’t seem to affect it. NIDORINA US YOUR BITE ATTACK! But with it being in the air Pidgeotto had the edge again. Pidgeotto Finish this match off right now! AIR SLASH! The bird began flapping its wings sending huge burst of air at Nidorina K’Oing it. GOOD JOB NIDORINA RETURN!

Sarah Smiled at Pidgeotto and returned it. Sarah glanced over at Whitney and saw her picking up another Pokeball, this time Whitney threw out a Clefairy. Sarah Smiled again her Newest Pokémon was just itching to battle.

I CHOOSE YOU! ARIADOS!  The Spider Pokémon emerged from its ball and awaited Sarah’s Command Sarah Looked up as Whitney said LOOKS LIKE I GOT MYSELF IN A BIND! GO CLEFAIRY DOUBLESLAP Clefairy evaded the boundaries of Ariados and began double slapping.  ARIADOS HANG IN THERE!  Ariados was taking a Bad punishment, but finally it escaped the barrage of attack. NOW ARIADOS SUCKER PUNCH! Ariados cocked its arm back and punched Clefairy right in the jaw taking its health in the process. Clefairy ran back to Whitney Not wanting to fight anymore. Whitney Returned Clefairy and tossed out her final Pokémon, Miltank.


The Spider place a web up right in front of Miltank but it burst right through it knocking out Ariados. Sarah couldn’t believe her eyes. RETURN ARIADOS GOOD JOB. She gritted her teeth and pulled her Pokeball again. I CHOOSE YOU PIDGEOTTO THE SLIGHTLY TIRED BIRD POKEMON EMERGED FROM THE BALL NO SOONER THEN IT DID MILTANK ATTACKED WITH its ROLLOUT, JUMPING INTO THE KNOCKING PIDGEOTTO DOWN FOR THE COUNT.

Sarah couldn’t believe her eyes that miltank had a Massive attack Power and it was extremely quick for its size.

Sarah and Whitney both were down both to one Pokémon, and her current Pokémon was rolling around the place.


Cyndaquil emerged from the ball ready to fight, Miltank whipped it’s self around on its way towards Cyndaquil, CYNADAQUIL FLAMETHROWER! The fire Pokémon jumped into the air releasing its fire attack but Miltank Slammed it’s self into Cyndaquil after dodging its fire attack. Cyndaquil hit the ground hard and fainted.

I….I...LOST! Sarah couldn’t believe it she lost to Whitney after almost beating her. She walked her Pokémon to the Pokémon Center she looked at Maya giving her the look. Maya said I TOLD YOU SO MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRAIN UP BEFORE FIGHTING HER AGAIN.  Sarah just looked down she knew Maya was right, she was waiting for her Pokémon to be healed So she can head up route 37.

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