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Name: Phoenix Wright

Age: 24

Height: 5'9''

Weight: 120 lbs

Aliases: Nick, Spike, Pal, Angel

Occupation: Universal Defense Attorney

Race: Half Human, Half Angel

Quotes : “Why did I become a lawyer in the first place…? Because someone has to look out for the people who have no one on their side.” "In battle its not a question of 'Guilty" or "Not guilty!' " "A good Lawyer has faith in his client! I guess..." It's only natural for living creatures to fight to protect their own lives. But what makes us human is that we fight for others. But who do you fight for? How hard must you fight...? That's the true measure of what human life is worth. We defense attorneys are warriors who are constantly challenged by that question. Even when the battle is over, and the bonds that connect us are severed... We always return... Time and time again.

Born: Los Angeles, California (Raised in the Divine Sanctum)


Phoenix Wright is a young and handsome man, almost always seen wearing formal business clothing (Mainly his blue justice suit.) and brown polished formal shoes. Phoenix sports a red "spirit" tie and of course his signature Universal Attorney's badge. Phoenix's most distinct feature is his hair, being naturally spiky, most people think that he simply uses a lot of gel. Phoenix's eyes also change from brown to Blue when he enters his Turnabout mode.


Phoenix was born in L.A. where he was raised in a very poor home on a farm way outside of the town, he was often assigned to tipping the cows as well as regular household cleaning. Phoenix's parents were very abusive, his father being a former military Lieutenant but was dishonorably discharged due to multiple accounts of "Friendly fire" and his mother was out on parole due to multiple accounts of drug possession, this gave Phoenix and his family a bad reputation, as a result Phoenix was often beat for this as it was how his parents relieved their frustrations. In addition to his abusive household, Phoenix also had a terrible school life, due to him being poor and his hair style along with his family's reputation, the other kids often mocked and fought with him, this drove Phoenix into a long state of depression and even on the verge of suicide. The one thing Phoenix still value however, was watching his favorite television show: "Sailor Moon" He loved the character because she fought for justice and everyone around her even though she was just a high school student who was teased and did not do well in school just like him, he admired her motto to always stand up for the weak and those who could not defend themselves, not only did he like Sailor moon but he admired many other shows involving heroes such as this, like Rouroni Kenshin, Dragonball Z, Naruto, Bleach, and comics like Superman. From those morals they taught on the show Phoenix vowed that no matter how hard his life got, he would always defend the weak and fight for justice, just as his heroes did. Every so often, Phoenix liked to wonder off into the city of Los Angeles and explore and window shop. Of course, he was often heckled there as well by passing street thugs and other children which resulted in constant fights. Phoenix would return home with these injuries only to be beat again do to "Disgracing the family name" One night while Phoenix was sleeping in his shed inside the barn, he looked out of the small hole at the back of the shed that showed a great view of the field behind. As Phoenix looked out he saw a shooting star, he quickly made a wish, even though Phoenix was 13 years old he still believed in wishing upon a star, it was one of the few signs of hope he still had.

Phoenix made one simple wish: "I want to become someone who can protect the weak, to bring justice to all those who deserve it, I want to prevent anyone else form being anything like me, I want to become someone who can get rid of the evil in this world!"

Just then, the star shinned brightly almost with a blinding flare and then simply vanished. Phoenix was is disbelief, was that not a star at all? Just then the ground below Phoenix began to tremble, his parents ran out from the house and towards the barn, believing Phoenix to be up to something. Phoenix knew another beating was coming, that scared him more than the quake, as soon as his parents yanked the door to the barn open a large beam of light slammed down on Phoenix, quickly pulling him into the air, Phoenix strangely felt at piece, as he looked up, he only saw a bright light, but he was warm and comfortable, as if he dies and went to heaven, then everything went black. What seemed like a moment later Phoenix awoke to a loud and powerful voice calling his name "Wright...! Wake up, Phoenix Wright!" Phoenix's eyes shot open and he quickly got up, he looked around at his surroundings, it looked beautiful, like Olympus right from the mythology. Phoenix looked straight ahead at the giant man standing in front of him:

The man spoke in a loud echoing voice "So, you wish to become a guardian?"

Phoenix didn't know what to say, so he simply nodded

"Very well, you will be my new son, from now on, Phoenix, here is your badge.''

Phoenix looked at the small gold badge intensely "What is it?"

"It is you, you proof of existence, what gives you your right to give justice."


"Now, you shall immediately begin your training!"


"As I said, you may have that badge but you must earn the right to wear it along with your suit, how will you secretaries follow a man if he can't defend them?"

"Wait, secretaries, suit? What's going on?"

"When you complete all the trials of Justice the balance on your badge will tilt to the side of justice, when that happens you will be appointed your blue suit of justice, with that suit you will be able to fully control all you angelic powers, lastly you will be given your secretaries, helpers and managers of your tasks, also your provider for your spiritual equipment. However, you must pass the first and only test, this test will teach you everything you need to know, but may take years to complete. That test is to defeat Death."

"Death? I can't do that!"

"Yes you can, you will have to if you wish to protect the innocent ones from it, I shall now give you the blade of sin and the helmet of punishment."

With a wave of his hand the man conjured the weapon and armor onto Phoenix.

"Now, your fight begins!"

"Wait, what just happened?! Whats goi-"

Just then, a silky black smoke formed behind Phoenix and soon formed into the being known as the Grim Reaper. Phoenix screamed in terror and began wildly swinging at Death in vain. Death formed an hourglass in his hand to keep track of time, and the training ensues.

Trials and Tribulations: Results

For the next 11 years, Phoenix trained night and day to become the man he wanted to be, he had grown stronger and smarter than he was before, but why did he feel so much accomplishment, in all these years he could never hurt Death, was mission not to destroy him? Though phoenix did think to himself, if Death was his enemy why was he treated with such hospitality, the whole 11 years he was given heavenly food, a bed fit for a king, he was treated well by the other Angels, and Death never even touched him. As Phoenix pondered this, death finally spoke his first word to Phoenix "Well it seems my work here is done. The balance has tilted in your favor. Whatever you discovered, it was apparently sufficient enough to earn your colors...Well done, boy." And with that, Death instantly vanished into a cloud of black smoke. All the angels and goddesses got up from the stands and cheered " Phoenix looked around surprised, this was the first time in his life his hard work paid off, the first time he was ever happily accepted. The old man that gave him his badge before suddenly appeared before him. "Well done Wright, as promised, you have earned your suit. You will no longer need those weapons and armor." With another wave of his hand, Phoenix's old battle-torn cloths, sword and helmet vanish, and were replaced with a nice and extravagant blue suit. Phoenix was pleased, he earned it, he could now actually follow his dream, even after 11 years this all seems so unreal. "Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix!" The crowd chanted as a young girl spread confetti all around Phoenix who blushed with embarrassment, the good kind.

"Eh? Who is this?" Phoenix asked

"Ho ho, that is Yin, she will be one of your secretaries."

" 'One'? You mean I have another?"

"Of course silly, me!" A voice from behind him yelled


"The name is Yang! From now on we are your daughters!"

"D-daughters!? Wait wha-"

"We are under aged, even though we are you legal secretaries, you must become our legal guardian, get it?"

"Oh dear..."

(To be continued)

Powers and abilities

Phoenix although is a Angel, his has the durability of a very sturdy but average human, and the speed and strength to match, stamina as well.... In the end Phoenix is a super "Ordinary guy" with extraordinary powers. The way phoenix must fight is as follows: He must have prior knowledge to the person, although he may defend himself without this knowledge, since he is a Universal Attorney his needs a case to work with, this knowledge will help him find a counter strategy and proper equipment to enter Turnabout mode. The enemy must have a certain amount of Karma buildup in their body, their own negative actions will turn against them in the form of their own power output. Phoenix must collect the proper evidence from the spirit realm, this evidence is merely tangible information, however these are used as weapons depending on the foe. Phoenix must land a forceful Objection assault, this will turn him into his turnabout mode, in this mode he gains incredible power, the power of Karma, no matter who he is fighting, as long as he is in this mode, the opponent he fights can be hurt, even if they are intangible, no matter what the force of his attacks can harm the opponent due to the fact that his power output becomes that of the Karma buildup from around the world transformed into raw power. The drawback however, if the opponent Phoenix is fighting does not have enough Karma to "Convict" them he will be unable to use Turnabout mode as well as use Karma to attack with any significant damage. Also Phoenix although born on the streets has no real fighting discipline, as a result does not stand much of a chance on his own in physical combat, this along with his human level physical stats (Except intelligence) makes fighting up close in hand to hand combat against almost anyone suicide for Wright. However when not in Turnabout mode, Phoenix does has ways of defending himself, his two secretaries Yin and Yang, Yin is able to make cosmic shields that can block any attack from all direction for 5 seconds, however this requires a 2 minuet cool-down time after usage, Yang can fire solar energy blast capable of destroying even mountains, however only 3 blast can be used a day. Yin and Yang can also both fly, carrying Phoenix where he needs to go or flying him away from danger when in battle.

Another unique ability Phoenix has is limitation imitation, Phoenix can store one move that he has seen anywhere and use it as either evidence for later or an attack, however he can only store one move at a time, if the move is supposedly unable to be mimicked, Phoenix may plea his case in that case a alternative, usually a much weaker version of the attack is given instead. Phoenix usually uses this move as a last resort after watching an episode of Sailor Moon or Dragonball Z.

Lastly Phoenix has Trial mode, in which he uses his Badge and creates a pocked dimension that takes the form of a Courtroom, while in this both Phoenix and his opponent become equal in every stat except intelligence, in which case, Phoenix must pick a topic to debate about, both fighters must debate about the topic, if Phoenix wins the opponent automatically loses the fight vice versa. (Example: Phoenix chooses to debate about the crimes the said opponent has committed, if the opponent can give a justifiable reason for their actions that Phoenix can not counter they win, vice versa.This resembles an actual courtroom battle, the ultimate equalizer, however the dimension must make some kind of contact with the opponent in order to work or the opponent must in some way agree to the battle and it's terms.)

Fighting style

Phoenix Wright's only melee attacks are:

"Sonic sneeze" a move that when Phoenix sneezes causes a sonic boom, this hurts Phoenix too however.

Sonic Sneeze
Sonic Sneeze

Panic attack: Phoenix scratches his head and runs around in a panic as his elbows smash into the opponent in his wild flailing, this is almost useless in actual battle...

Press the witness: "Phoenix pulls out some papers regarding the opponent's criminal history and begins continuously slapping it in their face (This is effective in terms of Karma damage only)

Soul crush
Soul crush

Phoenix uses his "Accusation Finger" to attacks the opponent's soul directly allowing him to harm the opponent if they are otherwise impervious to all other attacks.

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Will add more later.

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@Phoenix_Wright: Interesting and unusually original character. 
Although Yin and Yang's powers need a bit of  refinement. 
But aside from that it's a rather good job. 
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Sorry I just needed to write that... cool bio

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@paladin: Thanks, what should I refine about them?

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I have no objections about this, nice bio:)
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@Sonata: Thanks!

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Awesome! A great bio for a great character.

Only thing; characters from LA are played out.

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@AgentJ: Thanks, and yeah they kinda are :p and yes Phoenix is a great character :D

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I love it!

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This is a pretty good bio. Seems like you're more than a good debater :)


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@Newdeath: Haha, thanks, but in both RPing and debating I'm nowhere near your level.

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@haseo_yashimora: Thank you, Haseo. Your bio is cool too.

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@Phoenix_Wright: You're welcome :) LOL you flatter me sir


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@Newdeath said:

@Phoenix_Wright: You're welcome :) LOL you flatter me sir


lol even your reboot you your still one of the strongest RPers here meh, when i get starting RPing im going to take it slow, ill start with a VS

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@haseo_yashimora: The strength comes from faith in your character, I guess. Powers don't make Newdeath one of the strongest, his skills as a RPer do. Look at Boxer Joe, that guy still gets on and he is pretty much a regular human, and that guy could even beat me with his skills in writing, and I'm pretty sure Justice (One of the mid-tier power houses around here) was beat up by people like Maximus, Gouuki, Newdeath (Without using powers) Mekix and more, just to name a few. Come to think of it, I don't think Justice won any fights...

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@Phoenix_Wright said:

@haseo_yashimora: The strength comes from faith in your character, I guess. Powers don't make Newdeath one of the strongest, his skills as a RPer do. Look at Boxer Joe, that guy still gets on and he is pretty much a regular human, and that guy could even beat me with his skills in writing, and I'm pretty sure Justice (One of the mid-tier power houses around here) was beat up by people like Maximus, Gouuki, Newdeath (Without using powers) Mekix and more, just to name a few. Come to think of it, I don't think Justice won any fights...

thats what i ment hes very skilled in his writing/RPing, also even though ive been on AV for years im still a noob at the RP but im getting there

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I would call someone a "noob" if they made one of the most successful RP's here, such as team Kazi: and the RPs:

Journey to the stars:

Looming evil:

Naruto The forgotten war:

Does that seem like something a noob RPer can do? I think not, a good RPer has faith in his writing, his character, and himself! All your RPs are likely a lot more successful than anything I can make, I'm sure they would take off again if someone bumped them. Especially making a group as successful as Kazi was.

Have more faith in yourself Haseo, work hard and surpass all expectation, kinda like Boxer Joe, you know?

Now show them what you got!

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ya true and ty, i really miss kazi i stopped posting there because 1: people stopped posting in kazi thread and 2: gekido and other villains kept braking in eqnoring kazi's defenses like i did by misunderstanding

ill be bumping kazi but unless someone wants to continue the other RPs then ill wait to bump them

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