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Welcome to my cage, my dear young friend...

Philemon ( Subject #SJ2 ) was built in the secret labs of The Company's deepest facilities, from DNA aquired from within alien technology. It appears to have very advanced psyche based techniques, the full extent of these is unknown, nor is the relationship from the object known as Item #ZERO, but it is clear that SJ2 is powerful, but is currently kept on a tight leash. Whether or not this being intends to obey Keith White remains unknown, as it is currently under development, but it speaks often of butterflies and the demons within its mind.

 Submission Plates
 Submission Plates
Subject has shown no malice, but all researchers that have observed the specimen face to face and exchanged words have had to be destroyed due to psychological and spiritual damage. Specimen is highly intelligent and manipulative, and is incredibly dangerous when not caged.
Subject SJ2 has been named Philemon, due to its nature and abilities, but for unknown reasons, insists on being addressed as 'SamJaz'.

Subdued models of Mark Philemon have been built en masse. Each unit contains the ability to summon a unique psychological entity named 'Persona'. Each unit contains its own Persona. These models must be kept under Submission Plates to preserve obedience to the commands of The Company. Mass-Produced-Models have been titled: PAPILLION.
Unit SJ2 cannot be contained in Submission Plates due to its power and force of will. It is theorised that SJ2, unlike the PAPILLION units, can host multiple Personae, and change these at will through deep meditation. However, it has no desire, neither the ability, to escape from the lab.

PAPILLION units are ready for deployment, Mr White. Direct Contact with Unit SJ2 is highly disadvised.
We were asked to rebuild the lonely god.
We have yet to succeed.

Yours truthfully,
Professor Taylor Kumagawa
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@SamJaz: Every nice. o-o
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@SamJaz: JEEZUZ!!!!! CHRISTY POPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_______O
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@SamJaz: Philemon is a name of my neighbour XD
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No one can accuse me of not being original.

Also, once again I lose to Taylor.
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Hahahaha Can I send my massive french armies to go after Taylor and kill him? D: He scared the Hebe jibes, outta me. x_x
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@SamJaz: Nice start.
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Updated, now with more nightmare fuel.
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Nice. o-o
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