Pet Peeves about your own characters.

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Akahana can be such a jerk at times and she's so stand-off-ish; which makes it hard to play as her. I'm always tempted to apologize OOC on her behalf everytime I write something.

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Kuro-san is an emotionless machine, I'm a Hot-blooded emotive guy, Kuro really gets on my nerves...

Masako lacks any cooking knowledge, and as Cook myself, I cannot forgive him...

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Lebreus personality is a contradiction, for example, he is somebody that will help someone in need, but he's lazy; He is a corageous fighter, yet the idea of a battle to death frightens him. Also his power to anulate all fiction is contradictory, because he is fictional.

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Unless there is hacking involved Lan Fan is pretty much just a female Jack, the difference between them is that she has crippling fears related to her cybernetics but they haven't come up outside of the virtuous thread.

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Enigma personality is really hard to play as sometimes because he is so jumbled he takes part of several characters and I try to blend those are and the results aren't always gold.

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  • Guyver-- He underestimates himself too much.
  • Captain Rio-- He overestimates himself.

Related, but completely the opposite of each other on so many levels.

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SamJaz is randomly emo, and I don't know why.

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