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Masako Hihashi




Name  Masako Hihashi
Age 21
Origin Matsumoto, Japan 
Afillation Abismo  Alignment Villain
Height 1.90 mts
Weight  150 kg 
Also Known As The Wolf of Matsumoto, Newdeath Student. 
Theme Song Requiem by The Back Horn



Extracts from Masako's Journal (Found in Matsumoto, Japan)

  Day 5
...Eating garbage, hiding in the ruins, day after day of this s$%&. The others runned away from here, they were weak, in body and mind, I dont need them, I will leave this place when I end all the stupid resistance, this place is mine, I earned it with my blood and sweat, and now stupid war, or monster killing everybody is taking this away from me.... 
Day 11
....I had it rough, the police force was to stubborn and didnt wanted to quit, I didnt had any other chance than killing them all, that group of idiots didnt even stood a chance, protecting that group of whining bones, that geriatric house had enough food for months, and they didnt wanted to share, too bad for them..... 
Day 20
...I finally stopped with all the resistance, thanks to the weapons I took from the police, I've managed to extermiante the Defense Forces troops, and I took their stuff. I'm excited this is just as a game, and I'm on top of the charts. My new underlings provide me of anything I could wish for, but I getting bored, maybe I will kill them all and start again.... 
Day 24
...I was about to do it, but it seems somebody beated me, I was so bored this last week I was about to die of lack of excitment, and I was just about to kill them, but yesterday I found the bodies of my underlings, all of them were killed, and for the looks of it, the ones that killed them took their time, maybe they even torture them.... 
Day 30 (Last entry)
... I managed to escape from that group of madmen, I was preparing a defense and they appeared from nowhere, just like Fu***** monsters, just like the one that destroyed this shitty country. They got my by surprise, they even shoot me, bastards I will take the war to your camp now! black clothed bastards.... 

Extracts of Mr. Minikui, The Pit Owner, Personal Blog Posts

Today is a good day. I've got a new toy in my bar, and a new toy means more customers, with thrist for blood and booze. My hunters always worked fast, but this time they took too long, and even they had the guts to come and see me with only one slave, and even worse, half of them dead and the other half wounded. Their excuses were pathetic, how did a young bug like him be so hard to catch, they sure shoot between themselves about some ass they found when they went searching for girls for my harem. I think I will fired them all, or kill them, dont really care I will throw a coin and decide later..... 
It seems killing them was a bad call, it seems they were telling the truth, the little bug was something special, he carries a lot of punch, and that would be great for the bets, I can see the faces of that group of shitty Yakuza when they lose their food to me, and their fat ass fighter beaten into a pulp, I will get them out of my back, the only problem is how to restrain the boy, not matter waht my torturer does he keeps laughing and spitting bullshit, he is one crazy ass bastard, but even so it seems we can still knock him down with a good hit in the head, so I dont really worry about him, now it's time to train the bastard not to worry.... 
The little dipshit is doing a great job, he killed half of my fighters in sparring matches and he keeps breaking his hands, only to have them healed two days after, my boys say that it some sort of trauma, I say he is a freak, but this freak will get me all I want, and afterwards I will dump him as I dump anything I use, even so I started negotiating with the Yakuza for this fight, one of their leader ass-lickers knows the boy, at least for his reputation before everything went south, but they are still convinced that their guy Oto-Oto can beat the little runt, and I'm enjoying each time they accept my bets..... 
It's fight night and the kid is in perfect conditions, I asked the trainers to order him to give the fat-ass some advantage only to trick the Yakuza even more, this will be a night to remember, I will get more food than anybody in the Underground Tokyo, and that pathetic excuse from criminals will work for me, this is really a good night, and I will finally shatter that runt spirit, if he gets hit long enough at least, he has to let Oto-Oto the upper hand until the third run, and then I, the owner of the Arena, will order him to finish with that sack of fat and bones, I'm so excited I can hardly wait.... 
The little shit escaped the ring, he behead the fatso in the first round and he broke throught my guards, I was almsot hurt, that runt needs to know his place, how could somebody do the things he did and laugh, he punched a hole throught women and men without distinction, I only arranged fights, he is a monster, a goddamned monster! He even liked some of the blood, but at least my boys will handle him, this new hunters are betteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........ 

Mr. Minikui Computer log (Post Mortem)

        /Known Recruitment Agents.

Powers and Abilities

Masako muscle density and growth potential is unlimited, he can constantly make his strenght break over its limits, but doing that makes his bones crack and fissure bby the strain, he can use a stable strenght level or push it up as he wish, he can also regulate his won strenght, meaning that he can perform fine motions as perfectly as when he was human, without breaking or damaging anything he uses. His current Strenght level is: 50-75 tons

As his strenght, his speed was severly increased and constantly grows after his mental limits were lifted, he can move faster than the speed of sound, and his reflexes are uncannyly precise and swift, he can dodge bullets with ease and eve faster objects, without any problem he can catch sniper bullets in mid-air. His top speed is constanly upgrading.

Masako skin, tissues and bones are constanly destroyed and regenerated by his strenght and his healing factor, thus each time it heals it grows back harder and with a increased density, his skin can resist small fire arms and conventional hand to hand weapons attacks, at least he can withstand 200 tons of strenght without breaking, his bones can resist even more, and his organs heal faster than any other part of his body, thus making it extremely difficult to cause Masako a inner wounds. 
Bodily Functions Enhace: 
Masako body works in a more efficient way than a normal human, he can process almost anything into energy, he can eat cardboard and still get nutrients. His body regenerates hundreds of times faster than a human, he is capable of healing wounds from conventional weaponery in matter of seconds, and each time he heals everything healed grows stronger, and heavier, sicne it's density is increased. He is inmune to disease and most of the known poison, and even if a toxin affects him once he heals from it he wont be affected again. He can easily withstand extreme conditions, such heat or cold weather with ease.
Nervous System: 
Masako's nervous system has evolved into a more efficient form, as the electric signals are faster than a human being, and constanly increase in speed after each use, making his nervous response the thing that faster increases in his body. Strangely his pain recpetors are shutted down, so he doesnt feel pain, and also he doenst have the sense of taste, since the reactions of pain and sensorial taste are similar thus the shutdown also affected Masako ability to taste food or anthing else, any remarks about taste he makes are simply nervous memory and not true stimulus. 

Superhuman senses: 
 Masako senses are incredibly enhanced, with the exception of his taste, all of the other senses work with super human finesse and range. His eyesight allows him to see with perfect detail anything in a range of 10 km, he can even zoom in and view it as if his was in any place of his range. His sense of smell can easily detect different tones with ease, and track scents better than any predator in the Earth. His hearing can detect small sounds at great distance and distinguish a low pitch between higher. He can also use Echolocation, so any sound he hears helps him map his surroundings.  

The Spark: 
As Masako can control all his bodily function he can also increase his natural bio-electricity, and his capable of creating high voltage discharges from his body, yet he is unable to proyect them, thus making them only usable throught a conductive object or in hand to hand combat, this ability is a double edged sword since it's extreme use can shutdown Masako body and make him pass out, as his body cannot regenerate as fast as the high voltage damages him. This ability will evolve, but for the moemnt is a close range skill. 
  •  The Shock: Close combat release of electricity in a punch, can burn Masako knuckles in lower intensities or numb his whole arm at it's highest power. It can be used for several effects, and can easily be conducted throught metal or water. After training he can now increase the power by punching fast enough to split the gases in fornt of him, creating a vacuum and discharge there, creating a powerful vacuum discharge effect that empowers his attack
  • The Shield: Can create a Negative/Positive surge of electricty and thus he can deflect other elements charged with the opposite polarity, or he can make them move closer, is a makeshift Magnetic ability, can burn Masako skin. It can be used as a Magnetic repulsor, letting him to push himself away from metallic objects also adding a defensive evasion.
  • The Overdrive: Using his control over his own bio-electricity Masako can enhance his nervous response, making him enhance his reaction time and overall speed to a lighting level, aproximate a third of the speed of light, but it's use can numb Masako whole body.
  • The Bullet: Masako is capable of creating a railgun effect on any kind of metallic object, he usually uses the Velocida Eradico to have rails to help him, but even without it he can accelerate objects up to the astounding speed of 1030 m/s, and most of the less durable metals melt by the friction in the first 50 mts, thus reducing the range, but with True Trion pellets the range is almost limitless.
  • The Afterburn: After several trials, Masako is able of use Ion thrusters, thus allowing him to fly, burning gas he generates throught a new developed ability of his lungs, that now are capable of separating the gases of his breath into the basic components and store them to power this new ability or increase the other lighting based abilities. His top speed is 4.5 km/s 

The Armor:

Masako newest power, that surged after the bionical enhacements by ND, allows him to absorb and reflect the kinetic energy throw at him with no clear limit, he can take damage as a sponge and then reflect it all back to the opponent or redirect it to increase his speed, his defense and his strenght, with some focus he can concentrate it and launch long range attacks, this power makes Masako incredible powerful in a hand to hand battle, as he is capable of taking the physical damage without problems. The only problem is that he cant absorb too much in one take. 

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Nice, the bio is up. 
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@Creer:  Tell me when you are ready so we start the RP, this guy will go towards a recruiting drive for Gekido footsoldiers...
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@Masako_Hihashi: Sure thing. I'll PM you with my ND account soon.
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Nice the more psychos the better:P
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@Mesamia:  Thanks, but more than a Pyscho he is an unrestrained person, he haves no moral restraints or physicals
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Updated the Powers
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Post by Masako_Hihashi (594 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Post by Masako_Hihashi (594 posts) See mini bio Level 10
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grate more badies to deal with, man the company and kazi have there hands full!
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Masako really dont cares about neither of the two groups, he cares about supressing dangerous individuals, and the list is long and doesnt include anybody that works in Kazi
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@Mesamia said:
" Nice the more psychos the better:P "
um not really means more work for the company and kazi :b
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I think is more work for the Company, Kazi isnt a big threat.....
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