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Okay, this will operate different to most RPG's. The situation is that a certain musical group has unleashed a party rock anthem that has taken the world by storm, enslaving people by it's mind-blowing beats.
You, as the player, must survive a world populated by party rockers, supressing your inner party animal and finding a way to stop the madness.
 See this video for more details in the scenario.   


 1) This game operates on a Party Meter. This meter goes up to 50. Everyone starts at a number between 5 and ten. 
2) At Party Level twenty, you become a party rocker. You are still alive, but your body is so taken over that you cannot stop yourself from dancing.
3) At fifty, you become partied out and pass out. Once you recover, you start again at a party level of one.
4) You can only combat the party rockers by doing things to raise or lower their party levels, either by ruining the party (Knocking over the keg, playing Bach over the loudspeakers, etc), or by partying out the opponent.
5) WARNING: In performing actions to raise someone's party level, you will raise your own in the process.
6) Certain actions which lower ones party level before transformation may increase their party level after transformation. (IE, pouring water on them, slapping them, etc.)
7) Party rockers , upon seeing someone who is deliberately not partying, will surround and enclose the party pooper, rapidly raising their party level by supernatural means.
8) No violence. You cannot kill nor maim anyone except yourself in this game.
9) After 25 posts, it becomes possible to seek out the DJ and defeat him in a dance off. Whoever out parties the DJ wins the game.
10) There is a secret boss somewhere in the crowd. His appearance will be made known upon spawning randomly. Outparting the secret boss will grant a powerup, optionally available outside this game. 
11) I'm dungeon master.


[Character] [Party level]
Reaction to last Dungeon Master post relevant to me.
My actions. [+/- Party level]
More stuff. [+/- Party level]
And so on. [+/- Party Level]
[ New total Party level]


 1) Who decides how an action affects party levels?
A) Person writing. DM may overrule concerning actions performed to Party Rockers. Also, reasonable amount. Slapping your own face lowers one Party Point.
2) Can one perform the same action multiple times in the same post?
A) Not relly any more than they can in a standard RPG, but the more an action is performed throughout the RPG, th less effect it will have.
 3) Can I do anything when transmogrified?
A) Not much. You will dance and party uncontrollably. Depending on your mental strength and ability, you may be able to lead the party and control a population of party rockers, but this will make it a lot harder for you to recover. You can hope someone snaps you out of it, or you can respawn in a ditch somewhere. All respawns will be dressed ridiculously, feel like they have a hangover, and will have an unusual item of their choice in their posession (IE Inflatable Hotdog). Upon reaching 50, you will automatically respawn. Once transformed, at reaching 20, you will NOT be able to do anything to lower anyone's party level, including your own.

And more answers as we get questions.


Sign up here, ask questions, and once we get five players, we will begin.  You can join the game at any time by announcing yourself in the game. All players begin in the same city, which will not be named. Just think of your standard american city.
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