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General Description:

 Special Executor #11 Gottfried Marx AKA the PALADIN
 Special Executor #11 Gottfried Marx AKA the PALADIN
Name: Gottfried Marx
Codename: PALADIN
Sex: Male
Height: 196 cm
Weight: 93 kg
Race: Neo Templar( Enhanced Human)
Association: Ordo Novo Inquisitorum, Yggdrasil
Title/Rank: Special Executor #11/Legatus
Homeworld: Berkanan IX.(an Earth-like world) 
  •  "I am nothing but darkness, eating away the darkness itself. I am nothing but a hand, serving the eternal justice. I am nothing but a sword, calling your imminent doom! I am the will of the Sacred Order, conveying your punishment!"
  •  "Follow the will of the Sacred Order, honor the ancient spirits but revere nothing but the Almighty Creator!"
  • "Is that it,huh? Bring hundred times more and we can talk!"
  • One percent or a hundred it doesn't matter. As long as the chances aren't zero I shall defeat you!

Short Description:

Elite knight of the Inquisition on Yggdrasil, a world placed between many others as a supervisor force. The New Order of the Inquisition has the holy duty of getting rid of heretical threats endangering the stability of the world. Killing sorcerers, mutants or demons on countless worlds even at the brink of total apocalypse is the duty of someone fighting for the Inquisition.
He who referred as PALADIN is the infamous top dog of the organization. Coldblooded, determined and ruthless. He's serving loyally the Inquisition since almost 30 years, having a near perfect record. If the task is possible to complete in some way he does it, if he has a chance he's victorious. He never hesitates to kill someone even innocent bystanders if it serves his objective. According to his philosophy killing a few to save many is always the right decision, a viewpoint he shares with his organization.


He was born in an Earth-like world registered as Berkanan IX. by the Librarium of Yggdrasil. His parents were relatively rich, running a nation-wide company. The young Gottfried had a relatively normal and happy life with his parents. Unfortunately though at the age of six his life took a complete turn. A mysterious phenomenon started to happen at the outskirts of the town. A sorcerer conducted experiments in his search for even greater power. The experiment resulted in a catastrophic failure and a dark vortex of magic appeared. The surrounding area, including the mage himself gotten sucked into it instantly, destroyed in the process. The vortex expanded at an alerting rate, absorbing more and more and heating up everything in an even greater area, causing city-wide fire. It all happened instantly without any warning. Almost everyone died in the first minute, including the small Gottfried's parents. The great conflagration and the vortex's increasing power devastated the city at an impossible rate. Of course such an event can't be overlooked by the Ordo Novo Inquisitorum any longer and they dispatched their forces to close the vortex.
 It took the experience and hard work of fifteen Executors to close the Vortex, but despite their effort the city itself was doomed already. It became a literal hell with flames reaching everywhere and the vortex consuming more than one third of the area.  In spite of that fact there was one lone survivor. A young kind named as Gottfried Marx.
The surprised expression the Executor who found him had was impossible to describe. Without any kind of protective gear the young boy survived that hell, even if only in an extremely ragged shape.  A feat should be impossible for anyone. Such miracle could only mean one thing. That kid was born special.
 The young,scared and helpless Gottfried stands in the middle of the rumble.
 The young,scared and helpless Gottfried stands in the middle of the rumble.

Living and training at Yggdrasil:

  True to the usual protocol Gottfried has been transfered to the world Yggdrasil as a catastrophe orphan. The Executor who found him reported the unusual circumstances and requested his allowance to the Academia. It's a special school training new knights for the Inquisition. The children there undergo special military and magic training and they learn everything needed to become a capable fighter of Inquisition.  Only children with special talents are allowed there as the Inquisition has only need for the bests. After a quick inspection the leadership accepted Gottfried's transfer and his new life began.
Gottfried had his memories erased, not leaving a thing about his previous life. He literally started anew. On the Academia he befriended Hans. He was part of a few children born on Yggdrasil and not being brainwashed like everyone else. As a consequence he was a real troublemaker compared to the obedient mass. The young Gottfried on the other hand was a diligent learner and a model student. Their friendship was somehow uncommon. 
The children had special physical training sessions instead of the P.E. lessons. Hans excelled in it but Gottfried weren't the weakest either. They've taught the basics of fighting through the practice of simple movements and exercised the body as much as the constitution of a child allowed it. They subtly saturated their body with magic, to make them naturally accustomed to it. In afternoon they took lessons regarding the ideology and aims of the Inquisition. Starting from the 3rd grade they had Literature lessons where they read holy scriptures and books.
At the age of 8 they begun Gottfried's transformation into a Neo Templar. A long series of tests predated the decision and the results were extremely promising.  He was the first child undergoing the treatment at such young age. The first step was the alteration of his genetic makeup through various medications. In five years the medications can replace his whole cellular structure with special Neo Templar cells. It took an unusual toll on his body and made him sickly. He had occasional attacks and had a hard time to sleep. 
At the age of 9 the real military training has begun. How to handle weapons, how to kill, how to survive. The training became much harsher. In addition only a year later the magic lessons started and Gottfried had his first operation. Despite the gene-altering, the organs already existing can cause problems on the growth of becoming a Neo Templar. With the support of magic techniques they replaced Gottfried's lungs and liver with their upgraded Neo Templar counterparts.
Gottfried had a mayor checkup every month to observe and regulate his growth. His hair has started to turn white as the side-effect of the medications. A special supervisor dyed his hair to the original color every time to keep this fact a secret. When he reached the age of 12 his brain became ready for the unavoidable brain-stimulation surgery. His nerves were further upgraded, his mind reaching double of it's original processing speed. His enhancements slowly started to show in his performance in the Academia. He became the top student both in magic and combat abilities. The occasional pains and nausea though still hindered him using his full potential.
His friend, Hans didn't know about Gottfried's Neo Templar treatments but he knew something is happening with him. As the only one at Academia who had a real family and retained his memories it meant he was the only one not accepting the Inquisition's ideology word-to-word. He had his own ideas about justice and his own reason to serve the Inquisition. 
 "I'll fight to save people. I'll be strong and save everyone!"
It concludes well how Hans thought about his coming duty. Gottfried really liked that idea and had a great influence on him later-on.
As Gottfried reached the age of 13, the gene-altering medications replaced his cells wholly with Neo Templar ones. He was ready for the final operation. That final operation wasn't a single one, but more like a series of operations. It took half a year to complete. They replaced his bones and tendons with their advanced Neo Templar counterparts and reinforced his muscles with internal carbon tubes. He had an operation every week to make him slowly accustomed to the new parts. Pain haunted his young body every day, making seem the previous treatments like nothing. After a half year he was released to finish his training at Academia.
He had to do make-up exams but he graduated with Hans. Even with that he was surprisingly ranked as the top student of Academia. They were 15, which is the official age of maturity at Yggdrasil. As graduatees from Academia they've granted automatic permission to join the ranks of Inquisitional Knights.  

 Yggdrasil.   It's an artificial pocket-dimension containing only a single planet   with the size of the Moon. The planet itself is like a gigantic   city-complex, being crowded with tall buildings. Yggdrasil can't sustain   itself alone so it has dozens of other worlds transporting the  required  supplies there.
 Yggdrasil. It's an artificial pocket-dimension containing only a single planet with the size of the Moon. The planet itself is like a gigantic city-complex, being crowded with tall buildings. Yggdrasil can't sustain itself alone so it has dozens of other worlds transporting the required supplies there.


Gift of the Forsaken Part 1 - Baptism of Fire: 


 Gottfried as a fresh Knight of the Inquisition
 Gottfried as a fresh Knight of the Inquisition

Gottfried and Hans's first mission came relatively soon.  A strange disease has started to spread at the world of Gebo IV.  Over a single night a whole village has turned into hideous monsters. They started to attack the neighboring city, spreading the a strange kind of virus. The government at Gebo IV directly asked for help from the Inquisition. In contrast with the Berkanan worlds, at Gebo IV the existence of magic and the Inquisition is public. The authorities maintain a good relationship with Yggdrasil and since there had been a few hints of the virus being a sorcerer's work, the Inquisition accepted their request.
The Administratorum judged the case at Level One, the lowest level of threat. As such they only sent 3 knights to investigate. They were Gottfried, Hans and Keldherm ;the later were their senior and leader at the operation. Gottfried and especially Hans were quite excited at the news. Thanks to their talent,school and personal skill they were accepted to the ranks of Knights instantly after graduation but they had never fought outside practice and mock battles. They were inexperienced and certainly young. On the other hand Keldherm Stregel was in his middle ages. He had experienced a lot and he got the duty to lead and observe those two. He achieved the Knight title through a decade of hard work at the Holy Yggdrasil Army. He had the military rank of centurion at the Army and knew well just how difficult to deal with young soldiers. Keldherm told Gottfried and Hans to not do a thing without his orders to obviate any future problems. Though even Keldherm doubted that single order would be enough to keep the youngsters' reckless attitude in check. When they have arrived the local authorities of Kirsknyak(the largest country of Gebo IV) had already ordered total caranteen and blockade around the site. That included the source of the actual disease, Gabnatt and the nearby city of Houk. They acted fast and succeeded preventing a total outbreak. The defense lines were more than enough to keep the infected people at bay. The virus couldn't spread. Incidentally, the government's action doomed the people of Houk.  The virus spread way too quickly for them to be saved.Only a slight portion of them managed to escape and they're now located in separate camps for through check-ups.
Keldherm did all the talking with the officials, Gottfried and Hans were ordered to stay put. They couldn't understand the Kirsknyakian language at all but Keldherm spoke it fluently since it was his original world he came from.He had gotten this mission specifically for that reason. The authorities were surprised at the Knights' low numbers but Keldherm quickly reassured them that if all goes well, he could take care of the situation by himself. The old Knight promised two things. First, that the Inquistion sends an investigation party alongside a medical group to treat the escaped civilians. The second promise was that before they would reach the village, Keldherm and his small team purify Houk city completely all the infected first. He told them, they would only need a single day and it would be more effective than bombing the whole area. While the Kirsknyakian officials initially couldn't believe his claims, he told them to wait only a few days and the Inquisition sure to settle everything. Later Keldherm informed Gottfried and Hans of the situation and told them to rest before tomorrow's long battle. He wasn't bluffing to the Kirsknyakians; an Inquisitorial Knight is like a machine of war. Each Knight is a skilled magic user with good measure of experience and fighting ability. With Yggdrasil's advanced magic-technology they have the firepower of a small army alongside with excellent detection. Unlike regular soldiers, they wouldn't miss a single monster in the city.
They planned to initiate the attack from three different locations at once for maximal efficiency. Keldherm also figured it would serve as a great way to release the stream if he allows the rookies to fight and roam freely on their own. He knew their skill and trusted them enough to believe such a mission wouldn't pose much of a problem. They left the communication channels open and reported frequently. Before the mission Gottfried and Hans had a little conversation:
"You're rather cheerful today, Hans."
 "...Really? I can't help it. Afterall, this is our first real experience at battle."
"I don't get how it's something worth looking forward to."
"I know, I don't like wars either. I hate to kill despite I choose to live as a Knight."
"But you know what, Gottfried? Think about this as a mere test, a final exam!"
"A final exam? Hans, we graduated since 3 months ago."
"No! Not the Academy! Think about it as test for yourself! It is a challenge to prove whether you really fit to protect the world or not!"
"A challenge, huh? You never cease to amaze me, Hans." 
"But to be honest something bothers me as well."
"Bring it on."
"The enemies we're tomorrow up against, the infected. Each of those were once a simple commoner who happened to be at the wrong time in the wrong place and ended up as a playthings of some sorcerer. The infection turned them into horrible monsters feeding on flesh and committing terribly deeds. As a Knight I must exterminate anything impure without mercy. I thought I am prepared and if it's about killing the sinful evildoers I would do it without any qualms. But those creatures were once innocent bystanders. They have committed no sin! They did not deserve this!
"You're thinking a way too much about this, Hans. As you said those aren't people anymore. They are monsters devouring human flesh. They are impure vile creatures that can only cause evil in this world. As the Knights of the Sacred Order we have sworn to cleanse evil at all costs. Do you remember?"

"Of course. I follow the code of the One Religion. My will is strong and my hands are firm but my heart feels like wavering.
I fear I might hesitate on the battlefield."
"Same with me. I am nervous whether I can do my best or not. I skipped the 6th term. I've never fought against serious opponents even at training. I might fail at something really basic. But I know I am not alone. We have the experience of Keldherm Stregel on our side. Plus we constantly keep in touch via the communicators. If anything happens I am sure you would rush to my aid. I know that's since I would do the exact same. With this thought alone I can fight and leave my worries behind. Do what you can and don't lose yourself in deep thoughts on the battlefield, you got it?"

"Yeah, I feel better now. Thank you, Gottfried!... Hey! Since when have you become such an expert at encouraging others? I thought that was my specialty."
"I wonder..."

Despite his conviction Gottfried still harbored some doubts. The city had an ominous and disgusting magic signature. The oppressing aura clouded his senses. The enemy knew about their arrival already, there was no use at hiding himself. The instant he took a step inside swarms and swarms of deformed creatures assaulted him. Dozens if not a hundred creature at once. They couldn't be called humans anymore, their legs, arms, skin and face had been deformed beyond recognition. They were feral like a pack of hungry wolves with the same cunning. "Spre!" Gottfried released a large blast of magic energy to knock every enemy in front of him away. Unfortunately, their resilience was unnatural and he barely took out a few of them. Regardless, it gave Gottfried enough time to think. He brought out his two BG-26 submachineguns and begun to fire. Like any weapons from the Inquisition they were blessed to have enhanced power against the forces of evil. Gottfried swept through the now disoriented hordes without much effort. Suddenly he sensed another weave coming from the right flank as well as mayor reinforcements at the front. Gottfried didn't hesitate. He dropped one of his guns and pulled out his Caedus IV model runic sword. He emptied the clip at the forces on the front, meanwhile he welcomed the ambush from the right. He cut down a few on the fly and suddenly pulled out a small metal ball which he threw on the front side. It was a special grenade designed to kill any living in the area while keeping the surroundings unharmed, a life eater rune grenade. The blast devastated almost every creature on the front, the rest instantly retreated. Meanwhile Gottfried fought an intense battle with the other party of infected. He reloaded his gun already and blasted and cleaved anything he could. Thanks to his armor, Gottfried had no worry of being hit and the infected's claws glanced off the reinforced plates without any effect. He mustn't get overwhelmed, that's all it mattered in this fight. Despite the intensity of the situation, Gottfried found himself to be very calm. He didn't panic or even lost his cool even at such scene. dozens of vicious monsters who were previously human surrounded him but he felt little tension. Suddenly, Gottfried felt a huge impact, the force knocked him to the ground. Something large and heavy sat on him, he couldn't move. It was a giant creature with power far above the infected. Gottfried felt something strange radiating from the being but he didn't have the time to wonder. In that situation he couldn't use his sword and his gun was out of ammo. Fortunately, he spotted his other gun not far away. He quickly reached for it before the monster could react and fired, not once but a whole volley of shots to be sure. The creature backed away but didn't die, it had a tough skin. Even the blessed high-caliber bullets of the Inquisition just barely managed to graze that monster. But it didn't matter.  Gottfried was finally free and sprung up instantly. He slashed up 5 infected quickly and blew up some others with his gun. The next second he charged at the giant creature to finish it off. He gathered his strength on the sacred inscirpitions engraved on his runic sword and cleaved right through the impure being. He killed that abhorrable creature at last. Seeing it, the rest of the infected immediately ran. But Gottfried showed no mercy. He exchanged clips for both his guns in a blinding speed and killed each and every one of the fleeing monsters.
With finally getting a breather, Gottfried used his sword as a stand to lean on. He needed some time to recover."Hey, Gottfried! I am through the first weave. How are you doing?" Hans spoke to Gottfried via the communicator in his usual tone."Same." Gottfried wasn't in the mood to speak much. "I see. It's good. I though you would be well ahead of me. My hands feel heavy no matter how I try." Hans had problems fighting the infected. In his book they were innocent and as such he struggled to hurt them. He let more than half of them flee. "My shoulders are little stiff as well."  Gottfried pretended to mistaken Hans' comment.  "Hahaha! Are you serious?" Whether Gottfried's joke was intentional or not it helped Hans to lighten up." Of course. And it'll get much worse tomorrow." Gottfried said the truth but it sounded somehow surreal in the situation they were in "Hahaha! Man, and I felt so down just now. I hope we don't get killed today." They are rookies assigned for the first mission. It would be nice finishing it unharmed."I won't. Not this day." Gottfried sound was full of conviction. Hans couldn't really understand how he meant it but Gottfried's words gave him power. " Of course. Same with me. I can't fail yet; this is just the first step. The hopelessness of these poor citizens just scared me a little. I feel much better now. Don't worry!" Hans resumed the battle."Yeah." Gottfried did the same soon after. On their first encounter the infected quickly learned the obvious difference in power. The battle quickly became a strange one-sided push match. The three Knights scanned the area and cleared out every building. Gottfried and his comrades took the offensive and devastated the enemy.  They left small magic sigils in every building. The symbols acted as warning if the infected ever try to escape.  Nothing could leave their net. Still, the enemy managed to find spots for ambush. They didn't fought the Knights head-on but tried to surprise the sacred warriors. They had less than minimal success as even greenhorn Knights could sense their presence in time. Thankfully, after Gottfried's first encounter he haven't met anything like the giant creature from back then. Just the deformed and feral swarms of the infected. Although, the infected have sometimes shown to be capable of sorcery, like calling bolts of fire or rapidly enhancing their speed. Keldherm theorizes that those infected were magicians in their lives or at least had high magic potential. They've continued on the fight and past noon when Hans suddenly called Gottfried on the communicator and told something bewildering. "Gottfried, what do you think?" Hans asked him through the communication line. "I am not sure."  The theory Hans told him was bizarre and incredible the very least. It can explain the situation though. "Then I ask Sir Stregel." Hans quickly called their leader. "Sir!" They hear the sound of tearing flesh.  Their superior have just encountered an ambush force."What is it?" He wasn't really in the mood to talk." I think I've found out the perpetrator's objective." They heard series of high-pitched wails, the death of many infected creatures. "Great! Let me hear it!" Keldherm didn't sound to enthusiastic. "I sensed faint amounts of demonic energy from the infected, especially from the sorcery-throwing creatures. We thought some infected can use sorcery cause of their past lives. I think differently now. While I've never saw a demon up close I have been trained to distinguish their energy. The spells of those infected were clearly demonic in nature." The old Knight was shocked but he started to get the picture. "Continue." Hans did so. "As the infection spreads the so-called virus slowly turns the people into demons. It's only a matter of time and they turn into full-fledged demonic beings with unholy powers." Keldherm patiently hard Hans out. "Interesting tale kid but we have no clear proofs. It's insane to think a virus can turn people into demons. In my long servitude I've never heard of something as crazy as that." Of course, Keldherm couldn't believe what Hans said. "I know it sounds strange but I can't deny it! I see it, my eyes can see it. There's no mistake! If it's about magic my eyes never lie!" Indeed, Hans possess a rare ability, the Eye of the Mystic. He can not only sense but see the magical energy, pinpoint its flow and make excellent analysis on that.
 "I heard about that. You could've been an excellent oracle like your elders were but you chose to be a Knight. I admire your determination kid, but we can't be hasty. We need some solid proof. Regardless, if you're right this is a situation unfit for our powers. I report your observations and speak with Executor Lars tomorrow. He and I know each other for a long time.  I see what can I do." In the past when he was just a simple army officer, Keldherm had fought on Executor's side on several missions. He knew him since a decade as someone he could depend on. "Thank you, Sir Stregel!"  "No need.  But if you really want to thank me then quickly grab two new pile of corpses at once! We need to pick up our pace! If you're right this nightmarish infection literally brings the legions of hell on us!"  Hans was shocked at Keldherm's harsh orders. His ideals and feelings still held him back a little. " What? Are you serious, Sir?"  "Of course I am! We aren't dealing with humans anymore. They're potential demons threats!" It was strange that Keldherm accepted Hans's theory so fast and it wasn't the case. For him, only the suspicion of demons was enough. Demons are the old nemesis of the Inquisition. One could never underestimate them. Keldherm continues:"Playtime is over! We're purging this city ASAP. Is it clear?" The answer came instantly from both Gottfried and Hans."Yes Sir!" When they finished it was already past seven. On the other end of the city Hans and Gottfried finally met again. It was in the middle of the sunset. They were both exhausted. Gottfried leaned on his sword just to stand. "That was a hell of an exam." Hans laughed at the sarcastic comment." Haha! At least we've got a passing score."  He added.

 Gottfried and his well-deserved rest.
 Gottfried and his well-deserved rest.

Gift of the Forsaken Part 2:

Gottfried and Hans set up a camp at the ruins of Houk while Keldherm went back to inform the Kirsknyakian authorities. When Keldherm cam back the three Knights prayed for eternal peace to their slain enemies. After that Gottfried could finally go to sleep. He killed thousands of, monsters. They were monsters with only a little resemblance to humans. That terrible virus turned those people into souless monsters. Gottfried did a favor to those poor damned souls and released them from their painful cage. That was a purge, not a slaughter. Gottfried tried to convince himself and remembered the teachings of the Academy. He couldn't allow himself to weaver. Fighting, death and killing was a natural part of the Knights' life. Gottfried quickly murmured a prayer to the Almighty Creator.  He laid down and felt as His body quickly succumbed to exhaustion. He didn't dream about anything that day.
Gottfried woke up at 6 and immediately begun his morning prayer routine. He felt refreshed, no sign of yesterday's battles. Thanks to his Neo Templar body, he didn't have any wounds either. He opened a food can for breakfast with a little wine. Thankfully, the defensive runes did not warn them, the infected didn't dare to attack them in their sleep. Gottfried went to Keldherm's tent to hear the combat strategy for today. "Ah, Gottfried! Just in time." Keldherm greeted him. Hans were in the corner. He welcomed Gottfried with a simple nod. "Alright, looks like we are up to a nasty job." Keldherm showed them a holographic map about Gabnatt. "Yesterday our satellite picked up a strange magic vortex at the center of Gabnatt village. It appeared at 23:47 PM and seems to be constantly growing. I sent the data to the Administratorum but it doesn't mach any records. We found partial match with a phenomenon 9 years ago, at Berkanan IX." Hans suddenly chopped in. "Berkanan IX? You mean the dark vortex that ate a metropolis awhole and threatened to consume the entire planet?" A real catastrophe. Not a simple outbreak but a cataclysmic event. It's understandable why Hans felt worried. "You did a good homework, Kid. Yes, this is really serious. I already asked the Administratorum for reinforcement. We have a little problem though." Keldherm did a short pause. Neither Gottfried, nor Hans felt like to ask him. They let the senior Knight to continue. "It seems we have to hold up for a while." Both Gottfried and Hans stood dumbfounded."Hold up?" Hans asked in wonder. "Yes, and by holding up I mean storming Gabnatt with just the three of us. The reinforcement is on a serious delay. At best it takes them 3 more hours to arrive. The vortex is still growing. Like it or not, we have to solve this by ourselves." Short silence. The situation was indeed very serious. The magic vortex could turn the whole area into a barren wasteland without any life or worse, open a rift directly to Hell. That's no joking matter. "I see you understood it well. There's no time to waste. In 15 minutes we are going to assault Gabnatt. Am I clear?" Keldherm asked in a stern voice. It wasn't a question but more like a direct order. "Yes, Sir Stregel!" Both Gottfried and Hans answered at once.
The youngsters left to prepare. While their strength rejuvenated over the night, the intense battle left a considerable toll on the mind of both Knights. It's natural since it had been their first real battle, and a rather difficult one at that. It was unlike any of the mock battles they experiences. No space for errors, neither for comparison. Just kill, kill, kill and kill. No long breathers and non-stop fighting. In one night the Knights became mass murderers. Seemingly it bothers Hans the most but Gottfried hadn't made peace with the feeling either. Yet they have an even more difficult battle ahead. But time's short. As true Knights they shall not weaver. Gottfried took up his armor. It had numerous scratches and cracks already. He silently watched his own reflection in his sword, Cadeus IV. They are up to something even Stregel noted to be out of their reach. That won't be an easy battle, more like a suicide. "Hey, Gottfried!" He suddenly heard Hans' voice.It immediately brought him back to reality. Gottfried hurriedly took up the dual submachineguns and placed them in their holsters. He equiped a number of Runic Grenades and the best amunition against demonic foes. (I shall give you hell, demons!) Thought Gottfried as he walked out of his tent.

 "Good, everyone is here!" Said Keldherm confidently. "Today we're going to infiltrate the nest of those wicked demons, Gabnatt! Our objective is to reach the heart of the village and examine the Vortex. Unlike before we're going to move on as a team, no more single actions. This is going to be, almost impossible. If our intelligence is right, each of us has a high chance to die. Yet you shall fear not! With some lukc and the mercy of the Almighty Creator we can surely pull it off. It is a must since our reinforcements are playing slowpokes. We must find the sorcerer and eliminate this demonic threat...or at least weaken them enough to give enough time for our comrades to arrive. Are you ready?" Held Keldherm a little speech and ended with an obvious question. "Yes, Sir Stregel!" The two Knights said in unision. They knew how serious the threat really is. While neither Gottfried or Hans have ever fought demons before they know that the legions of hell are one of the prime enemies of the Inquisition. It isn't a stretch to call the race of demons the archenemies of the One Religion. Those beings symbolize all that is impure in the eyes of the Sacred Order. Yet they still exist. All efforts of the Inquisition wasn't enough to exterminate those beings. It shows just how dangerous the demons really are. Anything associated with demons is no joking matter to Yggdrasil. They are up to a battle worse than they can ever imagine.
[to be continued...]



Battlefield Experience: Gottfried has the experience of 28 years of constant fighting. He fought against monsters, demons, sorcerers, hordes of mutants, enemy soldiers and unimaginable beings ever since he took up the sword. Countles battles with mixed taste of both victory and defeat. He knows the monsters' usual weak points, the mentality of the opposing sorcerers and even the general flow of a grand scale war. He developed a keen instinct for battle that lets his reactions surpass his thoughts. Gottfried is well-prepared and very hard to catch off-guard.

Battlefield Tactician: Gottfried keeps his cool even in the midst of the most ferocious battles. He can deduct information accurately of his opponents, even if he saw them only at the first time. In battle he uses every possible method to win the fight. To his claim as long as there's even a small chance, he can surely win.
Magic Knowledge: Reading the vast storage of books housed in the Inquisition's Librarium and experiencing many forms of magic from the sorcerers and demons he faced, Gottfried has a quite keen insight on many forms of magic or other mystic arts. He can analyze a magic barrier or pinpoint the weaknesses of a certain technique with great expertise.
Weapon Master:
Gottfried is an excellent swordsman and precise shooter. He mastered numerous forms of combat and can identify them on sight. He had learned to read the opponent's rhythm and can predict attacks before they had been made.
Interrogation Master: For a Special Executor interrogation skills are very important to gather intelligence. Gottfried also mastered the art of mental battle to play the psychology of his opponents against them. He can crush weak-willed people with just a single stare and can read others' emotions with great skill.


Superhuman Strength: As a Neo Templar, Gottfried has strength far surpassing the humans. He can lift 300 kg with a single arm and using his armored glove he can punch holes in concrete walls. That is if he doesn't use any kind of spell to enhance his strength even further. It's been officially recorded that he defeated a great demon in a fight similar to a wrestling match.
Superhuman Endurance: The bones of a Neo Templar are extremely resilient.  Gottfried can survive falls from extreme heights or carry incredible weights. It functions perfectly even at the strain of his magic-enhanced strength. Thanks to his Neo Templar constitution, Gottfried also has great resistance to poisons and diseases. His hyper-effective immune system can defeat common diseases and poisons effortlessly.
Superhuman Speed: With his upgraded nerves and superior muscles Gottfried possesses an incredible speed. His reaction time is 50 times the normal and his perception is keen enough to see bullets in slow-motion. His speed is obviously superhuman. Gottfried's best recorded speed is 180km/h, without any enchantments. By flowing magic in his legs or using special enchantments, he can reach incredible speeds. Also he's capable of jumping over huge distances. Recordedly, Gottfried landed on the head of a 100m tall demon in a single leap.
Superhuman Regeneration: The cells of a Neo Templar can regenerate at an astounding rate. With the active use of magic power the regeneration happens at an seemingly instantaneous speeds.  Gottfried can heal flesh wounds in a second and can safely regenerate a lost limb in a day. The regeneration though shortens the overall lifespan of a Neo Templar, aging them much faster.
Longevity: The Neo Templar cells normally barely age. Normally  Neo Templar can live up to more than 500 years and be in a perfect shape even then. But with extensive regeneration a Neo Templar ages much faster. Gottfried survived suffered countless injuries and the effects are easily apparent with his aging process. Despite him being a Neo Templar, he looks even a bit older than his real age.

Magic Abilities:

Runic Magic: The default magic of every knight. Long runic inscriptions are written all over the knights' armor and  own body with various effects. They usually written inside the armor, hiding them from sight and protecting them from being harmed. They can be activated by circulating magic into them and by calling out the runic word representing the spell's nature the best. Their effect depends on the skill the runic spell has written and the magic power ran through it. As a Special Executor, Gottfried's runic spells are first class.
Numerology: While Gottfried barely uses this in an active way he found a great use of such spells to reinforcing his runic enchantments.
The magics above are primary using the power of words and symbols for spells. The sorcerers on the other hand are using Thaurmaturgy a less safer but usually more powerful method of magic. It calls for the assistance of a higher spiritual being, granting power. It's the magic wizards and other spellcasters are usually having. It needs much less preparation but instead much more mental power and concentration to be effective. The sorcerers are usually forming contracts with devils and demons to gain power quickly. The Inquisitors like Gottfried on the other hand are using the purest form of it seeking power directly from the Creator. Incantations are often used, but the words alone are lacking in power and they act only as self-suggestion methods for even greater concentration. 
Purification Chants: A form of Thaumaturgy. Every Inquisitional Knight knows a few of them as a part of their training. Often used form to exorcise demons or suppress magic phenomenons.
Magic Burst: Gottfried can burst out raw magical energy to create smaller explosions or increase the power of his melee attacks.
Spiritual Perception: Gottfried possesses a sharp spiritual perception. He can sense even minute amounts of magical power and can sense stronger powers from extremely long distances.
Later through a radical surgical modification he gains the Eyes of the Mystic. Those special eyes can directly see the magic power and it's circulation. With the assistance of his eyes Gottfried can pinpoint a magic's weaknesses or even disrupt the flow of magic power, weakening his opponents.

Eyes of the Mystic:

Purple glowing eyes that signed a powerful oracle. They are extremely rare, only possessed by purebred high-ranking families of oracles. Gottfried attained them by a long operation. The original possessor of the eyes was none other than Hans, Gottfried's best friend. By taking his eyes Gottfried formally swore to continue the battles in Hans' stead as well. The Eyes of the Mystic are powerful magic eyes that let the user see the spiritual world. Gottfried can see the normally invisible flow of supernatural energies, the various spell formations and predict the attacks from supernatural source even before they are released. The eyes let Gottfried see the real face of the supernatural and understand the world in a completely different way. In addition the Eyes of the Mystic have the power of precognition. The possessor can foresee events far ahead and have random flashes of various events with great impact. Though Gottfried can't really control that ability. His only attempt ended up in creating the combat form of this precognition, a variation of Ansuz.

Inner Sanctuary - Contradictio Eternis:

The human soul has many mysteries. Every human has his or her own dream, ambition and personality. Like a faraway world each person has an indescribable space hidded deep within their souls. That is the Inner Sanctuary, the most sacred and safe dimension of one's heart. Through magic it's possible to materialize the most powerful characteristic of one's inner world and use it for unique purposes. Only the most powerful and determined magicians can hope to ever realize their Inner Sanctuary, Gottfried is one of them.
Even amongst the many Inner Sanctuaries, Gottfried possess a very unusual one. He has the ability to deny the supernatural. Paradoxically he can turn his own magic power to "anti-magic particles" to overrule and destroy supernatural powers. His magic generates the very bane of magic. He can turn one unit of his magic into roughly 7-15 units of "anti-magic particles", depending on his focus and determination. The "anti-magic particles" aren't real particles and they can't exist without Gottfried. The "particles" rapidly decay if they leave Gottfried and disappear without a trace in a couple of seconds. They pass through anything other than supernatural powers. The thickness of walls or armors doesn't matter. Since the "particles" are actually non-existent, only Gottfried can sense them and otherwise they are completely invisible. Whether he use it or not, no one really notice a change. He can freely control the particles with thoughts alone and they can travel at velocities surpassing the speed of light.
The sole effect of the "anti-magic particles" to destroy any supernatural power. One unit of "anti-magic particle" neutralizes one unit of supernatural power in a mutual annihilation, regardless of the magic's type or complexity. Without Gottfried actively using his Inner Sanctuary, the "anti-magic particles" reside in his body and grant a passive protection against any magic effects. The only exception is his own power and the magics he consciously lets pass through. Although it doesn't mean Gottfried is immune to Magic. Supernatural effects with overwhelming power can break through his defense. Same way he can't negate thick clusters of supernatural power. Opponents with power huge magnitudes larger than him can easily break through Gottfried's defense.
As a last resort, Gottfried can open a rift to his own Inner Sanctuary. To do so, he must make the proper preparations for the ritual. That makes the technique close to useless in any combat. Perhaps if he succeeds, the effects are more than a compensation for the . The magic transports everything caught in the area to Gottfried's Inner Sanctuary. Unlike in the physical world, no magic or supernatural power can withstand the void of Gottfried's true being and dissolves in an instant. In short, this is a sure-kill technique against any magical creature and the ultimate counter to supernatural effects. To evoke his Inner Sanctuary, Gottfried have to chant an incantation as well. The incantation is a short poem about Gottfried's life and reality and possess a very symbolic meaning to him. They are words engraved deep inside Gottfried's soul that he revealed once mastering his Inner Sanctuary. The chant is:
"I am the empty void.
I am a lone naked sword.
I have neither a guard, nor a handle.
Just a simple blade to pierce.
Just a simple edge to kill, without distinction. 
I am the insane harrier, 
I hunt and destroy only to be destroyed in the end.
I have no past, present or future.
I need no reason, only an objective. 
I know true despair, I know true terror, I know the absolute!
I am an existence that does not exist!
Since I am... 
Contradictio Eternis!"


Runic Enchantments:

Uruz: The Rune representing physical strength and speed. This spell is the most common battle enchantment. It enhances Gottfried's speed and strength by a great amount. Depending on it's power Gottfried can even lift tanks by a single hand. Also it heightens Gottfried's senses and perception, making him react even more faster. 
Ehwaz:  The word means horse. Represents transportation. The spell enhances Gottfried's speed and dexterity. He's faster than a jet fighter that way and possess the reflexes and agility to use that speed well.
Laguz: Represents the flow of water and life force. The spell can regenerate Gottfried from almost any wound. It speeds up his natural regeneration and can regrow a severed arm in less than a second.
 Nauthiz: Represents resistance and endurance.  It's a spell for reinforcing the body. Gottfried's skin turns harder and stronger than the adamantine. He can absorb extremely powerful attacks and can even withstand non-physical attacks a bit better. The spell eats magical energy proportional to the withstood attacks.  
Algiz: The rune world of protection and warding off evil. The spell forms a strong barrier around Gottfried and protects him against both physical and magical attacks. The spell is more powerful against demons or evil spirits. The spell lasts for 2 minutes but Gottfried can extend it at rare occasions.
Othala: Means Ancestral Land. The spell sends Gottfried into a spiritually heightened state. It temporally increases his magic power (in about ten fold), making him more powerful. The spell lasts for 15 minutes and it ends up in total mental exhaustion in the end.
Dagaz: Represents awareness and transformation. The spell works like a magical radar. It helps Gottfried to find people much easier and prevents sneak attacks. His gloves have a special variation of it. Gottfried can analyze deeply anything he touches. With more power he can even transform or disintegrate items.  
Perthro: Represents the mystery and the hidden. The spell claks Gottfried, making him barely detectable.He's invisible and doesn't make a sound or emit a smell.
Ansuz: Means god. Represents the truth and true vision. The spell detects illusions, reveals the hidden and warns Gottfried about the traps. Has a more powerful alternative use that gives Gottfried the ability to know the future 3 seconds before it happens. He can't keep the later up for long though, only for 5 minutes.
Isa: the rune word of ice. The spell can control freezes and frost.
Sowillo: the word means Sun. The spell can control fire and heat. Gottfried can melt any kind of metal with it. His flames are 10k degrees of Celsius hot. Naturally, he can't be burned by his own flames.

Haglanaz: Means the wrath of nature. A powerful rune spell that calls forth the forces of nature. The caster can control a certain natural force or even dissaster. Gottfried's Haglanaz can call the power of the storms, raining lightning and release raging winds on his opponents. He can control the winds and storms at continental scale with fearsome accuracy and skill. Gottfried can only control it for a limited time though and it constantly drains him. He usually only activates it for 5 minutes or less.  
Thurisaz: Represents the reactive force and cleansing. It's a magic for countering and redirecting other spells or attacks. For a few seconds it reflects anything. The only exception is few extreme magics or attacks/spells with sufficient power to break this.
Kenaz: The rune word of knowledge and vision. It's closely related to the power to create one's own reality. This is the spell Gottfried uses to activate his Inner Sanctuary.
Tyr: The Rune world of the god of battle, Tyr. It's a dangerous spell. The spell sends the user into berserk. In that state Gottfried becomes the total incarnate of battle and war. His physical abilities and his fighting skills improve but he attacks ally and enemy alike. Gottfried have never used it in his life.
 Fehu: Represents luck and hope. One of the most difficult runic spells. It increases one's luck tremendously until it's deactivated.Gottfried can keep it up for 3 minutes. He can only use it once a day or he calls the wrath of the gods on himself. A forbidden spell. Manipulating one's fate is a sin.

Jera: Represents the realization of efforts. The spell reinforces the runic spell following it, making it more powerful. It has no other effect.


Recital of Purification:  It's an easy ritual developed to banish minor demons and other evil afflictions. Nowadays Gottfried rarely if ever uses this spell and instead applies its combat form.

Theorem of Redemption: It's a middle-strength ritual to exorcise evil possessions. Alternatively the ritual can be used to reverse curses or release tortured souls from their binding. The correct chant and the details of the ritual depend on what the caster's aim really is but regardless they always need long preparations and a lengthy incantation.

Poem of the Unshaken Faith: Supportive spell that radiates out the caster's rigid faith in the Almighty Creator. The chant empowers the resolve of Gottfried's allies as well as their physical prowess. Additionally, the magic can shake the evil beings( like evil sorcerers and demons) and weaken their influence on the world. The power heavily depends on Gottfried's own faith and resolve and combines both his powers and the power of the nature(in special situation even higher spirits or the Almighty Creator itself). The spell's greatest downside though that Gottfried needs to continuously chant the poem, restricting his combat ability.
The Tale of Lights and Shadows: Similarly to the previous spell, Tale of the Light and Shadows is a continuous chant-like spell. Unlike the former this magic concentrates on banishing demons and other evil beings. One of Gottfried's greatest banishment spells, he even developed a whole combat style with it. While in use the caster is engulfed in a large pillar of heavenly light.
The Lightbringer: It's a battle prayer calling for the aid from the Almighty Creator itself. The effect depends on situation, the length of the prayer and Gottfried's piety. Contrary to a normal prayer, the Lightbringer lets the caster contact one of the high-ranking divine beings.At great success it's even possible to communicate with the Almighty Creator itself, though only for an instant. Depending on the outcome the effect can be varying, like: sudden increase in power, assistance of divine allies or just simple good luck in battle. The Lightbringer is an extremely risky prayer. On miscast or with insufficient willpower, the caster can easily end up as the plaything of the divine entity. It's only useful at really desperate situations. The prayer has countless versions ranging from teh short 5 minute chant to the full-blown hours-long mantra. 
Runic Hexa-Barrier of Sealing: Ritual commonly used to seal great demons or other vile creatures. After engraving a special hexagonal area full of runic inscriptions, Gottfried recites a long chant taken from ancient holy texts. The barrier first separates the hexagonal area from reality then physically bind the being caught inside. As the third step, time slowly but surely freezes for the creature until it's unable to move or even think anymore. As the last step the spell sends the creature into a separate pocket-dimension where it can't escape. For stabilizing the seal, a certain focus point belonging to the physical world is required. It can be a magic item or even a powerful spiritual ground. That in turn also the seal's only weakness, if the focus item used for sealing is destroyed or the sacred ground holding the seal is tempered with then the creature/demon can be free once again.

Contradictio Eternis: Ritual used to forcefully transfer objects into Gottfried's Inner Sanctuary. The spell usually requires heavy preparations , depending on the size of the ritual With the preparations done, Gottfried just chants a short verse that strictly belongs to his Inner Sanctuary to activate the ritual. Everything caught inside the zone is transfered to Gottfried's Inner sanctuary, Contradictio Eternis. It's a dark world void of any light, a pure dimension of nothingness. The raw power of Contradictio Eternis immediately destroys anything related to the supernatural. It's extremely effective against top-class demons and other extremely powerful spiritual entities as their whole existence is made out of supernatural power.


Spre(Spread): Another basic spell which is an effective crowd disruption magic. It unleashes a large psychokinetic burst in a certain direction. The blast knocks away everyone in the area but without serious injuries. Gottfried can adjust the power of this spell to mildly knock out his opponents. The spell's only downside is that it needs relatively much magic power and can't be used continuously.
Unschraf(Blur): Classic spell to erase recent memories. Used by skilled Knights to keep their missions secret from the commoners. Gottfried mastered this skill enough to selectively choose memory parts to erase or completely wipe the consciousness of a human.

Gnist(Spark): It's a basic lightning spell. It shoots a relatively weak lighting bolt from the hands or the fingers. Gottfried's Gnist has the power more like an actual lightning strike or more. With some focus the lightning can effectively burn through tanks or reinforced walls.
Donnergeheul(Roar of Thunder): Gottfried releases a destructive weave of powerful thudner from his mouth. It potentially has enough power to tear through a whole bunker.

Blitz Halle(Lightning Hall): Gottfried summons dozens of lightning strikes from the sky for destructive onslaught. Each lightning is enhanced with Gottfried's own magic for more destructive power. The spell generally needs preparations or a long chant but in stormy weather Gottfried can pull that out instantly. Nowadays Gottfried prefers to use it only with the Haglanaz rune active to save effort and use Blizt Halle at full potential.
Donnerblitz Geheul(Thunderbolt Roar): Combination of Blitz Halle and Donnergeheul. Gottfried gathers powerful lightning strikes at his mouth and shoots them all out as a concentrated weave of thunder. The move has enough power to tear a hole through mountains.
Donnerschritt(Thunder Step): For a single move Gottfried can turn into lightning. Essentially it's a teleport magic with the speed of lightning(2250 km/s). The only downside that Gottfried can't use that in the Teljavik armor due to its massive resistance to magic.
Lichtenstark (Light Power): The combat version developed by Gottfried to replace the Recital of Purification. Instead of slowly exorcising the demons by the holy power, Gottfried concentrates that into a bolt of energy. When the bolt hits, the spell unleashes the power of the Purification Recital instantly, banishing the demon(if successful). The only downside of the spell that it's less precise and can't be used in extremely delicate situations. On special occasions, Gottfried can empower Lichtstark with his own anti-magic potential to break through magical protections.

Null Nadel(Zero Needle): Upon activating his Inner Inner Sanctuary Gottfried can generate "anti-magic particles" outside his body. With Null Nadel he creates concentrated dense needles of "anti-magic particles" with a thought. Gottfried can use those to sabotage enemy spells or other supernatural effects with great precision and unnoticed. The number of needles are essentially infinite, only limited by Gottfried's concentration and magic supplies.

Lanze Null (Zero Lance): When a magic is too strong for Null Nadel, Gottfried resorts to Lanze Null. He creates a large lance made out of his invisible "anti-magic particles". He can generate it the same fashion as the Zero Needles or concentrate them around his palms to throw them literally as lances. The later allows for better focus and so increased strength but his attack loses one of its key features(being unnoticeable).
Schild Null (Zero Shield): With his "anti-magic particles" Gottfried can erect concentrated fields like walls. They protect against any direct supernatural attacks to pass as long as they have enough "anti-magic particles" left.
Kante Null (Zero Edge): Gottfried generates a heavily concentrated thick layer of "anti-magic particles". This is Gottfried's last resort, when all other forms of his attacks are useless. For better focus he usually concentrates the attacks on his sword and it's often followed by swing of his blade to finish.
Herzenfaust Contradictio Eternis(Soul-punch Contradictio Eternis): Combat version of the Contradictio Eternis ritual. Gottfried concentrates the power in a small area around his fist to save the usual preparations. In essence he creates a mini Contradictio Eternis ritual on his fist. The short chant is still needed but this way the attack is at least remotely useful in the heat of battle. With the completed mini-ritual a dark vortex appears in place of Gottfried's fist. With a punch he places that dark vortex on his opponent to immediately destroy every magic power in the vicinity. The vortex slowly expands to engulf everything nearby. The only downside is that unlike the regular ritual, Herzenfaust isn't an instant kill against demons. The attack can be dodged and the vortex can be avoided.


 Gottfried has many powerful magic weapons and other advanced equipments at his disposal. Most of them are manufactured by the Inquisition at Yggdrasil though there are a few exceptions like Gottfried's favorite sword, Gram. Higher ranking Knights like Executors and Special Executors have the permission to use the Inquisition's dimension-gate-system to transfer equipment near-instantly from their personal armory and back. That way Gottfried doesn't need to carry all of his weapons though he rarely uses this feature extensively.
Armationem Sancti: The official name of the armaments wielded by Knights. They're expensive and well-crafted magical weapons engraved with various runic blessings and curses. Their designs are trying to imitate the legendary Wayland smithies. The armors usually have enchantments against harm, magics and the influence of evil by default and have countless other customarily engraved runic spells for active use. The weapons on the other hand usually have runic curses to break magic powers and barriers on contact and cleanse evil. The more high ranking an Inquisitorial Knight is the better Armationem Sanctii they have. Gottfried as a Special Executor has the best equipment possible.

Gram: It's an ancient sword serving Gottfried for more than a decade. The legendary sword wielded by Siegfried and the one defeated the mighty dragon, Fafnir. Gottfried found it on one of his missions and got the permission to wield it. It's considered to be a relic by the Inquisition, giving it more honor and reputation than any Armationem Sancti. The weapon itself weights around 28 pounds and has the length of 1.3 meters. Gram has two abilities:
  • It can age everything on contact making them corrode and rot quickly. It controls time in a specific way and can destroy magics and spells just like any material. Only ageless and eternal entities are immune but with enough magic power and skill it's effect can be weakened or even nullified.
  • The sword smites the wielder and anyone who fights with the wielder with misfortune. The curse itself can be nullified but first needs the affected to be aware of the curse. Gottfried is partially immune to this effect.
  • Additionally Gottfried placed his own runic spells on the blade. He gave it an extremely strong runic curse to smite magic and evil.
Great Barrel: Gottfried's favorite gun. It fires sacred bullets with 2 inches of diameter, making it look more like a hand cannon. It weights 36 pounds and has a special 3-round clip on it's top. It launches the projectile with extreme speeds, more than 2 kilometers per second. It has special magic-countering and exorcising runes engraved on each bullet and it can carry powerful explosives as well. Despite it's bulky and short design the weapon is accurate up to 4 kilometers. You shouldn't hunt for demons with anything lighter!
Riot Mk. CXIII Carbine: It's a high-quality repeater gun developed to fight large armies. The weapon has 4 barrels and fires 0.44 cal bullets with incredible rate. The rate of fire can be increased with a runic spell to empty the whole clip(200 bullets) in a split-second. The weapon weights 30 pounds unloaded and its double when full. Thanks to his dexterity and strength Gottfried can wield it in one hand though the weapon clearly requires both hands to be used effectively. For Executor rank and above the carbine can be refitted with trans-dimensional container magazine. The magazine contains a miniature portal which automatically recharges it with more bullets making its capacity theoretically infinite.
Carnwennan: The legendary dagger of King Arthur. A powerful dagger believed to be a gift from the Almighty Creator. The dagger can sever any kind of magic formation lower than the level of high divine spirits with a mere contact. The dagger can only affect magic, against Qi powers or other special supernatural powers the dagger has no effect. After Gottfried proved his worth as an Executor the Inquisition allowed him to carry this weapon though only on special occasions.
Ilmarinen: Gottfried's heavy two-handed maul. The weapon contains Vibranatium, a special material mined only at Uruz-12 world. The hammer absorbs vibrations like a sponge and releases them as a magically empowered shock-weave whenever Gottfried wishes to. Additionally the hammer has strong evil-exorcising nature, making it an extremely destructive demon-hunting weapon. It's relatively cumbersome, since weights well over 70 pounds. Although Gottfried wields it with relative ease.
Cadeus IV: Gottfried's first sword. It's a popular Armationem Sancti, wielded by thousands of Knights. It's made of cheap Mithril and engraved by anti-magic and anti-demonic curses. Cadeus IV is famous for its high modifiability and it allows many custom-made runes to be placed. Though obsolete, Gottfried keeps it in his personal armory as a reminder.
Armor of the Order: Gottfried has many sets of armors customized for his needs. They all have the secondary purpose to carry Gottfried's runic spells and can house various special devices. There are three kinds of armor sets available for Gottfried:
  • Frey: This is the most basic armor set that any Knight can wear. The suit is made out of a fine combination of Mithril and Vulcan-steel alloys, carbon-nanotubes and other materials. It's extremely durable and can resist any physical attack less than a modern tank shell. Against supernatural attacks the suit has various charms to protect against evil beings and spells. The Frey type armor has the best flexibility and can house countless special gadgets. As basic feature the Frey armor has a hidden magic-powered jetpack to jump great distances and multi-purpose wire launchers that can help at both climbing and to ensnare others. For dire situations two wrist-mounted hidden blades assist in battle. The suit also has its own life-support system to allow the Knights to survive even in space. The helmet is highly advanced and possesses an integrated micro-computer and an interactive interface screen to inform the Knights about anything on the battlefield. For that purpose the armor has a wide array of sensor and scanner systems. On special order the suit could have refitted with other new features to adapt any situation.

  • Teljavelik: The most powerful armor set. Only Special Executors are allowed to wear such armor and only with the direct permission of the Inquisition. Extremely durable armor created from countless expensive alloys. Most notably it has large amounts of the purest holy Mithril and Truesilver to enhance its protection against evil intentions. The armor itself can survive the pressure and heat inside the core of Earth and deflect battleship cannons with absolute ease. The complete list of materials used to create such armors and the methods behind it is a mystery. The Teljavelik suits are the best fit for runic spells and the armor increase their effectiveness great time. The only downside of the armor compared to other suits is the relative lack of advanced gadgets like extensive sensory equipment. The Teljavelik armors are extremely valuable and hard to make, one suit costs the yearly taxes of 12 whole worlds.
Rune Talismans: They're holy medals engraved with runic symbols. Inquisitorial Knights usually cast offensive spells with those since the use of Sorcery is heavily sanctioned. Gottfried often carries a plenty of them. They have two categories. The first category of talismans can be hold in hand and release various effects. They can protect Gottfried or shower the enemy with magic. The second category is the type which can be only used on contact. Gottfried can throw them at his enemies and activate them remotely. The later category isn't much different from a grenade.
Common Rune Talismans include:
  • Haglanaz B III: The talisman shoots out powerful lightning to the direction the user decides.
  • Haglanaz B IV: The talisman shoots out many forks of lightning blasts to shoot down multiple targets.
  • Haglanaz B LXVI: Gottfried fills the talisman with energy and throws it at the opponent. Upon impact the talisman calls numerous lightning strikes to smite the enemy.
  • Laguz X: It's a healing talisman to cure minor illnesses and recover injuries. By placing on the wound the talisman can heal on rapid rate. Unlike the basic Laguz runes engraved on the armor the Laguz talismans are generally used to heal others, not the Knight himself.
  • Ansuz XI: Scouting talisman developed to detect hidden enemies or traps. It's far from infallible though.
  • Ansuz DLV: Talisman used to explore the area. The Inquisitor releases the talisman to the air. The talisman hovers around and scouts the area. When the talisman returns the user gains all information the talisman have gathered.
  • Ehwaz IX: Teleportation talisman used for near-instanteous travels. Every Executor has at least a couple of them. Every Ehwaz IXtalisman is linked with each other. By using the Talisman one can immediately appear on the location of other such talismans. The talismans both work as teleporter and a marker. The only limitations are that they can't pass through the barriers of dimensions and their maximum range is just planetary.
  • Ehwaz Rev-VII: The talisman generates a stasis field in the area, sealing it away from the flow of time. After being filled with magic energy Gottfried throws the talisman. Depending on situation and the power inside the talisman the stasis effect can last from few minutes to even a whole year.
  • Tyr Rev-XI: The talisman reduces the fighting spirit of the opponents. Like many reversal effect rune spells it works like a grenade. The people affected by the talisman feel weaker and in extreme situations may cower in fear or even flee.

Runic Bombs: The special mass-produced version of rune talismans. They generally have their own storage of magic energy and they release area-scale runic spells on activation. Common  kinds include:
  • Nova Grenade: It generates a powerful plasma explosion on activation. One of the most common grenades with varying yields. It even has a limited effectiveness against magic protections and spirits.
  • Exorcist Grenade: Anti-demon grenade that unleashes a moderate strength anti-demon curses, various magic attacks and prayers on impact. Generally used by low-class Knights and the Yggdrasilian Army
  •  Witchslayer Grenade: anti-barrier grenade developed to counter spell fields. After the grenade breached the sorcerer's protection it assaults all active spiritual channels to prevent the sorcerer from casting spells. They're relatively expensive so only Knights and elite soldiers of the Yggdrasilian army use them.
  • Life Eater Grenade: Developed to clear large groups without causing much collateral damage. The grenade releases a large runic circle that targets any living creature withdirectly with concentrated magic attacks. There are countless forms of life eater grenades, some of which assault the minds psychically to kill people, bypassing regular armors.
  • Disruptor Grenade: By the specific use of Dagaz rune the grenade destroys the bonds between molecules. Any physical object without considerable supernatural protection is destroyed in the area. Only Knights are allowed to use them although there are specific artillery shells in the Yggdrasilian army with the same effect.
  • Damnation Grenade: High-grade powerful grenade, the little sisters of the Damnation Torpedoes used by the Inquisitorial Navy. The grenade releases a high concentration of magic energy which results in a chain-reaction. The effects of the grenade are comparable to a nuke. The grenades are rather expensive and only allowed to Executors and Special Executors to carry(only with permission).


Hans Carlford Gotenburg:

 Hans in his late teens.
 Hans in his late teens.
Rank: Knight
Title:  Farsight
Age: -
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 230 lbs
Runic Code: Ansuz - Tyr
Home World: Yggdrasil
Specialty: Eyes of the Mystic, Clairovance, Physical strenght
Gottfried's best friend. He has genuinely aimable and honest personality accompanied with his unusually idealistic view. Unlike most students at the Academy, Hans wasn't an orphan neither have been brainwashed. Hans is descendant of the Gotenburgs, a family of famous oracles who live on Yggdrasil since its founding. His difference in attitude made Hans the problem child of the academy, the exact opposite of Gottfried. Hans and his somewhat revolutionary views had a great effect on Gottfried. They've graduated together at the age of 15 and since then worked on many missions together. Hans's Eye of the Mystic saved their life quite often as well as his expertise with physical enchantments. Amongst the two of them, Hans were always the stronger despite Gottfried being an enhanced Neo Templar.

Franz Ferdinand Kopperknot:

 Kopperknot - despite his serious appearance he's more easygoing.
 Kopperknot - despite his serious appearance he's more easygoing.
Rank: Executor 
Title: Unlimited Craftsman
Age: 38
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 201 lbs
Runic Code: Dagaz - Kenaz
Homeworld: Gebo XI.
Specialty: Photographic memory, Advanced Dagaz spell(transmutation), Golem Creation
Like many of the high-ranking Knights, Franz too came from a high-class family. Although unlike the most, the Kopperknot family had no history of great fighters but instead they were influential merchants. He was born as the thrid son and thus he had no chance to inherit the family business. Strangely he developed an unusual interest for machines and mechanisms since young age and later they've detected high magic capacity in him. He joined the academy at the age of 12 with thepermission of his parents. He felt they've abandoned him and did his best to prove his worth. Later he constantly heard the news about the new Executor, Gottfried Marx. The story of a poor orphan becoming a highly respected Executor motivated him and he decided to follow his steps. He trained even harder and somehow managed to graduate. He joined as a Knight at the age of 20 and became an Executor after he mastered Factorum Infinitus (his Inner Sanctuary). He developed his own unique fighting style which focuses on the rapid creation of various weapons and constructs in the middle of the battlefield. Often he has his own squad, the Kopperknot Platoon with Mark Clemens as his leuteant. With the assistance of the Kopperknot Platoon he can generate machines of gigantic size in the matter of minutes.

Maria Alcarnez Lombald:

 Maria in one of her casual fits of rage.:)
 Maria in one of her casual fits of rage.:)
Rank: Executor
Title: Scarlet Witch
Age: 58
Height: 5'7"
Weight: classified
Runic Code: Ansuz - Pethro
Homeworld: Ansuz I.
Specialty: Sorcery, Invocations, Short fuse
She came from Ansuz I., the world best know for its high-class magic. She's the illegal child of the Lombald family and a half-elf. Her mother was one of the housemaids and it took her more than 30 years to reclaim the Lombald name. She possessed extraordinary magic potential since birth and she joined the ranks of Knights in the hope of attaining honor quickly. After she became an Executor, the Lombalds formally reintruduced her into the family (and allowed her mother and father to marry). Amongst the Knights she's (in)famous for her arcane knowledge and short temper. The later is her own way to release stream to be able to blank her mind out completely for magic rituals. Her favorite target is another Executor, namely Alberto Immanuel Longovitsch Jerziah. They often work together on the same mission and she suspects it's cause of Alberto's sneaky manipulations (for which she has no base of).

Alberto Immanuel Longovitsch Jerziah:

 Alberto - His age and appearance doesn't match.
 Alberto - His age and appearance doesn't match.
Rank: Executor
Title: The Unscarred
Age: 96
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 187 lbs
Runic Code:
Algiz - Laguz
Homeworld: Yggdrasil
Specialty: Runic incantations, Large scale rituals, Defensive magic
Alberto has born in Yggdrasil to the well-renown Longovitsch family of Knights. It as natural he became a Knight and he underwent the Neo Templar program early. Since then he never aged and no one knows even a mission where he's hurt. He's theorized to be immortal though there's no proof. Alberto seems light-hearted and easy-going despite his status as elite Knight, an Executor. He's a master at setting up various wards and protective auras and gifted in magic arts in general. He doesn't look like he had any hardships in life. Since a decade he took interest in Executor Lombald to her annoyance.
Post by Kas (1,178 posts) See mini bio Level 18
Nice bio, can't wait for powers.
Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
For your convenience I added my character's powers. Have a nice time reading it.:)
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@paladin: hmmm i have a forsight on this
1. the kid ideal go BOOM, thanks to the warhammer-ish background
2.that inner world sounds very very suspicious, especially in magic knight setting like this
Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
1.) Right. Just read his general description. You know the Nasuverse well aren't you? He's a bit like Kiritsugu now.
2.)You read the spoiler? If not it then it isn't a problem.  A powerful but reasonable ability.
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
2. i did....... i like spoilers........, what i meant was a magic knight who can use magic, also can cancel one?
Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
@cfatalis: Modified and extended the description of his Inner Sanctuary. I think you can understand it much better with it.:p
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@paladin: that's actually way clearer, so it's an offenseive type field, i can already think of several application
i have a question, if i cause a spell that say make a huge meteor falls out of the sky
the process goes like this
1. i pick up a coordinate of asteroid belt
2. warp said asteroid into earth atmosphere , and above the general area
3. asteroid drop due to natural gravity
would he be able to cancel it? since well it's just a huge piece of rock
Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
@cfatalis: No. As there's no magic in it's fall. The redirection have already happened. I can't do a thing about it. Usually it means Gottfried does an emergency call to the Inquisitorial Navy and they arrive to shoot down that meteor.:p
I can't revert the effects of magics, only negate them. For example if Newdeath shoots a Lightning Dragon at me I can decompose it's form and the gathered huge electric charge spreads in every direction in the process.
Of course IF I can negate it...
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@paladin: although there's one of those application i will never use
1. it's takes too long, pulling a BFG is way better solution
2.bah to complicated, trigger happy is way simpler
3.i am not smart enough to calculate that fast
so, impractical
next question
you said you can throw field lances, how far does the field can go from you(effective range) or do you need to keep a link to it (you know by making a string shaped field behind it)
i would imagine that it varies inn effect to summoned creature according to the way it was summoned
1. severing the link
2. reducing the target into mana/ base material(rock, etc etc)
Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
@cfatalis: My "anti-magic particles" dissipate after a short time if I keep them outside of my body.  In denser concentration it decays a bit slower though.
I can divide and move the "anti-magic particles" the way I like. I can literally throw them but I can even move them just simple thoughts. A special kind of magical energy reacts explosively with my "anti-magic particles". Using them I can make an improvised rocket-propulsion. With that it can reach extreme speeds as the "anti-magic particles" have next-to none mass in practicular.:)
Gottfried can even make hidden bombs using this. His "anti-magic particles" are invisible and no one other than him can sense them. That's why I call them "particles". But making a strong bomb from that is hard and needs much magic power to do so. Gottfried never uses it that way.
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@paladin: okay so basically it's like a decaying shell , that dissipates after certain time / distance travelled
Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
@cfatalis:Indeed, but the projectiles can travel at impossible speeds. If Gottfried has some kind of help for aiming, he can even shoot to down something at the Moon with it.:p
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@paladin: you mean if the target is stationary
Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
@cfatalis: Indeed. But for the "projectile" it only takes a second or two to reach the Moon.  Also Gottfried may predict the target's movements and aim accordingly.
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@paladin: how many of these projectile can stay on screen? e.g how many can eh fire sepparately
Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Night-infinite. He can form as many of them as he imagines. But his magic power is the limit to how many "anti-magic particles" he can produce. And the "anti-magic particles" can't affect anything but supernatural powers.  They can't harm anything normally. 
But Gottfried only uses this ability against really powerful opponents. He usually hides it. He has numerous spells and alike in his arsenal. Thanks to his great devotion to learn and his unusually high magic capacity he can cast some powerful spell.
He earned his high capacity by the ridiculous training he needed to master his ability. When his ability appeared at first it was more of a curse than a blessing. His magic power constantly turned into "anti-magic particles", draining him without end. He can't use magic and others can't use magic on him either. He literally needed to outproduce his own ability and overpower it to cast any spell. That's how he did for about almost a decade.:p
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@paladin: err how about making them explode?
Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
@cfatalis: Only rare types of magic power can explode and it's wasteful to create "magic bombs".
I doubt Gottfield would harm anyone(except elementals, ghost and illusions) with his special ability. His sword and regular spells are doing a much meanier damage.:p
Post by paladin (1,195 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Added weapons and equipment.
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