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10 levels underground, hidden from curious eyes, exists a lab. In this place corrupted science takes place, dangerous and illegal experiments are the norm, rather than the exception. The owner of this place is the enigmatic Dr. Kago, an infamous underworld genetics expert, surgeon and scientist, whose infamy is only surpassed by his skill. A year ago he was approached by a member of the Shishioh Household, offering economical support in exchange of curing the eldest son of the patriarch. Upon studying the case, the mad doctor told them his diagnosis; the eldest Shishioh was suffering a strange disease that was eating away his organs. Dr. Kago stopped the disease, but the damage was too extensive, so he found a solution. Gen Shishioh, the middle child of the Shishioh family was the key. Using Gen’s organs and tissue he would craft new organs for Masayoshi, stronger than before, so the eldest son could have a long life and serve as the perfect heir for the fortune.

In matter of hours the process will begin and Gen Shishioh will die.

-Is everything ready?-

-Yes Doctor, the machines are warming up and the subjects are prepared.-

-Excellent Joshu, excellent. I knew it was the right thing to give you this work.-

-Thank you Doctor, but are you sure of this? If we start the operation the donor will definitively die.-

-I know that Joshu, but taking in account how much they are paying us, I don’t see what the problem with a simple sacrifice is.-

-Maybe you’re right Doctor and thanks to that money you managed to complete your two master pieces. The perfect regeneration of a damage body and the enhanced clone of another subject. Those are enormous accomplishments-

-Thanks Joshu, thanks for recognizing my genius, when nobody else does. Did you prepare the defenses?-

-Yes, and paid the local yakuza to also impede any attempts of infiltrating this building. Not to mention the mutants, the enhanced soldiers and the Espers.-

-Perfect Joshu, let’s start the preparations.-

The streets busting with activity, the neon lights shining over the channels, Osaka is alive and kicking with people moving through the busy streets looking for the best Ramen in Japan, or just tourists. Office Employees take the streets after work drinking their asses off, the loud karaoke parlors filled with high-schoolers and delinquents. The hostess bars are open and ready to receive everybody with open arms and overly priced drinks. The City of Osaka breaths and moves, the luminous streets like the nerves of a man, the channels going towards the sea the veins. Nobody can predict that soon enough it will turn into a war zone, as the Yakuza, lead by Aoki Minato, the God of Gambling, are getting ready to resist a siege.

Using his Underground Fighting Arena as a HQ, away from the surface and the prying eyes, Aoki is preparing his men, some of them even enhanced by their employer, Dr. Kago, with enhanced skills and bodies. The God of Gambling didn’t like massive operations, but the money was too much too ignore. This was also a matter of respect; nobody would take him seriously if he allowed a bunch of dangerous Hidden World Denizens do whatever they wanted on his city. From his highly advanced Security Room he prepared his men alongside his aide, a young man that went by the name DGT and was a world class hacker.

-Are we ready? I don’t want any out of town scum getting through our defenses. We are tracking the ones in the city, right?-

-Yes aniki, we are keeping track of most of the possible targets through the cameras of the City Network.-

-Perfect, are the enhanced soldiers ready?-

-Yes, the FMY 1 to 8 are ready, you just need to give them orders.-

-Well DGT-kun, I think we need to see their first move before acting.-

-Ok aniki. I’ll keep track of them.-


In a big Chinese restaurant, Rin Shishioh, Gen’s sister awaited to see if her summon worked. Used her resources and with help of Yuriko, Rin got the investigation that her parents made of Gen and sent messages to anybody who fought besides him, hoping to get their help. Yuriko also went to recruit the students of Inazuma, in hopes of getting larger numbers to attack Dr. Kago’s lab, as if half of what was said of him was true, this would be an uphill battle for them. Rin only talked in person with Gen’s current teacher, that couldn’t come here to help, as he was restricted to leave his island. Yet she hoped her brother didn’t piss out half of the world. A letter arrived the day before, from somebody called Masaoki Takeda, who said he would try to arrive as soon as possible yet he was half a world away. Still Rin didn’t know if this man would arrive in time. She could only hope for more people to show up. Samjaz offered his help, but after finding out he killed Washiyama and even worse he tried to invent a story about her loyal butler being evil, Rin rejected his help. Hopefully Crow Cementerio would arrive soon, since she was starting to feel uneasy for some reason, as if somebody was watching her. Maybe it was only her imagination. So she exhaled and waited.This time around she brought a sword, a gift from Gen’s master, instead of her weapon of choice, the naginata. According to that strange old man, this sword was made to combat mythical creatures and could have some special properties.

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Osaka: Japan

As people buzzed throughout the city of Osaka like bees moving from flower to flower Crow stood outside of a large Chinese restaurant gazing up at the stars in the night sky and taking in all that was around him. There was something about this city that held a sense of familiarity plagued by déjà vu everything Crow seen, smelt, or heard felt he has done it before. The Last Gunslinger had only been in Japan to capture a bounty but instead got wrapped up in a chase across Kobe for Gen Shishioh. Unfortunately it was too late for Crow to realize the evil motives Gen’s own parents had, the Hot Blooded Boxer was captured and taken away. It was only afterwards that Gen’s sister Rin revealed the truth to the 1 Billion Yen Bounty. Gen’s own parents intended to harvest his organs, thus ending his life, to save their eldest son. This very ideal was boiling Crow’s blood it was wrong no parent should ever sacrifice one child for another, the Gunslinger didn’t care how much money the Shishiohs had to forsake one child to save the life of another was evil.

Thankfully though through the use of various resources Rin had located Gen’s location and it seemed that she had a small group coming to help her rescue her brother. There was still hope for the Spirit Boxer, as long as he had people caring about him there was still hope. This was a second chance for Crow he had let them take Gen out from under him but this time he intended get Gen back and in the process teach the Shishiohs, (and the Iron Eagles) that a Gunslinger never goes back on his word. Don’t worry Gen wherever you are your friends are coming to get you back. The Last Gunslinger pulled his cowboy hat down and walked into the restaurant equipped with both Quicksilver and War Iron, the Rail-gun made small glances around as he made his way over to the table where Rin was located. “Evening mam, you seem a bit uneasy I hope it isn’t because of the food because I’m starving.” Crow sat across from Rin and spoke softly, “If you are getting the feeling that someone may be watching us, than you’re not paranoid I been having the same feeling. I’m not surprised though you parents went so far as to put a 1 Billion Yen bounty on your brother’s head, if they went that far to get him who knows how far they will go to keep them. I wouldn’t let it get to you though because as long as we don’t make our move they won’t theirs.”

A waitress came over and Crow put in his order, which was a strawberry sundae with extra everything on it, as if he wasn’t about to go war with god knows who. AS Crow waited for his sundae he leaned back in the chair and just smiled a reassuring smile Rin. “So who exactly will be joining us as we go get your brother back?”

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In a graveyard on the hills of Osaka stood a red-haired samurai, mourning the loss of old friends from the war.

Many of these friends died of old age, in his absence, to be told. However, Naoto Kensei still missed their companionship.

They were good comrades.

As of yet, he was unaware of the conflict brewing down below.


Elsewhere in the city, a bulky man travelled by portal, traversing the air before he recognised a familiar cowboy's hat entering a building. Allowing himself to free fall, Alvin landed a couple of metres away from the restaurant, rolled on the ground, then moved to approach them inside. "This the rescue team?" Alvin asked the two as he took a seat. "I'm Alvin, I trained alongside Gen for a time."

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A flash of light, blinded her for a moment. Elise never saw anything as bright as that light in her entire life. Granted that didn't mean much given that she never left her house, though at this point "never" was probably the wrong word as it was obvious that right now she was outside of her home. The light slowly cleared out and she started falling down. But it wasn't fear she felt, rather excitement. For someone who never experienced any real danger a free fall was an exciting event.

Then she hit the ground. As she came down she hit her head on a tombstone, however she didn't even know what it was for her it was just a stone. She got up slowly looking around. As morbid as it may sound but the sight of this graveyard was beautiful for Elise. Though she really didn't know what most of these things are she at the very least knew that she was outside she could see the sky. She never thought that it was this big. Besides her on the ground were shards of a shattered gemstone. The same thing that brought her to this world was now destroyed, however a small symbol burnt itself into her palm, the one which was holding the crystal.

She slowly started walking unsure where to go or what to do. In the end all she wanted to do is to get out so she never really thought beyond this point.

Then she noticed it.

A man with red hair and strange clothes was standing not five meters away from her.

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So, the boxing idiot got himself captured and is about to killed by his own folks? Sounds like a real drag. I can't just let him run away to the afterlife without first kicking the crap out of him, especially after what happened in San Francisco. He owes me that fight! Where is that damn restaurant?!

Finally arriving at the restaurant, the leg-focused martial artist Sid Renen walks through the door and spots three people that, for lack of a better word, looked out of place. Casually walking over to them, he takes a seat next to them and leans back in his chair. "I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this is the hot-blooded idiot's rescue team? Name's Sid Renen by the way, found out about this little party through Inazuma. You're his sister I assume?" Sid looks at Rin as he said his last sentence. The only other people at the table were guys, so it was reasonable to assume that she might have been the one who called them here. Unless this was a completely different group and he had to find the real one, in which case this entire conversation was a waste of time.


Walking out of another store, Haruko Miyata confidently strolls out onto the streets of Osaka with multiple large shopping bags in her hands. Her entire day was spent meeting with different Japanese designers and watching how they come up with the unique styles of their area. Haruko's own shop in California mostly got orders for American-styled clothes and fabrics, but it was a good idea to be prepared for any order. Plus, this gave her an excuse to finally go to Osaka and see just how different it was from Tokyo, a place that she had visited a few years back.

The large shopping bags were all filled with different fabric patterns and textures that she planned to use once she got back to the USA. Finally arriving at her hotel, she swipes her keycard and enters her room, tossing the shopping bags onto the floor. "Whew, that was fun! Now that business is done, I wonder if there are any good sushi places around here..." Throwing off the dress she had been wearing and flopping onto the bed, Haruko begins to flip through the map provided by the hotel to see if there were any around. Of course she made sure to lock the door and close the blinds beforehand. Just as a precaution, she had packed her normal combat attire in a separate case something were to happen.

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Daniel Drake charged through the streets of Osaka, a pink blur, loudly yelling "GEN!". One match. Just one, only a few miles from the school Gen went too. Couldn't the punk be bothered to show? He had already checked the school, and since he was already going to be late to his next match, he had decided to check Osaka, on the rumors floating around that he was a frequent contestant in an underground fighting ring located there. Of course, he hadn't counted on the city being so damn big.

After fruitless hours of searching, he skidded to a stop by a Chinese restaurant. He was close to giving up and flying out, but he wasn't going to eat airplane food. A taste of home would do him some good. He walked in and took a table, ignoring the young woman sitting nearby.

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DING….DING….DING….DING….DING…. a lonely alarm sounded inside Dr. Kago’s lab. The Mad Genetics Expert assistant, Joshu went to the Doctor’s room and asked. –Doctor! What’s the alarm for?- The Old Doctor stood up with energy that didn’t match his frail looking body and ran towards the main lab. Joshu followed him and started hearing –YES! YES! AT LAST I WILL BE ABLE TO COMPLETE MY COLLECTION.- The young assistant entered the room as Kago moved frantically all over the place, checking instruments and cameras. –Doctor what’s happened? The last time you were this happy the new AKB48 leader was announced. - The Mad Scientist wrinkled face had a very disturbing grin of mad happiness as he pranced around in a grotesque fashion. –Doctor!? Explain!- Joshu’s tone got a bit harsher as he didn’t like to be kept out the loop.

Kago turned around with a bit of anger reflected on his face. –Did you just scream at me boy? Because I can end your life with the touch of a button, you know?- Joshu took some steps backwards in fear as the Mad Scientist moved closer, with his old and lanky silouhette casting a shadow over the Lab Assistant. –Ye-yes D-d-octor…..ehm…ehe……s-s-s-sorry….. I just w-w-wanted to know what-….eh……m-made you so happy.- Kago’s vexed face went back to his mad smile as he returned to his instruments. –I’ll tell you what’s going on boya! We hit the jackpot, the piece I needed to complete my next creation! That’s way more important than that carnivorous bitch Sashihara!- Joshu’s fear was exchanged for interest. –Do you mean….- but his question was interrupted by Kago exclaiming. –YES! A magic user from the west is here! At long last this trinkets and gadgets we…..”adquired” from those imbeciles in the Hidden World Affairs Bureau have some use!-

Joshu was almost as excited as his old mentor, Kago had been talking of using forgotten techniques to channel magical energy into the creation of organic tissue. He had been searching for western magic users for a while with no luck, most of his attempts blocked by the different Hidden World Organizations and other groups, like that pesky school in France. But this time Osaka was a No Man’s Land when it came to Hidden World security, as the Shishioh fortune and influence was keeping the JHWAB away from the city. –Who is the specimen Doctor?- Joshu asked eager. –This one.- The Doctor pointed at a screen in which a red headed woman was dressed in a long dress. –She is pretty.- Said the assistant to which Kago’s reply was. –It’s just raw materials, don’t start thinking with your ****.- Joshu blushed a bit and asked. –Should I call Mr. Minato? He could use the Senshi you made for them to capture her.-

Kago looked at him with disbelief. –Are you dumb boy? Those beast can damage it, you don’t use a jackhammer where you should use a scalpel.- Joshu sighed. –Sorry Doctor, what do you propose?- The Mad Scientist looked at him with a disturbing smile. –Get K-4 out of the freezer, I think is time for him to get a test drive.- Joshu, a bit surprised, asked. –Are you sure Doctor? He isn’t fully tested in the appropriate conditions.- This time around Kago striked his apprentice on the head. –OUCH!- Joshu screamed in pain as Kago shouted at him. –If you have time to second guess me then you have time to get him out. I would use K-1, but the metal is still bonded to him and we still can’t separate him from it. And K-4 original is around here somewhere, so we can measure if our improved version is better than the original source. - Joshu rubbed his head in pain. –Yes Doctor, right away.- With that said the young assistant went towards the specimen storage area a place filled with large tubes filled with creatures and monsters.

From the lab Kago shouted. –I’m going to call that simpleton of Minato, he needs to clear off the area where the raw material is, I’ll send him to attack the “rescue force”.- Joshu replied as he started opening a cryogenic pod. –Good call Doctor, I will send K-4 directly to the surface using one of the lifts. – The metallic cillinder opened releasing steam as the ice melted and the specimen inside was reanimated. It was a young teen with pale skin and white hair, his eyes were of a bright blue, but they seemed off, as if he was powered down robot, as if he lacked a soul. K-4 was using simple white clothing as he walked towards a high-speed lift with his spiky hair swinging from side to side as he leaned back on the lift. He was stretching, as basic combat skills and instincts were programmed into him by Kago. He was built to obey and serve a very particular role in battle.

K-4 was built for speed and he showcased that the moment the secret lift popped up rising a telephone box up. The Clone rushed towards the location of the Red-haired girl with his hair turning into a bolt of lightning that engulfed his body as he moved with speed that made him invisible to the naked eye. He arrived to the scene in less than 5 minutes, crossing the city leaving a stream of electrically charged air. He stood in front of her and the Red-headed Swordsman with eyes devoid of emotion….


-Boys! We got a call from that crazy old man; he is giving us the green light to attack them. We will send a wave of gunmen to them and if the live to live the tale the FMY Senshi 8 and 7 will go and clean up. Whoever gets a target gets a bonus.- Aoki shouted at his men that boarded vans and jeeps, all of them in full tactical gear and weapons. The police and even the government were out of the picture, giving them a chance to break loose. Aoki’s right hand man DGT asked something to his boss. –You seem happy today, what’s so good of attacking some people in a Chinese restaurant? Is not the pay, we get this in a single month of Underground bets.- Aoki smiled with a hint of nostalgia. –Is the excitement, is like the good ol’ days, when we roamed the streets, before constructing this Empire…this is before your time… I used to be a punk with more fight than brain, but I got smart and I got wealthy….I don’t take risks anymore.-

DGT didn’t share his enthusiasm. –You know this is a risky move; the guys we are attacking have a very dangerous reputation, they are the kind of “heroes” that destroy organizations like ours.- Aoki placed his hand over his Hacker underling shoulder. –That’s the exciting part, I’m the God of Gambling DGT…..but I don’t gamble anymore, that’s why this hunt is exciting.- The Hacker left the room shaking his head in disbelief, this wasn’t a side of Aoki he had seen before. As DGT left he said –I’m going to send the alert to the Senshi, they will surely enjoy the exercise more than I’m enjoying this bet.- As DGT activated a couple of alarms on his wrist mounted computer two of the FMY left the lounge. A tall pair, man and woman, both dressed in sharp suits. He was blond and he face showed his arrogant sense of superiority. Her hair was white with red tips and her movements showed her confidence.

The FMY Senshi 7 and 8, codenamed Taka, the man and Washi, the woman, with their enhanced bodies they soared over the skyline with graceful and silent movements, like a pair of birds flying freely on the starry sky. Both stopped as they saw the troops ready to enter the restaurant guns blazing. The whole troop passed right through the middle of Osaka’s tourist neighborhood, getting some weird looks and fearful glares from the people, at least the ones who remembered the past gang violence.


15 Minutes Earlier

Rin Shishioh greeted all the newcomers. –Thank you for coming, Mr Cementerio, Mr. Himmelskarte, Mr. Rener, I’m Gen Shishioh’s sister and our mission is to rescue Gen from the stronghold of an illegal surgeon who will use my brother body as raw materials to…- she stopped for a second, she knew this sounded outlandish but after experiencing what she did over the past week, this shouldn’t be as weird sounding, at least not for them. –To heal my oldest brother Masayoshi who is in a critical condition. If we don’t do something Gen will die on the slab of some crazed maniac.- Rin ordered a light drink, she wasn’t hungry. –We are waiting for some of Gen’s classmates in the Inazuma Gakuen alongside a friend of mine who is working as a contact. Mr Rener here is one of them. –

As she finished the sentence Yuriko entered through the door accompanied by two individuals. –Rin-chan! - She waved with enthusiasm, a bit misplaced for somebody who was about to crash into a mad scientist lair. –I got some back-up.- Besides the Boisterous fist Heiress there where a woman and a man. She was of petite build, freezing stare and carried a sword, Raisa, the Russian Prodigy heed the call. With her a young man with red skin, flame-like hair and horns. Toramaru the Myth Soldier was also here. –Hello people, I’m Toramaru and she is Raisa, we are classmates of Gen. We come to help.- Yuriko smiled at the young teen enthusiasm. –I’m sorry we didn’t get more people, but some in the class tried to get in the way and some volunteer to keep them….”calm”.-

Meanwhile in Inazuma

Kojiro and Xi’ai were leaning back against a broom closet trying to look innocent and failing to do so, yet what was interesting was what was inside the room. Wallaby and Tetsu were tied like calves in a rodeo, both with a sock in their mouth. Tetsu opposed because he was uptight and rule abiding. Lei Sheng opposed because he is a prick. –I hope they rescue that stupid boxer soon enough, I don’t know how much damned time we can keep those bastards inside.- Kojiro was a bit worried but Xi’ai calmed him down. –I may not be the best fighter but I’m the best in the school when it comes to bonds and knots. –

For a second Kojiro looked at her with perverted interest. –Don’t even think about anything weird, you aren’t in my league….you aren’t playing the same sport.- Kojiro sighed. –Okay…okay, don’t make everything boring….but I have a question, you don’t care for the Boxing Idiot or want to fight him either, why are you doing this?- It was Xi’ai turn to sigh. –He is a classmate and in this school that’s the only bond that you should keep stronger than mine, I learn that the hard way.- But to ruin her tender moment a sudden grunt and a knock in the door behind her broke the atmosphere. –It’s my turn.- Kojiro calmly stated as he entered the broom locker with a baseball bat. –Sleep well aussie prick- And with that he knocked the Kicking fighter down with an abrupt smash to his temple.

Back to Osaka

-Well, now that we are all here, we need to reach this location across the city, we will need to cross the main channel and if my sources are right half of the city underworld got hired but the surgeon who is operating Gen and Masayoshi. The good news is that we now the location, the bad news is that my parents have moved their influences and we won’t have back up.- Rin sighed. –Yami Kizuato, who some of you know was forced to stay away from Osaka and the JHWAB with him.- Toramaru added. –My brothers and the Bounty Hunters Association from Japan were also forced out by deceit or by government orders.- Rin continued after bowing to Toramaru in thanks for his exposition.

–The odds are against us, so I wont hold a grudge with any of you leaving right now…. I know my brother isn’t the most treatable man in the world, but today he needs your help, I need your help as well.- As she finished talking Rin did something she never did before, she went on her knees and bowed with her head touching the floor. –I deeply care for both my brothers, but I don’t want to kill one to save the other.-

Aoki’s men where halfway there, soon they would rain lead over them.

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Naoto was distracted by his mourning by the most beautiful woman he had ever seen walking towards him. Long, red hair, curved horns, a large, heaving chest the likes of which the samurai had never seen. "Milady…" Naoto said breathlessly, before feeling K-4's killing intent rushing towards him.

Acting quickly, Naoto drew his sword, charging at the clone as lightning sparked around him. Acting fast, Naoto sheathed his blade as quickly as he drew it before taking a wooden blade and raising it to strike K-4 in the side of the head.


Alvin nodded. "If in life or death, I can retrieve your brother, then I will." He said, placing a diamond pickaxe on the floor as he knelt on one knee towards Rin. "You have my axe."

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Restaurant (Assembling of the Gen Rescue Team)

It wasn’t long before Crow received the answer to who would join them, first Alvin Himmelskarte, then Sid Renner, finally a small group of Gen’s classmate showed up led by Yuriko, the Fist Mistress from Kobe. As the classmates of some hot headed ones who wanted to join but had to be restrained Crow felt a sudden tingle; a great disturbance in electricity it was faint but it was enough for the Gunslinger to just take notice. However Crow chalked it up to a number of different variables that could affect the electro-magnetic field, Crow then introduced himself to team. “Nice to meet you all I’m Crow Cementerio a Bounty Hunter from America.” Crow tipped his hat towards Yuriko, “Good to see you again Miss Kazegawa it’s good to see you recover from your wounds from Kobe.” Following the introductions Rin explained how serious the situation was and how much her parents had influenced the authorities. However it was what Rin did next that truly shocked Crow watching the girl get down on her knees and beg for help to save her brothers had struck a chord with Crow.

Crow knew what it was like to live with no one when you lost everyone you cared for, he had seen everyone he loved or cherish fall. The Last Gunslinger had sworn from that day on he would seek justice as he walked forward down his path it was that decision that made him want to be a BH. Now Crow stood in front of this girl who was pleading for help so she didn’t lose everything she had; Crow heard Alvin comment and rolled his eyes, “Nice one Gimil but we aren’t going to fight Sauron here in Osaka.” Crow offered his hand towards Rin to help her to her feet; “I swore to you on my word as a Gunslinger that I would get your brother back and I never go back on my word that is the Gunslinger way. Your parents may have kept the BHA from interfering but unfortunately for them I’m not here as Crow Cementerio, Bronze Star Bounty Hunter of the BHA Artemis Branch. I’m here as Crow Cementerio, the Rail-gun a Gunslinger from the town of Santo de Tormentas.” Crow sighed a little as he prepared to say the next part, “And you have my revolver…damn you J.R.R Tolkien.” Turning towards the others with a fierce determination burning in his eyes. “Let this be the beginning of the Gen Rescue Team!”

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Elise was as air-headed as you could possibly get. That being said she was sorta oblivious to what was going on right now. She turned her head towards Naoto as he called out but before her lips even moved K4 was already there and he was ready to engage in combat. In that regard she was helpless, she had no idea that danger was even present. With a finger on her lower lip and a curious look in her eyes she watched the scene unfold.

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Dan finished his meal, still drawing looks for his odd attire, but not as many as the crowded table just across the room. Even his attention was drawn by a sudden reflection. He glanced over to see a diamond pickaxe being wielded by a young man. ...What? Odder still was the horned guy with firetruck skin. Nope. Fuck this. He pushed out his chair and quickly signed a check. There was no way he was getting entangled in whatever this was.

He strode to the door. “Let this be the beginning of the Gen Rescue Team!” He heard from behind. Did they mention Gen? He glanced back, wondering if he should listen in, but no. He wasn't going back into that world, the one nobody could see. He shoved open the door and stepped outside, breathing in the fresh air. It was a lovely night. He wandered off, hoping to get away from the strangeness, but unknowingly heading towards more as he left on the same path Aoki approached on.

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"Rener? I dunno what you heard girl, but my last name's Renen. Nice to meet ya..." Sid was cut off when she got on her knees and begged them all to join. Sighing and leaning back in his chair even more, Sid stares up at the ceiling. "You really don't have to beg us, I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to see that boxing bastard brought back. Though my only rule is that idiot has to make good on his word to fight me after he is able to fight again." Seeing Alvin and Crow doing a cliche Lord of the Rings-style gathering, Sid only sighs again as he points his boot at the circle. "...and my boot. I really do not want to ever use this again, so you do NOT have my sword." The martial artist points to the sword on his back. He had already used the demonic blade in his last adventure in San Francisco, so using it again to that extent would not be a good experience.

Looking over at Dan leaving the restaurant, Sid points him out to the group. " that dude over there supposed to be part of this team or something? He looks like one of the dude who the boxing bastard would face."

Osaka Hotel

Haruko continued to lay on the bed, still only in her undergarments. "Holy crap! There are so many choices here...I don't even know where to begin..." The map that was given to her was absolutely littered with restaurant suggestions and entertainment options. "Hm...not really in the mood for Chinese...I went to this place in the morning...oooooooooo..." Haruko stares at a picture of a chef standing over a large fire, customers sitting along the sides with plates in front of them. It appeared that the chef cooked all the food on the table itself, which had a stove built in!

"That looks fun, I think I'll head there tonight!" She exclaims to herself. Putting the map down, she reaches into her purse and pulls out a purple 3DS XL. Until then, time to level up Sylveon. Turning on the DS and booting up Pokemon Y, she begins to quietly hum the background music as she began playing. The door was locked and the blinds were closed, so she was still unaware of the chaos that will soon begin.

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K-4 moved out of the way with his insane speed. But let’s analyze his movements again, this time slower, shall we? As the wooden sword moved towards the Lighting Bio-Weapon, a field of static was disrupted by the introduction of a foreign object, just like popping a bubble. This field serves as an alarm system for K-4, who moved automatically to a side, with the least amount of movement necessary to avoid the incoming attack. The clone looked at Naoto with his vacant eyes and spoke with a monotone, almost robotic voice that was accompanied by a faint buzzing. –Enhanced Human, Rank 2, Mystical Properties….Threat level low-medium, engage basic countermeasure...- A sudden blast of lighting surged from his hand homing towards Naoto like a snake of electricity. As he did he looked at Elise. –Designated Specimen WM-1, remain in the vicinity or violent action will be used against you.-


The troopers sent by Aoki Minato, Osaka’s God of Gambling drove swiftly through the streets, getting nearer by the second as the “Gen Rescue Team” was talking. They were 30 men strong all armed with the most advanced body armor in the planet and a varied arsenal, automatic shotguns, advanced rifles and grenade launchers. Most of them were part of a somewhat legal Mercenary group called the “Iron Eagle Brigade” The same men that captured the weakened Gen before. –Get your asses ready men! Tonight we face several high risk targets, we need to keep a closed line of fire to keep them on their toes, and then we can throw some fireworks and see the result from outside. - The emphasis he put on the word “fireworks” was accompanied by him lifting a rocket launcher.

As their black reinforced vans roared down the streets the FMY 7 and 8 were already standing over a building, overseeing the restaurant. As their enhancements were purely mechanical, based on the designs of the nefarious organization Trinity Gate, creators of an infamous Mercenary based on Germany, the FMY couldn’t be detected through Ki or Magical detection. –Washi, I think we should attack now and destroy them all ourselves, why do we, superhuman demigods need the help of pitiful mercenaries with laughable weapons.- His voice reflected the same as his posture and eyes, arrogance and overconfidence. –Taka-kun, we talked about this, having this powers doesn’t give us the right to brag about them, neither underestimate our prey. Personally I would like to fly over the sky all the time, with you alongside me.- Washi looked at him with adoration.


Rin stood up, helped by Yuriko, with tear in her eyes. –Thank you all, I could never manage to save Gen alone, thank you for helping me to save him….- Toramaru, not exactly good at reading the situation asked cheerfully. –Then when do we go to beat some skulls, my brothers surely would want me to punch people in their absence. Or do we eat first? - He lifted a cup of soup from the table only to be shattered by a bullet. –Or we don’t! EVERYBODY DOWN!- Yuriko roared the order as Rin, Toramaru, Raisa and herself crouched behind any cover they could find as a storm of steel tipped lead rained upon the restaurant. They didn’t notice that the patrons were all gone as well as the owners. –We need to do something! - Rin shouted through the sound of the bullets. –Any bright ideas? - Asked Yuriko to everybody in the room.

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Naoto moved back, his weaponry ineffective against this enemy. The best he could do would be to lure him away from her.

Naoto ran, down the hill and towards the river.


Alvin began generating barriers near the windows, trying to soak up the worst of the damage. "Anyone capable of fighting back?" He asked, willing to create gaps in the defence to teammates to attack through.

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Shoot Out at the Restaurant

With the team assembled Crow smirked now it was time to save Gen however this moment of hope was quickly shot full of holes. Bullets whizzed in through all directions while some members ducked behind cover, Alvin created barriers to shield from some of the bullets, meanwhile Crow grabbed a nearby table and flipped it over ducking behind it. Plates shattered, wood was splintered, and glass broke all over the heroes as Crow heard Yuriko and Alvin shout. Despite all this chaos there was but one calm stone; Crow Cementerio sat his back against the table he was using for cover eyes close silently counting to himself. Crow was a Gunslinger he had been shot at more than any solider could bear to imagine and that was just in his training as a child, to make matters worse it was his very own grandfather that shout at him. Some would say that is insanity how a grandfather could do that to his own grandson as a child; Crow knew that his gramps had a method behind his madness and he remembered the lesson clearly even now…


Bang! Bang Bang! “What the hell Old Man?!” Bang! Just outside of the town of Santo de Tormentas a young Crow only 13 years of age it wouldn’t be long before he would take the Gunslinger Trial but right now he had to worry about the bullets coming from his trainer, mentor, idol, and grandfather. “Hey Old Man that one almost hit me!” Búho Cementerio just laughed a little as Crow’s complaint. “Well then I guess you should move faster. And don’t call me Old Man you Young Brat.” Bang! Bang! Bang! Crow just barely dodged the incoming bullets while his gramps reloaded, “You know Crow if you stopped your yapping for a minute for you able to read the bullets.” Bang! Bang! Bang! Crow panicked as he try to move out of the way the bullets coming inches from hitting him. “What the hell are you talking about Old…?” Bang! “I told you stop calling me old. I said be quiet and maybe you could read the bullets. But I guess I should explain it in more detail.” “Yeah you think a little more detail would help.” Bang! The bullet was so close it brush past Crow’s hair while Búho just smirked a little. “Don’t get smart kid. Listen up…As a Gunslinger you are going to be shot at a lot. Some bullets you will see coming others you won’t and if you want to live you have about a split second to dodge them. Your life is determined by each bullet shot at you and each of those bullets can be read if you are good enough. If you keep clam and pay attention you can tell where that bullet came from, you can see its trajectory, and you can hear the sound of bullets running out and the person reloading. Gunslingers call it reading the bullet. The people you go against Crow won’t think twice about shooting you down so you must be able to dodge their bullets no matter what. Even in a storm of lead you must always remain cool headed. Now get ready those shots were just practice this will be the real thing.”

Present Time

Those words echoed in Crow’s mind like an eternal record being played over and over a smile breaking out on his face as he took in the sounds around him listening for that distinct noise of one of the shooters have to reload. Then it happen the slight sound of clicking as one the shooters emptied his clip and that when Crow struck. With viper like reflexes spun out from behind the table and shot a single bullet through one of the windows at the precise spot where the man who was attempting to reload was. The Gunslinger than began to weave in and out of the bullets his eyes focused on them, like a hawk watching for it’s prey to leap from the water, reading the bullets he estimated their trajectory as he made his way to another table waiting for someone to run out of ammo then he fired with deadly precision. Crow kept repeating this process moving in and out of cover whether they be tables or Alvin’s shields while firing trying to make an opening for his allies.

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Elise was confused. Not because she could not understand the language, her nature as a witch allowed her to speak a unified language, understanding all sentient living beings and communicating with them as if they all spoke one language. However, she simply did not understand what the machine told her.

Then Naoto ran.

"W-Wait." she tried stopping him and quickly ran after him, simply because she had no clue what was going on.

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Diving behind a nearby overturned table, Sid groans at the scenario that they all were now in. Fucking great...a bunch of people with guns and I can't do shit from here. Unless...

Grinning, Sid turns his back on the group and runs away from the hellfire, into the restaurant's kitchen and out the back door. Once outside, he ignites his right boot by spinning on the tip of it at an extremely fast rate.

Boot now aflame, the martial artist jumps over a nearby fence and begins to circle around the shooters. In his mind, two things were likely to happen; either a few of the shooters follow him and he could bring this into a close-quarters fight, or nobody follows him and he could sneak up behind them. Crow seemed to be distracting them well enough, so this plan might just work.


Upon hearing the distinct sound of gunshots being fired, Haruko quickly powers off her 3DS and tosses it into her purse. Cautiously, she peers her head out of the curtains to find a large group of people shooting up a Chinese restaurant. What...the heck is this? Some type of gang war or something? There is no way I could take on that many gunmen without prep...

The seamstress's thoughts are soon interrupted when she sees electric bullets fly out of the restaurant at the shooters. Raising her right eyebrow slightly, she only shakes her head. There is no freaking way HE would be here of all places. Must be some other electric gunslinger dude. Welp, looks like I have to bust this gang up.

Haruko once again turns around and opens the suitcase containing her combat attire, which she hurriedly begins to put on. Hopefully they didn't notice her peering out the window, as she was not yet ready for combat.

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Dan heard the gunfire and instantly knew where it was coming from. The strange group at the restaurant was under attack. He glanced back, thoughts racing. Was it really worth it to get involved, to get dragged back into this world? No. He turned back and continued down his path, but the tug-a-war in his head continued. The fear of going back to the hidden world, and in doing so attracting unwanted attention, versus the want to help people. Finally he stopped and spun on a dime. He wouldn't take another step away from the restaurant. There were people in trouble, and who could help them better than he?

He exploded back towards the restaurant, preparing for battle as he went. Tiny glands behind his ears and on his palms got to work, beginning to spread a pheromone especially effective at lowering awareness and causing relaxation. A few seconds would cause drowsiness. A few minutes would make it hard to stand. Any more than four would put all but the most aware and energetic down for hours. As a result, he stayed clear of the restaurant. Instead, he went for the armored vehicles were their assailants stood. He dove right into their midst, not in the slightest afraid. Bullets were at worst capable of bruising him. The grenade launcher he saw one wielding? A bit scarier.

He bashed two mercenaries aside to get to grenade-guy, attempting to slip behind him and put a hand over his mouth, taking him out without setting off the rocket. The pheromones should have him out in just a few seconds at that range.

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The restaurant was under a barrage of bullets, riddling the furniture, decorations and walls with holes. As this onslaught of lead continued, the improvised rescue team jumped to action, all of them in different ways. Part of the bullet storm was blocked by Alvin’s Barriers, created by the Gainen Medal of Protection. Crow Cementerio, in an unmatched display of skill and reflexes advanced through the enemy offensive avoiding bullets as he shot somebody who was recharging. The mercenary didn’t die, thanks to the extremely expensive body armor he was using but the impact knocked him out. Rin was taking cover behind a wall as Sid went out the back with a bloodthirsty grin that clearly indicated he wasn’t escaping. –This is a nice way to start a night out in the city, right Rin-chan? - Yuriko Kazegawa laughed as the bullets flew beside her head; the youngest Shishioh sibling wasn’t as thrilled as her friend to be under heavy fire.

Outside Dan gave three mercenaries a very important lesson in close quarters combat and the element of surprise as he managed to knockdown a couple of guards as he climbed atop a one of the vans and tried to use his pheromones to stop him from shooting. They effect was almost instantaneous, but the rugged veteran managed to stay awake enough time to shoot, yet his aim was affected as the grenade hit the neighboring building, exploding inside one of the floors and destroying all the furniture inside. One of the mercenaries he bashed down shouted the alarm. –We have an enemy behind our lines! - Three of the nearest mercenaries turned around with stun batons ready for close combat. As they charged another of the Iron Eagles shouted. –One of the targets is trying to out-flank us, deploy countermeasures.- Three of them turned towards the alley and grabbed a weapon hanging behind their waist, it looked like a oversized flare gun. Its name was Denjijunju and it was meant as a non-lethal way to capture Hidden World target.

The mercenaries shot at Sid with a single metallic sphere. Mid-flight that ball split in to smaller ones tied by an electric cord. Like a bola this would entangle the target, but just a faint touch would get them magnetically attached to the target, so avoiding them was a must. As this events unfolded Toramaru inside was taking cover besides Raisa. –This is exciting, I think I’ll ask my brothers to let me help on their rounds. - A bullet buzzed by them and Raisa turned at him and talked in a quiet calmed voice –Can’t you do anything? - The Young Oni shrugged his shoulder. –They have guns, the only things I can do are punch stuff really hard and throw big balls of fire…- Raisa looked at him, even Rin and Yuriko looked at him with disbelief. Toramaru looked at them not knowing why they reacted like that but he finally got it. –Ups… I keep forgetting I can throw fire…- Yuriko looked at him as the bullets kept flying. –How the hell can somebody forget they throw fire?- The Young Oni scratched his head ashamed. –Sorry, I didn’t use it much where I lived and now I keep forgetting.-Raisa looked at him coldly. –What are you waiting for then?-

Toramaru stood up, some of the bullets reaching his chest but only leaving marks or very superficial wounds, as his red skin was almost Kevlar like. –Now you’re going to get it you fuckers!!!- Two spheres of flames, with the same intensity as his hard surged from his hands and Toramaru launched both towards the enemies, aiming through the window. Unluckily for him, he didn’t realized that the windows were protected by the Shinodaborn’ Barriers and both pyro spheres crashed against said force fields and exploded inwards. Thankfully most of the people was either out of the blast zone, like Crow, Sid or Dan, or were taking cover. Toramaru, following the unlucky streak was the only one affected, not by the heat, but by the shockwave, that threw him crashing through the wall into the kitchen. A faint –I’m okay- could be heard from inside. Raisa sighed and Rin looked at Yuriko –This was the best you could get from a school of warriors?- Yuriko tried to laugh it off. –Haha…eh, I told you we had some troubles.-

Meanwhile in Inazuma…

-GET *BONK!* THE FUCK *BONK!* TO SLEEP *BONK!* YOU FUCKING *BONK!* PRICK FROM DOWN UNDER!- As he shouted Kojiro smacked Wallaby back to sleep with the third baseball bat, to his surprise he was starting to run low on bats. Xi’ai tried to cough to hide his classmate outburst, with not much success.

Back to Osaka….

The Restaurant was destroyed or on fire. Sid, Dan and Crow had 3 teams of 3 Mercenaries targeting each of them. The remaining 9 (as one was taken out by Dan and another by Crow) kept the barrage; to the point the front wall was almost nonexistent. But as this events unfolded a pursuit was starting on the other side of the city. The other 10 were moving to higher ground, trying to serve as scouts, snipers and support.


K-4 looked at them with his void eyes following them on foot. Seemingly his electrical powers had a certain limit; he spent a lot reaching this location as fast as he could, as he was instructed. The clone, completely organic in nature had mechanical movements as his knowledge of combat and tactics was programmed into his head by the wicked Doctor Kago. Still even without his surprising lighting powers he managed to keep up with Naoto’s pace, yet the Clone had started looking around, with a hint of curiosity as this was the first time he saw the real world live. –Research Material WM-1 please refrains from useless acts or aggressive counter-measures will be necessary putting in risk my mission to retrieve you.-

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Naoto needed to defend himself, and quickly realised that the woman was the next target. Drawing his sword, Naoto slashed quickly, sending a shockwave towards the clone.


Inside the restaurant, Alvin coughed through the smoke. "Is anyone hurt!?" He asked, continuing to set up barriers and looking to see if anyone was wounded.

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