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Gen punched blow the head of the monster like a balloon yet it still moved, this caught the Hot-Blooded Boxer flatfooted allowing the monster to grapple him. The place where his head used to be was now some kind of hole, which was sucking the air around them. From inside the sound of a Penguin cry could be heard. -The f*** is this?- Gen asked to himself as he struggled against the Soot arms grip, as it intended to throw him towards that blackness slowly oozing out of his neck like some kind of putrid liquid. The Hot-Blooded Boxer decided that drastic measures were at hand, he never tested what he was about to do, yet he hoped it would work, or to be more exact he knew it would, he had that much confidence on himself.

This was a technique his mentor, “Kamaitachi” Takeda, mentioned and Gen only saw once, but he had a pretty good idea about the how-to. It was a movement to break clinches; Takeda called it Fighting Spirit Detonation, or FSD to shorten it. And thanks to his opponent releasing something similar before, the shockwave served to get the final step, thus Gen tensed up his whole body and released a shockwave of blue Fighting Spirit around him in an irregular sphere with hopes of breaking the hold and luckily his opponent in the process. –Eat FSD ya bastard!-

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: The Soot was flattened on the ground, spread open like a broken barrel.
The portal into the darkness was a similar size to the circle in the middle of a basketball court.
Tendrils of darkness rose out of the holes, with many soots leaping towards the airborne Gen, each one determined to grab hold and drag him into the portal.
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The Battle Chasing Brawler saw how the physical form of the Soot got shattered and turned into a pool of pure darkness. Gen Shishioh saw a lot of disturbing things during his two year dojo hunting trip, but this took the cake. Not even once he faced such a lovercraftian-level horror in his time fighting foes of the inner world, yet instead of running like any logical person would do, he, as we establish that logic isn’t his forte, decided to stay and fight. As the tentacles moved forward he coated his hands in Fighting Spirit, shining brightly like a blue flame, and started advancing, repelling the tentacles with one blow each, as he spoke, enfatizing his words with a punch – Do. You. Think. I’m. A Schoolgirl. Or Something. Like that? –

When he reached point blank he realized his Fighting Spirit with a Twin – Ghost Jab Hurricane!- Sending almost two hundred Spirit coated fist into the pool of darkness –As I always say, if you don’t know what it is, punch it to submission!- He shouted while laying the smackdown upon the portal

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: As Gen fell through the portal, he saw hell.
  He quickly came out on the other side, however, portal closing behind him as he landed on the tarmac.
A young man in a dark suit stood over Gen.
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Gen stood in the tarmac with a stunned expression on his face , he wasn’t scared, as fear only grew in people smart enough to conceive danger, Gen wasn’t in that group, he was puzzled or surprised about. A young man in a sharp dark suit stood in front of him and talked [OH HELLO] [MY NAME IS TAYLOR][WHAT’S YOUR NAME?] The Hot-Blooded Boxer was still kind of shocked, yet he broke off that stupor and replied in the only way he could after the recent events.

-You’re fucking name is Taylor? Do I seem to give a crap about yer name? And you want my name? Ya will get only two names from me!- Gen raised his fist and with his lips he kissed them one after the other – This is “F***” and this is “You”, start talking if you don’t want to meet them up close.- The Battle Chasing Delinquent took a defiantly step forward, grabbing his right arm with his left arms while shaking his right fist. –So tell me Weird Suit-san, where the fuck are we right now? And what the fuck are those things I was fighting against!? Speak quickly before F*** and You get intimate with your face-

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Taylor smiled, then opened his mouth in reply.
As he did so, the world became pitch black and silent, the only thing visible was the white text before Gen's eyes.
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-Okay Weirdo-san, you asked for it- Gen didn’t even cared for the weird things he would punch anything from his path –I’m gonna punch the answers from yer mouth, and maybe some teeth- Gen took a stance, with his left fist prepared to give a haymaker, and coating his fist with Fighting Spirit and punching towards the letters with a roar.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Light and sound returned to the world as Taylor stopped speaking. As the fist connected with his chin, blood spurted over Gen's knuckles and to his face as Taylor was knocked flying.
He rolled in the air like a ragdoll before sliding across the tarmac face first, leaving a large red stain across the black floor.
[ NO ]
Taylor pushed himself up, standing upright as he dusted himself off.
There wasn't a scratch on him.
 For that matter, all the bloodstains had vanished from Gen's skin and the surrounding area.
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Gen felt his punch connecting and saw him flying away, that felt really good, yet the second afterwards, the Enigmatic Young Man was unhurt, and the blood that sprayed from his lip was also gone, in fact the Battle Chasing Delinquent could not even feel the usually sting, a nice sensation for him, that stayed in his knuckles after hitting somebodies face. –The F*** was that!?- Asked Gen with a note of anger in his voice – What kind of cheap-ass trick did you used Weird Suit-San?- The Hot-Blooded Boxer completely ignored Taylor words, and kept rambling upon the recent events – You’re the one cowardly F*** behind those crazy ass monsters?- Gen moved forward and tried to punch him again, this time around, only to be sure he unleashed a Ghost Jab Hurricane, scrapping the Sound Barrier with each Spirit charged blow.

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Taylor spread his arms out with a smile on his face. [ COME ON, ] He said, [ GIVE ME A HUG ]
Instead of a hug, however, Gen unleashed his Ghost Jab Hurricane, each attack smashing into Taylor's head and torso just like a punch bag. It wasn't that he made no attempt to block, it's just everytime Taylor tried to block, he flinched in the recoil of several other attacks.
Eventually, once the pain supsided, Taylor stepped back out of the line of fire, completely unreacognisable amongst the sweelings, blood and mass of broken bones.
Taylor put his hand to his face, then slicked his hair back, injuries completely vanished as he once again smiled psychopathically.
He drew a semi-automatic Nerf pistol, one that would shoot twelve foam darts without having to reload.
He began to shoot the floor around Gen's feet, each foam dart causing a sizeable explosion opun contact with the ground.
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Gen was shocked; his opponent just shrugged off a barrage of hit that could turn a brick wall into dust. The strange guy in front of him just healed from all the damage and pulled a toy gun from nowhere as he asked for the please. –Please!? You fu***** monster!? I’m going to beat you down a hundred times if I need too, and no fu***** toy gun will stop me from doing so, so grab that plastic shit and get it right inside your a- BOOM! A explosion shook the floor under Gen, right were the first dart landed. –What the f*** is that!?- shouted the Hot-blooded Boxer as he used his fluid footwork to dodge the detonations of the dart. –You want me to dance fucker?- asked the Battle Chasing Delinquent as he avoided the blasts –I want you to die- He said as he rushed through the explosions in a single movement with the Raijin Step and started to release a constant chain of combinations, keeping it as long as he could, punching for a minute straight, trying to dismember Taylor enough to avoid him regenerating. When he finished, with another Ghost Jab Hurricane, his breath was short and his knuckles almost reduced to dust from his own strength

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After a few minutes, taylor was reduced to a bloody heap on the floor.

Bones were visible from where the breaks had pierced the skin. His face was unrecognisable, his skin shredded,

[ REGENERATE? ] Taylor asked, standing upright without a single scratch on him.


He drew a small kitchen knife and lunged for the boxer.



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