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The great treasury of Megaloblessia has been breached. A mysterious group of robbers assaulted the most tightly guarded place of the entire Magic World. All of it just to stole a single book. Yet that book was posing a catastrophic threat to all Humanity. It was the infamous Book of the Storyteller, a mighty sorcerous artifact with the power to alter history to the user's likes. Whoever manages to undo the book's seal has the power to rule the entire world! The robbers must be found and stopped! For that purpose Daisuke Emiya and  his small group sets out tho stop the villains at once! 
This is a story RPG after the "All Hell Breaks Loose" event. 
Anyone is free to join this RP, into either of the 4 categories: 
- Book Chasers: Part of Daisuke's team. The main hero group who are trying to find the robbers and stop them. 
- Helpers: People who aren't precisely in Daisuke's team but are supporting his purpose. 
- Robbers: You can also choose to be part of the robbing group. Although it requires a pretty believable story. Also expect to only appear in the latter parts of the story. Otherwise the slots will be filled with NPCs. 
- Book Seekers: People who are searching for the book for their own purpose. They're the enemies of both the Book Chasers and the Robbers. Perhaps bad guys wishing to join this "team" (everyone in this category is likely going to be a loner) needs a believable reason how they're aware of the Book of the Storyteller plus the fact that it was stolen. 
Further information is going to come up latter.
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@paladin: Hmmm this sounds interesting Crow may be prefect for this :) He could be apart of the Book Chasers if Daisuke asks for the gunslinger's help.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Sure. You're in. 
Anyways, here's a bit of information on the book. 
It's a magical artifact created by the forgotten 6th True Magician. He was once the strongest Magician but the other 5 feared his power and defeated him. They also made sure that the 6th would be fading to oblivion forever thus only a select few are aware that he had ever existed. 
All that remained is a memento, the 6th's book that was said to have the power to rewrite history. 
It was guarded in the deepest levels of the Megaloblessian Treasury but a certain group managed to steal it. 
Still, having the book is just the first step. To utilize the book's power the robbers have to undo the 3 seals and for that they have to meet specific conditions. Then as a finale they need to perform a specific ritual that can only be held once each year. So the robber team have to rush with time while also fending off the guards, the chasing mages and of course Daisuke's team.  
The specifics are currently under work because I only thought up this idea since a while. 
Anyways, I don't plan this to be a global RP but more like a grand undercover mission.
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Kuro-san mercenaries can be book seekers and The Hooded Man can be a helper

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