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So we have a captain, a doctor and a chef. Okay, you'll have a musician.  
Maximus-sama is on the grand line!.
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That would be cool actualy.
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@Kurohige:  You have a fighting chef.... 
That can cook the food without a oven.... 
We shall roleplay Hashi recruitment in the RP
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 Zane Tenshu
 Zane Tenshu
Name: Zane Tenshu. 
Gender: Male. 
Age: 23 
Occupation: Gunner. 
Devil Fruit: None. 
Special Skills: perfect aiming capabilities, and knows some martial arts. 
Equipment: M107 50 cal. sniper rifle, 9mm Pistol x2, and a Bayonet. 
  •  Jinsoku Kaki: Zane would squeeze the trigger all the way back on his 50 caliber. to let loose a barrage of bullets towards the target, then once there are no more bullets left or if Zane chooses that it's time to strike, he would crouch down low then dash forward quickly behind the bullets to send 5 or 10 rapid punches towards the targets face, ribs, and gut.
  • Mugendai Renda: Zane would quickly run up to the target or if the target was already within range, he would simply send quick punches to the targets torso, which would give the affect that he was punching the target close to 100,000 times a minutes.
  • Hayai Handou: Zane would send a powerful kick twisting his entire body to give him more momentum, making his kick twice as stronger then a normal kick,
Short bio: Zane was born on a pirate ship and was taught the ways of a pirate, and how to fight and use guns and swords; but Zane would rather use guns and fight from a distance then be in the front lines. But if it came to it Zane would definitely stand up for his friends and crew members and kick hand to hand.

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Update on my character.
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We should all make the same tripulation, that would work, if Maximus makes a Musician, we only would need a navigator....
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ya sine you got yourselves a gunner :P that also knows how to fight >:D
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Lol yup.
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@Kurohige: <.< change your pick back D: lots so weird without the other one x.x
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Lol you like the blackbeard one better?
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@Kurohige: ya lol. Just used to seeing the blackbeard pic xD
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Name:Bari Magnum 
Gender: Male 
Age: 17 
Occupation: Pirate captain (Hurricane Pirates)
Devil Fruit: Kaze Kaze no mi (Wind Wind fruit)   Class: Logia 
Bounty:  198,000,000   
Special Skills:
 Bari is an exspert hand to hand fighter possessing strength up tp 50 tons, this is mainly due to the power of his wind fruit, he also has minor skills in rokushiki and is a expert escape artist. 
Equipment: Sea cuffs, fist, and escaping tools. 

Soru: Bari kicks the ground ten times in the blink of an eye allowing him to seemingly vanish and move at high speeds. 
Tekkai: Bari hardens his skin to steel durability, however he is unable to move while using this. 
Geppou: Bari kicks off the air itself, allowing him to fight and stay in mid air. 
Haki: Bari can use minor haki allowing him to hit logia user as well as resist moderatly powerful haki.  
Escape artist: Bari is able to escape from almost any trap due to his advanced years in Impel down. 
Gliding/levitation: Due to the powers of his air fruit Bari can glide short distances and levitate up to 10 feet off the ground.  
Teleportation: Due to his powers Bari can teleport anywhere there is air in the surrounding area 
Hurricane upper: Bari launches a powerful uppercut and releases a hurricane. 
Short Bio: As a young man Bari obtained a devil fruit that was locked in the warden's office, he was found out by a guard and was sentenced to life in prision until a way to get the powers back the discovered, after years of prsion Bari finaly banned together a unique group of convics and broke out of impel down. However after months of being out is the ocean Bari was able to get a high bounty thus making him a target of the government. Due to being locked away for years Bari is very inexperienced with his power, from a fellow crewmate he was able to learn a bit of Rokushiki. Bari currently has 13 members in his crew, 



Name: Vegabond 
Age: 21 
Gender: Male 
Occupation: Interrigator 
Devil fruit: None 
Bounty:  15,000 berri   
Special skills: Vegabond is a Rokushiki master, however during his years in impel down his skills have dulled. However Vegabond is also a master in tourture and interrogation. 
Equipment: Vegabond carries an arsonal of shurikens, poison darts, flash bombs, and gas. He also carries a short ninja blade


Soru: Vegabond kicks the ground ten times in the blink of an eye allowing him to moving a high speeds.   
Tekkai: Vegabond makes his skin as hard as steel, unlike Bari, Vegabond is able to move while doing this.                                                                                                                                
Geppou: Vegabond kicks off the air itself allowing him to fight and move in mid air   
Shadow clone: Vegabond can make up to three clones using ninjutsu  
Durability: Vegabond is able to withstand insane damage, up to a large bulding or stadium.  
Strength: Vegabond can lift up to 1 ton  
Speed: Without soru Vegabond can run at around 60 mph, with soru he can run over mach speeds. 

Short bio: Vegabond is a quiet and merceless assassin with multiple charges of murder, he interrogated other inmates for food, soap, clothes, knifes and information on guards and scheduals. Weeks later Vegabond helped Bari escape and also taught him some rokushiki, he helps interrogate other pirates for information and such.

First mate:

Name:Iori Sugimura  
Age: 25    
Gender: Male       
Occupation: First mate     
Devil Fruit: None     
Bounty 20,000,000 berri    
Special skills: Expert swordsman   
Equpment: 10 foot long katana, throwing knives, giant crow 
Soru: Iori, kicks off the ground 10 times in the blink of an eye allowing him to move at high speeds. 
Geppou: Iori kicks off the air itself allowing him to fight in mid air. 
Soru slash: Combinding Soru and a quick draw attack,Iori can kill an opponent very quickly, sometimes without them noticing he moved at all. 
Crow attack: Iori tells his large crow to peck at the enemy with it's razor sharp beak.  
Rankyaku: Iori uses his sword a launches a powerful rankyaku blast capable of going through solid rock.   

Short bio: Iori was an ex-Captain of the Crowing pirates until their defeat by a navy admiral, Iori had been charged for killing multiple top ranking marines and a vice admiral. He was Bari's first friend and cell mate in Impel Down, he convinced Bari to gather tohers to break out.


Name: Bludge     
Age: 36  
Gender: Male   
Occupation: Fighter    
Devil Fruit: None   
Bounty:  10,000 berri  
Special skills: Bludge possesses extreme strength and is a expert wrestler.     
Equipment: None  

Super strength: Being the strongest member physiclt, Bludge can lift well over 50 tons. 
Super durability: Bludge can take damage up to a whole battle ship. 
Tekkai: Bludge can make his skin as hard as steel. 
Giga bomb slam: Bludge grabs the opponent, jumps high into the sky and uses a powerful pwer bomb, this slam had the force of a pirate bazooka. 
Titanic body slam: Bludge jumps into the air and rockets down with a body slam, the force is so powerful it can destroy whole ships and cause powerful vibrations.   

Short bio: Bludge was wanted fro conducting illegal underground fights, forcing captured marines to fight against him or any other bloodthirsty pirate, he was caught and after serving 10 years in impel donw, Bari helped him escape.


Name: Speck Chikatilo  
Age: 97  
Gender: Male 

Devil fruit: None   
Bounty:   34,000 berri 

Special skills: Speck is an exspert with high power weaponry as well as dirty tactics. 
Equpment: Sawed off shotgun, canon balls, bombs, blunderbust, Buster call button,gasoline, lighterfinlock pistol, cable wire. 
Speck does not specializes in any real fighting style nor does he have any real signature techniques, however he is a master of marine stated weapons and pirate tactics. 
Buster call: Stealing the buster call button, Speck can call for the elimination of anything he wants.  
Haki: Do to his horrified face and strong will, Speck is the only member of the Hurricane pirtes with Haki powerful enough to knock out weaker pirates.  
Short Bio: Speck was put in impell donwn 80 years ago because he systematically tortured, raped and murdered eight student nurses  as well as being convicted of 53 counts of murder to women and children. He organized the original plan and set up the equpment neccicary to flee impel Down with Bari and crew. However Speck wears a mask due to being tortured for years while in impel down. 

Powder monkey

Name: Dot  
Gender: Female Occupation:Powder Monkey  
Devil fruit: Munch munch fruit  
Bounty:  30,000 berri    
Special skills: Dot possesses the Baku Baku no mi, allowing her to eat and chew anything from wood to even the strongest metals. The eaten items can then be fused to turn her body into a weapon or be combined together to create something else.          
Equipment: Giant fork and knife  

Soru: Dot kicks off the ground ten times in a blink of an eye allowing her to move at super speeds. 
Baku Baku Shock ( バクバク食(ショック) , Baku Baku Shokku, "Chomp Chomp Shock"): After eating something, Dot can mutate the object or material into her body such as turning his arm into a cannon. 
Bero Cannon ( ベロ大砲(キャノン) , Bero Kyanon , "Tongue Cannon"): Dot transforms his tongue into a cannon and fires a solar blast at the enemy from collected solar energy. 
Canniblism: Dot can consume even humans.   

Short bio:10 years ago, Dot was draumatized by her family being murdered and was taken hostage by raiders, there she was forced to eat anything the raiders gave her, by mistake, they gave here the munch munch fruit, she then used this power to eat them. Weeks passed with nothing to eat, in order to survive she was forced to eat the cropse of her family, however the pain of doing this was too great, in order to lessen the pain, Dot blinded herself via cutting out her own eyes with a knife. When marines finaly found the scene they assumed she did the act, and was taken to Impel donw, Bari and crew then freed her.  

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I want in

to be continued...
 A follower of the absolute justice
 A follower of the absolute justice

Byson Overahm

Marine Commodore
Devil Fruit : Rocket Rocket Fruit (paramecia [covers rockets and missiles])
Weapon : Access to some of the more advanced modifications of marine technology
Short Bio:
A follower of the code of the absolute justice this marine seeks to improve the world by ridding it of pirates and has been called the one man buster call sometimes due to the destructive potential to his actions. He has been known to fly over his intended targets and obliterate them from distances , preferring his targets dead than alive and also infamous for his collateral damage
-Due to the nature of his powers he can fly either by modifying the muscles on his back to form a jetpack or jetboots 
-He can detach his arms to be used as missiles
-The explosive power can be modified  
 -his lower legs are cylinders containing missiles launched from his knees and his arms are cylinders containing missiles which can be launched from the elbows
 his ride
 his ride

(Unnamed attack) :   Flurry of missiles with auto-aim capabilities
Banzai Missile :  Fires a missile from its chest.   
Banzai Fire:  fire powerful missiles from his arm rocket launchers.  
Banzai Miracle :  Fires missiles from his back rocket launchers. 
Banzai Apache: Fires off missiles from compartments scattered throughout his armor.  
Banzai Gatling :  Fires two smart homing missiles from its chest, chasing enemies, which also contain machine guns.  
Banzai Bazooka :  Fires two large missiles from the missile launchers on shoulders.  
Banzai Destroyer: Launches two fish-shaped nuclear missiles from its chest.  (exclusively saved for shichibukai leveled characters and above)
Banzai Backhand: a slap as powerful as the explosion of a missile.
Banzai shower :  When fired, the missiles fly up into the air, then explode, raining down a hail of deadly rockets upon the target. This attack is capable of destroying entire cities with a single volley. 
Banzai Inferno: The cannons on hiss hands release thousands of rocketing fireball missiles at the enemy.  
Banzai rocket : His body dashes quickly and homes in on one opponent.  
Banzai Hurricane: He takes off into the air forming a spiraling cyclone-like pillar of fire  

Flight:  converts his legs into multiple enormous rockets. By subsequently igniting these he is not only able to obtain speeds in excess of supersonic proportions but also enough thrust to launch both himself and an opponent high into the stratosphere. However, the large blast associated with ignition makes this technique suitable in crowded areas, where others may be at risk. 
Techniques - Given from birth
Superhuman Strength : Comparable to a Giant
Superhuman speed :  Soru Level
Life Return : his paramecia covers the ability to turn to and generate rockets but life return allows him to manipulate them as extensions of his body
Hypnosis : an ability only used to turn the tables when an enemy has him on the ground (used only on player characters)

note: when his missiles are separated from his body they do not count as an ability, but live missiles that can be set to explode at a certain proximity
Special Skill: 
Demolitions , can macgyver things to create explosives

 a sample of what's to come
 a sample of what's to come
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@Kurohige:  Why everybody seems to have the Rokushiki? it was supposed to be a technique used by marines and the CP 9 
The Jagi inspired guy haves a Buster Call button? That's just too much power for a simple human, he also haves haki and escaped from Impel Down, it seems like he was more powerful than the Captain (except the captain is a Logia)
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@battleheiz:  Yuo have the three types of Haki, even the King Haki? That's kind of Overkiller
Post by BattleHeiz (5,769 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@Kuma_From_Argentina: Shanks, Luffy, Reyligh, Hancock and White bear even marco can use them(except for king Haki)
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He's a Marine so potential enemy for later.
Kind of a boss-type character.:p
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@battleheiz: And what are Shanks, Luffy, Reyligh, Hancock and White beard?  


 P.S: I'm not Kuma, I don't want anyone getting confused.
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@Maximus: As I said he's a high-rank Marine(Vice Admiral?). Being overpowered is just the bonus.:p

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@willyvereb: He was a marine, now his first mate.
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