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Arsenals comment sliped over Matt's head, who looked confused and shook his head. It is quite possible that he did inderstand what Arsenal was implying, but simply chose to ignore it becaus he didn't want to think about that. And he'll ignore the pictures taken by Ace if they appear in the newspaper.

Deciding that the conversation was defying reality too long Matt transformed into Wolfion and joined Thomas in murdering the zombies.

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Arsenal, Blondie and ALvin looked up to the fortress as their target, Fabre, stood to face them with an RPG over his shoulder. He launched it, firing the missile right into the group before dashing back into the building.

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The missile stoped in mid air. Then it suddenly turned around and went flying back at the building Fabre went into making a large hole/entrance. "Had enough sightseeing? Let's go." Thomas said and started walking towards the fortress.

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"Like hell you will!" Gin charged at the building slamming his fist into the wall. The explosion sent everything around him flying, but also created a hole big enough for an army to enter the building.

He had enough of the hide and seek.

Now it would be seek and destroy

He entered the building, not waiting for the rest to follow.

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The battle was heated, all members of the team charged the building, facing wall after wall of child soldiers, aiming their AK-47's-.

Forty seven in all, each one a precious, fleshy barrier between the team and their target.

"Can you portal it?" Arsenal asked Alvin, not liking the answer he'd get.

"Not without getting shot to pieces by falling kids." Alvin said, not taking well to the predicament.

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Thomas looked at the kids infront of him, guns ready to pierce their little hearts. But instead, he commanded them to stand down in a terrifying voice. His words were helped by a telepathic message going to every child showing images of death and decay, probably scarring the children for life, but their innocent minds were already destroyed. He also used a bit of mind control, for good measure.

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Childlike defence leaving, Arsenal lead the remainder of the team into the building.

"Come on old man." Fabre's voice echoed through the corrugated metal walls, hiding his location as more undead soldiers filled the corridors. "Come and join me in my dark feast."

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Thomas didn't just let the kids go away like that. He called in DEFuturuM HQ, telling them of the children's situation. DEFuturuM will take in the children, train them, make them into adault soulders. It wasn't a much better life, but it was better then what could happen to them now.

In retrospect, sending them images of the horrors he witnessed in all the wars he was in might not have been the smartest idea.

As the undead solders showed up, Matt went into Wolfion form ready to chew up the zombies. After he was done with his phone call, Thomas joined in, guns ablazing.

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The team made through, wading through flesh and gore as they made their way through the battlezone, their steps heralded by a fanfare of flying lead.

It faintly occurred to Alvin that some of these enemies may have been alive.

With practiced discomfort, he suppressed the urge to vomit, and continued to press forward, finger in the trigger, only releasing to reload.

Blondie also fired his weapon, but also used his ability to launch pillars of fire at the rear line of enemies, clearing the path and making their advancement easier.

Arsenal felt Fabre's presence.

They weren't far now.

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