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Harare, Zimbabwe - July 1983

"Ya know, when most girls ask a gentleman out, they usually pick somewhere less... volatile." Arsenal said with a smirk, stepping over the dead bodies as he walked into the alleyway to sit with his old master. "What's up?"

The thousand-year old girl smiled as she held his hand, a very unusual sign of affection from her. "I'm dying Arse." She said, taking some pleasure at his reflex wince.

That ruined his smile. "You want me to take he Code." He said.

"You had a long time to play with your little toy." She explained. "A lot longer than I got. I want to go Arsenal."

The veteran squeezed her hand. "Go." He told her with a smile. "It's the least I could do."

She looked at him, tears welling up as pink light began to devour her, starting from the toes and moving upward.

"Just... don't get caught." She warned him. "You're going to lose your collection, but Mugabe would love to get a hold on you."

Arsenal winked, pulling her into a hug. "Don't worry." He said as his hands started to pass through her back. "I'll be fine."

"Just... live..."

And then she was gone.

Arsenal sat in the alley for a few minutes. He didn't feel any different, barring the emotional hole in his chest, but she was gone.

That meant that he had the Code.

He got to his feet as gunshots ran out.

Turning on his heel, Arsenal dashed into the streets, where rebels fired upon military and vice versa. Not really thinking about whose side he was on, he instinctively held out his hand to the Military to launch a fireball, but it never came.

Bullets clipped his shoulder and thigh, and he dove back into the alley, rolling over the corpses as he clutched at his wounds. He looked over himself, only to see the bullets pop out of his skin as the flesh closed up.

He was immortal.

Just like master.

He'd have to get a gun.

Standing back up, Arsenal dove back into the streets, covering his head with his arms as bullets bit into his arms and torso, then collapsed on the other side for a breather.

Like before, the wounds healed himself like he was wolverine. Was Wolverine a thing yet? If not, he'd have to pop back to the ninety's and- oh.

That's right.

The only time travelling he was going to be doing was on public transport.

He looked up, and saw a grenade roll into the building he'd taken shelter in.

An odd thought ran through his mind.

I could recover from that.

And it exploded.





Burning, burning, pain.


Still hot, but not hurt.

I took a grenade to the face.

Arsenal pushed himself upright, looking himself over. His clothes were in shatters, he was covered in bloodstained debris, and there was a burning corpse nearby.

"Ma." A young boy behind Arsenal cried. "Ma!"



Arsenal tore to his feet, grabbing a rock, and hurled it at breathtaking accuracy at the gunman. It crushed the front of his skull, killing him instantly. He then turned to the child, bleeding on the floor.

Still conscious, but not breathing.

He got down to his knees, not caring what diseases this kid could be carrying, and began to administer mouth to mouth.

He was probably immune to whatever-

I want to live

That wasn't one of Arsenal's thought.

I want to live

Arsenal pulled back, remembering the feeling. It was just like whenever Master entered his mind.

Or when she...

Arsenal put his hands on the boy's chest.

If you want power, I can provide.

I if I grant power, will you survive? Arsenal asked the boy. I'll make you a deal, in exchange for me giving you this power, you have to make my one wish come true. Accept this deal, and you accept the conditions that come with it. While living in the world of humans, you will live like none of them. A different world, a different time, a different life. The power of kings will sentence you to a life of solitude.

Are you prepared for this?



Arsenal breathed deeply, and leant in, kissing the dying child and starting the flow of power.


Arsenal got up, having passed out from the Geass transfer, and took in his surroundings.

He was alone.

Even the corpses were gone.

He heard screams, and rushed to the the source.

A woman.

A woman walking into heavy gunfire.

She kept on walking.

Eventually taking the gun from the shooter and beating him senseless.

He looked around, and there was more of them.

At least a dozen of the walking dead.

And that boy was there.

His right eye gleaming in a violet light.

Arsenal knew, at that moment, what had to be done.

He couldn't do it.

He ran.

Matadi, Democratic Republic of Congo - July 2013

Thirty years.

It was too long.

Not to allow that sin to remain uncorrected.

Arsenal waited in the shade of the internet cafe, the arranged meeting place.

Waiting for the rest of his team.

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A group of four was standing on a dusty road in Matadi. They had brown tattered cloths over their usual clothes to avoid standing out too much. They were concerned with things quiet different than those of the people around them. They were on the search for the leader of their recently formed team. The four of them were sent there directly from the DIA HQ. Congo was both where they would meet the leader and do a mission at the same time.

In the middle was a young man with silver hair and glasses. Lute Hazama, the newest A-Class member of DIA who was promoted to that position just the other day. Next to him was a slightly older person with the same hair color but no glasses and he had black leather gloves. Gin Tatsumi, also a fairly inexperienced A-Class. Behind them was a blond man wearing an overall, a B-Class who was a member of DIA for a long time, Duke Gene.

And lastly there was a girl to Lute's right. She had a purple beret and right under it a braid of the same color. She was Rosell Francis, the newest member of DIA and also a B-Class.

Even though they were there for some time now, they had some trouble finding their leader.

"Where the hell is he Hazama? Come on i want to get on with this." Gin complained while kicking a stone against the wall. He was obviously inpatient and annoyed. "Guys it's hot and i don't have anywhere to sit." Duke cried out right behind them drawing the attention of the people around him while putting his hands behind his head.

Lute only sighed, he had no authority over the two and couldn't do anything and besides, they barely knew each other. The only one that remained silent was Rosell.

After walking around for a few more hours Lute finally spotted the building.

"Found it." he declares as the four of them make their way to it.

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A small plane flew over Matadi. It was nothing special. Wouldn't attract much, if any attention. And no one would see DEfuturuM's logo on the side. The plane flew over to drop a package. In fact the package jumped out as it flew over a building. As he landed Thomas though about his asignament. As part of the F.E.A.R. team Thomas had the duty to locate and murder supernatural beings, despite being one himself. That's why it wasn't too surprising that he was sent here.

He was summoned to F.E.A.R. Command. He was told that in Congo there was a warlord with the ability to raise the living dead. A supernatural ability, and a problem that required a hasty solution. But with Thomas's telepathy it wasn't too much of a problem to find the real reason for his dispatch. Apperently the walking dead are a problem for DEfuturuM's buissnis. For a second Thomas wondered what their buisniss was. They produced high-tech gadgets and robots for the millitery, they had special teams dedicated to killing supernatural beings. So obviously they were a militery company and they would actually profit froma warlord. But apperently, not.

But it didn't matter to Thomas. He would do his job, no matter what. When he landed on the roof he quickly got to the ground level, unnoticed. When he looked around he noticed he was in some kind of internet cafe. It was rather ordinary and if he payed attention he would have noticed a man approached by a few rather suspicious individuals. But he didn't. As he exit the building the only though on his mind was how he had to find the warlord.

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@Legato: @ChronoWolf:

A young man tapped Thomas on the shoulder. "Hey, you're that vampire hunter dude, right?" He asked, smiling as he did so.

"I'm Alvin, you were there in Kansas last month, right?" The young man asked. "Look, if you're here for Fabre, we've got a team together. Vetinari is leading the op."


"Hey kids." Arsenal said as his team from DIA entered the cafe. "We're just waiting on a couple more and I'll start the briefing."

The door opened wide as a blonde, Caucasian male knelt in the entryway, head kept low in a formal kneeling posture.

"Oh hell no." Arsenal said, palming his face.

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@Legato: @SamJaz: The man seemed quite fomiliar to Thomas. Yes, he has seen him at Kansas. "If you know where that warlord is then I shall join you. Lead the way young man." A bit formal for Thomas's liking but he couldn't afford losing valuable information about the enemy's location. Then again, he could just read their minds and find where it is, but having back up wouldn't hurt. Not that the guy could hurt Thomas, the most powerfull creature on earth. Still, these weaklings would provide a distraction for Thomas.

While Thomas was mentaly feeding his supiriority complex he let Alvin lead him to the rest of the group.

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"You're Arsenal-san right?" Lute asked, remained silent for a few seconds and then just continued as he question was pointless to being with and he already knew the answer. "I'm Lute Hazam, A-Class, these are Gin Tatsumi, also A-Class, Duke Gene and Rosell Francis, two B-Classes". Lute finished the introduction of the whole team and then sat down, the rest of them following his example.

"Um, who are we waiting for?"

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

"Right, come on in." Arsenal said. "Lute, Gin, Duke, Rosell, Boy, this is Alvin Himmelskarte and Thomas Leach, representing Sketchinoda and F.E.A.R.. This operation is codenamed Lotus Eater, and we're waiting on another player. Our objective is the assassination of a warlord that goes by the name of Julius Fabre. He can reanimate corpses by looking into their eyes, but rather than establishing a cult around himself, he's using this power to fuel his military conquest of western Africa. These are not zombies. They don't die when you shoot them in the head and they can use weaponry. You won't turn into one if you get bitten but you will catch something unpleasant, if not HIV then it'll be cholera."

"Who's the kid?" Alvin asked, nodding towards the blond young man dressed like he was from a Samurai war film.

"Boy, introduce yourself." Arsenal said with a sigh.

"I am a humble servant of noble master." The blonde samurai said. "I have no name."

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

"And the hell does that have to do with us?" Gin was the first one to stand up and protest. Even though the others didn't say anything they seemed to be confused by the situation as well. Especially Lute and Rosell seemed to be thinking hard. After all it was strange for all of them that he didn't mention a DOOR a single time in the briefing. With that it was only natural for them to question why they even were there. To say it bluntly, a DIA mission that didn't involve a DOOR didn't exist.

"Um, i'd like to know as well Arsenal-san?" Lute spoke after Gin, in a far more polite manner but with the same demanding voice and curiosity.

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@SamJaz: @Fehafare: Thomas didn't see any reason for the man's out burst. He read his mind and saw the problem.

"I might be wrong but if I had to guess then the corpses he turns into those zombies are probably coming from one of those 'DOORs'." Thomas himself didn't care about what the guy had to sat. He just wanted to finish the mission as soon as possible.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

"The DOOR is in Fabre's eyeball." Arsenal explained. "It's defined as a GEASS- a specific DOOR to the collective human subconscious and manifests in human eyes after contact with an immortal entity known as a CODE, and grants the power to manipulate other people through the usage of the DOOR."

Arsenal nodded towards the blonde samurai. "This boy has one in his left eye that allows him to download the memories of those he makes eye contact with, but I'll vouch for him." He explained. "No need to extract his eyeball, but Fabre is a different story altogether. Even blinded he will pursue the death of those around him, so we need to put him down then destroy his eyes. If any of you want to walk out on this mission, your flight leaves in three hours."

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Africa, a continent Celestine wasn't too familiar with, but it was an order from her mistress and sister Kita to find a person by the name of Julius Fabre. Wearing a somewhat revealing cowgirl attire, the augment vampire walked through the town and headed for the internet cafe. It was a place she learned about through a woman she made a light snack of earlier and gathered her memories. Celestine saw group of people at the cafe right on schedule. Celestine walked up to the  group saying with a bright smile on her face, "Howdy yall, I'm Tina Savarius. Sorry I'm late had to get a bite to eat."
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@Fehafare: @Sonata: @SamJaz:

Hmm? Another one? How many people do they think are needed to kill one man? A bunch of zombies aren't exactly a great wall of defence. Just jump over them and cut the guy in half. All these people better not get in my way. - Thomas though greating the newcomer with a sour expresion on his face.

"Are we quite ready to leave by now or do you need to go powder your noses first?" He was getting very anoyed by all the waiting. He was starting to regret his decision to team up with these guys. Then with his super hearing he noticed a blond guy asking around for information about Fabre. he just hoped the guy wouldn't approach the group.

"Excuse me..." Stupid Murphy's law. "You guys wouldn't happen to know anything about Julius Fabre, would you?" Matthew Anderson asked the group.

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@ChronoWolf: @Sonata: @Fehafare: @Legato:

"Join the club, we have jackets." Alvin said, standing upright as he made a headcount. The two jeeps they brought ought to do it. "Sup bro." Alvin added, holding out a fist to Matt to bump, recognising his buddy from the Hellscraper.

"I'll drive the first vehicle, Rosell can drive the second." Arsenal announced, tossing the girl a set of keys. "Boy does not get to ride shotgun, he can sit in the back with the guns."

He turned to face Thomas. "And yes. It does take this much to kill one man. And they're closer to Risen than your classic zombies. Zombies don't know Command Sambo or dismantle your assault rifle."

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"Alvin! Long time no see. What've you been up to?" Matt said fistbumbing Alvin. "I suppose this means that you do know where that guy is? Great, let's go kill that bastard."

Thomas just shrugged after Arsenals words. f that's really what the man thinks then there won't be too much use from the group. He should have brough the rest of the F.E.A.R. team. At least they wouldn't be scared of Fabre.

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@SamJaz: @Sonata: @ChronoWolf:

"Fine." Gin while still annoyed stopped complaining about it.

Rosell looked at the keys handed to her for a second and then said with a stoic look on her face, "I can't, I don't know how to drive." the rest of her own team looked surprised, everyone except Lute. He didn't know who she was or what kind of person she was, and as such he shouldn't be too surprised by any new information he gets.

"Sweet!" Duke said it with no indoor voice while snatching the keys from Rosell's hand and then swinging them around his finger.

He was born to drive.

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@ChronoWolf: @Legato: @Fehafare: @Sonata:

Arsenal lead the two teams out into the street. The sun was shining, men were drinking across the streets while a teenager walked a goat. Three kids were playing with playdough in the car park while their mothers gossiped, trading buckets of laundry for buckets of water.

Arsenal raised his key and opened the car, then dropped down as it exploded, engulfing three other cars and one of the mothers in flames.

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@SamJaz: @Sonata: @ChronoWolf:

Duke is forced down by the shockwave, falling down onto his back. "Awww, come on man, give me a break." he cries as he gets up and nearly sheds tears over the destroyed vehicle. The other three remained unfazed by the explosion, not even blinking. Lute and Rosell through pure stoicism and Gin with sheer grit as it seemed.

"There goes or ride." Gin states it with a poisonous voice, as if he was happy about the event.

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@Legato: @ChronoWolf: @Sonata:

Arsenal whipped around, scanning the rubble. "Where's those kids?!" He shouted, turning and sprinting as the kids crawled under a wire fence.

The blonde samurai bolted after them, overtaking Arsenal and leaping the fence as he drew his blade. "HOLD, URCHINS-"


The blonde landed against the rails, bullet holes in his chest as the urchin with the smoking gun turned to follow the kids with the C-4.

"They've got enough to blow up a building." Alvin said to the team, creating portals to travel through the city. "We need to take them down."

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@SamJaz: @Sonata: @ChronoWolf:

"Tch, am i supposed to be a babysitter now?" Gin kicked up a small stone into his hand rising up dust with it as well.

He catches it in his hand and as soon as it made contact with him, for a split second red lightning ran from one side of the stone to the other.

Rather than chasing after the kids he just flicks the stone after them. More akin to a bullet than a thrown stone, it's not even visible to the human eye.

"Gin, wait!" Lute protests but it's already too late, before he could finish his sentence the stone caught up to the kids.


An explosion right behind their backs. Only those who where at the back of the group actually got caught in the fire explosion, the rest was only kicked down by the shockwave.

Gin slowly made his way to the lot.

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