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Kyo Yagami
Kyo Yagami

Name: Yagami Kyo 京八神

Sex: MAN

Age: 24

Occupation: Lawyer / Assassin

Nationality:, he's f@ckin' Japanese

Aliases: Kyo of the Demon Eyes, Shinigami, King of the Night

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 176 lbs

Orientation: Just the ladies;)

Martial Status: Single


Everything you want.
Everything you want.



Kyo seems to be a kind and very gentle person. Despite his intelligence he's friendly and easily approachable. People often find easy to talk with him.He's also very helpful. Be it his friends or a complete stranger Kyo is eager to aid anyone in need. He's regularly seen doing charity work in his free time. Kyo's generally composed and calm. He rarely loses his cool. Even if someone insults or openly threatens him Kyo tries to calmly reason with them. Although he isn't a complete pacifist. Seeing uneven treatment or injustice angers Kyo and sometimes he can go for extreme lengths to defend the poor victims. His kindness also make him a little too trusting. Some people abuse Kyo's good nature but he doesn't mind it at all.

Secretly though, he has dual personalities. The kind outer persona of Kyo (暁, meaning dawn), conceals the vicious KYO (凶, meaning evil or bad luck). KYO is coldblooded and violent. He's driven by the simple impulse to kill. Killing and murder is just a way to get some thrill for him. He views his preys as simple cattle to slay for his liking. Compared to the respectable Kyo, KYO is almost like a child playing a game. He's spiteful and awfully cocky. He believes everything was made for his amusement. Despite that KYO is dangerously smart in combat and occasionally shows exceptional insight. His pride also won't allow him to settle down with simple killings. To continue his ancestors' steps as a demon hunter KYO prefers to kill beings that aren't human. Against vampires, demon and the undead he shows no mercy. Aside from inhuman bodies, KYO also hunts people with inhuman souls. Criminals, murderers and vile villains are all on the assassin's killing list. Similar to his outer persona, KYO also has the tendency to protect the weak and powerless. In spite of the looks KYO has a bit of decency in him.

In the past, these two personalities were in constant turmoil. But recently they found compromise. The gentle Kyo gained absolute superiority on the day. But in exchange he must allow KYO to roam free in the night. Kyo Yagami experiences a double life. On day he has the job of a honest lawyer while at night he hunts inhumans as the dreaded Shinigami. KYO also likes to accept odd assassination jobs as long as they fit his special ideal.


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Kyo was the member of the Yagami Clan, a secret bloodline of demon hunters. His father was Kiri Yagami . Her mother died while giving birth to Kyo. He had never seen his mother. According to the customs Kyo was trained in the arts of killing since very young age. He learned how to handle a knife before he even managed to learn walking.




Assassination Skills: As the member of the Yagami Clan, Kyo was learning the art of murder ever since toddler age. He was taught in martial arts, stealth, tracking and at the use of various weapons. He became an expert to induce all 108 known ways of violent death. Through insane effort and rigorous training Yagami Clan posses supernatural skills. Their techniques became so seamless and advanced that the Reality gave up limiting their movements altogether. Despite being a normal human Kyo can achieve superhuman feats.

Presence of Nothingness: Kyo is a master at covering up his emotions and presence. His aura is so faint he feels almost transparent. It's nearly impossible to sense any intent from Kyo or guess his next course of action. That makes Kyo completely unpredictable and able to easily disappear from plain sight at the smallest lack of attention.

Inhuman Strength: Kyo can express force beyond human levels. He can casually break necks or fracture their skulls with one punch. By using a bladed weapon Kyo can also cut through steel bars like they were made of butter.

Impossible Agility: Kyo has balance, speed and nimbleness previously unheard of. He can easily perform dangerous and backbreaking acrobatics, run up on walls or even change his position mid-air. To the rules of physics Kyo officially says "Fuck you!". Aside from his fluid movements Kyo is also remarkably fast. He can run like a cheetah and for a short burst he can enhance his speed beyond the range the human eye can register. Kyo can easily surpass the sound barrier and do it without causing either sonic booms or any hint of noise for that matter.

Willpower Liberation: Kyo trained not only his but but also his mind. Through various meditation techniques Kyo practices superhuman mental discipline. Kyo also learned how to "separate" his conscious from his body . As such Kyo can ignore pain and seemingly unaffected by critical injuries for a while. Even while near death, Kyo can fight at full capacity. In addition Kyo has a rather ellusive mind which mentalist find extremely difficult to control.


Nanatsu-Yoru (七夜 , Dagger of the Seven Nights): Ancient heirloom of the Yagami Clan. It's a ceremonial knife wielded by the current head of the Yagami. Through accumulated history and experience the knife gradually transformed into a weak conceptual weapon. Nanatsu-Yoru is dagger with unusual sharpness and strength. The weapon is also able to assume the form best fitting its master. In Kyo's case Nanatsu-Yoru looks like just a common fruit knife.

Throwing Knives: Aside from Nanatsu-Yoru, Kyo usually keeps 20 additional knives. They are small, lightweight and used for throwing with great precision.

Steel Strings: A cord of thin steel wire used for silent assassination. Kyo developed a wide diversity with the steel strings, varying from quick mercy kills, torture to violent and flashy ways of death. The wires are surprisingly strong and able to support Kyo's entire weight. He often applies them for climbing up high places or perform various aerial acrobatics.

Mystic Eyes

Coming soon...maybe.



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@DemonEyesKyo: Nice start... again xD So, rebooting kyo?
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@DemonEyesKyo: Awesome bio. o-o.
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@Emerald_Flame_Fate: Yeah, old Kyo got boring.
@xXZeroXx: Of course he is.:p
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@DemonEyesKyo: Can't wait to see what re-booted Kyo's powers will be. :D
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@DemonEyesKyo: Shiki!! Yes!!!XD
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@Dahlia_Magenta said:
@DemonEyesKyo: Shiki!! Yes!!!XD
...I mean Yes! Yes!
Let's say I played too much Melty Blood.:p
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@DemonEyesKyo: LOl Melty Blood rocks, I like the fact hes a lawyer, and assassin. I think they can be one in the same somethimes:P
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@Dahlia_Magenta: LOL right. It's easy to prove that your client was innocent when it was YOU who had committed the killing:p
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@DemonEyesKyo: LOL vert crafty, this also gives me an excuse to look up Shiki pics:P
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@Dahlia_Magenta: I'm looking forward to it.;)
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Nice, this Kyo seems much more likable :P
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welcome back :) nice reboot bio even though I'll miss the old kyo his was Crow was real battle 
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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Yeah, sorry dude. It was really a fun fight.
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@DemonEyesKyo:Do you plan to give him MEoDP?

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@Levance: Of course:p

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@DemonEyesKyo:The ones of Ryougi or the ones of Tohno/nanaya?

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@Levance: The eyes of Tohno Shiki, naturally. Although he has no difficulties to turn the MEoDP off at will.

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@DemonEyesKyo: So no strain, however that kind of eyes cannot kill abstract concepts likes the one of Ryougi

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@Levance: Well, that's another difference compared to Tohno.

Also Kyo does feel strain from using MEoDP. That's why he usually turns them off.

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