Nickycha kiki sanban

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She the daughter of inuyasha and kagome and sister or mickycha
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Name: nickycha Kiki sanban nickname : the shikon jewel princess and nick age: 15 height: 147 . 9 cm weight: 61 . Kg weapons : the shikon jewel Race : half demon/ half vampire/ half human Family : inuyasha sanban ( dead ) , kaogme sanban ( dead ) Mickycha keke sanban , cat demon : kirara Appearance : Small stature With blue eyes with yellow hair her Clothes are ninja top with trimming and shorts with black ninja shoes She defend her family honor with everything she got protect the jewel from demons no matter What Even her own life personality: nickycha is a type of teenager who take her own life seriously like most teenagers Nickycha is the type of kid who has emotional problems after the death of her beloved mother and father She always cry and blames it on herself wishing that horrible day never happen She once happy Then sad Then angry Then love Then kind Then sweet She always have a picture of them in her memories and the shikon jewel she keep safe from her family from evil feeds from the past coming to find it and possessed the jewel for there evil needs And even as her two she fight to protect it as Long she does'nt failed like the rest of her race. And her friend call her nick short for nickycha She moves to the leaf village after two weeks later of her mom and dad death transformation: She can transform into the heart of crystal form when her power is full with anger mood She can look at the Person Blood and chakra points as well Her 2nd transformation is a demon she can be a demon but only a moment of time she only half just like her father She has only till three hours to be a demon But if she remade in her demon form for two long she can damned her chakra and heart even her life at state Her 3nd transformation is the shikon jewel / the heart of Atlantis she can blocks evil feed from hurting her even she know the jewel Is very protected by it power it help her with her chakra with full power but even so being with the jewel cost life means if she fail she can be lost to the heart of crystal forever Weakness : nickycha big weakness is blood cause the horrible event she had when she was only 8 years old Unloved , betrayed , no mother no father , no love Dislike: hate to be call cow and a man stealer and smart talk History : nickycha history have chapters that unsloved in her life that she have to be chose not by her fath but the jewel has chose it for her to be the shikon Phoenix Allies : dark kasumi is nickycha evil side she will stop at nothing to win even when she possessed nickycha body Crush : naruto uzumaki
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I repeat more grammar errors and I dont even know what you are trying to say considering that it is so bunched up together I get lost in what You are saying.

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