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@Vapovile: Genius! Thanks man. Nailed the character interaction hilarity.

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Nice. And good news for Haruko, Arthur bought a miniature (or three) of Shelly. And also a Brian voodoo doll.

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@Vapovile: AWESOME!

Splendid work, I loled at all the jokes and I thank you for all the references.

Its been a while since I won Vicer of the Month

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@Vapovile: Fantastic work and congratz to the winners.

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@Vapovile: GREAT JOB! That was an awesome award :) You have a bright future here Vapo

and to those wondering it was me who shipped Haruko and Hitomi! XD I will make it my life's mission to ship those two.

but first who the hell shipped Crow and Gen! :P

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@Vapovile: Bene. Muto bene.

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@Fehafare: Thanks! It's been fun discovering this little niche of the Vice. Hopefully activity keeps at this pace :D.

@SamJaz: @Eleventh: @Sonata: Thanks guys!

@ChronoWolf: Hehe, I think she would be very interested in those two things xD.

@Kuma_From_Argentina: No problem man! I wanted to reference a couple of everyone's characters, and I'd say it came out pretty well. Kuro-san has kind of turned into a reoccurring character in these awards, eh?

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Thanks Lobo! I was implying that it was you in the post when I put on the hat, since Crow's the main one that has a hat around here and I wanted to see if anyone got the connection. And I'm afraid that you can ship them all you want, but Haruko isn't into yuri :p. Plus like I said in my post, I will never reveal my sources! Muahahahaha.

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@Vapovile: Who's Kuro-San? Never heard of him.

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Vapovile said:

, since Crow's the main one that has a hat around here


This site ain't big enough for the two of us partner.

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@Eleventh: I would play the shit out of a Western Assassin's Creed game XD Oh and save as ;)

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Hidden Blade and Hidden Lasso, one mission you need to capture a Templar, tie him up, carry him on your horse to the town's edge and dump him on the rail tracks.

It'll be immense.

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Yuna and Aragi stepped into the portal, walking across the castle parapets in expensive dresses and high heels. “Are you sure this is the place?” She asked, looking at the empty courtyard. “I don’t want to be the only one’s missing out.”

“Have I ever lead you wrong?” Aragi asked, grinning. “This is a short cut.”

Stepping inside, they found an extravagant lounge with photographs stapled to the walls, and one man in shorts and a T-shirt examining them. Aragi coughed, and the man turned to face them.

“Excuse me, but is this the location for the May Vice Awards?” Yuna asked, stepping forward.

The man groaned. He didn’t think anyone would actually find the place.

“Alright, you got me.” He sighed, personally happy that everyone else was still waiting at the theatre they met at last month. No way was he walking into that death trap without a seat near the back. “You might as well pick out your favourite hero from that wall over there.” He instructed them, leaning against a table and letting them see the photos.

Yuna and Aragi grinned at each other, then started picking out various photos. Callis, SamJaz, Moore and more were considered, but in the end it came down to two men.

“But he’s a cowboy.” Aragi insisted.

“He’s a reformed thief who’s focusing on raising a family as a gentleman!” Yuna countered.

“But he’s a cowboy!” Aragi repeated.

“Name one heroic thing he’s done this month.” Yuna stated.

“Be a cowboy!” Aragi answered.

“Then best hero comes to a tie between Crow and Crown.” The man decided. “Really, it shouldn’t be this hard.”

“Oh yeah?” Aragi snapped. “You try if it’s so hard!”

The man looked, shrugged, reached to the wall of photos behind him and took one at random. “Best neutral, Haruko Miyata.” He said.

“That’s not fair.” Yuna told him. “Just who do you think you are, overturning the democratic process of the Vice Awards like this?”

“I’m Altair the Assassin, the Betrayer, of the Creed.” The man said, placing the photo back on the wall. “Pick whatever title you want. Haruko received double the votes anyone else in that category did.”

Yuna was about to object, but chose not to. Aragi ignored the intimidation attempt, but started humming a song about ABC’s and 123’s as Altair moved on to the next category.

“Best Villain.” He said, walking about the room and stretching his shoulders. “We all know who deserves this award.”

“Actually, you weren’t even nominated.” Yuna replied as she checked the envelope, causing Altair to turn in surprise. “The winner this month was Jardsam.”

Altair stood in mute horror. “He didn’t even do anything villainous this month.” He argued, shaking his head. “I’ll finish this.” He decided, snatching the rest of the envelopes from Aragi and pushing her onto the sofa.

“Best fight sequence.” Altair announced to his audience of two. “Overwhelming consensus for the battle against Draug on the Soundbreaker. A fight I was instrumental in bringing about.”

“Yeah, you did nothing.” Aragi argued. “You showed up, snuck around the big guy and attacked his sidekick, and even she was taken down by someone else.”

Altair said nothing, only opening the next envelope with his wrist blade. “The best… bromance?” Altair asked as Yuna and Aragi started hugging each other’s shoulders. “Really? This better not be… it isn’t!”

Yuna’s jaw dropped. Aragi opened a bottle of champagne, poured herself a glass, chugged it down and spat at against the wall. “WHAT!?”

“Yes!” Altair shouted. “Best bromance of the month of May is NOT FCL! It was actually Ciel Rhea and Elliot Fabre!”

“And not us?” Yuna asked, hurt.

“Well, you two have done nothing except go to a swimming pool.” Altair shrugged. “Best Rivalry, and it’s actually a tie. Sid versus Gen and Gen Versus Crow.” He read out. “Which is odd, since his favourite attack this month was when he tried to punch Sarutobi…”

“You have zero amount of showmanship.” Aragi interrupted, moving quickly and snatching the envelope from the assassin’s hands before he could react. “Our next category celebrates the finishing moves, the epic beatdowns, the crowning moment of awesome that was the single most badass event that happened in ANY thread this month. And the winner is…”

Yuna started drumming her hands against a table while Aragi opened the envelope. “Ta-Da! It’s Arthur Cromwell protecting Lily from a rapist.”

“Are you kidding me!?” Altair shouted, rising to his feet. “I murder rapists on a regular basis!”

“But you weren’t voted.” Aragi countered. “In our next category we celebrate the funniest moments of hilarity this month has brought out! These moments made us lol, rofl, and do something with mayo. The nominees are…”

Altair rolled his eyes and folded his arms as Yuna rose up to help read the nominees. “Moore, Emily and Molly playing spin the bottle! The ending of the Gen and Pitch battle! People asking Ciel where her skirt is, and Callis’s reaction to Luna’s body, as well as their interaction with George.”

“And the winner is…” Aragi said, looking at Altair expectantly.

“You aren’t getting a drum roll.” The assassin told her.§

“Come on!” Yuna begged, and the Assassin drew a pistol from his waist and shot her in the head.

Aragi vanished, dropping the envelopes only to be struck down by a hidden blade to the throat.

Leaving the two bodies on the floor, Altair picked up the envelopes and got them back into order. “Crowning moment of funny is Callis’s reaction to Luna’s body, now clean yourselves up.” He instructed the two girls as they regenerated.

Leaving the room, Altair started walking down the stairs. “Best tear jerker scene… oh, of course that’s what they picked. They always make me out to be the bad guy.”

Altair tossed the envelope aside. “Best tear jerker is Hagane’s reaction to Coleen’s death.” He said to no one in particular as he looked at the next envelope. “Next up is best line.” He said, rolling his eyes. “This one never has a clear winner… oh.” He said in surprise, reading who had actually won. “Take care of her, and tell her that you love her more often, by Jardsam, A clean-cut victory for once. Wow, that was easy.”

Altair stepped backwards as Aragi jumped into his way. “Hand them over.” She ordered, and Altair handed her the top envelope without complaint. “Thank you- wait a minute that’s not fair!” She shouted as Yuna began walking down the stairs to join them. “We all know who won best couple! Same couple that always wins!”

“But SamJaz got together with Luna, something’s starting with Arthur and Lily, and Crow’s a bit of a romantic.” Altair replied, knowing that his arguments didn’t change the inevitable.

Aragi opened the envelope as Altair left the hallway. “Best couple is Hagane and Aleister Crown you son of a witch!”

Altair smirked. “Yuna, Aragi.” He said, lifting his next envelope as he pulled the T-shirt over his head. “Of all the non-existent couples, aren’t you interested in hearing the Vice’s favourite?”

The two girls said nothing as Altair took a white shirt from behind a chair and pulled his arms into the sleeves. “There were a lot of nominees, but only one stood out as the fan favourite. Personally, I think it would be interesting to see what would happen if they did get together. Sadly, the fates are often too cruel to allow me such amusement.”

“Who was it?” Yuna asked, curious as Altair opened the envelope.

“Lily Crown and Yancy Derriere, or as the fanboys say, Lancy.” Altair read, stepping back into view with his shorts turned into full-length trousers. “Funnily enough, Yancy also won the Yandere of the month thanks to an eleventh-hour burst of psycho in Danger Days.”

“That couple’s never going to happen.” Yuna agreed as Aragi looked between them, confused. “So, what’s next?”

“The best story thread.” Altair said, reading the next envelope and opening it up. “What If dominated this category, and even housed the Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, with Hagane half-unconsciously comforting Aleister while he cleaned her up after being electrocuted half-to death.”

“Aw…” Aragi said as Altair tossed the empty envelope into her face.

“Best location.” Altair read next, drawing a bow tie and wrapping it around his neck, before tossing it aside before opening the envelope. “Soundbreaker won in a landslide victory that I’ll have to agree with. Which leads us onto-

“Best NPC?” Yuna asked.

“Best NPC.” Altair confirmed, opening the envelope. “We’ve had Jericho Strife, Clair Crown, Mister Blue and that poor pilot who kept having the heart attacks. However, one NPC stole everyone’s hearts and came out as a clear winner. Her name is…” Altair paused for effect. “Rin Shishioh!”

“You’re getting better at this Showmanship lark.” Aragi commented as Altair unbuttoned his top button and found himself a jacket.

“Thank you, I try.” The assassin bowed. “Best NPC villain went to a group of individuals working together in the best location in what was once the best story thread, it was the Undead Train-Jackers of Unexpected Train Ride!”

“So, I guess this leaves us with the Meta awards.” Yuna asked. “Best writer, best player, and vicer of the month?”

“That is absolutely correct.” Altair said, handing two of the remaining envelopes to the girls and walking off, taking a small piece of hair gel from a pot by the door and rubbing it in either hand before taking it through his hair.

“I’ll go first.” Aragi said giddily, opening her envelope. “Best Writer had a number of votes, but give us a round of applause for our runner’s up, Vapovile and Lobos!”

Yuna started clapping supportively, but Aragi was greeted with silence.

“Ahem.” Aragi said. “Our winner, for best writer in the month of May, goes to… FEHAFARE!”

“Whoo!” Yuna shouted. “Yeah! All right. My turn.”

Aragi jumped a little, getting excited as Yuna slowly opened her envelope. “The winner, for best player of the month, narrowly beating our favourite South American Bear for first place, it’s… VAPOVILE!”

Aragi screamed, grabbing Yuna’s arm and jumping up and down in excitement. “Oh, this is so great this is so great.” Aragi said, before turning to where the Assassin was a second ago.

He was gone.


Meanwhile, in the Apollo theatre in London, a large crowd started to gather in anticipation of the monthly vice awards ceremony. A young British man, early twenties, stood tall in a new suit backstage while the band played.

He awaited for the moment he would be called to deliver the winners of the latest awards ceremony, when he felt a sharp pain in his back.

“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” A deep voice whispered in his ear as a hand covered his mouth and pulled him to the ground. “Rest in peace.” He added, and the host of tonight’s ceremony was no more.

Altair walked onto the stage, extending his arms and standing in the spotlight. “HELLO EVERYONE!” He shouted, grinning in his suit. “My name is Eleventh and I will be your host for tonight’s ceremony. We thought we’d change the order up a little and start tonight’s awards with where we usually end, the Vicer of the Month!”

The crowd cheered, and Altair lifted the envelope from his pocket. “And the winner is…” He said, opening it with his thumbs and reading the winner.


“It’s ME everyone!” Altair lied, stuffing the paper into his sleeve as a security team stormed the stage. The assassin cut through their throats with his hidden blades, and lifted the hood of his tuxedo over his head. “Thank you and goodnight!” He shouted, before sprinting offstage and out of the window.

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@Eleventh: Nice work

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@Eleventh: Great awards ceremony! Holy crap, I won Vicer of the Month without a tie, and got it 3 times in a row o.o Thanks a bunch everyone :D!

Oh gee, I wonder who they are referring to when they said Crow is a romantic. Ah well, Lancy would have been a hilarious couple...though maybe not for Lily.

And poor random British dude who got stabbed by Altair, he never even got a chance to do the awards. Guess they forgot to hire Falken as a security guard again after Kuma's awards ceremony.

Still, awesome job!

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As usual nice ceremony. Gotta love Altair's antics. And oh awesome ending too, tbh felt like Altair was channeling Taylor there.

Like always congratulations to those who won and better luck next time to those who were avoided by an award this month.

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@Fehafare: Thank you very much. And Altair does like the attention.

@Vapovile: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Cheers.

So, who's next?

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Anime Vice Awards of June 2014, hosted by ChronoWolf (and company)

The sky was covered in stars and the moon was high in the sky, shining upon a small patch of water and the large wooden ship sailing across it. While the ship might have looked like some sort of ghost ship to spectators, what with the moonlight constantly following it like some sort of spotlight, it was in fact filled with lots and lots of people. Waves hit the side of the ship making it sway from side to side, but the people on board didn't even notice the swaying because of the magic enchantments keeping everyone firmly planted on the ground, mostly to avoid anyone getting seasick during the proceedings. The sound of sea shanties sang by burly sailors/pirates filled the air, drowning out both the waves and the seagulls. They were supposed to entertain the guests while the hosts of the show got ready.

Just as the sailors finished their rendition of Drunken Sailor, a brown-haired teen exit the captain's cabin and clapped his hands once to signal that they didn't have to continue singing. He climbed the stairs to the side of the cabin, leading up to the ship's wheel though the wheel itself was missing, instead replaced by a very comfortable looking couch. The teen sat on the couch and started talking, his voice echoing across the whole ship even though he didn't have a microphone or anything else to amplify his voice

"Ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls and manchildren of all genders! I, the great and mighty ChronoWolf, would like to welcome you all aboard the Jackdaw for the (technically) seventh monthly award ceremony! Me any my co-hosts did everything we could to give you an authentic feel on staying on a pirates ship without any of the seasickness from boat rocking, so I'll assume you appreciate that. Speaking of my co-hosts, let me introduce to you the one, the only, Matthew Anderson!"

The guests all cheered at those words and Matt exit the captains cabin wearing a, yep you guessed it, a fancy shmancy suit. He walked with confidence and once he got to the couch, he turned and waived to the audience before sitting down. "Thank you for having me here tonight, CWolf. I was afraid you'd take Arthur again."

"Well I was going to, but he was busy taking care of little Hazel."

"O-Oh. Well, he could have asked me to take care of her and came here..."

"I'm just messing with you Matty, I chose you as my co-host for this occasion right after my last hosting. You need to feel the spotlight at least once in your life. Besides, I'm pretty sure Arthur wouldn't give up spending time with his baby just to show up here."

"I guess that's true. Well, either way, I'm glad that I'm here. So thank you anyway."

"Don't mention it. Anyway, our second co-host is the young and the charming Loveline!"

The crowd cheered once more as the ten-year old exit the cabin in a fancy black dress and climbed the stairs to the couch. She enthusiastically waved to the crowd and yelled "Hi everybody!" before jumping on the couch. "Mmm, comfy. Thanks for having me CWolf!"

"You're welcome, oh daughter dearest. So, should we get on with the awards right away or do you want to talk a bit first?"

"Awards." Matt and Love answered in unison which made them both smile.

"Wonderful. Let's start with..."

Hero of the Month

M: Out of five nominees, we actually managed to get 3 full votes for a single one of them. But first let's see who the runners up are.

L: With one vote, on the very bottom we have Moore Cowbell. Better luck next time Moore!

CW: Heh, with that name I'm surprised he even got nominated. Next, again with a single vote we have Haruko. Not really surprising since she's seen as more of a neutral figure then a heroic one. But still, one vote is better then none. Congratulations and better luck next time Haruko.

M: Once more, a single vote goes to Callis. He's pretty heroic actually. He did try to stop us from killing those people in Egypt a few months ago. And he did do stuff this month so he should have gotten a few more votes.

CW: While I won't dispute his heroics, he did try killing Shelly in April...

M: She was an undead monster killing everyone on the train...

L: Dad says that a little girl is a little girl and all little girls should be protected at all costs.

CW: And that's why your dad is my main character. Next nominee we had was Crown. He got two votes but there is still one better.

M: Congratulations Crown!

L: Congratulations future grandpa!

M: The winner of this months Best Hero awards is... Crow Cementario! Heh, cowboys were always great heroes.

L: Cowboys are old! They went out of fashion a long time ago!

M: You're too young to understand Loveline.

L: You're only 9 years older then me... And in seventeen days, that will be only 8 years!

CW: Oh right, you're birthday's the 18th of July. You want your dad to bring you anything special?

L: Anything he brings is going to be special. It's from him after all.

CW: And that's why you're the best daughter Arthur could ask for. So, let's go to the next category.

Neutral of the Month

L: We do not have a clear winner here. It is in fact a five way tie. So in the order of the tabs ChronoWolf has open, the winners are: Gen,

M: Arthur,

CW: Rin,

L: Falken,

M: And Haruko.

L: Congratulations everybody! Especially dad! Who clearly should have won!

CW: Well Loveline, I didn't vote. And I technically do the have the right to do so. Especially if it's a tiebreaker.

L: So you're voting for dad?

CW: Nah. Giving this one to... Haruko on the basis of Rin being an NPC, me not reading anything Gen and Falken were in if we don't count that skimming of the last part of Asylum. And I'm not egoistical and vain enough to vote for my own character. Also, Haruko's awesome.

Loveline pouted and gave a sour clap. Arty should have won...

CW: Next up we have...

Villain of the month

CW: A four way tie! Let's start, shall we? Taylor!

M: Altair!

L: Caesar!

CW: Kuro-san!

M: So, going by your logic from the previous round, um... Well, Caesar's an NPC and you didn't read Kuro-Sam threads if there were any. And you're not exactly following A Week To Remember. Altair wins?

CW: Well, it's a close tie between Taylor and Altair for me. But Altair managed to "depower" (in quotes because he replaced those powers by suddenly getting phoenix and kitsune powers from his smoking hot [L: CWOLF!] mother) one of the biggest "heroes" on the vice and Taylor ended up making Crown and Hag bigger villains then he is considering the torture they put Chloe through (who just so happens to be another Clare lookalike. The two really hate Clare). So, Altair wins this round.

Best Fight

M: Well, this is a two way tie. I think. The nominees are: Castle Assaulters vs Vampire Knights.

L: Battle against The Swallower of Worlds from Asylum.

CW: Heh, the bit I read from there did sound quite epic and the Swallower looks pretty nice if he looks anything like I imagined him when reading his description. And by nice I mean disgustingly awesome. Next nominee is Moore and Emily versus a bully on the beach.

M: Crow vs Telsa.

L: And finally the fight against Amura.

M: That's the one that makes me unsure who one. Moorily Vs bully got a single vote.

L: And the name doesn't sound cool. Unlike the fight against Swallower of Worlds, right CWolf?

CW: Nothing sounds as cool as a fight against something called The Swallower of Worlds...

M: Crown and Telsa got one vote. Fight against Amura got one vote too, but I don't know if that's actually the fight against the vampire knights. Sure it doesn't have the same name, but maybe Amura was their leader or something.

L: CWolf, you should really start reading RP you're not part of from now on. At least if you're host.

CW: But... But...

L: No buts!

CW: And who's gonna make me?

Loveline's brown hair turned blond and her brown eyes became red. She looked exactly like she did in Hellscraper. Actually, she might be scarier now.

CW: F-Fine! Just... Go back to your precious and cute self.

The little girl happily obliged.

M: Ahem. Next up is Group against Vampire Knights with two votes and Group against Swallower of World with two votes. Amura decides if it's a tie or if it's a victory for the knights. But let's go with tie now. If we're wrong, CWolf will edit it later. Provided you correct him.

L: Next category!

Best Bromance

L: Tie! Again! It's not fair, you set it up so Matt gets the ones with the lowest tie rate!

CW: Come now Love, you know I'd never do something like that. If anything, I'd set them up for you.

L: Hmpf. So, victors are: Ciel and Elliot,

M: Moore and Joe,

CW: Haruko and Crow.

L: And that's it. Congratulations!

CW: Moving on.

Best Rivalry

CW: Molly and Nelly, a romantic rivalry.

M: Gen and Sid. A fighting rivalry?

CW: Probably considering they're both fighters.

L: Gen and Crow. A rivalry between close friends. I think.

CW: Finally, Gen and Arsenal. This one had an easy winner. In last place we have Gen and Arsenal and Gen and Sid. Second place, Gen and Crow with two votes. And in the very top, Molly and Nelly.

M: Eh, I'm not a fan of romantic rivalries. At least not if they end up the way this one did. Joe should have decided who he wants to be with right away instead of being with both at the same time... Then the other should have tried stealing him away.

L: Oh, but romantic rivalries are so romantic! Then again, the way this rivalry is going... Not so romantic. But I hope Nelly wins.

CW: As do I Love. Molly already dumped Joe once. Who's the say she won't do so again. And don't give me any "Oh but Molly was worried about her sister" bul-

L&M: Language!

CW: Sigh. I just don't buy that. Besides, Nelly is his childhood love and childhood fiance. But this game seems to be rigged in Molly's favor considering all the screen time she got with Joe compared to Nelly... But really, Nelly is better in every way. Hotter, longer hair, probably smarter, can't die, is into BDSM...


CW: What? Oh... Ignore the last part, people.

M: Next category is...

Crowning Moment of Awesome

M: The nominees are: Gen punching his way towards the castle,

L: Crow reading bullets. Ooh, like divination? Did he invent bulletination? The diviners from dad's world would probably pay good money if he could teach them that.

CW: I actually think he read the paths the bullets were going to take so that he could dodge more easily. But Bulletivination would be more awesome... Yeah, we're sticking with that. Next nominee: Emily's first kill.

M: Sakka's power reveal. I am not sure why but whenever I hear that name I think about Avatar the lat Airbender.

CW: Because Sokka was one of the main characters?

M: Maybe. So, the cold hard numbers: Gen punching his way to the castle gets one vote. Sakka gets one vote. Emily one vote. Bulletivination gets two votes.

CW: Yay for bulletivination!

M&L: Yay!

Crowning Moment of Funny

L: Moore gr- Groping Emily in her sleep...? Who voted for this?!

CW: He knows. Oh, he knows very well. That sick little f-

M&L: Language!

CW: Oh come on! Anyone who would vote for that as a crowning moment of funny deserves to be called that! Well, anyone who voted for that and then got my precious little angel to read that...

M: Next nominee is Toromaru's fireball backfiring which gave us this little line: "I cant do anything against guns I can only punch and throw fireballs".

CW: Heh, that could easily have gone into the best line category. Though the winner there was obvious from the moment I read it so it wouldn't have changed a thing.

L: Next up is just about anything Olivia does.

CW: Eh... That's too broad... Especially considering it's not even true... Disqualified! Next is Gaston and Ame reacting to Callis.

M: Followed by Crow making fun of Alvin's pledge to Rin.

L: So, Crow making fun of Alvin got one vote, Olivia is disqualified but she only had one vote anyway, Moore being a dirty pervert got one vote and Toromaru got three votes!

CW: Which he deserved. Again, best line material right there. OK, so I know it's my turn for the next category, but I thought I'd let someone else do it now.

M: Oh?

L: Hm?

CW: Yep. Let's give the next category to Mephiles. Just to let him do something now since the first RP he's appearing in happens after another RP which will happen only after Week To Remember.

L: Um... Are you sure it's a good idea?

M: Yeah, he he hates Shinodaborn and their allies. And we're both allies. Loveline's the sister of one!

L: Technically, she's Grandshinoda, the daughter of a Shinodaborn.

M: Same thing, he hates everything Shinoda related.

CW: Enough of this! Meph is coming and you don't have anything to worry about. This is happening outside the canon so it doesn't matter even if you do die.

L: S-So you'd let him kill us if we wouldn't really die

Loveline's eyes started welling up with tears. Maybe they were fake tears. Maybe they weren't. But ChronoWolf's heart started tearing anyway.

CW: Of course not! He's on a leash. He can't touch you even if he wants to. So... Oooooooooooooh Meeeeeeeeeeeeph!

Two more people appeared on the couch. One wearing all black, with raven black hair and piercing green eyes. While he usually does wears a mask, he wasn't wearing one this time. Probably because he was caught of guard. The other person was a girl, or a woman depending on how you look at it, with white hair and red eyes and a pale complexion. She was wearing a purple dress, except for the black shoulders.

CW: Hey Meph. What's up.

Meph: ...Why are we here?

CW: Because I summoned you.

Meph: Why?

CW: To announce the next the next category.

Meph: You're wasting our time.

CW: Oh don't be like that Meph. Come on. It's the tearjerker one. And there are only two candidates. And I'm sure you'll be really interested to hear who they are.

A card appeared in Mephiles' hand and he read the content. Just a second later, he looked up at ChronoWolf and gave the card to the girl next to him, Elizabeth. Then he put on his mask and disappeared.

CW: O... K... We'll he's gone... Lizzy, do you mind doing this one for us?

Lizzy looked at the card.

E: Sure, I'll do this one. Next category is...

Best Tearjerker Scene

E: The two nominees are: Clair realizing she can't go home and... Arthur Cromwell killing Yancy Derierre. I think that Arthur killing Yancy should take number one here.

CW: As do I . Thanks for doing this for us Lizzy. You can go home now if you want or you can stick around

The albino girl put on a smile.

E: Don't mention it. I better go see what Meph is up to...

CW: Yeah...

The girl disappeared.

CW: So, I tie break in favor of Arty and Yancy because I felt the jerk more then I did for Clair. Not that I read the part with Clair, but I feel Arty had a harder time here considering he did actually love Yancy. Though it wasn't as strong as it would have become eventually.

M: Next category!

CW: Actually... We've almost reached the midway point. Let's do the personal awards first.

M: Hm, sure.

CW: Love?

L: I'm fine with that.

Personal Awards

CW: Hardest thread to keep up with: A Week to Remember. The voter apparently couldn't keep up with all the stuff our dear Sam and Feha did. And he's still not quite sure what the hell is going on. Well, dear voter, you're probably better off not knowing what's going on. Trust me.

L: Organisation with the most characters- Kings Grammar, with currently 99 characters dedicated to it. I think that number rose to a hundred after the vote, but I'm not sure. Oh, not like it matters. What matters is that I'm part of them!

CW: And you got three friends there, too! All made by me! Because I'm a good imaginary daddy!

M: OK, now you just sound creepy...

CW: ...Shut up Lover Boy. Now, I just hope that I get to partake in a KG RP one day... Else you'll be nothing more then window dressing and I might as well not have bothered with writing any of that since it'll just go to waste... But Sam won't let my effort go to waste. Right? Right?!

M: Gen's Favorite Attack. Dan's bashing two guards and using pheromones to knock out a third one in quick succession.

CW: Huh, that does sound cool.

M: Very.

L: So, we're going to the next category now?

CW: Sure.

Best Line

M: "Frosty the Snowman. Got it." - Haruko to Arthur.

CW: Nice line. Really is. I actually added "Frosty (by Haruko)" in Arthur's aliases.

L: Heh, maybe I'll start calling him Frosty too.

CW: You could, but you like calling him dad way too much for that.

L: I guess. Next line is: “Nice one Gimil but we aren't going to fight Sauron here in Osaka.” (Crow in Osaka Ablaze)

CW: Nice line, but still not the best. Next up we have: Your parents may have kept the BHA from interfering but unfortunately for them I’m not here as Crow Cementerio, Bronze Star Bounty Hunter of the BHA Artemis Branch. I’m here as Crow Cementerio, the Rail-gun a Gunslinger from the town of Santo de Tormentas.” (Crow again in Osaka Ablaze) A badass line indeed. I hope that it was followed by a ton of kicka-

M&L: Language!

CW: Oh come on, really? Butt kicking. Happy? Butt fuc-


CW: Sigh... Well, just because of that, I get to say the next line too. The definite winner. I didn't even have to vote here since it got three votes but I would have. Hell, I would have cheated if I needed to.

L: And the line is...?

CW: "I have come here to kick-ass and chew bubblegum." He paused and put a stick of gum in his mouth. "Thankfully I’m good at multitasking." - Falken in Identity Theft

M: Wow, that really is cool. Especially after we were told that the line was uttered while fighting Anna "Bubblegum" Cooper.

CW: Cool, badass and... Wait a second, why don't you mind me saying badass and don't mind it when I quote kick-as-


CW: ...

M&L: ...

CW: ...

M&L: ...

CW: ...You're doing it intentionally, aren't you?

L: Maybe.

M: Probably.

CW: Sigh... Well, the line is awesome, it comes with an unexpected twist and I found it hilarious. Good job Falken and Kuma!

L: Next!

Best Couple

L: Crown an-

CW: STOP! Love! Please, before I puke all over you. Disqualified on the basis of too much Crown and Hag. And too much sex! Flipping hell, if they're alone on screen for more then two posts, they will jump to sex. Sex crazed maniacs. At least they're going to let up on it now that Hag's pregnant.

L: Actually, I don't think they will...

CW: OK, yeah... You're probably right. And Crown will not turn into diabetes-inducing sugary sweetness whenever anyone mentions the word baby... Oh god... Let's just move on before I actually puke.

M: SamJaz and Luna Neroline.

L: Arty does not approve.

M: Huh, why?

CW: Because he knows that Hitomi is the only one for SamJaz. And if SamJaz doesn't realize it... He deserves to be slapped. Which he probably will be. Next nominee is Crow and Haruko. Wait, those two are a couple? Since when?

M: Dunno.

L: No idea. Maybe the voter got confused and wanted to put them in best ship?

CW: Maybe. But whatever. Now, I will tiebreak in favour of the next one because I lied earlier and I am a vain son of a bi-

M&L: Ahem.

CW: Sigh... Lily and Arthur are the winners.

L: Heh, dad is so smooth with the ladies he got a girl twelve years younger then him.

CW: And you don't see a problem with that?

L: Well Lily's nice... So not in this case. She will be an excellent mommy.

Best Ship

CW: One vote, Ciel and Elliot. At this point, I'm not even sure if it's a ship... But it probably is.

M: Hitomi and Luna, one vote. Hm... I think that would be Sam's dream come true.

CW: Heh, probably.

L: Next up is... Yancy and Taylor?

CW: NO! HELL NO! No one gets to touch my waifu except me! Even worse is the fact can be translated into Hazel and Taylor...

L: The voter specified it's the crazy Yancy, so...


M: Next up, SamJaz and Yukari.

CW: NO! HELL NO! Sam is Hitomi's! He just has yet to figure that out... Quickly following is Luna and George. Eh, I liked that ship before, but I got bored of it. Though, if it means that Luna lets go of Sam, I'm all for it. Next up are our two victors. Because I couldn't tiebreak in favor of only one.

M: First it's Hitomi and Haruko. Wait, I though you wanted Hitomi to be with Sam.

CW: I do. But I still like the ship.

L: The second winner is... Arthur and Lincent. But Lincent would be a terrible mom!

M: But Loveline, doesn't he watch you and Haze when Arthur's gone?

L: I... Guess... And he already lives with us.

CW: You two... Aren't bothered by the fact that Arty got paired with a guy?

L: Of course not. And I'm sure dad wouldn't mind either. Besides, they would make such a cute couple now that I think about it.

CW: ...

M: Next category!

Best Story Thread

M: A two way tie. But first, our nominees are: A Week To Remember with one vote.

L: Free Like a Bird with one vote.

CW: A Moonlit Revival with one vote.

M: Osaka Ablaze one vote. Identity Theft one vote. And our tie is between...

L: Faul Johann and A Night at the Castle both with two votes.

CW: And I refuse to break this tie. Good job Kuma and Sam.

Best Location

CW: We start with... Melon Island... I hope out Voter knows that Naxos is an actual island in Greece.

M: Speaking of Melon Lord, you plan on posting there soon? I can't leave Kelly waiting for too long. Especially not with The Huntsman hitting on her...

CW: Right after I'm done with writing the ceremony. I hope. Next up we have Romania Castle.

L: Then we have Espori.

CW: I hope Feha makes a L'Espori RP soon... I want to use Lucia... After all the time he spent pestering me to make her, you'd think he'd jump at the opportunity... But he doesn't need to do so now that he can show it off in WTR... Bastard.

L: It's your fault for taking so long...

CW: Et tu, filia Loveline?

L: Yes. Next nominee is Orasul Sange. Um, why do I think that's the real name for "Romania Castle"?

CW: Don't know... Kuma, tell us to correct this if it is. The winner of the Best Location awards is... Alcatraz, with two votes! Good job Justalittlegirl!

M&L: Congratulations!

L: Is this the first award he won?

CW: I think so. But it's not the only one this month so keep reading.

Best NPC

M: First vote is for Yukari.

L: Then we have Drake the guard.

CW: And Fin the Human.

M&L: ...

CW: ...

M: Gaston!

L: And Ame!

M&l: From A Place to Call Home.

CW: And finally, the winner because I said so... Lily Crown!

L: Yay!

M: Um... But...

CW&L: Shut up Matt! Lily won!

CW: The voter called her adorable. And I agree with him. Other would call giant, blue, lasers-from-eyes shooting crocodiles adorable... And those people are crazy... And they also know who they are. They're also probably into bestiality. On the other hand... GO LILY!

Best NPC Villain

L: Castle Vampires are our first vote.

M: Osaka Ablaze villains are next.

CW: Then we have Prahba.

M: Followed by Faul Johann. Whom ever it is.

CW: I have a sneaking suspicion that it might be Taylor... I really do...

M: Oh come on, Sam would never do something like that. Knox's first rule: The criminal must be someone mentioned in the early part of the story, but must not be anyone whose thoughts the reader has been allowed to follow. And Taylor wasn't even mentioned by now, and most definitely not early in the story.

CW: I guess... Let's hope that Sam knows the commandments ten... But anyway, moving on to those with two votes.

L: First we have The Swallower of Worlds.

CW: Still and awesome name and even better design. Should have been the winner... Second two-voter is Sokka. I mean Sakka.

M: And the winner is...

L: Telsa! Or is it Tesla?

CW: Lobos calls him Telsa all the time. Kuma called him Tesla once. So it's probably Telsa. So yay for him!

L&M: Yay!

Best Writer

CW: And here we are on what I call the meta awards. And I also think someone called them that before me. But I don't feel like checking. This was actually a bi-

M&L: Language!

CW: ...This was difficult to count. Not sure why. Probably because so many people voted for multiples. More so then for the other categories. But the winner is clear. So, first up we have Fehafare with one one vote. Next is Vapovile with one vote.

M: Then Lobos with two. Kuma got two as well.

L: Two for SamJaz, too!

CW: And the clear victor... With three votes... Is... Justalittlegirl!

M: Congratulations!

L: Yay!

CW: People obviously think your writing skills are quite impressive. And I agree. Actually... I will give you one vote too, despite not needing a tiebreaker. So, JLG wins with four votes!

Best Player

M: A winner with four votes without CWolf's vote!

CW: Let's not waste too much time here. My fingers are already getting tired. So, the runners-up, all with one vote, are: Lobos, Kuma, Vapovile, JLG and myself.

M: And the winner is Fehafare.

L: Good job and congratulations, Feha.

CW: And finally... The last category...

Vicer of the month

CW: A six (6!) way tie... Which I will not break.

L: Our winners are: MasterofDeath, Kuma_from_Argentina, Lobos_Del_Rayo, ChronoWolf, Justalittlegirl and Vapovile.

CW: Let's hear a big hurray and applause for our six winners.

The crowd cheered like crazy, whistling and clapping louder then ever before.



The trio on the couch stood up at the same time.

"Thank you for joining us tonight people. I am sorry that I'm a bit late with these, but I'm sure you can forgive me."

"It's OK Cwolf, you're forgiven. Though I'm not sure if they'll forgive any spelling and grammar errors if they found them."

"Gee, thanks Love... You sure know how to make me feel better..."

"Would a hug help?" The girl hugged CWolf without waiting for a response.

"It helps oh so very much. But let's not waste any more time. Everyone, you are free to leave now. If you want to say something, you're also free to climb up here and say it. And if we're all leaving, let me leave you with a parting gift!"

The stars and the moon suddenly disappeared. Or rather, they were covered by thick black clouds. And then the rain began, though it avoided the ship. And finally, the sea shanty started.

"Seriously, enjoy the shanty with the rain in the background. It's awesome. Anyway... Good bye and have a nice day everybody!"

Post by SamJaz (13,103 posts) See mini bio Level 20

Brilliant. Great post, made me laugh a number of times. Look forward to the next awards.

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,170 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@RPGCommunity: Nice work! Pretty damn funny.

Orasul Sange is Town of Blood

Most of the NPC's in A Night have a name Rumanian language

Armura: Armor

Clovn: Clown

Domina: Domination

Vrajitor: Mage

And so on, I tend to do it on all my threads sometimes more hidden than others

Post by ChronoWolf (2,310 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Thanks. And that's a cool way of naming NPCs.

Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,170 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@ChronoWolf: Sometimes I use proper names, but I choose them by their meaning:

Gen's original full name was Genkai Shishioh (Limit Lion King or Lion King of the Limits (Extremes) (I changed to Gentarou, making a reference to Kamen Rider Fourze)

Callis Nomene literally means Without a Name

Usso Namae, Kuro-san old identity means Fake Name

All the people in Inazuma also have a meaningful name or the Shinwa-mura villagers.

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