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Along the airspace of Tokyo is a giant flying chicken, crowing with fervor. Atop the back of the giant chicken is the mad cock, Buckaroo Buck. A rooster wearing the body of man, unknown of origin and unknown of intent. A curiosity even amongst the odd world that they live in. The chicken is not even a real chicken, it is a construct made from tofu. Yet it acts as if it were a chicken, with specialized speech patterns that does not fall under the scope of the abnormal the mad cock had whispered sentience into the curds of soy. Raising an air walking mammoth, one that is about to lay massive eggs into the heart of the rising sun. Eggs that will mutate into bio-weapons grade natto, a smell that pirces through steel.

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An entry from the Blue Journal:

Once more, The Judgement has taken to the skies, along with its abiding thirst for change in the horizons. Its ardent subjects will not waver from their moral responsibility, until society has been cleansed of injustice and the vileness it begets. Yesterday, I encountered the ambassador of the apocalypse(See "The Park".)-- fair-faced, yet riped with malicious intent. Her crimson eyes spoke the affliction she desired to bring about on us all. Verily, we will not remain idle in our efforts to cancel the nefarious scheme. Whether the threats are hollow or poverished, we shall approach everyday as the calm before the storm. However, today, we face a new storm; and it is brewing just over the Occidental waters-- the place of my beginning.

Over the Pacific

The Lawless Seven congregated on the robust main deck. Shoulder-to-shoulder, they immersed around the sentient machine-- except for Henri Barclay, who carelessly laid his lanky posterior on the narrow gunwale, laxly swinging his leg over the ledge and gnawing on a cutlass blade. Draco played over the latest audio broadcast it had intercepted from a local Tokyo radio station. The broken feed relayed the garbled voice of a woman, that was emmitting from its wrist transceiver. <Japan has begun military-assisted evacuations throughout the city. And it appears that bomb squads have arrived to the scene, in an attempt to dispose the egg-shaped explosives. The behemoth poultry has s-star-->

Static filtered the rest of the transmission. "Your service was sufficient," Rio assured the sentient android, lightly patting its cold, metallic scalp plate. The Sky Captain dispersed himself from the rag-tag gathering, treading towards the ship's bow, taking gradual steps across the hardwood floor. He yanked the blue-colored, regal naval coat that hung on the ship's steering wheel, along the way. The article of clothing flapped like a waving cape, being grandiosely fitted over the pirate's sun-seasoned complexion. Oceanus swayed back-and-forth on the back of its master, harmoniously imitating the movements of the cryptic wielder.

At journey's end, Captain Rio Fukamachi turned to meet his stern gaze with that of his stalwart cohorts, subtly proclaiming dominion of The Judgement and its newfound berth. "We shall put an end to this foul conjuring," promised the confident leader. Despite the stifled laughter among the company of six, the human-Aquarian hybrid held a steadfast temperament of patience. The anamorphic mammal failed to keep his immaturity absent in the presence of a crucial statement. "Fowl! He said fowl! Get it?!" Disapproving mutters quietly etched the silent ambience. Lurtz, the gentle giant, twitched the bushy mustache upon his lips at Rocky the Raccoon with ease, implying it was not the time or place for comedic relief.

"My brothers and sisters -" began Fukamachi, completely neglecting the previous interruption made by the spry critter, "- this is the chance to squander the misguided conjectures the public has of us." A powerful balled fist formed on the energetic Captain's hand. "Our adversaries continue to speak lies, as if they speak on our behalf-- painting us as terrorists. But, we know better. These politicians and their so-called front for justice is laughable. They only care for that which they can gain, at the expense of innocent lives; disguising themselves as humanity's saviors. Make no mistake, they will never tarry from hunting you, because they fear what you are. You are the true front for justice. And it is time we remind the people of this truth. Fire the cannons and burn the filth!"

Captain Rio unsheathed his gunblade and proudly raised it to the red sky. The Lawless Seven recited the mantra of righteous conviction, forming the number seven with their index fingers and thumbs ,"We are the seven, bringing judgement from the heavens."

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The rooster began to croak as it mutated into a greenish appearance, Buck accidentally fused the Tofu with some frog leg essence. In this case the mutation took an unpredicted turn as the beancurd droppings mutated into giant tadpoles. Buck fell as the feathers began to bubble at a rapid state, feathers turning into color vapor and everything solid transforming into a semi-liquid state. He cannot hear the words from the ship as he is in a state of panic, the mad cock fell to tokyo as the chicken began to grow trees. Each leaf transfiguring into a fruit, each which grew a set of tiny feathers as they begun to flap. Ripping inside out as beaks emerge from its core, odd creatures that stretch out to take flight. Unable to do so as thy are anchored by the branches. The crew better do something quick, unless they want a disaster at their hands.

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