naruto rpg "legendary battle of the shinobi"

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During the second great ninja war lots of battles took place all over the world lots of shinobi’s die to protect the villages and legends to place! Legendary shinobi showed there true power and juisu ands skills. Battles against shinobi villages clashed again and again! This was war at its finest; now a few shinobi showed juisu with tremendous power and battled each other to the death!

One battle in particular took place in the area of the land of fire in a large field, were 5 legendary shinobi battled it out to the death, what will happen here, what will be the result that’s what ive bean telling myself in my head for the past 4 hours this battle has bean going on! My name is haseo im from the mist but left them to join the leaf, and so far its bean good, in till this damn war started! O, well it can’t be helped. But this is a free for all battle im all on my own ageist these 4, I hope I can defeat them- haseo summons a katana and gets ready for the fight! 

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