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(Character 11 for me. Last one, promise. The idea came and wouldn't leave me alone.)

"Regardless of what you know about me, swordsmanship is just another way to kill. There are no swords that protect life, weapons only take them. You say you fight because you have someone to protect? I call that a lie. A sweet, naive lie only believed by those who've never waded through a river of blood. But if I'm honest, it's not a bad lie to believe in. Lies like Justice, Mercy, Duty, those sort of lies. The kind of lies humans need to be believe so they become true."

--- Naoto Kensei

Name: Naoto Kensei

Age: 24

Appearance Age: 21

Faction: Neutral

Group Affiliation:

Known Aliases: (The Healing Sword)

Avatar Appearance: Kenshin Hiruma

Origin of Power: Training from Hell, magic.

Signature Moves: Life Pulse, Quick Draw

Grid points:

  • Ag: 4
  • Du: 2
  • EP: 0 - 3 when dealing with undead
  • FS: 8
  • In: 3.5
  • MS: 3
  • Sp: 3
  • St: 3
  • Sr: 2


Naoto Kensei was a medic during the Bakumatsu, a vicious civil war in Japan during the mid 1800's. As a child, he was raised amongst Shinto priests, where he was trained in the arts of healing magic while learning the basics of swordsmanship. Displaying an alarming amount of skill in both fields, he was quickly drafted into the ranks of Ishin Shishi where he became a child soldier, aged twelve.

He was marked with a cross-shapped brand on his left cheek, a foreign symbol of medical assistance to alert allies to run to Naoto for assistance, and he became a great asset to the rebel cause, even reattaching dismembered limbs and making people recover from mortal wounds.

Because of his incredible skills as a healer, he was a popular target for those Shinshengumi assassins that learnt of him, underestimating his less-legendary swordsman skills. His training, which was often done in secret, mainly consisted of fighting until his muscles completely wore out, then healing himself. The healing would rebuild his muscles, the same way anyone's would by resting after working out in the gym. However, Naoto's method produced faster and more drastic results. By the time he was eighteen, Naoto's swordsmanship had grown to the point where he could cut through a man, send blood flying, and his opponent would be stood there, perfectly healthy, but with a slight red mark where the sword passed through, a perfect line going through wrist and torso, leaving through the shoulder. Naoto's opponent that night ran home in terror, having felt the blade pass through him.

After that encounter, Naoto commissioned a blacksmith to prepare for him a reversed-edged blade, or a sakabato. Opposed to preserving life, this weapon enabled Naoto to use his swordsmanship to kill. The blunted edge of the sword crushed the flesh it cut through, making the injury too wide for the speed to seal the wound. Alternately, using the back, sharp edge, Naoto can still make clean cuts, but at a slightly slower speed as not to cause healing.

When the war ended in 1867, Naoto was twenty-two years old, having fought for ten years in a bloody civil war. Expressing his desire to see the world, Naoto left the Ishin Shishi to travel the world, boarding a ship to San Francisco to see the land of the gaijin. Learning the language and exploring the strange land, Naoto prospered on foreign soil, until he came across an evil wizard in Arizona. The wizard would not bleed, no matter how many times Naoto would cut him, and the wizard fought with his magic wand, turning the canyon where they fought into a hellzone until the wizard knocked Naoto into next week.

The wizard was there, waiting for Naoto, when he arrived through the time vortex. Rather than being intimidated by the display of power, Naoto healed himself and fought even more fiercely, striking blow after blow against the undying magician who continued to warp Naoto forward in time with each strike.

After fighting for two hours, Naoto realised that the battle was impossible. After landing a single blow, his opponent would have ample time to rest and recover before returning for another blow. Sheathing his blade, Naoto spoke with the wizard, hoping to learn his weakness. Realising that the wizard was immortal, however, Naoto became desperate.

Drawing his blade and swinging as he charged, Naoto swung the blunt blade as powerfully as his tired body would allow him. The wizard was knocked flying into the desert, and the samurai fled.

Arriving in modern-day Phoenix, however, Naoto was not prepared for the challenges that would lie ahead.


Naoto is a kind, yet jaded person. He is the sort to help others without expecting recognition or reward, but is also cynical and realistic in his perception of life and society.

Due to living as a child soldier during his teenage years, Naoto does not have a strong grasp of the importance of a family unit. He feels some guilt in taking the lives of others, and prefers not to, but will not hesitate to fight. He never drops his guard, even when sleeping, preferring to sit in a corner holding his sword than to lie in a bed. He has attacked people who brought him a blanket while sleeping in such a fashion before, but will let release them once the adrenaline subsides and he realises that it isn't an assassin.

The stress from war has heightened Naoto's senses into an over-alert state. Even in social settings with friends, Naoto will constantly check entrances, windows, blind spots and locations for potential assassins. He hides his paranoid tendencies well, however, masking it under a pleasant, even slightly comical personality.

On paper, Naoto would be diagnosed as a post-traumatic-stress-disorder sufferer. The only time he feels safe is in a combat situation, because then he knows who is trying to kill him and he can stop them from doing it.

His greatest weakness is attractive redheads.

Powers and abilities.

Healing- Naoto is able to use his healing magic on anything within his line of sight. The closer the target, the greater his healing abilities can affect them. By selecting a target, Naoto wills them healed, and it is so. His healing abilities can close wounds, cure illnesses, reverse cancer, eradicate parasites and rebuild bone, flesh and muscle. His abilities work on humans, animals, plants and mythical creatures. It cannot, however, raise the dead without using CPR, one of the first skills Naoto learnt from modern medicine.

Naoto can heal his own wounds, but requires line of sight to do so. Healing is possible using reflections and telescopic devices, but not through cameras and digital recording communication.

Using his Life Burst techniques, however, Naoto can close his eyes and unleash a burst of life energy, healing everything within ten feet, including himself. Using this technique renders Naoto unable to heal for some time, but allows himself to heal himself.

Against the undead, however, Naoto's healing abilities are lethal. His healing magic will inflict damage like holy flame, bursting from within, against any vampire, ghost, zombie, ghoul, or other undead creatures.

His swordsmanship is fast and powerful. Using a normal katana, Naoto can shatter other swords, but must force himself to slow down, or rely on the environment to attack his opponents, as his slashes heal wounds just as fast as he cuts them. Stabbing, however, still kills, but only because he didn't practice his stab techniques as will as he did his slashes, a weakness in his sword style.

Using his blunted weapon, Naoto can take the lives of up to five men in a single swing.

(More later.)

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@SamJaz: Ooh another potential Samurai for Juni to duel:P

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@Juni_Hinamura: Fun times ahead. He may or may not / definitely will need some reorienting as to what goes on in 2013, as in all time-travel trope hilarity.

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lookin good, might make a samurai m'self

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I always wanted to use Kenshin as a look yet my character creation didnt match him...

I like the bio

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@Nerx: @Kuma_From_Argentina:

Cheers guys.

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Shame.

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Great. Add Richter and we have two healers in the viceverse. Funny though how both of them are just as deadly.

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@ReliusClover: Richter Vs Naoto anyone?

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@SamJaz: Would like to see Richter vs Slayer much more. Richter's gonna like him the second he meets him.

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@ReliusClover: That can also be arranged.

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@SamJaz: They'll meet in MPU.

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@ReliusClover: Aww, I came up with an epic RP where Slayer stormed Richter's castle.

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@SamJaz: Too bad Richter left his country, and has people and bounty hunters from it (and the other counties around his own) coming to the viceworld after him to bring him back. He doesn't have a castle, he used to have one but no more.

I'll probably have an RP or two where he returns there. I got a huge world to introduce there.

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@ReliusClover: Shame. It was going to be awesome. He was going to smash down the main gate, stone archway and all, in a single swing while testing a new sword he got from a dragon.

Yeah. Slayer is basically hulk with a sword. Who sings.

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Funny how all these Samurai's are coming to the Vice, when if I remember correctly xZerox/xMugenx were one of the only samurai on the vice. Lol.

@SamJaz: But nice bio, Sammy.(:

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@AntiRoX: Whoot, thanks!

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