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Character Name: Nathan Boschmann

Aliases: Natedog, The Hammer, Nate the great

Nationality: American

Languages: English, Japanese, Latin.

Sex: Male

Age: 21

Height/Weight: 5'10, 175 lbs.

Allignment: Neutral good

Appearance: Nate wears a pair of blue jeans with rather tattered bottoms. He usually wears a variety of hockey Jerseys as well (Don't ask where he gets the money for all of them). Nate's hair is platinum blonde with a pair of Go Nagai-style Sideburns

Bio: Nate left home at the age of 18 and found himself as a vagabond, wandering around various lands, before settling down in the kingdom of Yukigakure. Nate was welcomed by the community, and settled down as a resident. Nate is a skilled swordsman, but as a rule, he does not kill. He makes most of his money from swordfights in the town's local arena, so far his record is good, but he's far from being the top of the town.

Personality: Nate is rather Chivalrous in his attitude, he's polite and unselfish, almost to a fault. He's also very snarky and sarcastic, but has a good sense of humor, and knows how to make people laugh.

Skills: As a swordsman, Nate's specialty is in speed. His strikes are not powerful, but are quick, and hard to dodge. Nate excels in evasive maneuvers and has plenty of agility to last in a long fight.

Weapons: Nate's sword is a specially made claymore sword, designed to be lightweight so he can run with it easier than a standard claymore sword. the downside is that his sword isn't as durable as others, and as mentioned, doesn't do much immediate damage. It also has a name, but it changes every now and then. Right now, it's name is Henrique!

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@Natendowii: YEAH GO-Nagai chops for the win!

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@Natendowii:<GOOD> A Samurai character, excelent

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: I agree with that. 
@Natendowii: Nice character.
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Badass name
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Thanks for the compliments guys. And yes, I named my character after former NHL Player Laurie Boschman (Yeah, I'm a Hockey Nut).

I May have other characters along the way, but for Now, Nate's going to be my first. Also I Plan on doing RP with some existing anime characters. I'll put them in my mini-bio later.

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@Natendowii: Great bio! :)

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@UsachanMaN: Alright, I've got 2 more bios, this time though, it's for existing Anime characters that I desire to RP As, since I see them as a great couple.

Masane Amaha

Name: Masane Amaha

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Height/Weight/Bust: 5'11, 90lbs, 93cm.

Appearance: Much like in the Anime, Masane wears a yellow blouse with a grey tank top (But no bra) underneath. She wears a pair of Blue Jeans with a pair of brown leather shoes. Her Witchblade Armor is no different than seen in the anime.

Personality: Masane is very childish and uncoordinated, incapable of taking care for herself, yet in spite of these faults, she's very kind and caring, but can also be very feisty when confronted by somebody. In her Witchblade form, a more primal side of her comes out, one that craves the pleasure of sexual and violent simulation. I her fully-powered mode, it seems her humanity has vanished completely, craves nothing but destruction.

Powers: When Masane Transforms into her Witchblade modes, she gains the powers of super speed, enhanced strength, and a pair of blades that can cut through solid steel like a hot knife through Jell-o. In her civilian form, she can still use the power of the Witchblade without fully transforming, even summon the blades from her 2 forms.

Bio: Long thought to be dead after the fateful battle at Tokyo Tower, Masane has been Resurrected through the power of the Witchblade. What does it want with her? Nobody knows, but she's back, and stronger than before, but new threats and dangers await her!

Reiji Takayama

Name: Reiji Takayama

Age: 34 (I'm only assuming this, I can't find his real age anywhere)

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 6'3/150lbs.

Appearance: Takayama is pretty much seen wearing the same suit he wore in the anime. However, out of work, he wears a Polo Shirt and a pair of Khaki pants with a belt.

Personality: Initially appearing stoic, unwavering and cold, Reiji Takayama is no-nonsense sort of man who takes things very seriously. However, since meeting Masane, he has developed a more human side to him, showing empathy towards her and Rihoko.

Powers: None

Bio: Takayama is the head of Douji industries' Weapons department, initially assigned to do work on the Witchblade. when he first met Masane, he saw her as nothing more than expendable as the wielder of the Witchblade. However, as the two got to know each other, Takayama started to develop feelings for her, and when he learned that he was Rihoko's biological father, he swore that should something happen to Masane, he would take care of her. Now that Masane is back in action, he is now devoted more than ever to protecting Masane from the evils within his company.
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@Natendowii: Loved the Witchblade anime series, going to be interesting to you play two characters at once.
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Well, since Masane and Reiji are a couple after all...May as well include Rihoko as well.

The idea of the Witchblade bringing Masane Back was an idea taken from a fan-continuation I read, I'd link to it, but I don't feel this is the forum to do such things.

Anyway, Here's Rihoko

Name: Rihoko Amaha

Age: 8

Sex: Female

Height/Weight: 3'6/30lbs

Appearance: Rihoko wears a white shirt with a blue halter overtop coupled with a pink skirt.

Personality: For a girl her age, Rihoko acts very Mature. She is able to cook and clean, and is often seen as more mature than her mother Masane. There are times though when she does act her age though.

Bio: Rihoko is Masane's Daughter. Following the events of the anime, Rihoko became silent, devoid pretty much all emotions save for remorse and sadness. However, after being reunited with Masane...again, Rihoko once again regained her cheerfulness, and vowed that she would once again take care of Masane, and maybe help her take the next steps as being a mother!

edit: Oh what the hell, I'll post the link the fanfic. This is where I got the inspiration for this iteration of the characters (And yes, I did get the Author's permission)

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