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This will be a history of what Crow has been up to in the time skip and where he is now. It's just a blog post that were give some summaries not a complete story. I just want to fill in the blanks for some people. Some of it will be in summaries; some will be some pieces from an RP, and some will be Crow himself commenting on things.


"Where has the time gone?"
"Where has the time gone?"

It is said that God created the world in seven days but even if this is true that world can be destroyed in a split second. This is my case I work everything to become who I was and it took a split second decision, a refusal to sign a piece of paper to turn everything I knew upside down. I was a hero who helped fight against Mangestu on the moon, nefarious Newdeath when he waged war on the world, and the venomous Zella when she tried to use him for control of the world and as well 10 years ago. Now I am known as the Most Wanted Outlaw because I refuse to register as a dog of government working for the of 7. I fought against and watch some of my best friends die to prevent people like Newdeath from taking over the world I was going to be damned if I let the 7 do the same thing just because its for the good of everyone. Bazofia! Plenty of people have pulled that for the greater good crap, Hilter said it plenty of times, I’m sure Newdeath said it him self a few times. The only difference between Newdeath and the 7 is that everyone likes the 7. They say that in Shin Nihon is safe from the prejudice of the 7 but I just don’t feel comfortable there I feel like I am constantly being tracked or something. It not like that is different then anyway else I am always being hunted by the government dogs that the of 7 keeps sending to chase me. I don’t understand I am not causing problems I have been traveling and helping those that need it, I am not plotting against them I am not trying to take over the world so why keep pursuing me. I help those who need it and then when the Union tries to mess with me I deal with them non-lethally and when things get to heated I head south to where I am hidden by allies. I lost everything because of a stupid piece of paper; my friends, my family, Toni, my hero status, and if I don’t stay aware then I’ll lose my freedom or worst. But there are more problems to deal with then the Union I been researching things that have bothered me ten years ago; I learned things about the Gunslinger, the Numbers, my powers, and much more in these 10 years. I feel like there is a storm heading my way but I am ready to take it on; I am more prepared than I have ever been and no matter what threat it may be, the Numbers, Mangetsu, the Union of 7, Kuro-san. I’m prepared because I am Crow Cementerio, the Last Gunslinger, the Rail-gun and the Most Wanted Outlaw.

Training with the Native Americans

Research: The Numbers, His Past, Gunslingers, and more.

A Love Story Finale: Toni and Crow

The Approaching Register

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Most Wanted Outlaw

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