Most Badass RPG Characters

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Kimiko Cronos: Mysterious, powerful and is able to run a team which no one betrays nor makes an enemy with everyone, she doesn't let just anyone join, and she is most likely the most creative person here.
Justice: Original over the top and funny, this guy was made to be a parody of Newdeath and he even made his followers a parody of the vicers who awe him, that and he is powerful in his own way and is able to keep his character at a fit level.
Boxer Joe: Literaly the ONLY normal human left on the entire vice RPG's yet he still wont hesitate to stand up to Newdeath, Sonata, even Fatalis with a good old "Knuck buster" he was able to KO Kurohige in our private RP and is very creative in his fights.
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@Kurohige: Thanks, mate. :)
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@Kuma_From_Argentina said:
" Mekix is baddassitude in person, you can be powerful, you can be smart, you can be a universe Buster, but Mekix only kick the bar one notch up and nobody can handle the heat.... 
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Thanks. I really appreciate that.
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