Mission: Party Goers

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A tall man wearing a black business suit who had blond hair that was buzz cut and leaning against a nearby tree, lighting up a cigarette. The small flicker of light from his cigarette made him stand out in the darkening evening. A soft shake came from the branches above the man. He casually glanced up and saw a silhouette that was coming down from the branches above towards him. He tried to grab for the gun that hung at his waist but the silhouette was too quick for him. In one swift and silent movement, the silhouette loomed down, grabbed the man, and then went back into the tree branches with him in a tight grip. Not a single noise was made and the only sign of a struggle was the small flame from dropped cigarette bud. The silhouette figure dropped from the tree and stepped on the bud to put out the flame. 
The dark figure placed his hand to her ear and whispered, "Spade to Aces, one guard is incapacitated. There are more around but I do not want to take all of them out, it would draw too much attention. Aces, proceed with caution. Spades out." OmegaMekix removed the finger pressed against the tiny device in his ear. Mekix looked around to ensure no one saw him, which would be pretty hard since most of his body was covered with a dark trench coat. The only thing that could be spotted in the dark was his white mask but he did not intend to let anyone see if. Mekix, who was going by the codename: Silhouette of Spade, took one look to his left, at the bright mansion a few hundred feet away from him. Their target, Vince Fedoro, had earned their attention with his increasing crime operations. He was profiting so much from his illegal operations that he just bought a new house and was throwing a party there now. But if everything went according to the Ace Silhouettes' plan then he wouldn't be around to see his guests leave. Mekix pressed the device in his ear once more and whispered out a reminded to the group, "Remember, we want to do this as quietly as we can. I don't want anyone to enter that mansion unless there is no better option. And if reasonable, lets kill him when he is alone and bury the body out here. So lets do our jobs properly and be professional. No need to cause a scene. Now lets end Vince." 
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Jack pushed a button on his radio, "I read you, the first guests seem to are entering the mansion through the front gate, their id is being inspected and their car is being searched, this is one paranoid man."  Jack zoomed his binoculars in, "The man does not seem to have some out yet, the windows are tinted and the lights are on throughout the house, I can't tell where he is."  Jack was on the roof of the building nearest to the Target's mansion, this was about a quarter mile away.  The owner of this house was the owner of a car dealership in LA, he was away on some sort of business.  Jack bypassed all of his security measures by jumping straight to the roof, there was a security camera up here but Jack had put it on a loop.
 "Try not to get spotted, there are some towers with inactive spotlights and the security firm he hired has some excellent snipers."  There were more guests coming in now, the party would soon be in full swing.  "Mekix I think i see a few members of the Chicago mob in there, they might be here to discuss business.  There should be a conference room somewhere, see if you can find it."  Jack looked at the pack to his left, inside was a lot of wire, some extra sniper rifle cartridges, some surveillance equipment, and enough tnt to blow the place sky high.  He hoped he wouldn't need the explosive.
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"Hearts," Mekix calmly whispered into his earpiece. "Code names only. If this guys is paranoid enough to have security like this then we may not want to assume that he does not have any technology that can tune into our radio frequency. Use the code names provided, if he ever heard of any of our real names then that he would know how dangerous we are and then he will flee." Mekix was silent for a moment before pressing his finger up against his ear again and making a correction. "This is a simple house party. The mission's dossier mentioned that it was likely that nearby mafia members may be here too but these are mainly nearby civilians, including the mayor. If this was just mafia members then we would come in and assassinate all of them." Once Mekix lifted his finger away so no other Ace Silhouette could hear him, Mekix disappointingly whispered to himself as he slowly shook his head, "Rookies." 
Mekix inspected the towers the Silhouette of Hearts mentioned earlier. They radio towers were radio towers but it wouldn't be surprising if they had snipers in them. Normally, Mekix wouldn't consider snipers hidden there so he would have been vulnerable had Hearts not told him that. "I guess I could give him a break." Mekix said out loud. He slowly made his way to the nearest tower to take out the sniper. On the way, he activated his radio and said, "Hearts, keep an eye on any exit the mansion has to offer. The guy might escape at any minute if our positions are revealed. If you see him escaping, tell me. Then I will make the final call if shooting him is necessary. Until then, do not use the sniper at all, it would be too noisy." Mekix finally reached the base of the tower and hid himself in the shadows. His voice got even quieter as he whispered commands to the others Aces. "Clubs, help me take out these snipers. There is no way I can handle them all by myself and we won't need a distraction anytime soon. Diamonds," Mekix finally spotted the sniper in the tower. He pulled out a handgun and fired a tranquiler dart at the guy. It was a direct hit. The guy fell off the tower but Mekix caught him in a cloud of nanobots. "-try to get as close as you can to the mansion. See if you can find any window that isn't tinted or find someway we can get to Vince. Stay away from all the guests and avoid direct combat." Mekix deactivated his radio and casually walked over to the unconscious body and began to drag it to a nearby bush to keep the guy hidden from anyone patrolling the area. Once the body was hidden, Mekix made his way to the next tower.     
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 "Clubs, help me take out these snipers. There is no way I can handle them all by myself and we won't need a distraction anytime soon." The Bioboosted Armor remained crouching behind the dense foliage of a nearby treeline. Two bipedal shapes that were covertly committed to a local tower, appeared in The Guyver's sight, via Hyper Sense. The ghoulish facemask had the pair outlined with vividly bright, green silhouettes, in order to make it easier for the armor to distinguish a person from an obscure object. "Understood," Sho quietly whispered, before ending the four-way communication. Now how do I take them out?
The pale eyes wandered through the thick forest. What caught Fukamachi's attention was the sudden change in weather. Mists of fog slowly dispersed over the dusky sky, until reaching down and engulfing the alps of the winter forest in white haze. "I think they noticed the change," he said under his breath, as he noticed the snipers scrambling around amongst themselves; probably due to limited vision. Using this opportunity to create a quick and silent makeshift, The Guyver used his respirators to pump out a streak of man-made smoke into the brisk atmosphere. The mist would later settle and completely blanket itself over the watchtower, hindering the two men even more.
Though frantic, the snipers appeared to look calm, despite the change in setting. To his own optimistic belief, Sho felt the watchers viewed his fabricated fog as natural, since they held their position. They were most likely alarmed and cautious; however, no further actions indicated that they felt compromised. Here I go. The Guyver's superhuman physique allowed him to pounce across the grassy plain with effortless ease and haste. He cast a distorted shadow over the field very briefly, before it faded inside the white haze. A foghorn coming from a neighboring lake bellowed throughout the local vicinity. Its deafening sound silenced the unexpected presence of The Guyver. As soon as the horn rested, the job was finished. The 7-foot armor carefully jumped out of the fortification--along with the snipers-- and safely landed inside a group of bushes, while the makeshift was still intact. "My job is done. I'll be on stand-by, until further orders. Clubs out." Sho pulled the immobilized bodies off his broad shoulders, and left them behind in the bushes. I'll wait.
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Hothead crouched deep in the trees. He raised the binoculars as he heard something about snipers. Way back when, he had done some sniping himself, and he knew how to spot snipers. He noticed a change in the weather and shook his head, impressed. "Clubs, that was bad@$$." Derek, the Sillouhette of Diamonds, straightened up as a guard passed. Spades - that is Mekix - had specifically stated they shouldn't take out all the security. Slipping behind the tree, the guard passed by. Derek hadn't brought any weapons. He'd be too inclined to use them. "Diamonds here. Hearts, you're right. Vince won't be out yet." He'd had dealings with crime lords in the past. "But he's a host today. He'll make an appearance soon." He eyed the cars as they approached the mansion. "You chose the right night. Security will be a little lax because of the party." 
If it had been another night, security guards would have been prowling the halls and the garden as well as the forests. Because the party was taking place, the guards had three jobs; patrol, make sure no unauthorised guests got in, and keep tabs on them once they were in. The Ace Sillouhettes had a slightly easier job. He eyed the next guard uneasily. Pulling himself behind the tree, he thought about the plans that he'd seen of the villa. Flanked on the north and west by forest, and a lake to the east, it was most easily accessible by the road to the south. Derek's shadow flickered through the trees closer to the impressive dwelling. "Well, this place beats the shit out of my pad." And bought with blood money. He smirked as the guests milled around. He could tell more where they were due to their IR signatures. And one caught his eye. "I can sense someone's body heat. First floor, third window to the left." His face was set in a determined scowl. "Say the word, boss, and he's taking a nap."
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"Napping?" Mekix whispered into the radio as he dragged another sniper into a dark spot. "Why would a host be in their bed when there's a party going on....." His voice trailed off as he realized that Vince wasn't exactly sleeping in his room. In fact, the guy was probably wide awake relieving some stress on a female guest he probably invited earlier than the rest of the guest. But for the sake of professionalism, Mekix decided not to announce what Vince was doing and concentrate on the mission. He kept his finger pressed against the radio in his ear as he said, "Good job Diamonds but I don't want this to be an assumption. Heat signatures are not enough to identify someone. But keep an eye on that heat signature and stay alert." Mekix glanced around to make sure there were no nearby guards and quickly went closer to the house. He could see the last guest finally enter the house. "Okay Aces, things seem to be improving. Use the mist to your advantage and lets move closer. Gu-Clubs and I took out most of the snipers so things should be safe. Hearts, keep a sharp eye on any guard we may have missed. Diamonds, try to position yourself on the roof. You may be able to get a better angle there."
Mekix went closer to the house. So far he had not spotted any guards which was good. As long they stayed hidden then they might be able to lure Vince away from all his guests and kill him quietly. The rest would be easy. The hard part was how to get up close enough to silently kill him. Mekix sighed as he activated his radio once again. "Clubs, I think now would be a good time for a distraction. Give us something that would draw the guests outside but nothing that would make them fear for their safety. Hearts, prepare to spot Vince if he is gullible enough to come outside and Diamonds, be ready to enter the mansion if needed. Depending on how well Clubs distraction works, either one of your could be called to duty."
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Try to get onto the roof? Hothead did not try, only succeed. With a quick but silent jet of flame, Derek shot up, strategically - in other word, completely by luck - between two windows. Landing quietly on the roof, he triggered his radio. "Done boss. Now I'll just relocate that heat sig-" Derek was stumped. The most heinous device on the planet confronted him. Loft insulation. It was too hard to pinpoint the signature. Taking his finger away from the radio, he let loose a colourful stream of curse words. He ran over to a skylight, and, quickly checking for alarms, clicked it open. "Diamonds ready to enter." He whispered.
Vince's days were numbered. If he stayed inside, the Sillouhette of Diamonds would kill him. If he ran outside, Hearts would put a bullet between his eyes. He could only imagine how jealous Guyver and Mekix must be. They weren't going to get the guy, and Derek was. "Sillouhette of Diamonds, in pozish." He said, shortening "position". "Ready to go." He smiled, waiting for the distraction.
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"This will be tricky," Sho sternly replied. "But, I'll get it done."The Silhouette of Clubs unequipped his techno-organic armor. A young man of average height walked out of the henshin cloud, wearing a black smart suit and a red tie. Sho turned on his four-way radio and spoke,"I'm going to check the storage room out and look for something we can use. I see no signs of thermal activity inside, but I'll be sure to take caution." He cut the communication link, and started to cautiously approach the rear of the illustrious mansion, while taking cover in the thick forest. Step-by-step, the brown-haired teen neared a blue door; and once the perimeter was clear of guests and staff members, Sho sprinted at the door. Using one of the sniper's keychain, the anxious boy tried various key combination, until the corresponding key opened the door.
He casually entered the gloomy space. Spreading his arm out as he entered, Sho blindly waved his cold hand over a nearby wall, in search of a switch. There it is. The faulty lightbulb partially illuminated a portion of the room. Hundreds of boxes and packages laid scattered across the floor. After minutes of searching, The Silhouette of Clubs stumbled upon a bulging white sheet on the filthy ground. Something large was sticking out from underneath the sheet, which was enough to catch Sho's curiousity. "What's this?" he said, pulling the fabric off. A soft smile stretched across the youth's light-skinned face, as his hazel eyes were fixed upon the stockpile of fireworks in front of him.
With great haste, the explosive contents were dragged out of the storage room and towards a desolate area in the forest. The skyrockets were mounted on silver plates across the grassy plain in rows. "Spades, be prepared for a fire show. Once the guests are out, it won't be long before Vince and his entourage wise up and scout this position." Sho patiently waited for the signal to light the pyrotechnic cylinders.
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Mekix cringed at the revelation that the Ace Silhouettes weren't quite sure how to preform a quiet assassination. Both Jack and Hothead were willing to pull the trigger any moment but a gun shot would be too loud. Even with a silencer equipped, the scene would be too flashy and horrific. The fact that Guyver was waiting to cause an explosive distraction only made things worse. The killing aspect of an assassination is always the easiest part. You just need to aim and fire. The toughest thing about this is being discrete enough so you can come in and leave without incident. 
With a hint of impatience, Mekix clicked his radio on and said, "Ace Silhouettes, abort now." Mekix took a deep inhale before quietly explaining himself. "This is suppose to be a professional job. We can not use explosives, as long as there are witnesses we do not shoot the target, and we do not make this a competition. Now, we will try a new tactic. We will-" Before Mekix could explain a plan. The front doors of the mansion were slammed open and many of the guests were leaving, they looked angry and disappointed. Mekix ducked lower in the darkness he was hiding in and said into the radio, "Okay, we'll be going for a more confronting assassination now. Vince must have noticed something suspicious going on. He just sent all his guests away. Now we will either lock himself in his mansion and wait for this all to blow over or he will get into his car and try to go somewhere safe." Mekix lifted his finger from his radio earpiece for a moment so he could sigh to himself.
--Mission Objective Failed. Position Revealed-- 
"Okay, now that we don't have to worry about the guest we do not have to worry about being seen anymore. But keep to the shadows, we still need to be stealthy. Hearts, keep the sniper steady and keep an eye on the cars. If Vince makes a run for it then I want you to shoot a tire. Then we can corner him. Diamonds, keep on the roof. If Vince does not leave the mansion in five minutes then I want you to enter. Clubs and I will follow to keep the guards off you. Do not kill Vince until I give the say so." Mekix deactivated his radio and nodded his head in disappointment. The mission could still be a success but now he would have to go through a lot of trouble now.
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Jack checked the guests faces, it seemed that all non-criminals had left.  The guards outside had nearly doubled, several of the guards were heading to the now vacant sniper towers.  Search lights were being turned on, one by one.  "Silhouettes, 5 minutes is a little long, you might want to go into the building now."  Speaking of the building, every light had been turned on, the target was probably heading to a safe room of some sort.  "I'll keep watch for any sudden escapes but he's staying in there for now.  He seems to be waiting for something, something like..."  Then Jack's cellphone rang.  It wasn't an ordinary cell phone, it was currently set to intercept any 911 calls that were made from that building.
"911 emergency," Jack said.
"Hello, i think i have an intruder,"
"Who is this?"
"Mr. Fedorov, Number 12, grimmand place."
"right away sir."
And Vince would expect a quick response, he did host police galas in a very corrupt city for a reason for a reason after all, if something happened at his house he would get the maximum response.  His house was a good 40 miles from the nearest city so even the fastest response would be over a half an hour away, he kept the police at arms length to say the least.  wait... grimmand place?  That guy was the only one living on his own street so he could make his own address, and he chose a Harry Potter reference?  weird.  "Guys he asked for a police response, he's got half an hour before to realize its not coming."  Jack noticed two guards heading towards the storage room.  "Club, three men with guns coming your way"
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With a sigh, Mekix clicked his ear piece radio and replied, "Thanks for the update, Hearts. Clubs and I will enter just after Diamonds." He clicked his radio off and silently ran up to the side of the mansion. Then, as stealthily as he could, Mekix slid over to the front door. He was somewhat surprise to see that no guards were at the doors but Mekix assumed that they would be inside, prepared to fight anyone who came in that way. OmegaMekix stayed in place, waiting any sign that Hothead, the Silhouette of Diamonds, had entered. They needed to back Hothead up and if they can into the mansion first then all the guards would be on high alert, making it so much more difficult of Hothead. He held this handgun and aimed it at the door, readying himself to kick the doors open at anytime and shooting a whole bunch of guards with tranquilizing darts.
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 The Sillouhette of Diamonds used his ability to see heat signatures and scoured the massive house. Almost all the guards had amassed at the front door, except three who were making their way slowly towards him. He looked some more, then spotted something that piqued his interest. "Spades, there's two guys up in a room on the top floor. My guess is..." He shot a bolt of flame as a camera turned towards him, demolishing it. Turning his attention back to the room, he saw the guys both focus on what he assumed was a screen between the two of them. "It's wired in to the cameras, as well as the alarm systems." He slipped inside, standing up straight in the shadows. "I have entered. Spades, Clubs, careful. Diamonds out." He crept along a corridor, as the three guards searching the area split up. One headed straight for him, subdued by a punch to the temple. Derek grabbed the guy's heavy bpdy and stowed it inside a room, quietly closing the door. He darted from shadow to shadow, and let the second guy go past. Running back the way the guards had come, looking up, then down the flights of stairs he came to. "I'm at something of a cross roads. Do I take out the security room, or go after the target? Aces, advise." He said, frowning.
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